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5 Custom Hookahs You Can Build at

Here at, we have been selling hookahs online for over 10 years. We are now happy to announce that you can build out your own custom hookah on our website. Have you ever seen a hookah that you really liked, but you wished you could get a Vortex bowl with it instead of the stock Egyptian bowl, or perhaps you wanted a nice new D-Hose instead of a Nammor hose? If so, then this is just for you.

We have hundreds and hundreds of hookahs in our warehouse, so this project is a work in progress, but as of now you can create your own custom hookah from over 50 different hookah stems from Nammor, Khalil Mamoon, Regal, and Starbuzz with many more to come.

To stoke your creative fires a bit, we have put together 5 sample custom hookahs that you can build out right now on our site. After you get inspired by the pics below, keep scrolling for instructions on how you can build your very own custom dream hookah. If you want to buy the hookahs below, just click the pictures and select the options listed.

5 Awesome Custom Hookahs

How Can I Build Out My Own Custom Hookah?

Step 1: Go to the Hookah Stems category. From here you will want to pick out the stem that you would like to customize. We currently have a few Khalil Mamoon, Starbuzz, and Regal stems available as well as many unique Nammor hookah stems.

Step 2: Once you have picked your stem, use the drop down menus to select a compatible hookah base, bowl, and hose. All of the listed options are guaranteed to fit, and your stem will come with a grommet pack that should provide every type of grommet you may need to get a good seal.

That’s it! If you scroll to the bottom of each page you will be able to see pictures of all of the different configuration options so that you can visualize your dream hookah a bit better.

For a limited time, to encourage people to try out our new custom hookah configurations, we are offering 10% off of any hookah stem, base, bowl, and hose purchased together. Just use the code “Custom10” at checkout for the discount to be applied.


Hookafina Blak Shisha Review – New Flavors Available!

Hookafina Blak is best described as Hookafina’s reaction to Tangiers. Created in a way that is classified as ‘black tobacco’, this line of shisha is made of simple ingredients, tobacco and molasses only, that are highly compressed and boast increased nicotine levels. The flavors are bold, the buzz is big, and clouds are monstrous!

How To Smoke Hookafina Blak

Hookafina Blak

Although there is no acclimation needed, Hookafina Blak is best when smoked out of a deeper phunnel bowl (like the Harmony Bowl) to accommodate its larger, thinner strands of tobacco. It should also be tightly packed, like how you would pack a bowl of Tangiers Shisha. We have recently added nine new flavors to the Blak line up, totaling over twenty in all. Hookafina Blak is now available in the following flavors: Chai Latte, Absolute Mist, Blackberry Peach, Cuban Splash, Cucumber Melon, Deja Vu, Double Mint, Electric Blues, Hong Kong Pink, Lime Haze, Mimosa, Naranja, Pineapple, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit Mint, Razzleberry, Red Dragon, Smores, Spicy Peach, Straight up Blak, Toasted Coconut, Two Fah Ten.

For a more detailed look at how to prepare and smoke this shisha tobacco, check out our employee review video below.


Pink Hookahs and Pink Hookah Accessories

A Pink Hookah For Everyone!

We get daily requests for pink hookahs, and we’re happy to tell you that we’ve got quite a selection! Here is a list of our favorite pink hookahs, as well as some sweet upgrades you can add to your hookah to pink it out!

Pink Hookah at
Pick Your Perfect Pink Hookah

pink mya hookah

Pink Econo Mya QT Hookah – The Econo Mya QT is a rock solid hookah, made with “economy” parts to provide a more affordable option. Little do people know, there is a pink version of the Econo Mya QT. This adorable, affordable little hookah looks terrific all dressed up in pink.

pink hookah pharaoh's brand

Pink Pharaoh’s Mirage Hookah – Pharaoh’s is a great up-and-coming brand of hookah. The Pharaoh’s Mirage hookah is one of the most popular Pharaoh’s brand hookahs. It has a threaded base to ensure an airtight seal without the need for grommets. And would you look at that? It comes in pink!

khanjar pink hookah

Pink Khanjar Surrender Hookah – For a pink hookah setup, the Khanjar Surrender is a great option. It’s small and compact, easy to clean and is currently only available in pink. It comes with a Vortex style mod bowl and a totally matching, totally washable pink hose.

mya razo pink hookah

Pink Mya Razo – The Mya Razo, readily available in pink, is an amazing little 12 inch hookah. This perfect setup comes with everything you need to get smoking right out of the case – which is unique because this one of the rare hookahs that comes with its own carrying case!

Pink Regal Melech – This is the pink hookah to end all pink hookahs. The Pink Regal Melech is king (or queen) of all the pink hookahs, which is convenient because ‘Melech’ actually means ‘King’. Made with the ultimate craftsmanship, the hand-lathed Beetle Kill Pine shaft is one of a kind. It comes with a pink base and a matching pink Nammor hose.

Pink Accessories

(Pinkcessories? Hey-yoooo) Looking to pink out your current hookah without having to buy an entirely new hookah setup? Let us help!

pink hookah bowl

Pink Apple on Top Bowl – The Apple on Top Bowl is one of the most unique hookah devices we carry on our website. It essentially eliminates the need for foil, and holds a ton of shisha. If you want a bright pink bowl that will absolutely stand out in the room, you should definitely give the pink Apple on Top bowl a look.

pink hookah hose nammor

Nammor Hose – In terms of hoses, the Nammor reigns supreme above all. So if you’re going for a sick pink hookah setup, Nammor is going to be your best bet for your pink hose. Some super sweet upgrades to the already super sweet Nammor hose are the Wrapped Nammor Hoses and the Fretted Nammor Hoses. Check them out!

pink hookah bowl

Mya Jumbo Ceramic Hookah Bowl – Here’s a bowl we carry in pink. The Mya Jumbo Ceramic bowl is a solid hookah bowl. It should fit on any standard hookah with the right hookah grommets. If you are looking for a pink bowl that can hold up to 45g of shisha tobacco, look no further!


Hookah Coal Burner Pros and Cons

Hookah Coal Starters – The Good and the Bad

If you are using natural coals and you don’t have a hookah coal burner – you’re gonna have a bad time. We currently offer 3 hookah coal burners on our website. Each one has its own upsides and downsides. We are here to help make your shopping endeavors much easier by laying out the goods and the bads of each charcoal heater.

Single Coil Electric Hookah Charcoal Heater

hookah coal lighter

This is our most basic coal burner, and our most economical option. It has one single coil, and is fully electric so no butane is needed.

The Good – The best part about these is that they are by far the most affordable. All you have to do is plug them in and set the heat to ‘Hi’ and set your coals on top. Give it about 10-15 minutes and your coals are ready to rock!

The Bad – The only bad thing about this hookah charcoal heater is that it takes at least 10 minutes to get your natural coals glowing.

Newport Hookah Coal Burner

Hookah coal heater

The Newport hookah coal burner is designed for portability, and its wide coils offer more room for extra coals. There is also no need for electricity!

The Good – Incredibly portable, this charcoal heater operates using butane gas and is completely refillable. If you’re looking to roast some coals on your camping trip; the Newport is the way to go.

The Bad – Since this burner operates using butane, there are some shipping restrictions with this particular model. Inquire within for those restrictions.

Electric Blazn Burner Hookah Coal Heater

hookah charcoal heater

The most powerful hookah coal burner on the market! This space-age technology was developed for the sole purpose of turning your natural coconut coals into quick-lighting coals, figuratively speaking.

The Good – The Blazn Burner uses infrared technology. It gets hot rapidly, and just as rapidly cooks your coals the way you need them. This is the only hookah coal heater we offer that is designed specifically for hookah coals.

The Bad – Be careful! This thing gets incredibly hot, incredibly fast. The heat is also emitted by a few infrared bulbs, and those bulbs will need to be replaced over time.


Hookah Spookah! Part 7: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations From Michael Myers


When I’m not trying to murder my sister on Halloween night, I’m actually a pretty chill guy. Every set of siblings has that sibling rivalry, but mine has just been blown out of proportion because of all those documentary movies that were made about me. Most of the time I just like to keep to myself, and I spend a lot of time smoking the bloodiest, juiciest shisha tobacco I can find.




Al Fakher Shisha– I have always been a big Al Fakher fan. The blood red color of the tobacco conjures up nostalgia from my childhood, and the delicious flavors could almost make a mass-murderer smile. What’s more, Al Fakher has released a Special Edition that may be even better than the original line.

Social Smoke Tiger’s Blood – I have been shot multiple times, fallen off the 2nd story of my childhood home, I’ve been set on fire, stabbed, beaten and hit by vehicles. Despite all of this, no one is able to confirm whether or not I’m still alive. In the Halloween industry, we call that level of resolve “Tiger’s Blood.”

Nirvana Super Shisha – A super villain is nothing without his super shisha. Nirvana is strong, but I am stronger. My favorite flavors from Nirvana are the Cold Sweat, Punishment and the aptly named Redrum. Redrum is obviously my go-to choice, as the strawberry and cherry blend are complemented by that nice, murderous twang that anyone can enjoy.

Mya Dionysus Hookah – While I’m smoking on my favorite blood-colored tobacco flavors, I do so out of my Mya Dionysus hookah with a blood red base. Sadly, it looks like I’ve broken too many of the blood red bases to use them as impromptu weaponry, so that color is no longer available. I do see that there are other colors available like green and blue. Then there’s black, the absence of light, which is my favorite.



Click here to see all of our Halloween character recommendations here!



The Biggest Hookah Frustations & How To Solve Them

Smoking hookah is a beautiful and relaxing pastime when done correctly, but there are a number of things that can turn your lovely hobby into a frustrating mess in no time flat. In this post we’re going to go over some of the most common frustrations that can come with hookah smoking, along with how to make sure they are never a problem again. With this knowledge in hand your hookah smoking future will be bright and frustration-free.

1) Hookah Coals That Go Out Halfway Through A Bowl

You have one job hookah coals! Just stay lit until you are either a pile of ash, or I stop smoking! It’s that simple. But how many times have your coals gone out halfway through an active session? If you are using fantastic, high-quality natural coals, it probably doesn’t happen that often, but if you are using old, cheap, or bootleg coals, then this might be a common problem.

Solutions – First, make sure they are properly heated all the way through. When placing them on the burner coils, make sure you flip them – not only on the flatter sides, but give each side (all 6!) some coil time. Another option is to make sure that you’re using the best possible hookah charcoal. If this seems like a simple solution, it’s because it is. The only reason your coals will go out halfway through a session (assuming you are actively smoking and not leaving the coals sitting there for 20-30 minutes) is because not all coals are created equal, some are made from inferior materials with inferior technique. Lately, around the office we almost always smoke with Titanium coals or Coco Buzz 2.0 coals (for long sessions) and we never have this problem.

2) Your Bowls Are Harsh, and Your Shisha Tastes Burnt

This is probably the most common hookah related frustration. It all has to do with heat management, and proper heat management techniques are one of the trickier aspects of smoking to manage. Coal rotation, coal placement, the number of foil holes, and their location, all contribute and it can be a hassle to get it all right.

Solution – First off, make sure that your heat management techniques are spot on. If you are still having issues then we suggest eliminating as many of these factors as possible. How do you do that? Just get a Kaloud Lotus! It replaces your foil, and when you are using a Lotus you don’t need to worry about rotating your coals. That’s the two biggest culprits eliminated in one stroke.

3) Your Box Of Shisha Is All Dried Out Before You’ve Smoked It All

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced this frustration before. You catch a craving to smoke a flavor that you haven’t had in a few weeks. You know you’ve only smoked one bowl from that new box of shisha and there should be plenty left for your next bowl. Then you open up the box and the shisha has dried out considerably since that first, juicy bowl you smoked. You probably smoke it anyway, but it’s never as good as the first bowl you loaded when the package was still fresh.

Solution – Ditch that crappy packaging your shisha came in, and immediately transfer your shisha to an air-tight shisha storage container after you open the packaging for the first time. Shisha will last a really long time if stored properly, but when exposed to air, light, and heat it will degrade quicker than you think.

4) You Are All Set To Smoke, But You Accidentally Broke Your Bowl

Who’s experienced this before? Your hookah has been cleaned, you added fresh water to the base, washed and dried your hose, and put your coals on the burner. The only thing left is to make the head. You’ve got your shisha broken up and laid out, you pick up the bowl, and then the damn cat knocks something over in the other room, or The Simpsons theme song starts and in your distracted state you drop your bowl and break it. Bummer, huh? The session is over…or is it?

Solution – Open up your fridge, pull out a piece of fruit, and make a fruit bowl! It’s fun, adds flavor, and can help you out in a pinch. Not much of a fruit person? Ok, then how about using the indestructable Silikon hookah bowl? It’s impossible to break, and will ensure this frustrating hookah moment never happens to you.

5) Your Hookah Makes Too Much Damn Noise

Ever have to crank the volume on your tv to hear your favorite show or movie over the bubbling of your hookah? I know, talk about a first world problem, right? Well don’t punish yourself for living the good life. Kick that first world problem to the curb and enjoy that movie in the peace and quiet you deserve.

Solution – Add a Heba diffuser, or Pharaoh’s Diffuser to your hookah downstem and you can turn the volume of your hookah down from 11 to 1. Not interested in messing with diffusers? Take the plunge and buy a beautiful glass hookah. Most come with diffusers built into the downstem. You can also construct your own diffuser by following the instructions in our Hookah Hacks 2 blog post. Another tip is to place your hookah on top of a towel in order to dampen any reverberations.

6) Your Bowl Of Peach Tastes Like Last Night’s Mint Bowl

Ghosting. It’s real, and it’s an epidemic. Shisha flavors can be very strong, and they love to stick to every part of your hookah. For the hookah itself, the base, and the bowl, it’s simply a matter of cleaning them between uses. But your hose is the real culprit here and it can be the hardest to clean. If your bowls constantly taste like yesterday’s flavors, we’ve got a solution for you.

Solution – Use a washable hose like a Nammor hose everytime you smoke. Not the most exciting solution, but it’s really the only way to go. Cleaning works on every other part of your hookah, and it works on the hose too. Just make sure your hose is washable, give it a good cleaning between smokes, and you’ll be all set. Here are some great tips on how to properly clean your washable hookah hose.

7) Your Hookah Has A Tight Or Restricted Draw

This is a true hookah killer right here. A tight or restricted draw will cause you to put a lot of lung effort into a paltry amount of smoke and flavor. There can be a few culprits here. The first thing to do is to look at each and every passageway the smoke goes through, and remove anything that may be blocking airflow. A good cleaning usually takes care of this. If your hookah is still too tight, then there’s only one solution.

Solution – Unfortunately physics are physics and if your hookah has tiny openings which restrict the draw the only thing to do is to buy a better hookah. We wish there was some sort of magic trick that will increase airflow on a hookah, but there isn’t. In order to make sure that you pick out the perfect hookah for you, check out our hookah buying guide. As far as air-flow is concerned, we always recommend a nice Khalil Mamoon, Nammor, or Mya hookah for maximum airflow. Glass hookahs work great as well.

Did we miss any of your biggest hookah frustrations in our list? If so, leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to solve them for you.


Lotus iPhone Vape Case With Nautilus Vape Clearomizer

The Lotus Vape Case for iPhone 5/5s allows you to turn your iPhone into your personal vaporizer! Just pop your phone into the slim, durable case, attatch a clearomizer with your favorite e-juice, and you’re ready to multi-task.


Lotus iPhone Vape Case

This iPhone Vape Case features a powerful 2000mAh battery which kicks out a smooth 3.7V of power. With a 4-stage variable voltage option, you control the power of your vape. It also comes with an LED battery life indicator.

Nautilus Mini clearomizer vape

The Lotus Case recommends that you use a cartomizer rated at 2.4 ohms, however it will accept clearomizers with resistance ratings between 1.5 and 2.8 ohms. The iSmoka Mega BCC pairs perfectly with the Lotus Case, without the need for an adapter. In our video we also used the Nautilus Mini Clearomizer BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomizer), and it worked perfectly.

Just press the power button 5 times and the power/ignition indicator will flash, meaning your Vape Case is ready for action. The variable voltage switch is located on the other side of the case – just turn it up or down to get your e-hookah experience just the way you like it. Next time you’re ready for some e-hookah – it’s time to go mobile!

The Lotus iPhone Vape Case also includes a 510 to eGo thread adapter so you can use any type of clearomizer, and a USB charger with wall adapter. Watch one of our employees walk you through the specs of this awesome new vape technology! We tried it out with one of the new flavors from Fantasia e-Juice (Fantasia Menage, specifically – tastes like candy watermelon!), now available with 12mg of nicotine.


Inhale AK-47 Hookah

New AK47 “Gun” Hookah

Lock n’ Load! It’s about time to get fired up. We have a new hookah that we are unveiling to our faithful Hookahlove blog followers: The Inhale AK-47 Hookah!

inhale ak47 hookah

This masterpiece of a hookah almost perfectly resembles an actual AK-47, so you’ll want to set your sights on this one. It’s available in either a black or a chrome finish. It sits at about 34” in high from the bottom of the base to the top of the bowl. The guys from MOB hookah hit their mark and did a bang up job putting together the AK-47, they really hit the bullseye. We have a limited stock of these hookahs, so put this hookah in your cross hairs and pull the trigger!


Late Night Hookah Fails

We’ve all been there before. It’s late, perhaps you’ve just returned home from a night out with friends, and you decide that you absolutely have to load up the hookah and have a smoke before bed. But beware, for this is a treacherous path you have chosen. If you’re not careful you might end up making one of these late-night hookah mistakes.

1) The Lazy Bowl Load

If you are a seasoned hookah smoker, then you most likely know how to load a bowl the correct way, but when it’s late…oh man…those techniques tend to get thrown out the window. If you want your late-night smoke to be a successful one, focus on the task at hand and don’t take the easy way out by jamming a fistful of shisha haphazardly into your hookah bowl. Punching is not an adequate packing method.

2) The Lazy Foil Poke

This goes hand in hand with #1. It can be hard poking all of those little holes the right way when you are seeing three bowls at once and are somewhat…unsteady…on your feet. It’s worth the extra time! Absolutely no using knives, car keys, or cell phone chargers to make some janky foil holes. Grab the Sahara Smoke Foil Puncher for a one-step poking method!

3) Load Your Ex’s Favorite Flavor, and Cry

crying shishaThey were the one. Or at least the one who would always smoke hookah with you. You never even liked the taste of Romman Chocolate Mint. You swore you’d never smoke that flavor ever again, but one night…in a moment of weakness…you go to text them…but NO! You stopped yourself. You load a hookah instead, and you don’t even notice that you load a bowl of chocolate mint without realizing it. And then the weeping starts. Plan ahead, friends. Just delete that number and throw that flavor away!

4) Put Coals on the Burner and Leave Them Too Long

forgotten hookah coalsI know that you simply cannot step away from that Reddit thread about ‘real life ghost stories’, but you should set a timer so those hookah coals aren’t just a block of ash. But seriously some of those stories are so scary.

5) Using Quick-lite Coals

disgusted photo:  gross1_zps534a7a6c.gif

Of course, these are great in a pinch. But being too tired to actually heat and use Natural Hookah Charcoal is always a mistake. If you’re too tired to use the better option, it’s time to call it a night.

6) Passing out after setting hookah up but before smoking

You get home from the club and you’re amped! You’re still pulsating from the dance music and it’s too early to stop! You do a little dance in the kitchen while you put water in the base, you get that shisha packed just right, and you go to find a foil poker. You get distracted by your cute cat, and you stop to give him a scratch, and you lay next to him real quick, and you wake up to the sun streaming in through the windows. You’re late for work, man. Better take a shower and clean up that half-assembled hookah you left in the kitchen!

7) Drop Your Shisha

It’s 3am and no stores are open. You have just enough shisha left to pack one more magical bowl. Your vision may be a bit blurry from imbibing a few adult spirits. And boom. Your shisha hits the floor. Here’s the question: how clean is your floor?

8) Dropping a hot coal on the floor and trying to pick it up with your bare hands.

The hookah is set up and ready to go. You made some friends this weekend, and you’re ready to impress them with your sweet hookah skills. You’re talking, and laughing and the really cute girl says something that you want her to think is hilarious. Unfortunately at that moment, you drop the hot coal you had in your hookah tongs, but you’re laughing and you don’t want to lose the flow so you just bend down and pick that coal right up. And laughter turns to screaming. Luckily she’s a nurse and she helps you bandage that horrific blister.


How To Build A Custom Hookah

In the past, was your one stop hookah shop. Nothing has changed, but we want to continue to expand and provide you with your ideal hookah, even if we don’t have the exact pipe that you want. Now you can build your very own hookah! We start with the stems, and you choose what base, hose, and bowl you’d like to add. So far, we have only made the Nammor stems available in our custom hookah creation, but that category is sure to expand! Watch our quick tutorial video to see how you can make your very own Nammor hookah. Enjoy!


Step by step instruction to design your own hookah:

1) Pick your favorite hookah stem from our hookah stem accessories category.

2) Select the base, bowl, hose, and bowl grommet of your choice from the drop down menus on the right side of the stem picture.

3) Make sure you have the correctly corresponding bowl grommet option. If you already have a bowl at home that you want to use, double check with grommet is the correct fit. For the Vortex bowls available on the drop down, you will need to select a Mod Grommet.

custom hookah options