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Cheap Hookah Guide – The Best Hookahs for $30-$60

Smoke Hookah for Cheap!

Today more than ever, we all want to save a few bucks where we can.  That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a quality hookah with thick smoke and great flavor that will last.  As always, you get what you pay for, but what you don’t want is to get a cheap hookah that falls apart, doesn’t fit together, or is too small to actually use.  Here is a list of the best hookahs under $60 that will last, produce thick smoke, and help you save money.

Mya Petite Hookah – $28.99

The Mya Saray  Petite Hookah is the best compact hookah for the price, GUARANTEED!  This amazing little hookah stands 8 inches tall, but smokes just as thick and smooth as any large hookah.  The hose is full size, so you can smoke comfortably without having to lean in or worry about pulling the hookah over and spilling coals and ashes on the floor.   This hookah is a full blooded Mya Saray, so you get all the premium quality and finish a of a Mya Hookah in a compact package.   The Mya Petite has over 100 reviews and they are 100% positive feedback…that speaks for itself.

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Petite Mya Hookah


Furat Hookah Online

Egyptian Furat Hookah – $34.99

Hand-made in the cradle of hookah civilization, this Egyptian hookah is 14 Inches tall and is available in black, blue, green and red.    The hose is a washable plastic hose that has better airflow than almost all other hoses.  This may be an inexpensive hookah, but the smoking experience is top notch.  Customer reviews rave: “Great little Hookah,” “I love this,” and “Great first Hookah!“.

Best of all, you can get this hookah for FREE with any purchase over $100.  Checkout our hookah coupon codes page to get the code for the color of your choice.

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NEW – Junior II Hookah – $49.99 – $59.99

The Junior II is a new version of the classic 18 inch Junior Hookah.  This inexpensive hookah is compact and smokes like a champ!  This upgraded edition is available as a single hose Junior II Hookah or as a double Hose Junior II Hookah.  Choose from 7 colors, including the new Purple and Pink!

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Junior Hookahs
Mikro Hookah from Mya Saray

NEW – Mya Saray Mikro Hookah – $42.99

The Mya Mikro is a new hookah for 2013, but has instantly become a best seller.  As a member of the Mya Saray family, this hookah includes the high quality finish and full length Mya hose. The Mikro incorporates a new hookah design featuring a rotating coal screen to prevent burning shisha as well as an extra wide base that makes the Mikro almost impossible to flip over.  When you mix the stability, new upgraded features, and unique style, the Mya Mikro stands out as an excellent choice for any hookah shopper on a budget!

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Mya Econo Gelato Hookah – $39.99 – 49.99

The Econo Mya Gelato hookah pipe will freeze you in your tracks.  The unique design is inspired by scoops of gelato and the puffy white clouds from this compact hookah are just as sweet!  The Econo Gelato is available as a single hose or double hose hookah in 7 colors.  This hookah has amazing reviews from customers who just love the Mya Econo Gelato.  “Best Hookah Ever!,” “Can’t Lose,” and “Just Buy it.”

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Econo Gelato Single Hose Hookah

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