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25 Apr

Haze Tobacco – Lavish Lavender SMOKEorPASS Flavor Review

The Lavish Life Of Lavender

Have you ever tasted Lavender by itself? That was the first question raised here at the warehouse before our first session with the newest member of the Haze flavor line up. You may have smelled the floral scents used before in baking, air fresheners, drinks and many other items. The taste of straight lavender can produce subtle sweet notes or slight bitter tones with a floral aroma, and it can be a real hit or miss component if it isn’t used correctly. We’ve blasted through a few bowls of this flavor, and we’ll go ahead and say that Haze knows how to use Lavender.

It’s doubtful that there’s a large market for a straight lavender shisha flavor, but this is Haze Tobacco we’re talking about so you know it’s going to have some unique characteristic. Upon opening this lavish “stackable” tin, the aroma of vanilla cream and floral notes fill the air followed by some large grins on our faces. As the can gets passed around we dig deeper into what really makes this lavish lavender so…..LAVISH!

This Flavor May Cause Hose Hogging Tendencies

When a new flavor comes into the warehouse I (SMOKEorPASS) usually have the first bowl buring, and I pass it around the warehouse so everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately for me this flavor was calling upon another hookah smoker for its preparation, and I would have to wait for the second or third rotation to even taste the blend.* I didn’t cry, but I felt the water works start to begin* Our photographer is over the top in love with lavender and has had his eye on the flavor since we heard about it’s upcoming arrival. Once I saw how happy he was to smoke this blend I couldn’t take that moment away from him so I waited patiently for my turn.

Upon entering the floral dusted room I could only ask one question, “Soooo how is it?” and I was met with a big smile followed by an exhale of smoke. The flavor was described as a delicious mellow floral smoke with a slightly sweetened mint cream finish, and that’s  exactly what I was getting on my first few puffs. The bowl was prepared using a Shika Oblivion Bowl with a slight under pack, and 3 Echocha cube coals on top. We’ve covered the basics on Haze Tobacco a few times in the past and one thing to remember is that their tobacco can take a lot of heat. If you feel you aren’t getting the most flavor from your sessions with Haze tobacco, increase the heat and/or use a little more shisha. Check out the Haze overpack tutorial video at the bottom.

I had a chance to smoke this blend by myself over the weekend and I liked it even more than the first time. The high heat craving tobacco handles multiple coal rotations, but applying too much heat early in the session will cause the floral tones to overpower the mint with creme flavor. I found myself opening and closing my lotus lid throughout my session bouncing between the mint and floral flavor, it almost felt as if I prepared two bowls.

Survey Says….

It’s great and if you like floral/mint/creamy flavors or any shisha blends that require investigation, this is the flavor you need on your next pick up. My last few sessions have included this flavor but I enjoy mixing in some other flavor profiles like lemon, rose, and sometimes orange. This could be that hidden component to a stellar mix, and I’ll be eager to try any suggestions tossed my way. I’ve enjoyed light lavender notes in shisha before but this new haze blend really satisfies my taste buds, and I would love to hear what you think about this flavor so drop a comment below.


Happy Smoking.

Mastering The Haze Overpack With Fletcher Knoxville

19 Apr

New Accessory: Silicone Hookah Diffuser

Typical hookah diffusers will fit on most downstems, but not all of them. Many Shika Hookahs, for example, have bulb shaped downstems that make putting your average plastic hookah diffuser a big hassle. We’ve heard of many Macgyver stories that involve the classic heba diffuser with a sharp knife, and possibly a pot of boiling water. But those days are over because we’re working with silicone, and now even the largest hookah downstem can reap the benefits of a smooth and whisper quiet smoke session. The Beamer Silicone Hookah Diffuser uses durable and elastic silicone that will stretch to fit on the end of any hookah downstem.

Hookah diffusers are a wonderful innovation for the hookah enthusiast searching for a smoother, quieter smoking experience. A typical hookah set-up, without a diffuser, features a downstem with a single opening at the bottom; as smoke and air flows through the downstem it has only one hole to exit and therefore comes into the water of the base as large bubbles that produce a great deal of noise. In some cases depending on the gauge of the downstem and preparation of the hookah, large bubbles can be produced that make the entire set-up vibrate. This can cause unwanted movement from your hookah, and potentially move the hot charcoal atop of your bowl.

Diffusers work by taking that single opening at the bottom of the downstem and adding dozens of smaller holes, which filter the bubbles moving into the base making them significantly smaller. The smaller bubbles create far less of that rumble noise, and greatly reduce any vibration they may cause. Diffusers also improve the smoothness of each and every pull thanks to the increased number of holes and the filtration of the bubbles.

15 Apr

Exclusive Birthday Shisha from Tangiers: Guajava Kiss

We’re celebrating our 16th birthday, and to help make the party even sweeter our good friends at Tangiers Tobacco have made a special flavor of shisha just for the occasion! After tearing off the bow and ripping off the wrapping paper we discovered that this special shisha is called Guajava Kiss, and with one smell after opening the package we were in love. At first our shisha present smelled distinctly of the citrus-esque guava fruit, but there was something else we couldn’t quite pinpoint. As we sat around tossing out ideas of what this mystery aspect of the birthday flavor could be, one of our coworkers came in and dropped the knowledge bomb that it was clove. At first we second guessed him but upon smelling and smoking it again the sweet spice notes of clove were revealed.

To make this birthday celebration great, we’ll be sharing Tangiers’ present to us with all of you! Starting today you can use the code BDAYSHISHA on any order over $125 to have a 250g package of this amazing Guajava Kiss birthday flavor added to your order. Also, starting Monday, keep an eye out on our social media accounts for chances to win a free package of the birthday flavor! For all you Tangiers enthusiasts out there, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this Guajava Kiss as it is a limited edition Tangiers flavor with specialized packaging in honor of our birthday!

Coupon Code : BDAYSHISHA

01 Apr

Instant Shisha Delivery Button

We’re always excited to present new products to the market, but we rarely get to show off what we create because it’s mostly top secret. Well today we are releasing a project that has been in development for over two years, and it will revolutionize the way you order your hookah supplies. We proudly present the Instant Shisha Delivery Button, designed here in the US with space grade technology and superior quality checks.

25 Mar

Pure Tobacco FML RED Shisha Review

A powerful new opponent in the battles of mint has arrived in our warehouse, and we’re excited to present it to you. This new flavor comes from the lovely people over at Pure Tobacco, and anytime we talk about Pure the question must be raised have you tried FML? It’s by far one of their most popular flavor, and the office poll has yielded nothing but high regards to their bone chilling mint. But what if you wanted that powerful cooling sensation with the use of another mint flavor profile. Well you could obviously mix it with another flavor and see what happens, but that’s not as cool as smoking a brand new flavor, right?

red fml pure


Does the flavor profile contain cinnamon? Nope. Will it taste like cherries, apples, or a fire hydrant? (we ran out of red objects) The answer to that question is still a no, but what’s red and white all over with a mint flavor profile? Exactly, peaches no wait Candy Canes!

Candy Cane with so much more

FML red will allow you to experience peppermint in a new level of strength, without any harsh sharp edges or weak flavor strength. We were slightly hesitant on the first inhale of this new flavor, primarily because of the tears that were still on the ground from our IT guy that couldn’t handle regular FML*. RIP. The first inhale hit like a drunk mule with 40 candy canes on each leg, and the follow inhales afterwards were taken with caution until it felt right. There is a sweetness that comes with this flavor on the exhale, but it’s not sweet enough for us to only call it a sweet candy cane flavor. The ghost of the original FML (FML Green) still lingers within FML red, and it helps make this flavor standout from the rest.

*notice the tears on the ground in the photo below*

How Did We Get Down With FML RED

fml red shika farouk

 For this minty occasion we decided to use the Shika Farouk hookah, with an unglazed Shika Sandstorm bowl and a green aluminum D-hose. It is widely believe that tall hookahs reduce the amount of coolness within your smoke, and that might be a myth busters topic that you’ll see in a video shortly. To heat our bowl we used 3 Titanium cube shaped hookah charcoal, and after a couple of inhales we became acclimated to flavor the strength of mint. The coolness factor reached its ultimate cooling point at around the 20 minute mark, and performed very well at holding that flavor strength for an hour before tapering off. The shisha aroma will still make your eyes water, but don’t be scared to toss it in your next bowl. We prefer fluff to semi dense pack methods with this tobacco, but as always play around with it and find the packing method for you.

Don’t just smoke it, mix it!

After a few session with this flavor our minds immediately go to mixability, and this flavor can be used with many different flavor profiles. If you’re a fan of sweet and creamy peppermint, try adding coconut or vanilla flavors to your mix. Give it a citrus/sweeter tone with bright fruit notes, or you can mix both version of FML and see how long you can last.

Think you’ve got a great mix with this flavor or you want to talk more about this flavor, just leave us a comment below.

Happy Smoking.

22 Mar

5 Things NOT To Do With Natural Coconut Hookah Coals

Natural coconut hookah charcoals are the go-to for most every serious hookah smoker around the world. They impart very little flavor on your bowl, burn at a consistent heat, and offer the best hookah sessions around. It might seem like coconut coals can do no wrong, but we’ve pulled together a list of 5 things that you should definitely NOT do with your natural coals.

Do NOT Use Coconut Coals In Place Of Real Coconut When Cooking

grating coconut coals

If your recipe calls for shaved coconut and you are all out, what do you do? Buy some more of course! Or, you could try substituting delicious, carbon-tastic natural coconut coals! Or…you could not. Yeah, that sounds a lot better. That coconut shrimp recipe can wait, better just smoke hookah instead.

Do NOT Attempt To Drink Coconut Coal Water

coconut coal water

Coconut water is all the rage these days. Experts say that drinking coconut water has numerous health benefits in addition to it’s great refreshing taste. As good as coconut water is for you, we do not recommend attempting to make your own coconut coal water. Everyone knows to never get your coals wet! We think we’ll stick to the original stuff ourselves and we’ll save the coconut coals for our next bowl of hookah.

Do NOT Moisturize Your Skin With Coconut Coal Lotion

coconut coal lotion

If your recipe calls for shaved coconuts and you are all out, what do you do? Buy some more of course! Or, you could try substituting delicious, carbon-tastic natural coconut coals. Or…you could not. Yeah, that sounds a lot better. That coconut shrimp recipe can wait, better just smoke hookah instead.

Do NOT Serve A Delicious Tropical Drink In A Coconut Coal

coconut coal drink

You’re laying on a tropical beach somewhere living the good life. A waiter in a crisp, bright, white uniform comes towards you carrying a tray. He asks what you would like to drink as your gaze falls upon another beach-goer enjoying a delicious beverage being served in a coconut shell. You go to order one of the same, but briefly think “What if I asked for this drink to be served in a hollowed out coconut coal, instead of the coconut itself”? As the waves lap gently at the shore and the waiter eagerly anticipates your choice of beverage you give it just a bit more thought and then think “Wait, I’m a total idiot. That would be terrible. What a tiny little vessel for a drink, and I bet it would taste just terrible too! What a bad idea that was”! Then you order a normal drink and chuckle at the absurdity of it all.

Do NOT Use Coconut Coals In Place Of Marshmallows In Hot Chocolate

coconut coal in hot chocolate

The snowstorm rages outside of your window and the kettle boils away on the stovetop. Your insides are cold, but you know it won’t be long before that delicious hot chocolate is warming your insides. As the kettle whistle rings out, you turn off the flame on the stove, fill a mug with boiling hot water and add your hot chocolate mix. While you stir it up and enjoy the smell, you remember the most important part – the marshmallows! You open the pantry and as you reach for the bag of marshmallows you notice a box of natural coconut coals sitting there. They are about the same size you think, and I do love the taste of coconut. Do I dare? Could this change my life for the better? Nope, that’s really dumb. Marshmallows taste good. You shake your head at the absurdity of it all, grab the marshmallows and make a mental note to smoke some Cane Mint later that evening. Crisis averted.

Save 15-20% On All Hookah Coals Right Now

09 Mar

Hookah in the 21st Century: The Rise of Silicone

As we move further into the 21st century, technology and consumer goods are constantly improving. The hookah industry continues to produce cool new products that introduce innovative new designs that make our favorite pastime simpler and more enjoyable than ever before. One such innovation in the industry has been the rise of silicone for hookah bowls and hoses.


Silicone Hookah Hoses

When it comes to health, silicone is very resistant to bacteria, it’s easy to sterilize, does not react with other materials, and will not irritate the body in any way. The medical grade silicone used in the vast majority of silicone hookah hoses is 100 percent washable. Simply rinse it out with water after every smoke session and never again worry about a strong shisha flavors ruining the next session. Silicone makes hookah hoses incredibly durable, which means they are a very solid long-term investment. The silicone can withstand extreme heat, it can bend any which way, and more, and still retain its shape and quality.

Three silicone hookah hoses you should know about:

The D-Hose Hybrid Edition 2.0

The D-Hose 2.0 Silicone Hose measures 6 feet (72″) long, giving you the reach you need when smoking with a group. Not only does this hose feature an awesome aluminum handle, the handle sports a silicone wrap that gives you a super strong grip on the hose.

Aluminum Dream Hose

The elongated aluminum handle on the Aluminum Dream Hookah Hose gives this silicone hose a greater reach and more for the user to grip! Measuring 76″ long, this lengthy silicone hose is a great addition to any hookah set-up.

The Mya Silicone Hookah Hose

The surgical grade silicone used in the Mya Silicone Hose, as well as in most silicone hoses, can withstand temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. This silicone hose measures 6 feet (72″) long and features an anodized aluminum handle, which makes it scratch proof and ensures that it will never rust!

Silicone Hookah Bowls

Many of the qualities that make silicone hookah hoses great also apply to silicone hookah bowls. These bowls combine silicone’s durability and excellent handling of heat to make some of the best hookah bowls on the market. These bowls are darn near impossible to break, you can literally throw solid silicone hookah bowls against the ground and all that will happen is they’ll bounce – maybe even hit you in the face if you don’t watch out! A silicone hookah bowl is another great long-term investment. When using silicone bowls you normally don’t need to use a grommet to get the bowl on your hookah. These bowls are easy to clean out, and easy to handle when in use.

Silicone doesn’t conduct heat well at all, making these bowls quick and easy to handle when in use. No more scorching your fingers when you need to move the bowl around! The poor heat conductivity also means you can use fewer natural hookah charcoals to achieve the same heat levels to cook your shisha tobacco.

Three silicone hookah bowls you should know about:

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Silicone Hookah Bowl

This revolutionary product combines the durable and heat management qualities of silicone with an ultra durable glass component. The glass helps with the heat retention issues inherent with silicone bowls, the glass heats up and helps evenly cook the shisha. The slits in the silicone reveal the sides of the glass insert, which help maintain a great heat level in the bowl by expelling heat if the glass gets too hot. The Kaloud Vitria Bowl is designed to work perfectly with the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System. You can pack the Vitria Bowl with 20-30g of shisha tobacco depending on the brand and packing method.

The Starbuzz Phunnel Silicone Bowl

The Starbuzz Phunnel Bowl combines the superior design of funnel hookah bowls with the unbreakable nature of silicone hookah bowls. This amazing bowl can hold 15-20g of shisha, and will never break. It’s easily washable, and you’ll never need a grommet for it!

Pharaoh’s Hydra Hookah Bowl

The Hydra Hookah Bowl combines high quality silicone with ceramic clay inserts that give users the ability to switch between Egyptian style, Funnel, and Vortex style hookah bowls with relative ease. The inserts themselves will heat up like any normal clay hookah bowl, but the silicone sleeve makes this bowl easy to handle when in use. There is also a glow-in-the-dark version. The Hydra comes with medium sized inserts  that can hold 18-25g of shisha, and large size options available that hold 20-30g.

Silicone Fun Facts

  • A popular material in aviation and aerospace, construction, electronics, and health care, silicone is highly valued for its versatility. When uncured silicone rubber is a highly-adhesive gel, this gel needs to be cured, vulcanized, or catalyzed to be transformed into the solid form we know and love in our hookah products.

  • Silicone rubber is resistant to extreme temperatures, -148 degrees – 572 degrees Fahrenheit. We hope you aren’t smoking in such extreme conditions, but feel confident that silicone hookah products will be able to rise to the occasion. Many of silicone’s properties, like tear strength, elongation, fire resistance, and thermal conductivity, are far superior to organic rubbers at extreme temperatures.

  • In 2007 it was discovered that silicone rubber is capable of “self-healing,” meaning it’s capable of recovering almost all of its original tear strength. It also showed incredible fatigue properties over the life of the products.

Let us know what you think about silicone hookah products! How have silicone bowls and hoses changed your set-up? Which are your favorite silicone accessories? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Happy smoking!

08 Mar

Shisha Madness 2016

We have a Shisha Madness winner!

Congratulations Fumari White Gummi Bear

White Gummi Bear had a long road to the championship but cruised to victory in all but it’s last two match-ups. White Gummi Bear had a slight win over Tangiers Kashmir Peach in the Fourth Round, and a last minute one vote victory in the Final Four over Fumari Spiced Chai. Fumari White Gummi Bear’s victory is well earned and we commend them on a well earned championship!

In honor of its victory, Fumari White Gummi Bear will be 15% off through Monday, April 4 and all the flavors that have been discounted through Shisha Madness victories will also remain on sale through the end of Monday!

If you have been selected to win a package of one of our Final Four shisha flavors, you will be contacted on Monday.

We want to thank all of you who voted and participated in Shisha Madness! We enjoyed seeing just how much you love hookah and shisha, and how loyal you are to the brands you love!

As always, happy smoking!

04 Mar

Introducing the Hydra Hookah Bowl – We also made a video, it’s at the bottom!

Introducing the all-new Hydra Hookah Bowl! This amazing and innovative device is one of the world’s first 3-in-1 hookah bowls ever created and, quite simply, this bowl is amazing. The Hydra Bowl will come with 3 different bowl inserts that will allow the bowl style to vary based the shisha being used or based on your desired airflow – it’s all fair game! The bowl measures about 5″ tall, and it can be used with any hookah.

The 3 Hydra bowl unglazed clay inserts include a traditional Egyptian style bowl, featuring 6 air pathways on the underside. The Vortex bowl insert provides a capped central spire with a 4-way air passage, providing a very evenly cooked session. The third and final bowl insert is one of our favorites – the phunnel bowl insert. This insert is crafted for the juicer shisha tobaccos out there; the single center spire prevents any juices from leaking into your hookah stem.

The clay inserts are extremely easy to use, simply slide the hookah insert of your choice into the interior of the silicone bowl sleeve and it’s hookah time! From there, the bowls should be packed according to the respective bowl design chosen. When you’re using the standard inserts that arrive with the Hydra bowl, we recommend tin foil as your heat management device. The Kaloud Lotus can be used with the large clay inserts because they rest on the top of the bowl, and have a diameter larger than 3″.

The silicone used to create the Hydra Bowl is high quality and does not retain heat, making for an easy on-and-off your hookah in the event that coals need to be swapped out or you just want to re-adjust the bowl on top of the hookah without the imminent risk of burning off your fingers. There is also no need for a hookah bowl grommet when using the Hydra bowl, as the silicone material provides a snug fit atop any hookah setup.

Already Sold? Pick up the Hydra Bowl Here!

But wait…. THAT’S NOT ALL

The Hydra bowl also offers a sleek glow in the dark option for their revolutionary new hookah bowl, which is sure to add a bit of extra flair to any hookah session. Glow in the dark hookah bowls make great party bowls and provide an added bit of flash to any hookah. This awesome spectacle shows off the Pharaoh’s logo adornments that run along all 4 sides of the silicone sleeve. And not to mention, during the daytime, your Hydra bowl will be a simple white version of the bowl.

With these two color options (and hopefully more to come!), the Pharaoh’s Hydra bowl provides plenty of variance for the hookah smoker who loves to mix it up from session to session.

Looking to use the Kaloud Lotus?

By default, the Hydra bowls come with 3 medium-sized inserts that can rock up to about 25 grams of shisha per session, and can give you a solid hour or more with the proper heat management. This setup is enough to satisfy the cravings of any hookah smoker. However, if you’re a “Go Big or Go Home” hookah smoker, you may need the large inserts. The large ceramic bowl inserts are slightly wider than the mediums with more depth, allowing for much more shisha storage in excess of 30 grams per bowl. The large ceramic insert will be the only way to use the Kaloud Lotus with the Hydra Bowl, as the ceramic plate rest on top of the bowl rather than inside. The silicone sleeve is very sturdy but is still able to stretch, allowing for the perfect fit from the medium or large bowl inserts.

Checkout The Hydra Bowl In Action

03 Mar

It’s a Regal World

Regal hookahs available at hookah-shisha

We’re just living in it (so keep it clean)

Born in the towering mountains of Colorado, the Regal Hookah team had a dream of combining the tradition of ancient hookah pipes with modern designs and environmentally friendly production. Now located in Southern California, Regal Hookah is dedicated to producing some of the highest quality hookahs on the market; using a local workforce and only the highest quality American materials, each and every Regal hookah is a work of art.

Regal Pine Prince Shaft

The Regal Hookah company came to be in Boulder, Colorado, a town nestled among a gorgeous landscape. The Regal team loves nature and is dedicated to running a business that keeps the environment in mind. In keeping with this goal, Regal makes their hookahs to last – the wood used in their hookahs comes from trees that were felled naturally, not cut down by man. The stainless-steel in each Regal will never varnish, and the aluminum they use will never rust. These are hookahs built to go the distance. While almost every manufacturing process on Earth produces waste, Regal is determined to dispose of theirs in a responsible manner – their metal fabricators recycle any excess aluminum and all the extra wood stain is reused in thinner.

Regal Black Hub

Regal Hookah started out using beetle-kill pine for the wood in their hookahs; these trees were, as the name suggests, killed by beetles. The wood features a unique and beautiful blue stain which comes from a fungus the beetles carry, and makes each Regal hookah unlike any other hookah in the world. Regal now also makes hookahs using redwood and walnut, offering customers a wider variety of beautiful hardwood hookahs. The wood on every Regal hookah is expertly sealed, stained, and sealed again to make certain the quality of the color and the wood will last a lifetime.

Regal Melech Hookah Redwood Anubis

Each Regal sports a solid stainless-steel downstem, one of the most popular materials for downstems in the hookah industry due to its durability and inability to retain smoke flavors. The rest of the metal on every Regal hookah is precisely cut using CNC lathe machines, which cut metal with incredible detail and accuracy – up to one ten-thousandth of an inch. Regal anodizes the metal on all their hookahs, this process gives the metal a classic look that prevents rust and produces no hazardous waste!

So if you’re looking for a high quality hookah, made with the best materials, artistically designed, and built with the well being of the environment in mind, then a Regal hookah sounds right for you!

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