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Texas Independence Day Hookah Sale

Texas Independance Day Hookah Sale

Here at we love to find a reason to have a sale. We are based in Austin, Texas and seeing as how today is Texas Independance Day (a holiday celebrating the founding of The Republic of Texas in 1836) we decided to throw together a week long sale on some great hookahs, shisha flavors, and accessories. All of the prices listed below are valid through 3/9/2015.  If you are a Tangiers Cane Mint fan, there are a few special deals included just for you! Enjoy!

Tangiers Birquq Cane Mint
Tangiers Noir Cane Mint
Regal Pine Melech Stem
Medwakh Coals
Coco Buzz Coals
Coco Buzz 2.0 Coals
Inside Fitting Mouthtips
Soguk Ice Hose Tip
Fantasia E-Bowl
Mya Econo Gyro Hookahs
Mya Econogon Hookahs
Mya Mikro Hookah

How To Make Your Shisha Last Longer

Waste not, want not. The exact source of this famous idiom is unclear, but the meaning of the phrase should ring true with many hookah smokers. If you use your hookah supplies, shisha in this specific case, wisely, then you won’t run out as often and will be able to smoke a tasty bowl of shisha as often as you like. In this guide we are going to go over some simple steps you can take to ensure that you use your shisha efficiently and avoid wasteful habits in the process.

Proper Shisha Storage

The most common cause of shisha waste is likely improper storage. When stored properly, good quality shisha does not have a specific expiration date. It can sit for months and months and still provide a good quality smoke. The most important things to remember are that, in almost all cases, exposure to light, heat, and air can accelerate the degradation of your shisha.

Certain shishas, like Tangiers, enjoy a bit of air from time to time, but with almost all other brands we recommend storing your shisha in air-tight containers and that you store those containers at room temperature and away from light. A cabinet or drawer works perfect for this. Keep your shisha stored correctly, and you will find yourself never throwing away old, dry shisha.

Shisha Storage

Smart Solo Smoking

When you are smoking with a large group of people feel free to load that Harmony or Vortex bowl full to the top, add 3 coals, let her rip, and pass that hose around. Chances are that you and your friends are going to smoke that bowl until it’s bone dry and all the flavor is gone.

If, however, you are planning a solo smoke session while watching a movie, working on a project, or just lounging on a lazy Saturday afternoon, take a second and think about how much you are actually going to smoke. In a situation like this, it’s probably best to consider a more shallow bowl, which holds less shisha but still smokes great.

Conservation Bowls

Use of shallow, or narrower, hookah bowls when smoking by yourself, or when smoking a quick bowl with friends, allows you to get great taste & cloud size while also conserving the amount of shisha you use. Underpacking a normal sized bowl is an option, but the distance from your coals to the shisha provide a less than optimal experience.

We recommend picking up an Alien Mini Phunnel bowl if you are into the Phunnel style or a Small Mya Bowl for a more traditional holes-on-the-bottom Egyptian style bowl. Each of these will allow you to have a regular smoke session while using less shisha.

Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl

Smart Coal Usage

Everyone loves blowing some monster clouds during their sessions, but these clouds come from adding extra heat to your bowl and that in turn can lead to more shisha being consumed during a normal smoke session. Next time you smoke, try using 2 coals instead of 3, or 3 half coals instead of 2 whole coals.

If you are patient and allow an extra minute or two for the bowl to heat up, and stagger your puffs by a few more seconds each time, you can often get better results than you would by blasting your shisha with a ton of heat for the whole session. Check out this short video on how to break natural coals in half for more info. Please be very careful when attempting this.

Use Technology

Our final shisha conservation tip is to just use the most modern technology we’ve got to get more efficient sessions. The new Kaloud Samsaris bowl is specifically designed to use less shisha than a traditional bowl, while also delivering longer than average sessions when paired with the Kaloud Lotus. Check out this awesome video of the founder of Kaloud showing you how he gets 2+ hour sessions with just a few pinches of shisha and a rotation of 1-2 coals.


Free Starbuzz Coffee Mugs

Starbuzz Coffee Mugs

Want to get a free Starbuzz coffee mug with your next order? All you need to do is use the coupon code below at checkout and the mug will automatically be added to your cart, free of charge. These awesome mugs are ceramic and feature the Starbuzz logo on one side and the phrase “I heart Starbuzz” on the other side. Show off your Starbuzz love at home, at the office, or anywhere a warm beverage is required. Don’t slack on this offer as our supplies are limited and once they are gone, they are gone.

Coupon Code: FreeSBMug


Free Hydro E-Liquid Samples

Hydro Samples Banner

Hydro has graciously provided us with a sampling of their excellent E-Liquid flavors to send out to our fine, fine customers free of charge. If you have never tried any of Hydro’s 20 excellent e-liquid flavors then this is just the offer for you. Each sample will consist of a 15ml bottle of a randomly selected flavor.

All of Hydro’s flavors are 100% nicotine-free and are made from a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. To get your free sample just use the code below at checkout when you place your next order. There is no order minimum, but the code cannot but used unless there is something in your cart and this code cannot be used in combination with any other coupon codes. Valid while supplies last. Enjoy!

Coupon Code: FreeHydroLiquid


3 New Social Smoke Flavors – Cali Peach, Artic Lemon, & Golden Delicious Apple

3 New Social Smoke Flavors Banner

The three newest flavors from Social Smoke have arrived! We’ve got Arctic Lemon, Golden Delicious Apple, and Cali Peach in 100g, 250g, and 1000g sizes. Read on for some brief first impressions of these three awesome new hookah flavors.

Arctic Lemon

Arctic Lemon is a great minty lemon flavor. Social Smoke is known mostly for it’s flagship mint flavor Absolute Zero (one of our top 10 shisha flavors of all time!) so you know that their mint mixes are going to be awesome. Arctic Lemon is no exception and should be tried by anyone who loves icy mint flavors or citrus mixes.

Golden Delicious Apple

This flavor smells AWESOME right out of the packaging. The hookah world is sorely lacking in tasty, true apple flavors. Golden Delicious Apple is sweet and flavorful and should be tried out by anyone who digs true apple flavors.

Cali Peach

Cali Peach has an earthy peach smell and smokes great. Tasty, but not overpowering, peach flavor abounds. We really enjoyed this one.

You can find all of these new flavors, and 70+ other social smoke classics, at the links below.

Social Smoke Shisha 100g

Social Smoke Shisha 250g

Social Smoke Shisha 1000g


24 Hour Sale: $5 Off Any Order Over $25

5 Dollar Coupon Banner

Save $5 on any order over $25 for the next 24 hours at Simply use the coupon code “5Off25″ at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied. This code is good on all items on the site, already on-sale items included. Just make sure your cart total is $25 before shipping is calculated, and you are all set. Don’t sleep on this offer, the code expires at Midnight CST on 2/10. Enjoy!

Coupon Code: 5Off25

Not interested in saving $5? Check out these 9 other coupon codes we recently added.


Hookah Freebies & Discount Codes

Coupon Code Survivor Banner

Everyone loves a good deal, right? We definitely think so, and here at we are determined to give you the best hookah deals and coupons in the world. With that in mind we have created a new weekly series called Coupon Code Survivor.

The concept is simple, every week a new coupon code is introduced and will replace a code from the previous week. Which code gets replaced? Well that’s all up to you. We will remove the code which is used least often in the previous week. So the more people who use a code, the longer it will survive. Each new code will start life off at the bottom of the rankings. Will it make the cut, or will it be replaced next week? It’s all in your hands.

Check back every Monday for a new code. Enjoy!

New Coupon Code for 3/2 – 3/9

Free Starbuzz Simply Mint Nicotine-Free Hookah Pen

Use code: SimplyMintPen

Valid on any size order

Starbuzz Simply Mint Hookah Pen

Coupon Code Survivor Rankings

Code #1

Free Heba Diffuser Combo Pack (Includes both large & small sizes)

Use Coupon Code: FreeHeba

Valid on orders over $25

Heba Diffuser Combo Pack

Code #2

Free Red Wrapped Nammor Hose

Use Coupon Code: FreeWrapped

Valid on orders over $75

Red Wrapped Nammor Hookah Hose

Code #3

Free 108 Piece Box of CocoBuzz Coals

Use code: FreeBuzz108

Valid on orders over $50

Coco Buzz Coal 108 Piece Box

Code #4

Free Black NuHose

Use Coupon Code: FreeNuhose

Valid on orders of any size

Black NuHose Hookah Hose

Code #5

Free Box of Exotica Coco Coals (100 pieces)

Use Coupon Code: FreeExotica

Valid on orders over $50

Exotica Coco Hookah Coals

Code #6

Free 100 Pack Of Glow-In-The-Dark Mouthtips

Use code: FreeGlow100

Valid on orders over $25

Glow In The Dark Mouthtips

Code #7

Free Deezer Pre-Punched Hookah Foil (100 Pack)

Use Coupon Code: FreeFoil

Valid on orders over $25

Deezer Pre-Punched Hookah Foil

Code #8

Free Metal Bowl Cover Windcover

Use Coupon Code: FreeCover

Valid on orders over $25

Metal Bowl Top Windcover

Code #9

Free Starbuzz Simply Mint Nicotine-Free Hookah Pen

Use code: SimplyMintPen

Valid on any size order

Starbuzz Simply Mint Hookah Pen

Last Chance For This Departing Code

Free Bottle of Smoke Skreen Filtration Powder

Use Coupon Code: FreeSkreen

Valid on orders of any size

Expires 3/2/15

Smoke Skreen Hookah Filter Powder

How Our Coupon Codes Work

A quick note about how our coupon codes work: Only one coupon code may be used per order. When you type in your code during checkout, the free product will be added to your cart automatically and a discount for the price of that product will be taken out.

If you accidentally use more than one code – say, you add one code but then decide you want a different freebie instead – you may be charged for the other freebies. We don’t want that to happen; so be sure to remove any items that were added to your cart by the previous code if you decide to add a different one.

These codes are valid while supplies last. When supplies run low for popular codes, we will offer a new code with a similar product in its place.


Free Hookah Pen & E-Juice Samples

If you are the type of person who likes to try before they buy, then this is the deal for you. We are offering free samples of a handful of hookah pens and e juice flavors. Just use the codes below at checkout and the item you picked will be added to your cart automatically as well as a matching discount. Only one code can be used per order, and the code cannot be used with an empty cart. These codes will expire on February 28th, 2015. Enjoy!

Free Starbuzz Simply Mint Hookah Pen (0mg nicotine)

Use Coupon Code: SimplyMintPen

Starbuzz Simply Mint 0mg Hookah Pen

Free Starbuzz Queen Of Sex Hookah Pen (0mg nicotine)

Use Coupon Code: QueenPen

Starbuzz Simply Mint 0mg Hookah Pen

Free 15ml Fantasia Surfer E Juice (12mg nicotine)

Use Coupon Code: SurferJuice

Starbuzz Simply Mint 0mg Hookah Pen

Free 15ml Fantasia Rainbow Burst E Juice (12mg nicotine)

Use Coupon Code: RainbowJuice

Starbuzz Simply Mint 0mg Hookah Pen

Free 12ml Austin’s E-Cig Cafe Caramel E Juice  (8mg nicotine)

Use Coupon Code: CaramelJuice

(note: image shows 10ml bottle, you will receive 12ml bottle)

Starbuzz Simply Mint 0mg Hookah Pen

Fantasia Celebrity Shisha Flavors

Fantasia has just released their new line of celebrity flavors and is the place to find all 6 of them. These collaborative flavors join Fantasia’s excellent shisha recipes with stars from a variety of industries to create 6 awesome new flavors which should be tried by all hookah smokers. We have these new flavors in shisha form, as hookah pens, and also as e juice for use with your favorite vape device. Click the links below to check out more information about each flavor and enjoy!

Fantasia Madzilla Flavor (Madberry)

Fantasia Madzilla Celebrity Flavor
Flavor available as shisha, e juice, or hookah pens.

Fantasia Eric Bellinger Flavor (Cherry)

Fantasia Eric Bellinger Celebrity Flavor
Flavor available as shisha, e juice, or hookah pens.

Fantasia Charm Brittian Flavor (Tropical Orange)

Fantasia Charm Brittian Celebrity Flavor
Flavor available as shisha, e juice, or hookah pens.

Fantasia Mally Mall Flavor (Melon)

Fantasia Mally Mall Celebrity Flavor
Flavor available as shisha, e juice, or hookah pens.

Fantasia Massari Flavor (Grape Mint)

Fantasia Massari Celebrity Flavor
Flavor available as shisha, e juice, or hookah pens.

Fantasia Don Benjamin Flavor (Golden Double Apple)

Fantasia Don Benjamin Celebrity Flavor
Flavor available only as e juice, or hookah pens.

The Future Of Hookah

Future of Hookah Banner

The art of hookah has been around for centuries and over those centuries the art form has slowly evolved. At some point someone looked at a pipe made from wood and said, maybe this would last longer if it were made of brass? At some point someone made the first glass base, someone added flavoring to the tobacco for the first time, someone added more and more glycerin and honey so it produced more and more smoke, etc. The art form evolved, but it all moved very slowly.

Jump to modern times and the evolution of hookah has exploded. It seems like every week there are new hookah designs being unveiled, new types of bowls, different brands and types of shisha, new hoses, and so much more. The changes are coming fast and furious. That lead us to think, what will the future of hookah look like?

In this post we are going to showcase some of our predictions as well as the most advanced products which are available to us right now. Hold on to your butts, this is going to be a wild ride.

The Future Of Hookah Coal

While the consistency and commercial availability of hookah-specific charcoal products has gone through the roof in the last decade or so, the concept of hookah charcoal remains almost unchanged since the beginning of hookah. The coal heats the shisha, which produces vapor, which is passed through some water, and then inhaled. Nothing much has changed here.

In our vision of the future of hookah, charcoal isn’t so much changed as it is eliminated completely. In our minds, the future of hookah is to move beyond fickle charcoal to an electric heating element.

We definitely are not the first to think of this. The idea of an electric hookah “coal” has been attempted countless times before, and will continue to be tested until someone gets it right. On a purely theoretical level, it should work, right?

The problem lies in the constant fluctuations of heat that the charcoal gives off. When you are not smoking the hookah, the coal temperature cools down, which keeps the shisha from becoming burned. When you inhale, the coals are stoked and their temperature rises.

Electric Hookah Coal Plans

As anyone who has turbo-smoked a shisha bowl before can tell you, this can lead to some mighty harsh smoke and a nasty burned-shisha taste. Once the hookah scientists can figure out this aspect of the electric hookah coal, I think we will be able to say goodbye to carpet burns and coal ash for good.

The Best Of What’s Available Today

While no one has nailed the electric hookah coal, we have figured out how to regulate the heat given off by the coals, which leads to a more consistent and enjoyable smoke without the hassle of constant heat management. Your best bet for this is to pick up a Kaloud Lotus.

This ingenious little device houses your hookah coals and evenly distributes their heat across the top of your bowl. Imagine having one coal that is exactly the same size as the top of your bowl, and offers consistent heat across the entire surface area of the shisha. This is what you get from the Kaloud Lotus, and for under $50 it’s an investment well worth making.

Kaloud Lotus and Case

The Future Of Hookah Pipes and Hoses

As we mentioned in our intro, the hookah has changed a lot over the years. Originally made of wood, bamboo, coconut shells, etc., the hookah is now made from stainless steel, brass, and glass. The same evolution has happened with hookah hoses as well.

The original hoses weren’t even hoses, but rather long wooden or bamboo tubes which were attached directly to the base, or pot, of the hookah. The first evolution was from this to flexible leather hoses. In recent times we have moved to washable hoses made from plastics wrapped in leather and other materials.

Our vision of the future of hookahs and hookah hoses is a world in which flavor ghosting is completely eradicated. Imagine a hookah that never needs to be cleaned, or a hose which will never ghost a flavor.

To be honest, we are not really all that far off from this being a reality. In the not-too-distant future your hookah will be made from space grade materials which are completely impervious to odors and residues. You’ll smoke a bowl of your favorite flavor and once the smoke has cleared and you’ve changed the water, your hookah will be 100% free of any trace of what you just smoked. The same will be said of your hoses. Personally, we can’t wait.

Futuristic Hookah Design

The Best Of What’s Available Today

As we hinted at earlier, we aren’t too far off from this being a reality. The best we’ve got right now is 10x better than the best we had just 5 years ago. As far as hookahs go, the new Starbuzz USA Stems are made from very modern materials which eliminate nearly all flavor ghosting. You still need to clean out your base regularly, and you’ll want to run some water down your stem between sessions, but the Starbuzz USA stems are almost there.

Starbuzz Challenger USA Hookah Stem

As for hoses, the first washable hose (the Nammor hose) has only been around for the better part of a decade, so we are still in the infancy of this technology, but things are progressing very quickly. As of right now, aside from the classic Nammor hose, your best bet for a hose that minimizes ghosted flavors would probably be the D-Hose from Dream hookah. The medical grade tubing combined with its easily removed glass tip makes this hose easy to clean and your best bet.

Blue Dream Hookah Hose

The Future of Shisha

Advances in shisha production techniques have only come about in the past 15-20 years or so. Before that things progressed very very slowly. In modern times, as hookah has grown in popularity throughout the world, the number of available brands and flavors have gone through the roof.

In addition, modern shisha brands have added more and more glycerin to their mixes to make for bigger and bigger clouds. We’ve also seen the introduction of such traditional shisha alternatives as shisha steam stones, shisha gels, and even electronic bowls which substitute e juice and e liquid for the traditional tobacco based shisha blends.

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

The future of shisha is the hardest thing to predict. We don’t foresee a future where hookah smokers completely abandon traditional tobacco based shishas, but the so-called shisha alternatives will continue evolving and growing in popularity.

There are doomsday type scenarios in which the alternatives will gain ground even faster, such as tobacco production shortages, governmental regulations or bans, and other such nightmares. If left purely in the hands of the worlds hookah smokers though, we do not see traditional shisha changing much (other than the evolution towards better, brighter flavors, in smoother smoking mixes) but there will be a huge increase in the number of alternatives made available.

Beamer Shisha Gel

At the end of the day, if someone can replicate the exact experience of a tobacco based shisha in a way which is cheaper, easier to use, and more consistent, then this may change, but until then we predict that shisha tobacco will remain a staple of the hookah world.

The Best Of What’s Available Today

If you are looking to move past shisha and into the future, we suggest taking a look at the Square E-Head. This electronic hookah bowl allows you to completely eliminate shisha tobacco while still maintaining the act of smoking hookah. The Square E-Head turns your hookah pipe into a giant vape, which allows you to use any brand of e juice or e liquid. It’s easy to use, tastes great, and comes pretty close to replicating the traditional shisha experience.

Blue Square E Head