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24 Aug

Hookah Charcoal Sale

We’re in week 3 of our Back-To-School sales and this week we are featuring one of the most essential elements of a good hookah bowl, hookah charcoal. Coal is definitely not the sexiest aspect of a hookah session, but without fire, there is no smoke. We’ve got a wide range of both natural and quicklight coals on sale through Monday 8/31/15. In addition to deals on individual boxes of coals and coal multi-packs, we are also extending our 15% off sale on Shisha packs that come bundled with coals through 8/31/15. Stock up and never run out of coals again!

Hookah Coal Sale Details

Shisha & Coal Combo Packs


Natural Hookah Coals


Quick Light Hookah Coals


Starbuzz Hookah Coals
19 Aug

New Starbuzz Flavors – Asian Persuasion & Misty Apple

New Starbuzz Flavors

Starbuzz has just released the two newest flavors in their ever popular Bold line and we’ve got both of them at The new flavors are called Asian Persuasion and Misty Apple. As with a lot of shisha flavors, the name doesn’t tell the whole story. Luckily we have smoked both flavors and can give you all a little insider insight into just what these new flavors are all about. Check out our initial flavor reviews below.

Starbuzz Bold Asian Persuasion Flavor Review

Asian Persuasion is a nice, soothing smoke which has several layers of flavor to it. The main flavor profiles we noticed while smoking were grape, an earthy tea flavor, and a spicy ginger flavor as well. The mix of these creates a unique smoke that we can’t find a parallel to. The grape and the tea flavors work well together and the spice of the ginger gives this flavor a kick that makes things much more interesting. If you like spice or tea flavored shisha then we definitely recommend giving this one a smoke.

You can pick this flavor up in either 50g100g, or 250g sizes today!

Starbuzz Bold Misty Apple Flavor Review

When you see the word Mist (or in this case Misty) used in a Starbuzz flavor name, you can’t help but think of their flagship flavor, Blue Mist. We did the same, but immediately upon opening this tin of shisha we realized that we were wrong. This flavor is all apple, but it’s quite an interesting apple flavor which employs a yin and yang approach by combining both the sweet and sour aspects of a green or Granny Smith type apple flavor. Straight up apple flavors without anise in them are a rarity in the hookah world. so it’s nice to have another apple offering that strives to recreate the actual taste of a fresh apple.

You can pick this flavor up in either 50g100g, or 250g sizes today!

10 Aug

Back To School Sale 2015

It’s back to school time and that means it’s sale time at Hookah-Shisha HQ. We’ll let you handle the textbooks and the dorm supplies, and we’ll handle the hookahs. And for all of you post-collegiate smokers out there, you can take advantage of these deals too and then you can smoke a delicious, relaxing bowl while you WISH you were still in college.

Check back throughout the next month for new deals each and every week on everything you need to stock your hookah pantry! Enjoy and happy smoking!

August 10th – 24th – Save Big On Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon Hookah Sale Details
Nammor Hookah Sale Details
Large Mya Hookah Sale Details
Small Mya Hookah Sale Details
Specialty Hookah Sale Details

August 24th – 31st – ???????

August 31st – September 7th – ???????

05 Aug

New Tangiers Flavors – August 2015

New Tangiers Flavors

Tangiers has just released their newest batch of flavors and we’ve got them all just for you. Check out some quick flavor descriptions below. Happy Smoking!

Buy The New Tangiers Noir Flavors Here  |  Buy The New Tangiers F-Line Flavor Here

Tangiers Noir Blueberry

Tangiers Blueberry is a legendary and mysterious flavor that is finally back in production. The name kinda says it all, doesn’t it? This blueberry flavor was discontinued years ago and has grown to be a somewhat of a legend in the time since. A must-try flavor for sure.

Tangiers Noir Ololiuqui

Previously only available in Birquq, Ololiuqui (while hard to pronounce) is a delightful root beer flavor that is now available in the full strength Noir line. If you loved the Birquq version but want a bit more buzz, then this is just for you.

Tangiers Noir Experimint

Experiment is another hugely anticipated flavor from Tangiers. The spiritual brother to their uber popular Cane Mint flavor, Experiment is a strong spearmint flavor. Pick up a bag of Cane Mint, and a bag of Experimint and you will have mixing opportunities galore.

Tangiers Noir Mandarin Orange

Mandarin Orange is another fairly straightforward new flavor in the Noir line. Expect a juicy, tangy smoke with fresh citrus flavor for days. We are excited to see if Tangiers has nailed that orange flavor we crave.

Tangiers Noir Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is definitely the biggest mystery in this new batch. We haven’t even had a chance to smoke this one yet (we will update this review once we do) but after smelling the shisha itself, we can’t wait to dive into what promises to be a nuanced fruit flavor.

Tangiers F Line Absinthe

Finally, one of Tangiers most unique flavors, Absinthe, has made it into their most unique shisha line, the caffeinated F-Line. This is surely one of the most unique shisha flavors on earth and is certain to be a hit among the adventurous hookah smokers of the world.

04 Aug

Breaking Down Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Coals

In the hookah world, many of the hookah enthusiasts tend to turn away from quicklight coals for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that they don’t allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your hookah sessions, and they tend to put off a smell that may not be pleasant to the nostrils. The quick/instant light coals are ideal when you’re away from a coil burner, and you still want to get your smoke session going because all you will need is a single flame lighter.

Many novice/beginner  hookah smokers may start off with instant light coals, because they’re easily attainable and you don’t need any extra components. Over time these type of coals have not seen many changes in style or materials used, until now thanks to Starbuzz.

Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals

Their new coconut instant light coals are available in the industry standard sizes of 40mm and 35mm, with individual rolls containing 10 pieces. This is more than just a standard quick light coal, so let’s break it down for you.

Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals*40MM Size

Premium Materials

The Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Coals breathes new life into the world of quick light coals, with premium materials. Unlike any instant light coals on the market, these Starbuzz coals utilize Coconut Shell husk.

Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals

If you take a look at the current natural coals on the market, the main ingredient for them is raw coconut material. This is best material to work with in the manufacturing of hookah charcoal, and with the proper craftsmanship you can create a coal that is high in durability like these Starbuzz quick lights.

Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals

Some quicklight users may have experienced a coal fracture (breaking in half or becoming brittle) when you’ve decided to knock some ash off your coals, but the strength of these coals provides a solid single piece heat source throughout your entire session. This happens because of the materials used along with a high quality binding process, resulting in the most durable instant light coal on the market.

Beneficial Features

History will tell you that Starbuzz creates top quality products, and in doing so we have been able to enjoy a premium level of all hookah related products. The coconut quicklight coals received the same type of quality assurance that you can expect with all of their products, and some included beneficial features.

When you store hookah charcoal that is not in use, you want to make sure that they are not around moisture or any type of wet environment. This type of environment overtime will destroy the integrity of the coals, causing some to black out or not put off enough heat.

Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals

Since Starbuzz can’t control the environment of the coals once they leave the warehouse, each roll of charcoal is individually shrink wrapped for optimal moisture control. So when you bust open a fresh roll of coals, they will be at their best quality for use atop of any hookah setup.

The hookah market unfortunately is full of knock-off products, and we know that there are some evil people trying to pull the ole’ switch-a -roo with labels. Thinking forward Starbuzz has applied a anti-counterfeit stamp of there logo on each coal, speaking to the phrase “often imitated, never duplicated”.

Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals

This may be the perfect companion when you want to enjoy some Starbuzz Vintage or any other shisha, when you’re away from home.

How-to Light

These coals are to never be used with a coal burner, or any type of stove top heating element. The coconut instant light coals will require a single flame lighter or torch lighter, the heat only needs to be applied for a short amount of time in order to start the lighting process.

Coconut is one of the main ingredients, so it will take a little longer to achieve a fully lit state compared to the standard instant light charcoal. In order to have a full flavor session, please wait until your coal is fully lit before placing it on your bowl.

03 Aug

More Hookah Fails: Running Low Edition

Everyone loves a good fail, right? Unless it’s happening to you, of course. In the hookah world, where the learning curve can be a bit steep sometimes, fails abound. In this version of our popular Hookah Fails series (see the original hookah fails post, and our late night hookah fails post) we tackle hookah fails that occur when you are running low on supplies and desperation sets in. Check out these hookah fails that we have either seen personally, or have heard horror stories about and enjoy!

Running Low On Shisha Fail #1 – Bad Homemade Shisha

Making your own shisha at home can be done, but you need the proper ingredients and the proper techniques. Without that, attempting to whip up a batch of Tom’s Special House Blend at home might end up in hookah fail territory. We heard a tale from a customer of his roommate attempting to make shisha out of the tobacco from a couple of broken up cigarettes, some honey, and some vanilla extract. Needless to say, it did not go well. Leave the shisha production to the pros.

Bad Homemade Shisha

Running Low On Shisha Fail #2 – Straight Tobacco In The Bowl

If you thought a weak batch of homemade shisha was bad, you have no idea how bad smoking straight tobacco out of your hookah is. This is one we’ve witnessed personally a time or two before. While a nice pipe, or cigar can be a completely wonderful smoke on it’s own, can you imagine inhaling a huge lungful of that stuff?!?! Not only will you be in for the harshest puff of your life, your head will likely feel like it is going to pop from all of the nicotine. Stick to shisha, and leave the rest of the tobacco for more moderate consumption methods.

Hookah Bowl Filled With Pipe Tobacco

Running Low On Hookah Foil Fail #1 – Scrape & Reuse

Desperation has a definition, and that definition is trying to reuse your hookah foil. If you want to have a good laugh, just sit down and watch someone try to carefully scrape blackened shisha off of the bottom of a sheet of hookah foil poked full of holes without tearing it all up. It. Is. Hilarious. Foil is cheap, so keep an extra 50 pack on hand so you don’t have to embarrass yourself.

Burned Shisha On Foil

Running Low On Hookah Foil Fail #2 – You Used What?!?!?

We just covered the folly of trying to re-use your hookah foil, but this fail deals with a situation where you don’t have any foil to begin with. If you are a frequent visitor of the hookah subreddit, then you may have seen this photo before as it is one of the most popular posts of all time. Essentially, someone was out of foil, and in a moment of insanity they wrapped their bowl tightly in colored foil from their Easter candy. There’s a good chance that this situation was set up simply for the LOLs and the photographer didn’t actually smoke with this, but just in case, we’ll drop a disclaimer to never ever ever ever inhale whatever comes off of colored foil of unknown origin when you dump hot coals on top of it. Fail!

Easter Candy Foil On Hookah Bowl

Running Low On Coals Fail #1 – No, You Can’t Use An Iron

We can’t be sure if we dreamed this one up or if it was real but we swear that we have seen a pic floating around the internet of someone smoking hookah with a hot clothes iron on top of their bowl instead of foil and hot coal. Where do we begin with this? First off, just no. Secondly, have you ever heard of airflow? How could you ever smoke with a heavy metal object cutting off all airflow to your bowl? The answer is that you can’t. Fail Fail Fail.

Clothes Iron On Bowl Of Shisha

Running Low On Coals Fail #2 – No, You Can’t Use A Torch Lighter

This is one we’ve encountered a handful of times. New hookah smokers tend to not understand the difference between heating your shisha to slowly release all of the goodies inside through vaporization, and straight up burning the hell out of your shisha. We can understand why, as almost all other things you “smoke” are burned down to ash, but if you see your buddy holding a flame directly to his bowl of shisha while drawing from the hose, please give them a quick tutorial on how it all works and let them know that it’s worth saving that next smoke until they have some proper coals in place.

Lighter On Hookah Bowl

The Empty Base Fail – Water, Water, Everywhere?

This is a bit of a rare hookah fail but it’s also a gigantic mess when it happens. If you are smoking at home, chances are that you have ready access to fresh, clean water to put in your base. Experienced travel smokers know that bringing bottled water with you to fill your base is just as important as bringing the coals, shisha, or the hookah itself. But sometimes you are in a hurry and you show up at the lake, the park, the beach, or wherever else and you realize that you have no water. Dry hits from a hookah will wreck your throat, but do you know what’s even worse? Using ANY type of water that did not come out of a tap, or a bottle. It may seem like that lake/river/ocean water would do the trick but all of the tiny microscopic organisms in that water will do some nasty stuff to your hookah, your hose, and potentially your lungs. Never ever ever fail like this and always remember that clean water is as essential to your session as your coal or shisha.

Dirty Pond Water Hookah Base

I’ve Got Hose In Different…Wait, No, I Forgot My Hose

This one can be a bit of a laugh when it happens but despite it’s hilarity, we’ll still call it a fail. We’ve seen photos floating around the web of people forgoing the use of a hose (maybe they forgot it? Maybe it’s got a leak?) and, instead, smoking the hookah by putting their mouth directly on the hose port and inhaling. There are some serious issues with this. First, you look pretty dumb. Second, if the hookah were to move around suddenly while you are making out with the hose port you could dump a load of hot coals right on your head. Like we said, it’s pretty funny to watch but definitely counts as a fail.

Water Fountain Fail
31 Jul

Weekend Sale: $5 Off Any Order Over $25

5 Dollar Coupon Banner

Save $5 on any order over $25 this weekend at Simply use the coupon code “5offweekend” at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied. This code is good on all items on the site, already on-sale items included. Just make sure your cart total is $25 before shipping is calculated, and you are all set. Don’t sleep on this offer, the code expires at Midnight CST on 8/9/15. Enjoy!

Coupon Code: 5offweekend

Not interested in saving $5? Check out these 9 other coupon codes we recently added.

29 Jul

The Ultimate Guide To Shika Hookahs

Here at Hookah-Shisha we love new hookah products just like you, it keeps the wheels turning for forward innovation. The Shika collection of accessories is something that we have recently added to our selection of hookahs, and they have proved to be a serious contender in the Egyptian hookah market.

You may have seen the words “Shika Hookahs” in the past, because they have had a decent amount of time in the industry. Their past lineup from 3 years ago featured solid hookahs with a great amount of Syrian inspiration, models like the “Zoba” contained rose gold and silver with a narrow Syrian style body. In their collections they always had models that satisfied anyone looking for an Egyptian hookah, made from quality materials.

These past models made a name for Shika hookahs, as a soon to be contender against the popular Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Shika was offering about 10 hookahs during this time and after a while we stopped seeing them for a small amount of time. Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, Shika has come back with a vengeance and serious collection of hookah that brought a smile to every hookah enthusiasts face. This time time around we get to see a balanced blend of Turkish, Syrian, and Egyptian inspired hookahs, so let’s jump in!

Shika hookah


New Changes to the V3 Collection

The current lineup of Shika hookahs (Version 3) contains about 15 unique hookahs, with some minor tweaks and upgrades from their previous collection. All of the Shika hookahs are handcrafted in Cairo, Egypt, with a great amount of attention to detail resulting in high quality Egyptian hookahs. The majority of the Shika v3 collection is created with the use of heavy brass metals for a solid weight, and they do not cast or plate their shafts, giving you a long lasting hookah.

Brass materials are commonly used over other metals because of their anti-corrosive qualities, and they allow for more flexibility when it comes to crafting pieces. This materials is also more hygienic and it can survive the harshest weather conditions, making it the perfect type of metal to be use as an exterior of a hookah. When Shika decided to use these high quality brass metals, it opened a door of possibilities to utilize hand etched engravings throughout their hookah shafts.

Shika hookah

Hand Carved Details

The beautiful hand etched detail was a feature that we did not see too much of in the previous models, and it is now one of the main reason these hookahs have jumped up in the popularity polls. It takes roughly 3 weeks or more to complete a full Shika hookah, there are no rush jobs or partially finished products allowed to leave the warehouse. We haven’t seen a collection of hookahs arrive at our warehouse with this much handworked detail in quite some time, starting from the tray all the way do to the central hub.

Models like the Shika Genie feature an array of hand carved detail wrapped around the entire shaft, each indention is deep enough to display a great amount character in any light. One thing that should be noted about their carved designs is the uniformity that is present within each hookah, they do an outstanding job of keeping everything symmetrical.

The solid brass trays on models like the Genie, Hilal, and many more, display carved designs so exquisite that you could hang them on your wall. If you were to do this make sure you have some sturdy nails, because each tray weighs about the same as some of the hookahs (true fact), let it be known that Shika isn’t playing around this time.

Shika hookah

Creating Thunder Clouds With Shika

When it comes down to the important aspect of these hookahs like smoking, they don’t let anyone down. Their original lineup contained a few hookahs with copper downstems, but they have since moved on to all copper downstem for every model instead of a stainless steel material. Copper is more expensive than stainless steel, but in the long run it’s worth the cost to create a long lasting hookah shaft. The biostatic traits of copper prevent any buildup of bacteria, also it is extremely durable and will never falter to the effects of corrosion or high heat.

These precision made copper downstems contain a wide open gauge, resulting in a smooth inhale with minimal restriction. Most of the downstem utilize a bell end cap making it a little difficult to use a diffuser (if you’re crafty this won’t be hard) , but the solid weight of the hookah allows it to be sturdy no matter how hard you are ripping on it. Whether you use the equipped hose or a favorite from your collection, you’ll receive a smoke that doesn’t require too much effort for large clouds and still have the classic rumble.

Shika hookah

Shika Accessories

Shika had a focus on hookahs initially, and equipped every hookah with a standard egyptian bowl and basic hookah hose. It wasn’t too long after this before they took matters into their own hands, and came up with a full collection of accessories. Most of the industry has their eyes focused on phunnel style bowls, and that’s exactly where Shika started with a bowl simply titled, Oblivion.

This large phunnel style bowl comes in a variety of colors, ranging from brown to green with splashes of red and yellow in between. The Oblivion bowl has won the hearts of many hookah lovers with a wide open single air channel, and solid weight from high quality clay materials. You can even find this bowl in a unglazed finish (Sandstorm Bowl)  for that authentic feel, and they can be used with just about any style of hookah.

Shika hookah

Their hookah hoses may look like weapons to some people, but if you have big hands or just like large aesthetic with your hookah, then you’re in luck. These gargantuan size hoses are fully washable and they have a removeable mouthpiece, plus the large braided handle makes it easy to hold. The “mini” hookah models are equipped with a hose of a similar style, just a little more proportionate to the size of the hookah.

The accessories don’t stop there, as they also have added wind covers and tongs to their arsenal. They have classic stainless steel wind covers that look perfect atop any hookah, and for the people that like exquisite items check out their Oxidize Crown wind cover. This eye catching windcover features the same oxidized color from the Sorya Beast, with a bold display of brilliant gold that looks like a million bucks on any of the larger Shika stems.

We are excited to see what the future has in store for the Shika Team, and as more models roll out, you know where to find them ……right here.

27 Jul

7 Bad Habits Of The Average Hookah Smoker

Hookah smoking is a delightful pastime but there is a definite learning curve when you first start. As a result of that learning curve, the average hookah smoker can develop some bad hookah habits. In this post we will shed some light on these bad habits and help you overcome them on your journey towards complete hookah mastery.

Dangerous Coal Transportation

Proper Transport Of Hookah Coals

Handling hot coals is no joke. Anyone who has ever dropped a lit coal on their carpet, or burned themselves on one, knows this to be true. That’s why dangerous coal transportation is the #1 bad hookah habit that we want everyone to fix. You should NEVER move more than one lit coal at a time with tongs. You should ALWAYS use a coal holder for transporting more than one coal at a time, then carefully transfer the coals, one at a time, from the coal holder to your bowl. When you are using tongs, be sure to hold the coals with the tongs holding the top and bottom of the coals, not the sides. This prevents a lot of drops. Be safe when smoking and your sessions will never end with injury or damage to your home.

Dirty Base Water

Hookah Base Water

Newsflash – people are lazy, and that laziness can lead to some nasty hookah sessions and longterm damage to your hookah. In this case, we are speaking specifically about changing the water in the base of your hookah. There are so many reasons to change your base water between each session. Here are just a few. Old base water will impart the flavor of your last bowl on your current bowl. Old base water can grow mold, which, if inhaled, can be very, very bad for your health. If you leave the stem of your hookah in contact with water for extended periods of time it can rust, or develop mineral deposits. And finally, it’s just gross. Change your water between each session. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Lazy Bowl Loading

Loading a bowl of shisha is definitely more art than science. Different bowls and different shisha brands need to be packed in different ways to reach their potential. One thing that is universal when it comes to loading a bowl, is that if you just toss your shisha in the bowl with zero plan, it’s not going to go too well. Sure, you’ll get some smoke and some flavor, but your shisha won’t cook evenly, will probably burn, and likely will not have great airflow. We’ve written about bowl loading techniques before (here, here, and here), and if you search youtube you will find tons of brand specific, and bowl specific loading tutorials. Knowledge is your friend and a perfectly packed bowl will make your next session the best one yet.

Lazy Foil Stretching

Hookah Foil Comparison

A properly packed bowl ensures that your shisha has the potential to smoke properly but how you foil your bowl is just as important. The point of foil is to both suspend your coals above the bowl, and to regulate the amount of airflow/heat that flows over your shisha. You want your foil to be tight as a drum and your holes to be evenly sized and spaced around the top of the bowl. How you poke your holes is a matter of preference and we encourage you to experiment until you find what work best for you. Having your foil stretched as tight as possible is the key here and taking a few extra seconds to do it right will make a huge difference.

Improperly Lit Hookah Coals

Hookah Coal Comparison

There’s a theme developing among these bad habits, and that is a desire to spend as little time as possible in preparing your hookah. It does take a little while to properly set up a hookah, but it’s so worth it. When it comes to lighting your coals, not only is it preferable to let them light all the way through, it is downright mandatory as far as we are concerned. Smoking with unlit coals imparts a terrible flavor to your bowl, and does a lousy job in evenly heating your shisha. On top of that, when your coals are lighting up initially, especially quick lights, they give off some nasty stuff and you just don’t want to breathe that in. Leave your coals on the burner until they are completely covered in ash and are glowing red.

Aggressive Hose Handling

Nothing makes a hookah owner more nervous than someone aggressively handling their hookah hose. Every jerking movement could send those scorching hot coals flying, or your hookah crashing to the ground. The hookah hose is an extension of the hookah itself, and should be treated as such. Your hose is attached to hot coals and fragile glass, and should be treated as such. When smoking, be wary of any tangling of the hose, the length of the hose, and the general stability of the hookah itself. Keep those things in mind, don’t wave the hose around haphazardly, respect the hookah, and you will be fine.

Too Much Water In Your Base

Proper Hookah Water Level

Anyone who has accidentally puffed on a hookah with no water in the base knows that having enough water in your base is an essential step in an enjoyable smoke. On the other side of this, adding too much water to the base can cause a ton of problems as well. Too much water leads to a tight, restricted draw. It also leads to water bubbling up into the heart of your hookah, as well as your hose, both of which will lead to degradation of your gear over time. Finally, if you’ve ever tried to purge your hookah when there was too much water in the base then you know that it’s actually possible to shoot water up into your stem, soaking your bowl, and completely ruining your session.

We truly believe that any smoker who works hard to break these bad hookah habits will end up with the best hookah sessions of their life!

23 Jul

New Exclusive Tangiers Flavors – Pikina Sun & Dark Cherry

Earlier this year we hit our 15 year anniversary and we’re going to continue celebrating with some new and exclusive additions to our shisha flavor collection. Today we present 2 new Tangiers flavors, made for the most important people in the world, YOU! These flavors are EXCLUSIVE to You can’t get them anywhere else. If you’re a Tangiers fan then sit back and get ready for a world of tropical explosions, and a flavor plucked from the Forest Moon of Endor. These unique and exclusive blends may not last long, so grab them while you can and if you’re curious about the flavor profiles check our descriptions below.

Pikina Sun

Are you ready for a burst of bright and fruity flavors? The taste of Pikina Sun sets the mood for the summer, with an array of tropical fruits ranging from pineapples to melons and a splash of bright fruits. Once you open this container take a step back and  let the fruity aroma fill your nostrils, each inhale rewards you with a unique sweet taste unlike any tangiers flavor. Tropical fruit roll-up, Zebra stripe gum, and pineapple-watermelon, are just some of the names we tossed around while smoking this blend, and we would love to hear what you have to say about it. Pikina Sun is part of the Tangiers Birquq line, so novice smokers can easily enjoy this with smaller amount of buzz, with the same great Tangiers flavor.

Pikina Sun Tangiers Birquq Flavor

Dark Cherry

Welcome to the Darkside. If you’ve been looking for the perfect rich cherry smoke then look no further. Dark Cherry is a flavor that should be in every tangiers lover’s cabinet, this blend smells exactly like a bowl of ripe cherries with a splash of spice. Once we fired this flavor up, the only thing that came to our mind was Cherry Dr. Pepper, a flavor many people have been waiting to see in shisha form. This would be an amazing mixer for chocolate and mint flavors, but we’re sure you guys already have some ideas in your head. This blend is part of the noir line so expect a little bit of a buzz to follow, after you fill the room with Dark Cherry clouds. Once again let us know how you like the flavor, and what mixes you’ve created with it!

Dark Cherry Tangiers Noir Flavor