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13 Awesome Homemade Hookahs

DIY proponents have been making their own hookahs out of household products for years.  Whether entirely made from recycled/repurposed materials, or just using them to modify existing hookah parts, we love the level of creativity and outside the box thinking that went into the creation of these custom homemade hookahs. We have scoured the internet for some great examples of DIY hookah making and are presenting a few of our favorites here. Enjoy!

Hookahs Made From Computer Parts

hookah made from a computer case
hookah made from pc liquid cooling parts

Hookah Made From A Beer Stein

hookah made from a beer stein

Hookah Made From A Fire Extinguisher

hookah made from an old fire extinguisher

Custom R2D2 Hookah

custom r2d2 hookah

Crystal Skull Hookah

crystal skull hookah

A Hookah Built Into A Fridge

fridge hookah

Fruit Hookahs

watermelon hookah


See how to make a watermelon hookah on our blog.



canteloupe hookah

pineapple hookah


Learn how to make a pineapple hookah on our blog.



Lava Lamp Hookah

lava lamp hookah

Giant Water Jug Hookah

water jug hookah

Multi-Hose Gamecube E-Hookah

gamecube e-hookah


Square e-Head Electronic Hookah Bowl

What Is The Square e-Head?

So you love smoking hookah, but you’re quitting tobacco. What’s a gal/fella to do?? Never fear – the vaping hookah bowl is here!

Square eHead

The Square e-Head electronic hookah bowl is where hookah meets vaping. This electronic vaping device holds up to 8ml of e-juice, has an internal heating atomizer, and works by taking the place of your traditional hookah bowl. Thanks to a universal grommet, it fits on top almost any hookah. With variable voltage, and the ability to use any e-liquid that you’d like, the Square electronic hookah head creates a fantastic hookah smoking experience, without the tobacco.

The Square eHead has no on or off switch, simply activate it by smoking. The digital display on top shows you the battery life, voltage setting, inhalation timer, as well as a puff counter.


Each Square e-Head comes with an extra flavor tank (complete with internal heating unit), a wall charger, and a 25ml bottle of Square Drops e-Liquid (nicotine-free). Make sure that the tank is filled with at least 4ml of ejuice to ensure optimal performance. It is also essential to clean your e-Head after each use. Simply empty the e-liquid and wipe down any remaining liquid. Vape on, hookah lovers!

Square e Head electronic hookah bowl

Mya Helix Hookah – New Hookah Design

New Hookah. New Design. New Mya.

Mya Saray is known for their reliable, sturdy, and fantastically made hookahs. However, this classic standard refuses to stop improving. We are proud to announce that we now carry the Mya Saray Helix Hookah.

Mya Helix 14

Standing 14 inches tall, this unique design has eliminated the need for a hookah stem, by utilizing a cylindrical glass design that completely encases the downstem. With a built-in Egyptian-style bowl on the top, and an attached flip-top screen, this hookah is quick to load, and easy to clean. Pick up a Mya Bowl Adapter is you’d like to change out the bowl for a hookah bowl of your own!

Helix BowlHelix Mya

Complete with a recessed purge valve, and perfectly sealed contact points, this hookah smokes like a champ, and makes a beautiful centerpiece to any household.



Hookah Hacks 2: Fix Your Hookah With Household Items

Hookah Hacks 2 Header Image

We’re back with our second installment in the Hookah Hacks series. Last time out we gave you 6 great tips and tricks to improve the quality of your hookah sessions or save a session when it seemed destined for disaster. In this installment we’ve got 6 more hacks that can improve your next session or, at the very least, make a hookah session possible when all hope seems lost. Enjoy!

Replace a Broken Hookah Bowl with a Fruit Bowl

You can’t smoke a hookah without a hookah bowl, but if your go-to bowl is broken you can hack together an awesome substitute bowl from a piece of fruit! Lots of different fruits will work as a bowl, but in our experience you will get the best results with a firm fleshed fruit like an apple or pear, or a fruit with a thick outer skin/rind like an orange. If you want to go really big with it, try a small melon, or pineapple. Check out our 7 step guide (with pictures) to learn how to make a perfect fruit bowl each and every time.

Fruit Hookah Bowl

Replace a Broken Hookah Base with a Fruit Base

Much like our last tip, this one allows you to smoke a hookah without a traditional glass base by using a piece of fruit instead. For this job you want something that is large and sturdy. In our experiences your best bets are a pineapple, pumpkin, or large melon like a watermelon or cantaloupe. It’s a fairly simple process. Level off the bottom of the fruit (making sure to not puncture the flesh too much, so that your fruit base is stable and won’t tip over. Next you want to cut the top off of your fruit/gourd. Once the top is off, hollow out the inside of the fruit, making sure that you do not puncture the outer skin of the base. Finally, cut a small hole in the top which you can insert your hookah stem into. Add the right amount of water (or fruit juice) to your base, then place the stem/top back on and get to smoking! If you are having trouble getting a good seal, try using damp paper towels to create a seal. Check out our watermelon hookah tutorial for a demonstration of this technique.

Pineapple Fruit Hookah Base

How To Find The Leak In Your Leaky Hookah Hose

If you have ever tried to find and fix the leak in a tire before, this tip might be familiar to you. To identify a leak in your hookah hose (this hack is for washable hoses only) add a bit of dish soap to a bucket or tray of water and then submerge your hose in the water, making sure that the hose gets covered in a thin layer of the soap. After that, place your thumb over one end of the hose and gently blow into the other. You should see little soap bubbles form where your leak is. Mark those locations, then after you have washed the soap off of your hose and let it dry, fix those leaks with a bit of electrical tape. It may look a bit janky, but it should allow you to get a few more smokes out of it before you need to buy a new hookah hose.

How To Make A Soda Straw Hookah Diffuser

This DIY hookah hack is very simple and is something that you can easily experiment with at home to find what works best for you. A hookah diffuser helps break your big smoke bubbles down into lots of tiny bubbles when the smoke travels through the water in the base of your hookah. To make your own DIY diffuser, simply grab a few straws (we recommend experimenting with different sizes) and stick them into the bottom opening of your hookah’s downstem. Depending on the size/type of hookah you are using, you may need as few as two straws or as many as ten or more. Once they are firmly in place, cut the straws so that they extend out of your downstem by a half inch or so. Once in place, smoke your hookah like normal. You will likely experience a slightly more restricted draw (which is normal with any diffuser) but you should get diffused smoke in no time.

Soda Straw Diffuser On Mya Hookah Stem

How To Fix Those Sticky Purge Valve Bearings

If the purge valve on your hookah isn’t working properly, the bearing inside is probably stuck. This happens over time due to the buildup of residue and/or interaction with water in the purge valve. To avoid this, we recommend coating your metal bearings in a very small amount of oil after every couple of sessions. This will lubricate the bearing and reduce or eliminate the sticking that can occur over time. Another great option is to replace the metal bearings with a plastic airsoft style BB. If you use a plastic BB and the oil trick, you will almost never have to deal with a sticky bearing again.

How To Turn An Egyptian Bowl Into A Phunnel Style Bowl

This is a hookah hack we saw recently on reddit. We liked it so much, we thought we’d share it with all of you. For this hack, you will need some foil and a bowl or hose grommet (depends on the size/depth of your bowl). It works great with a fruit bowl as well. First things first, place a bowl/hose grommet in the center of your empty bowl. Next, get a large sheet of foil and cover the bowl and grommet. Press the foil down into the bowl, you are essentially making a mold of the bowl and grommet. The grommet will be removed when you smoke, but it will help you form that phunnel style spire. Once the mold is done, gently remove it from your bowl, remove the grommet, and poke a large hole in the top of the spire. Re-insert your foil into the bowl and then load your shisha as normal. Now wrap your bowl in foil as you normally would, poke your holes, add your coals, and enjoy a phunnel bowl-like smoking experience!

Phunnel Bowl Foil Mod

Hookah-Shisha’s favorite hookahs!

Have you ever called or chatted in and wondered what the hookah experts here are smokin’ on? Wonder no more! We all love smoking the occasional (or frequent) bowl right here at work, and most of us are using different hookahs for different reasons. Check out some of the most popular hookahs with our Hookah-Shisha employees!

The Most Popular Hookahs at Hookah-Shisha

Mya QT Hookah

Mya QT Hookah

Mark and Clay both love their Mya QT hookahs, for all the reasons a smaller hookah should be loved. They are small enough to where they can be easily used on an office desk. How perfect! Mark is rocking the Mya QT with a purple base, and Clay has a green base, but all bases are a quality choice. The Mya QT is also terrific for easy cleaning and transportation, and when they aren’t in use, they are tucked safely away under the desk in their own hard carrying case.

Sahara Smoke Pandora

sahara smoke pandora hookah

Sahara Smoke makes an entire line of excellent hookahs, that unfortunately go largely unnoticed due to the popularity of our Mya and Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Dakota swears by the Pandora. The Sahara Smoke Pandora is also a fairly compact hookah with a gorgeous amber base, which looks like a wood grain finish. It is also pretty simple to clean and maintain, as well. Dakota has applied so many modifications to his Sahara Smoke that it is almost unrecognizable from the day he bought it. That’s the great thing about getting a small, simple hookah – you can make it into whatever you want with all of our hookah accessories!

Khalil Mamoon Double 1001 Nights

km double 1001 nights hookah

With Khalil Mamoon, you honestly cannot go wrong with any model. We definitely think that the KM Double 1001 Nights hookah gives you everything that is right about Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Amazing draw. Big clouds. The intricacy of the hand-crafted design. Also, for the price, this hookah is surprisingly tall (37 inches) and will make a terrific center piece for any living room. Justin uses the KM 1001 Nights at home. At the office, however, he can almost always be seen smoking from his frankenhookah.

- Mya Econo Gelato Hookah Base 

- Mya Econo QT Hookah Stem

- Custom, one-off tray

- Mystery hose that we got sent a sample of!

- Phunnel Bowl



Al Fakher Shisha Blueberry and Blueberry Mint – New Flavors For 2014

Al Fakher shisha tobacco is made in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the more well known brands of tobacco in the Middle East. This popular shisha tobacco is an old school brand with a consistent flavor and dependable smoothness.


al fakher blueberry and blueberry mint shisha
Save up to 15% on these new flavors (and all other Al Fakher hookah flavors) through July 14th during our Al Fakher Shisha Sale

Even though this traditional shisha tobacco has been around for quite some time, they are constantly updating their flavors and recipes to appeal to modern hookah smokers as well. Blueberry shisha tobacco is currently one of the best selling flavors, and Al Fakher was not going to be left out! They just introduced Al Fakher Blueberry and Al Fakher Blueberry Mint to their flavor line up. We currently have it available in 50g and 250g sizes, with 1000g containers soon to be stocked!

Have questions about this, or any of our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us!



Hookah-Shisha Fan Art

We Want Your Hookah Inspired Art!

Howdy hookah friends! It’s time to redecorate our break room. We have received one piece of fan art over the years (the painting below) and we love it!

We were thinking how great it would be to decorate the whole thing with your contributions. They could be photographs of you and your friends and your favorite hookah, a drawing, a painting, really anything that your hookah has inspired you to create.


Make sure to leave a note telling us your name so we can give you a shout out on our social media and show the world your beautiful artwork!

Send all fan art to:

c/o Hookah Art Curators

3731 Drossett Dr

Austin, TX 78744


Best Haze Tobacco Flavor Mix Recipes

Top 3 Best Haze Shisha Mixes

Haze Shisha is one of the newest tobacco lines in our arsenal, so we thought we’d share with you our favorite mixes. Haze gave us a list of wonderful mix suggestions, but these three were by far our favorite. Have you tried any Haze tobacco mixes that you simply love? Then let us know about them in the comment section!

haze tobacco mix recipe

You say it when you’re happy, you’re satisfied, and thrilled at the outcome. “OMG, BABY! This shisha mix is perfect!” Half Haze OMG and half Haze Baby Doll, this shisha recipe mixes bursts of berry flavor with a delightfully sweet chewing gum wallop.

haze tobacco mix recipe

Everyone knows that adding a good, strong mint flavor to your hookah session can really liven things up. We loved the rich, cool berry flavor of Haze Blazen Blue, but it is seriously kicked up a notch when added to Haze Iceberg. 50/50 of each flavor, and you’re in an icy bliss.

haze tobacco mix recipe

You know what’s coming – this flavor really threw us for a LOOP!! Who would have thought that mixing together 2/3 Haze Double Bubble with 1/3 Haze Cantaloupe shisha would be such a flavor blast. These two flavors compliment each other so well, that they are on our list of daily smokeables. Light, and delicious.



Vortex Hookah Bowl – Tips For Best Performance

The Vortex Hookah Bowl is one of the best designed and most popular hookah accessories in the world, but are you sure that you are getting the absolute best performance out of yours when you smoke? Spend just a few minutes reviewing these quick tips and your future hookah sessions with your Vortex bowl will be the best yet.

Mind The Holes In Your Vortex Bowl

The single most important thing to remember when packing your Vortex bowl is to pay attention to the holes on the side of the center spire. It is quite easy for these holes to become clogged and negatively affect air-flow if you are not careful. Your best friend when dealing with this problem is the simple Oyster Fork. We recommend packing your bowl loosely, as usual, making sure that the top of your shisha (we’re smoking Fumari Lemon Mint) is just slightly below the outer edge of your bowl, and then using the oyster fork to gently push the shisha away from the center spire above the holes. By doing this you promote airflow, and reduce the chances of the Vortex holes becoming clogged.

Proper Vortex Hookah Bowl Packing

Poke Your Foil Holes Correctly

Since the Vortex bowl pushes your shisha towards the outside of your bowl, it’s best to keep your foil holes towards the outside of the bowl as well. With a traditional, holes on bottom, Egyptian style hookah bowl, you want the foil holes to cover the entire top of your bowl. With a Vortex bowl, we suggest that you avoid poking holes in the center of the foil. Just poke holes in the part of the foil which is directly above your shisha.

Proper Vortex Hookah Bowl Foil Poking Pattern

Place Your Coals Around The Edge Of The Vortex Bowl

This tip is true for just about any type of bowl, but is especially true for the Vortex bowl. When smoking with a Vortex you always want to start with your hookah coals as far to the edge of the bowl as possible. It’s up to you how many coals you use (we generally recommend two or three natural coals to start) but be sure to have them evenly spaced out around the edge. If your hookah is very stable and in an area where it’s unlikely to be bumped or tipped, we recommend having your coals overhang the edge slightly like in the picture. As your session goes on and the coals become smaller, begin to shift them in towards the center but never place your coals in the direct center of the bowl where the spire is. That is just a waste of heat.

Proper Hookah Coal Placement On A Vortex Bowl

Double Your Foil If Your Smoke Is Harsh

Since the Vortex bowl is designed specifically for wetter shisha brands, heat management becomes very very important. Wetter shisha brands are more susceptible to burning or scorching, which will quickly lead to harsh smoke and less than optimal flavor. If you have problems with this regularly, we recommend using a double hookah foil layer. Just wrap your hookah bowl as normal, and then add a second layer of foil on top of that. Once both layers are in place, poke your holes in the foil. The second layer of foil will provide a bit more protection for your shisha and may fix your problems.

Double Foil Layer On Vortex Bowl

When In Doubt, Use A Kaloud Lotus

If you are the type of smoker who hates shuffling around your hookah charcoal during a smoke session, we recommend trying a Kaloud Lotus with your Vortex bowl. The Kaloud Lotus fits a Vortex bowl perfectly and will allow you to have a smooth, flavorful session without worrying about burning your shisha. A Lotus coupled with the packing method we recommended in our first tip will virtually guarantee a great smoke every time.

Kaloud Lotus

If Your Kaloud Lotus Is Wobbly, Use The Foil Trick

Some modern Vortex bowls have a manufacturing defect where the center spire rises a bit too high and is actually higher than the outside edges of your bowl. In these instances, the Kaloud Lotus can be a bit wobbly and prone to falling off of your hookah if bumped or jostled too hard. There is a very simple and cheap mod that you can assemble in no time flat that will fix this issue. Just grab some aluminum foil and cut some strips that are long enough, and wide enough, to cover the entire outer edge of the bowl. Fold the foil over until it is thick enough to make the outer edge as tall, or taller, than the center spire. Boom, no more wobbly Lotus. Watch the video we made to see this hookah hack in action.


Made In The USA Hookah Stem Sale

The 4th of July is just around the corner and to celebrate we are offering a special deal on two of our favorite hookah stems, both of which are made right here in the USA. From now through Monday, July 7th you will get a free large Nammor Hookah Hose and a free black Vortex Hookah Bowl with the purchase of any Starbuzz American Made hookah stem or Regal Melech hookah stem. Just add either stem to your cart and the hose and bowl will be added automatically. What’s more American than building your own custom hookah? With these awesome deals, all you will need is a base and your new one of a kind hookah will be ready to smoke.

Starbuzz Steam Stones

Starbuzz American Made Hookah Stem

Hydro Herbal Shisha

Regal Melech Hookah Stem