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27 May

Spend $50. Get a Free Alpaca Bowl. Coupon Code Inside.

Free Alpaca Bowl Promo
Get a Free Alpaca Bowl with Order Over $50

They’re sleek, they’re ceramic, they’re colorful, creative, they’re fun, they’re phunnels, but first and foremost – they’re FREE! That’s right, for a limited time, while supplies last, we are offering free Alpaca bowls with any order over $50 before shipping! Since the quantities of these free bowls are so limited, they will be selected at random when your order is placed with the exclusive coupon code. That is to say, you won’t be able to select the color or model of Alpaca Bowl.

Just use the coupon code (below) during the checkout process and we’ll add a free Alpaca Bowl to your order at no additional charge to you.

“How did I get so lucky?,” you ask? Well, we got lucky– we’re simply passing the good fortune onto you! Long story short, we love Alpaca bowls here at the office, so we requested more promotional materials from them to promote their brand, and they came through for us (and you) in a big way.

Free Alpaca Hookah Bowl

It’s that simple, ladies and gentlemen. If you’re placing an order and it happens to be more than $50, simply input the coupon code FREEALPACA during the checkout process and we’ll take care of the rest. You do not need to add a bowl to your shopping cart, nor are you required to select a color or model. These are first come, first serve, and our Alpaca giveaway will be ongoing until they’re all gone so act now!

20 May

ICE ICE Hookah Sale

Have you already started to break out your shorts and tanks top? It’s about that time of year again where we sweat and complain about how hot it is outside. Smoking hookah outdoors in Texas during the summer is the equivalent to setting up your hookah in an oven, and smoking inside of it while it’s on. (Do not try this at home, r.i.p. intern#4) . Even if you don’t have to experience the hot lava temperatures like we do, it’s always nice to have a ice bucket hookah within your arsenal. We obliviously gravitate towards these stems for our outdoor sessions, but they’re just as useful indoors when you’re looking to cool down your smoke and rip those ice cold clouds. Since we’re busting out our ice bucket stems for personal use, we thought it might be time for you to grab one……so we marked them down. Below you’ll see each category that contains chiller deals and frosty discounts, we hope you enjoy and avoid that hot smoke.

*In the words of Mr. Freeze “Tonight Hookah-Shisha will freeze.”

*almost real quote*

Nammor Chiller Hookahs

These classic handmade Egyptian hookahs have the deepest discounts and arrive with a signature Nammor hookah hose, an Egyptian bowl, and a spacious ice bucket. Crafted with the use of solid brass these stems provide a solid structure, and contain a medium gauge downstem for a smooth smoking experience indoor or outdoor.

Khalil Mamoon Chiller Hookahs

You might’ve heard of this brand before and if you haven’t the short story is that  Khalil Mamoon hookahs are known and smoked worldwide, and considered to be one of the originators of the Egyptian hookah design. Their chiller stems have enough space to cool any smoke session, and the color options of the Sadaf hookah will freeze your mind.

Ice Bucket Hookah Stems

If you don’t want a pre-configured chiller hookah don’t worry because we’ve got you covered within our Hookah shaft section. You can build your own ultra modern Starbuzz Atlantis Ice stem, or get fancy with the 45% off Nammor shafts and add a compatible base and hookah hose.

Freezeable Accessories

If it’s not time for a new hookah but you know this summer heat is going to have an affect on your smoke session, check out our Hookah Accessories for some cool savings. You could equip your Sahara Smoke hookah with an Ice Chamber add-on, or add a chilling inhale to your hose with the Soguk Ice mouth tip and more!

18 May

Creating The Perfect Mazaj Hookah Bowl Session

Kaloud Vitria Header

Last week we talked about how-to maximize the cloud output of your Kaloud Vitria hookah bowl, and now we’re ramping up the heat again with these new Mazaj bowls. The Arabic word “Mazaj” means “Good Mood” and we’ve been pretty happy that it was crafted with 100% borosilicate glass. This means that these bowls were built to take heat, and a lot of it, thanks to the high temperature tolerance of this premium quality glass. You may be thinking to yourself, “wait, aren’t all bowls built for high heat?” Theoretically, you’re correct, but how many bowls on the market have a cylindrical interior with an octagonal exterior designed for heat management? *The answer is at the bottom of this page.

This bowl can be used with many of our heat management devices like the Kaloud Lotus, but today we’ll be using some good ‘ole hookah foil which could also be used with a flavor saver. The bowl stands 4″ tall with a diameter that falls a little shy of 3″, that’s less than the width of the Lotus but they can still work together for an enjoyable session. The underside of the bowl contains a medium gauge opening, and our recommendation for grommets would be an Egyptian or mod bowl grommet depending on you stem’s bowl port.

How-we Load The Mazaj Bowls

The Mazaj bowl varies between looking like a medium sized hookah bowl and a gargantuan shisha guzzler. We might not classify the Mazaj bowl as a superior shisha saver because you’ll be in the range of consuming 25-35 grams of shisha tobacco per session, but that all depends on how YOU like to smoke. There is no slope within the base interior of the bowl but it still prevents any excess shisha juice from entering your stem, while providing you with a full flavor experience. The phunnel bowl design leaves only a single air channel for smoke to travel through, and this medium gauged spire rest lower than the surrounding edges to provide you with most optimal airflow.

Kaloud Vitria Packing Method

You have five color options to choose from, and they all provide a slight x-ray view of the interior of the bowl. This can make bowl preparation very easy because you can see if there are any weak spots that could use more shisha before applying any heat management devices. During our loading phase we fill the bowl to the leveled surrounding edge line, while allowing for as much airflow between the shisha as possible. Our suggested packing method doesn’t really put any emphasis on making sure that the shisha touches the bottom, as long as every side looks like the above picture we call it complete.

Use Your Edges, That’s What They’re For!

Haze Tobacco Inside Kaloud Vitria

Once you have all the shisha you want to smoke inside the Mazaj, now it’s time to think about what kind of heat we want on top of this bowl. The Borosilicate glass can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating the glass, so high heat smokers can rejoice with those cloudy overpack bowls. The octagon exterior allows for a neat and snug fit for your tin foil to wrap around; during this demonstration and most other foil sessions we use Halo Hookah Foil. Most of us have been taught to give the foil a tight pull in order to achieve a drum fit tightness, that is not the case with the Mazaj. We recommend using a gentle amount of pressure and use your thumb to lock in the seal, the glass edges can tear the tin foil with too much force.

We’ve used several coal configurations with this bowl: max heat with four cube coals, and also mixing sizes like 2 cube coals with 1 or 2 flat coals. The hard glass edges make this an easy process with a sturdy foundation, and once the glass warms up then so will the underside of bowl. The combination of these forces of heat will provide killer clouds, and with proper heat management your session should exceed 2 1/2 to 3 hours depending on your shisha portions.

 We used Titanium natural hookah charcoals for many of our session,  but we’ve heard that the Coco Ultimate coals are perfect for this bowl. Using our recommended preparation steps with your Mazaj bowls will lead to a great session, but – as you can see in the above photo – it will also leave you with a fully cooked bowl. The heat will continue to move through your loosely packed shisha and give the bottom layer the finishing blow, if that foundation layer is too dense you may still have wet shisha at the end of your session.  The heat transfers very well through the bowl which means you should take caution before removing the bowl from your hookah, as always let it cool down before rinsing with warm water. If you have any excess shisha juice burned onto the bowl, any rough textured sponge should knock out any visual marks.

Are You In A Mazaj

We hope this blog helps you make an informed decision about the Mazaj hookah bowl, and we would love to hear your feedback. You can leave a comment below to start the conversation on any blog post, and we will gladly help. Thanks for reading, the answer is MAZAJ!

Maximum Heat Mazaj Video Coming Soon!

13 May

How to Get Huge Clouds with your Kaloud Vitria Bowl

Kaloud Vitria Header

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria bowl is one of the latest and greatest hookah bowls to hit the market, and with good reason: it takes the durability of silicone for the exterior and a heavy duty glass insert for the actual bowl interior. Their powers combined form one heck of a bowl! The glass insert evenly cooks the shisha to give you great flavor, and the silicone makes the bowl safe to handle even in the middle of a session. The Vitria bowl may look fancy, but no fancy tricks or hookah magic is needed to smoke this bowl to its full potential! The Vitria is actually one of the simpler bowls to prepare and pull massive clouds from.

Check Out This Video Breakdown From SMOKEorPASS

Loading the Vitria Bowl

When we first got the Vitria bowl we would remove the glass insert to pack shisha, but we’ve found that isn’t necessary. We recommend loading the Vitria bowl with the glass insert in the silicone sleeve, this will save time and the hassle of trying to squeeze that insert back in without ruining your perfectly packed bowl!

Kaloud Vitria Packing Method

When packing that perfect bowl – fill that thing up! No need to worry about getting the shisha deep down in the glass grooves, pack it up to the rim of the glass insert or to the start of the silicone. The weight of a Kaloud Lotus  will push the shisha down, and throughout the session your shisha will fill into the grooves as you smoke. Since you don’t need to pack the shisha densely, reasons why we call this bowl a shisha saver!

How to get the most with Heat

Haze Tobacco Inside Kaloud Vitria

Get creative and play around with your heat: some shisha brands can handle greater amounts of heat and are sometimes best enjoyed with extra heat! We tend to over-pack our Vitria bowls when smoking shisha tobacco brands like Haze, Nirvana, Nakhla, and some Starbuzz flavors. Certain brands and flavors of shisha will be extra juicy, we recommend making sure the particularly juicy clumps of shisha are at the bottom of your Vitria bowl, so they don’t burn and cake onto the bottom of your Lotus.

Heat Management Kaloud Vitria

The charcoals you use and how many you use depend on how much heat you want – if you’re using one of those high heat brands of shisha or a different brand. We typically use three flat Titanium natural hookah charcoals, with a fourth lit on stand-by just in case. You can also mix it up using cube coals (large size) with two cube coals and one flat, or one flat and three cube coals with the Lotus lid off. Once the coals heat up the Lotus and that glass insert gets nice and hot, you should be all set till you need to bring in a second round of coals.

So now your bowl is packed, the hookah is ready, and you’ve got coals in your Kaloud Lotus and it’s sitting on the Vitria bowl. You may be tempted to start smoking right away, but WAIT! Let the Lotus heat up and start cooking the shisha. Give it a good five minutes till you take your first pulls. Once you feel everything has had enough time to warm up, pull away and enjoy!

Cleaning your Vitria Bowl

So now you’ve enjoyed a pleasant hookah session using your Kaloud Vitria bowl, and its time to clean up. DO NOT take your still hot Vitria bowl and run it under water! The same goes with any hot hookah bowl; extreme changes in temperature can reduce the life of your bowl, if not break it outright. The Vitria bowl is more durable than your average bowl, but you still want to make it last as long as possible. Once you finish your session, take the coals out (put them on an ash tray or coal carrier) and let the Lotus and Vitria cool down for a while before rinsing them out with warm water. You only need to remove the glass insert for a fruit head bowl, and it is suggested that you keep everything in tact during the cleaning phase.

Do you want to see more awesome Hookah-Shisha Videos? Join Us On Youtube Today!

06 May

New Starbuzz Vintage Flavors

The time has arrived and the new Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco is here in our grasps. The vintage dark leaf blends will provide a buzz that can’t be found in the classic line or bold collection of Starbuzz. They’ve utilized bold spice notes and classic fruit profiles, in combination with a delicious and robust tobacco blend giving you a game changing flavor experience.

Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco can be used with several different packing methods, which can lead to an increase or decrease of the flavor and buzz strength. Below you can find some helpful insight on each of the Starbuzz Vintage flavors, and please let us know which blends become new favorites.

You can find all these flavors right here in the Starbuzz Vintage flavor category!

Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze Review

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me Review

Starbuzz Vintage Tokyo Spice Review

Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea Review

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Carribean Review

Starbuzz Vintage Colombian Spice Review

Starbuzz Vintage Shanghai Passion Review

Starbuzz Vintage Gincko Youtube Review

Starbuzz Vintage White Mist Flavor Review

Inside of this almost wooden jar, you’ll be met face to face with a bright white peach aroma. This aroma is blended perfectly with a creamy undertone, as well as the rich tobacco notes that we’ve come to enjoy from the vintage collection. The cream aspect has a slightly sweet tone with a very clean finish, and we’ve enjoyed tossing a little Peach Spice in every once in awhile. Despite having a flower on the front label, there isn’t a single floral tone in this blend and that’s perfectly fine with us. We enjoy this flavor every time it’s in our bowl.

Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu Flavor Review

If you’re looking for a solid Tiramisu shisha flavor, go ahead and stop right here because Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu is the bee’s knees. Not only will the aroma make you smile in anticipation of smoking, but this tasty blend of coffee and chocolate will provide you will a great range of flavor profiles.  The robust tobacco & chocolate tones have a marriage on your taste buds, while the decadent dessert tones watch from the outside. If you like coffee or chocolate flavors, just stop reading and pick it up. It’s the perfect call.

Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar Flavor Review

This flavor sounds crazy right? Who in their right mind would want to smoke a cigar from a hookah? Valid questions, but have you smoked it? Sweet cigar kind of took the office by surprise, and that’s why we always keep some around in the mixing stash. Right from the container you’ll know that you won’t be searching to hard for the flavor, the front note aroma is sweet pipe tobacco with a mellow touch. This might be the flavor you bust out for your Dad, when he wants to smoke with you but does not fancy the candy flavor. Welcome to your gentlemen’s smoke.

Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Spice Me Red Flavor Review

Looking for a new red berry experience with a little spice? Dig on this blend of strawberries, red berries, and sweet fruits. On top of this tasty marriage of fruits, you’ll experience a pleasant sweet spice with a smooth smoky finish. Our first session with this flavor was amazing, but we wanted a little more spice flavoring with the delicious berry taste. We were rewarded with the spice that we craved on the following session, by adding a little more tobacco than the previous session. So we encourage everyone to give this flavor a try, and paint the town red.

Starbuzz Vint</p><br /> <p>age Spice Me Red Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice Flavor Review

This flavor is so SSMMMOOOOOTTTHH, easily an instant classic for us. Inside the clouds of Starbuzz Peach Spice you’ll enjoy a naturally sweet peach with a mellow tobacco backnote. The warm spice flavoring blends perfectly with the bold peach, and it creates a distinct flavor profile that can’t be imitated. We played around with several mixing options, and this flavor is a beast by itself but plays well with others. Peach fanatic will keep this flavor at the front of their shelves.

Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Orange Chocolate Flavor Review

Smooth chocolate with a ripe tangy orange exterior, these two flavor profiles aren’t usually in the same container but Starbuzz crack the code on this one. The robust tobacco profiles blend smoothly with the silky chocolate taste, and gently push the bright orange taste to the front of your inhale. Once we started smoking the first bowl this flavor instantly became a special occasion smoke, with it’s rewarding taste of success that should be enjoyed after accomplishing a task like eating or having a good day at work. Of course you smoke this flavor at any point of the day, but it’s so good that it may not last too long on your shelf.

Starbuzz Vintage Orange Chocolate Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Indian Spiced Apple Flavor Review

Holy Masala! Say hello to your new favorite double apple flavor.  The Vintage Indian Spiced Apple blend is flavor that we assumed would be a typical double apple, with a smooth smoky back note.  We were wrong. Once this flavor warms up you’ll receive a delicious spice called Masala, which is widely used in India. This delicious spice hugs both apples with love, and allows fan of double apple shisha to experience a roller coaster of flavor. This mix may sound a little odd, but toss a little sweet cigar in the next bowl with this flavor and kick back for the enjoyment.

Starbuzz Vintage Indian Spiced Apple Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime Flavor Review

SOLID. Starbuzz hit this flavor on the head, and you should always have a jar of this blend if you’re a fan of sweet citrus. Fresh Lime is the name and it speaks perfectly to what you’ll expect inside your session. The sweetness of Fresh Lime comes through as a natural tone without a nasty chemical aftertaste, and we can’t forget about that mellow tobacco undertone. Once this bowl gets going you may not want to put the hose down, and during our testing session the flavor longevity exceeded our expectations.  The Fresh Lime mixes very well with other Vintage flavors, and we’ve even thrown it in with mints & tropical fruits from other brands with great success. If you like Lime, then we think you’ll give this blend 7 thumbs up……if you have 7 thumbs.

Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Vanilla Flavor Review

Welcome to the dark side of a flavor that many of us have come to enjoy mixing and smoking, VANILLA. Starbuzz created this flavor with enough power to give you a creamy Vanilla inhale, and make you want more with a robust exhale. Straight from the jar this vanilla aroma is hidden beneath a sweet blend of tobacco tones, until you apply heat and wake up this delicious beast. We really enjoyed this take on Vanilla because it contains new “smokey” elements that improve the overall flavor, and the mixability keeps this flavor at the top of our minds.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Vanilla Shisha Hookah

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Mist Flavor Review

Nope, it’s not the dark leaf version of Blue Mist. The Vintage Dark Mist blend contains a sweetened blackberry flavor that still provides some tart notes, in combination with tobacco tones and a slight cooling effect. In our smoke session with this flavor, Dark Mist came through as one of the more powerful flavors from the vintage collection. Of course you can control the strength of flavor for each smoke session by increasing or decreasing the amount used, but we think a little goes a long way with this blend. If you’re a fan of dark berries or flavors similar to grape/blueberries, we think you’ll enjoy the mist from the dark side.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Mist Shisha Hookah
05 May

Cinco De Mayo Hookah Flavors

Hola! Que paso, excuse our Spanish but we are getting ready for the celebration of Cinco De Mayo. This southwestern celebration includes festivities from many Spanish backgrounds, so you can expect to see some salsa dancing and lots of margaritas. On our side town we like to celebrate by smoking flavors that reflect the Cinco De Mayo spirit, cocktail drink blends, citrus notes, and some melon blends. Of course you’ll need some Horchata and Margarita flavors to get a real festive hookah bowl going, but here are some other flavors profiles we’ll be smoking.


Al Fakher

Al Fakher shisha tobacco has a great collection of single note flavors that can be used for delicious bowl combinations. One of our favorites from their original collection is Mojito, it contains the perfect amount of lime with mint and it blends easily to make delicious citrus based concoctions. The Al Fakher special edition line provides pre-made blends from melon to strawberry, while satisfying many taste buds in between. Citrus Spirit with Sparkle on top will definitely get the party started.




The Fantasia line of shisha contains a solid Margarita flavor with a subtle sweetness and sour aroma that translates well throughout the duration of the bowl. Most people expect to have some margaritas during Cinco, but with a little help from the Fantasia Ice series you can add some fresh fruit notes to that Margarita and raise the coolness factor. The Fantasia Ice series adds a strong cooling sensation to your bowl without a real mint taste, so use these flavors to make those blends that you wished had a little chill to them.




The Starbuzz shisha selection contains flavors from 3 individual collections, Starbuzz Shisha, Starbuzz Bold Shisha , and Starbuzz Vintage Shisha. Whether you’re looking for spicy, mint, sweet, and/or floral for this festive bowl, we’re more than positive you’ll find something within the collections. We went for their bold flavor Margarita Freeze because it’s almost perfectplus you can add a little Grapefruit Mint or Watermelon Freeze at the top for an incredible session. If you haven’t tried the Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime, you and all the friends at the party are missing out on a phenomenal smoking experience. We tend to smoke our Fresh Lime with a little bit of Al Fakher Mango; be sure let us know what you think below.




Fumari doesn’t make a Margarita flavor but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fresh Mandarin Zest with a splash of Guava. Every party needs fat clouds and Fumari doesn’t lack in this department, so fire up a straight bowl of Guava and possibly toss in some refreshing Limoncello to brighten the flavor. We can’t forget about their recent Tangelo flavor which goes well with any of the blends below, but also serves as a great stand alone flavor.




Haze is established in the South of Texas and they know how to use their spices right, setting you up for a great day of smoking. Their Cheech and Chong line has provided us with new blends that can’t be found in any other brand, like their most recent release, “Hey Man”, which adds a little chili to the mango tamarindo flavor profile. Nice Dreams gives you a smooth berry-margarita mix that works well as a secret component or solo, and the spice mint from Mint Fiesta takes any bowl to the next level. If you’ve smoked Margarita blends in the past but you’re looking for something more than sweet and sour, check the Cucumberita (staff favorite) for a burst fresh Cucumber with citrus like banknotes.



Social Smoke

Do you have that one friend who only eats spicy food? Well fire up a bowl of Social Smoke Mango Habanero and watch them fall in love with this unique flavor crafted with the use of real Habanero extract. If you don’t think you can handle all the heat just mix in a little Cali Peach to add some sweetness to your spice with a bold peach aftertaste. The Horchata Cajeta was made for this holiday, and every day after it; enjoy it by itself for a rich and creamy cinnamon spice session or add some Cinnamint for a delicious surprise. If people start to lose the craving for margaritas, give them a curve-ball and toss on some Passion Fruit Mojito. 




Did somebody spike the Horchata? Nope that’s just the Tangiers buzz hitting you after you’ve experienced the roller coaster of creamy cinnamon clouds that we call Noir Horchata. We enjoy smoking this flavor all by itself, no mixing needed, but if you want to toss something in there try Cocoa and not CANE MINT ( it doesn’t go with everything). Pika Sun was introduced last year for our 15th anniversary, and since then the delicious tropical melon blend has only provided smiles for it’s users. Even though Pika sits in the tropical category just add some New Lime or Mimon, and try to find someone who would turn down that aroma.




Despite the non-descriptive packaging we promise that these Nakhla flavors should be in your arsenal for a sweet and sour shindig. It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t like orange flavored shisha, and Nakhla may hit the sweet spot for orange lovers with their Mandarin flavor. They’ve created a margarita flavor (center box) that blends well with the Mandarin, and if you add a pinch of Mizo Mint that bowl instantly becomes EN FUEGO, which is what we want for the party. If you want to move away from the citrus tones, grab some Sweet Melon and mix it with their super smooth coconut blend to wind down for the night.



Hookah Hookah

Are you looking for an off the wall shisha flavor, probably one you wouldn’t think exist? Just check out the huge flavor offering from the Hookah-Hookah shisha collection, and your greatest flavor ideas may have already been created. Tamarind is a sweet fruit that can be sour at times depending on when it’s picked, the shisha flavor plays more to the sweeter side so we like to sour tones from their sour fruit collection of flavors. Their standard Guava flavor is hard to beat if you’re looking for a long lasting flavor with a more natural taste, and of course you can toss some Margarita in there.




The Hookafina flavor catalogue can be enjoyed within their standard washed tobacco line, contained in the silver cylindrical tin of awesomeness. You can also find their greatest hits in a unwashed formula from the Hookafina Blak collection, but for this party let’s go with something a little brighter unless you’re partying with a lot of hookah enthusiasts. The Mojito blend is great by itself, but we had incredible session by adding a decent amount of Lime-O-Nada at the top of our mix, and if you want to get fancy just add lemon or Ginger-Lemonade. This isn’t the day to bring out a standard peach flavor because we want the spice, so fire up the Spicy Peach and see how long it takes until you get the hose back.

04 May

Cinco De Mya Sale 2016 – Save On Mya Hookahs

Mya Hookah Sale

Cinco De Mayo is almost here and while we are sipping on margaritas and enjoying the fun, we decided to hose our own Cinco De Mya (get it?) sale on some of our best hookahs from Mya. We’ve got a hookah for every type of smoker from small mya hookahs to budget-friendly econo mya hookahs, all the way to some awesome large mya hookahs. Check out all of the deals at the links below. Enjoy, and remember that these deals will only be available through Monday, May 9th, 2016. Happy Smoking!

Small Mya Hookah Sale


Econo Mya Hookah Sale


Large Mya Hookah Sale
25 Apr

Haze Tobacco – Lavish Lavender SMOKEorPASS Flavor Review

The Lavish Life Of Lavender

Have you ever tasted Lavender by itself? That was the first question raised here at the warehouse before our first session with the newest member of the Haze flavor line up. You may have smelled the floral scents used before in baking, air fresheners, drinks and many other items. The taste of straight lavender can produce subtle sweet notes or slight bitter tones with a floral aroma, and it can be a real hit or miss component if it isn’t used correctly. We’ve blasted through a few bowls of this flavor, and we’ll go ahead and say that Haze knows how to use Lavender.

It’s doubtful that there’s a large market for a straight lavender shisha flavor, but this is Haze Tobacco we’re talking about so you know it’s going to have some unique characteristic. Upon opening this lavish “stackable” tin, the aroma of vanilla cream and floral notes fill the air followed by some large grins on our faces. As the can gets passed around we dig deeper into what really makes this lavish lavender so…..LAVISH!

This Flavor May Cause Hose Hogging Tendencies

When a new flavor comes into the warehouse I (SMOKEorPASS) usually have the first bowl buring, and I pass it around the warehouse so everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately for me this flavor was calling upon another hookah smoker for its preparation, and I would have to wait for the second or third rotation to even taste the blend.* I didn’t cry, but I felt the water works start to begin* Our photographer is over the top in love with lavender and has had his eye on the flavor since we heard about it’s upcoming arrival. Once I saw how happy he was to smoke this blend I couldn’t take that moment away from him so I waited patiently for my turn.

Upon entering the floral dusted room I could only ask one question, “Soooo how is it?” and I was met with a big smile followed by an exhale of smoke. The flavor was described as a delicious mellow floral smoke with a slightly sweetened mint cream finish, and that’s  exactly what I was getting on my first few puffs. The bowl was prepared using a Shika Oblivion Bowl with a slight under pack, and 3 Echocha cube coals on top. We’ve covered the basics on Haze Tobacco a few times in the past and one thing to remember is that their tobacco can take a lot of heat. If you feel you aren’t getting the most flavor from your sessions with Haze tobacco, increase the heat and/or use a little more shisha. Check out the Haze overpack tutorial video at the bottom.

I had a chance to smoke this blend by myself over the weekend and I liked it even more than the first time. The high heat craving tobacco handles multiple coal rotations, but applying too much heat early in the session will cause the floral tones to overpower the mint with creme flavor. I found myself opening and closing my lotus lid throughout my session bouncing between the mint and floral flavor, it almost felt as if I prepared two bowls.

Survey Says….

It’s great and if you like floral/mint/creamy flavors or any shisha blends that require investigation, this is the flavor you need on your next pick up. My last few sessions have included this flavor but I enjoy mixing in some other flavor profiles like lemon, rose, and sometimes orange. This could be that hidden component to a stellar mix, and I’ll be eager to try any suggestions tossed my way. I’ve enjoyed light lavender notes in shisha before but this new haze blend really satisfies my taste buds, and I would love to hear what you think about this flavor so drop a comment below.


Happy Smoking.

Mastering The Haze Overpack With Fletcher Knoxville

19 Apr

New Accessory: Silicone Hookah Diffuser

Typical hookah diffusers will fit on most downstems, but not all of them. Many Shika Hookahs, for example, have bulb shaped downstems that make putting your average plastic hookah diffuser a big hassle. We’ve heard of many Macgyver stories that involve the classic heba diffuser with a sharp knife, and possibly a pot of boiling water. But those days are over because we’re working with silicone, and now even the largest hookah downstem can reap the benefits of a smooth and whisper quiet smoke session. The Beamer Silicone Hookah Diffuser uses durable and elastic silicone that will stretch to fit on the end of any hookah downstem.

Hookah diffusers are a wonderful innovation for the hookah enthusiast searching for a smoother, quieter smoking experience. A typical hookah set-up, without a diffuser, features a downstem with a single opening at the bottom; as smoke and air flows through the downstem it has only one hole to exit and therefore comes into the water of the base as large bubbles that produce a great deal of noise. In some cases depending on the gauge of the downstem and preparation of the hookah, large bubbles can be produced that make the entire set-up vibrate. This can cause unwanted movement from your hookah, and potentially move the hot charcoal atop of your bowl.

Diffusers work by taking that single opening at the bottom of the downstem and adding dozens of smaller holes, which filter the bubbles moving into the base making them significantly smaller. The smaller bubbles create far less of that rumble noise, and greatly reduce any vibration they may cause. Diffusers also improve the smoothness of each and every pull thanks to the increased number of holes and the filtration of the bubbles.

15 Apr

Exclusive Birthday Shisha from Tangiers: Guajava Kiss

We’re celebrating our 16th birthday, and to help make the party even sweeter our good friends at Tangiers Tobacco have made a special flavor of shisha just for the occasion! After tearing off the bow and ripping off the wrapping paper we discovered that this special shisha is called Guajava Kiss, and with one smell after opening the package we were in love. At first our shisha present smelled distinctly of the citrus-esque guava fruit, but there was something else we couldn’t quite pinpoint. As we sat around tossing out ideas of what this mystery aspect of the birthday flavor could be, one of our coworkers came in and dropped the knowledge bomb that it was clove. At first we second guessed him but upon smelling and smoking it again the sweet spice notes of clove were revealed.

To make this birthday celebration great, we’ll be sharing Tangiers’ present to us with all of you! Starting today you can use the code BDAYSHISHA on any order over $125 to have a 250g package of this amazing Guajava Kiss birthday flavor added to your order. Also, starting Monday, keep an eye out on our social media accounts for chances to win a free package of the birthday flavor! For all you Tangiers enthusiasts out there, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this Guajava Kiss as it is a limited edition Tangiers flavor with specialized packaging in honor of our birthday!

Coupon Code : BDAYSHISHA

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