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Fantasia E-Hookahs & Fantasia E-Liquid

Fantasia e-hookahs serve up their most popular shisha flavors, without using nicotine or tobacco. Serving up 800 puffs of delicious vapor, Fantasia disposable hookah pens offer up effortless, button-free activation.
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Fantasia e-hookah starter kit: 900mAh EVOD battery, CE5 clearo, USB charger, 15ml e-liquid.
Price: $39.99
Tobacco-free, Nicotine-Free Electronic Hookah from Fantasia
Price: $14.99
86 86% 86 14%
Fantasia vape starter kit: 1100mAh variable voltage EVOD battery, 5ml tank w/ LED, USB charger, 15ml e-liquid.
Price: $44.99
0 0% 0 100%
Refillable Electronic Hookah from Fantasia with included USB Charger
Price: $34.99
93 93% 93 7%
The Fantasia E-Bowl lets you easily vape your favorite Fantasia flavors from your hookah pipe.
Price: $79.99
100 100% 100 0%
Package of three nicotine-free Fantasia E-Bowl cartomizers
Price: $14.99
Your choice of five nicotine-free Fantasia E-Bowl cartomizer 3-packs.
List Price: $74.99
Price: $67.45
You Save: $7.54 (10%)