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The Ultimate Guide To Shika Hookahs

29 Jul

Here at Hookah-Shisha we love new hookah products just like you, it keeps the wheels turning for forward innovation. The Shika collection of accessories is something that we have recently added to our selection of hookahs, and they have proved to be a serious contender in the Egyptian hookah market.

You may have seen the words “Shika Hookahs” in the past, because they have had a decent amount of time in the industry. Their past lineup from 3 years ago featured solid hookahs with a great amount of Syrian inspiration, models like the “Zoba” contained rose gold and silver with a narrow Syrian style body. In their collections they always had models that satisfied anyone looking for an Egyptian hookah, made from quality materials.

These past models made a name for Shika hookahs, as a soon to be contender against the popular Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Shika was offering about 10 hookahs during this time and after a while we stopped seeing them for a small amount of time. Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, Shika has come back with a vengeance and serious collection of hookah that brought a smile to every hookah enthusiasts face. This time time around we get to see a balanced blend of Turkish, Syrian, and Egyptian inspired hookahs, so let’s jump in!

Shika hookah


New Changes to the V3 Collection

The current lineup of Shika hookahs (Version 3) contains about 15 unique hookahs, with some minor tweaks and upgrades from their previous collection. All of the Shika hookahs are handcrafted in Cairo, Egypt, with a great amount of attention to detail resulting in high quality Egyptian hookahs. The majority of the Shika v3 collection is created with the use of heavy brass metals for a solid weight, and they do not cast or plate their shafts, giving you a long lasting hookah.

Brass materials are commonly used over other metals because of their anti-corrosive qualities, and they allow for more flexibility when it comes to crafting pieces. This materials is also more hygienic and it can survive the harshest weather conditions, making it the perfect type of metal to be use as an exterior of a hookah. When Shika decided to use these high quality brass metals, it opened a door of possibilities to utilize hand etched engravings throughout their hookah shafts.

Shika hookah

Hand Carved Details

The beautiful hand etched detail was a feature that we did not see too much of in the previous models, and it is now one of the main reason these hookahs have jumped up in the popularity polls. It takes roughly 3 weeks or more to complete a full Shika hookah, there are no rush jobs or partially finished products allowed to leave the warehouse. We haven’t seen a collection of hookahs arrive at our warehouse with this much handworked detail in quite some time, starting from the tray all the way do to the central hub.

Models like the Shika Genie feature an array of hand carved detail wrapped around the entire shaft, each indention is deep enough to display a great amount character in any light. One thing that should be noted about their carved designs is the uniformity that is present within each hookah, they do an outstanding job of keeping everything symmetrical.

The solid brass trays on models like the Genie, Hilal, and many more, display carved designs so exquisite that you could hang them on your wall. If you were to do this make sure you have some sturdy nails, because each tray weighs about the same as some of the hookahs (true fact), let it be known that Shika isn’t playing around this time.

Shika hookah

Creating Thunder Clouds With Shika

When it comes down to the important aspect of these hookahs like smoking, they don’t let anyone down. Their original lineup contained a few hookahs with copper downstems, but they have since moved on to all copper downstem for every model instead of a stainless steel material. Copper is more expensive than stainless steel, but in the long run it’s worth the cost to create a long lasting hookah shaft. The biostatic traits of copper prevent any buildup of bacteria, also it is extremely durable and will never falter to the effects of corrosion or high heat.

These precision made copper downstems contain a wide open gauge, resulting in a smooth inhale with minimal restriction. Most of the downstem utilize a bell end cap making it a little difficult to use a diffuser (if you’re crafty this won’t be hard) , but the solid weight of the hookah allows it to be sturdy no matter how hard you are ripping on it. Whether you use the equipped hose or a favorite from your collection, you’ll receive a smoke that doesn’t require too much effort for large clouds and still have the classic rumble.

Shika hookah

Shika Accessories

Shika had a focus on hookahs initially, and equipped every hookah with a standard egyptian bowl and basic hookah hose. It wasn’t too long after this before they took matters into their own hands, and came up with a full collection of accessories. Most of the industry has their eyes focused on phunnel style bowls, and that’s exactly where Shika started with a bowl simply titled, Oblivion.

This large phunnel style bowl comes in a variety of colors, ranging from brown to green with splashes of red and yellow in between. The Oblivion bowl has won the hearts of many hookah lovers with a wide open single air channel, and solid weight from high quality clay materials. You can even find this bowl in a unglazed finish (Sandstorm Bowl)  for that authentic feel, and they can be used with just about any style of hookah.

Shika hookah

Their hookah hoses may look like weapons to some people, but if you have big hands or just like large aesthetic with your hookah, then you’re in luck. These gargantuan size hoses are fully washable and they have a removeable mouthpiece, plus the large braided handle makes it easy to hold. The “mini” hookah models are equipped with a hose of a similar style, just a little more proportionate to the size of the hookah.

The accessories don’t stop there, as they also have added wind covers and tongs to their arsenal. They have classic stainless steel wind covers that look perfect atop any hookah, and for the people that like exquisite items check out their Oxidize Crown wind cover. This eye catching windcover features the same oxidized color from the Sorya Beast, with a bold display of brilliant gold that looks like a million bucks on any of the larger Shika stems.

We are excited to see what the future has in store for the Shika Team, and as more models roll out, you know where to find them ……right here.

7 Bad Habits Of The Average Hookah Smoker

27 Jul

Hookah smoking is a delightful pastime but there is a definite learning curve when you first start. As a result of that learning curve, the average hookah smoker can develop some bad hookah habits. In this post we will shed some light on these bad habits and help you overcome them on your journey towards complete hookah mastery.

Dangerous Coal Transportation

Proper Transport Of Hookah Coals

Handling hot coals is no joke. Anyone who has ever dropped a lit coal on their carpet, or burned themselves on one, knows this to be true. That’s why dangerous coal transportation is the #1 bad hookah habit that we want everyone to fix. You should NEVER move more than one lit coal at a time with tongs. You should ALWAYS use a coal holder for transporting more than one coal at a time, then carefully transfer the coals, one at a time, from the coal holder to your bowl. When you are using tongs, be sure to hold the coals with the tongs holding the top and bottom of the coals, not the sides. This prevents a lot of drops. Be safe when smoking and your sessions will never end with injury or damage to your home.

Dirty Base Water

Hookah Base Water

Newsflash – people are lazy, and that laziness can lead to some nasty hookah sessions and longterm damage to your hookah. In this case, we are speaking specifically about changing the water in the base of your hookah. There are so many reasons to change your base water between each session. Here are just a few. Old base water will impart the flavor of your last bowl on your current bowl. Old base water can grow mold, which, if inhaled, can be very, very bad for your health. If you leave the stem of your hookah in contact with water for extended periods of time it can rust, or develop mineral deposits. And finally, it’s just gross. Change your water between each session. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Lazy Bowl Loading

Loading a bowl of shisha is definitely more art than science. Different bowls and different shisha brands need to be packed in different ways to reach their potential. One thing that is universal when it comes to loading a bowl, is that if you just toss your shisha in the bowl with zero plan, it’s not going to go too well. Sure, you’ll get some smoke and some flavor, but your shisha won’t cook evenly, will probably burn, and likely will not have great airflow. We’ve written about bowl loading techniques before (here, here, and here), and if you search youtube you will find tons of brand specific, and bowl specific loading tutorials. Knowledge is your friend and a perfectly packed bowl will make your next session the best one yet.

Lazy Foil Stretching

Hookah Foil Comparison

A properly packed bowl ensures that your shisha has the potential to smoke properly but how you foil your bowl is just as important. The point of foil is to both suspend your coals above the bowl, and to regulate the amount of airflow/heat that flows over your shisha. You want your foil to be tight as a drum and your holes to be evenly sized and spaced around the top of the bowl. How you poke your holes is a matter of preference and we encourage you to experiment until you find what work best for you. Having your foil stretched as tight as possible is the key here and taking a few extra seconds to do it right will make a huge difference.

Improperly Lit Hookah Coals

Hookah Coal Comparison

There’s a theme developing among these bad habits, and that is a desire to spend as little time as possible in preparing your hookah. It does take a little while to properly set up a hookah, but it’s so worth it. When it comes to lighting your coals, not only is it preferable to let them light all the way through, it is downright mandatory as far as we are concerned. Smoking with unlit coals imparts a terrible flavor to your bowl, and does a lousy job in evenly heating your shisha. On top of that, when your coals are lighting up initially, especially quick lights, they give off some nasty stuff and you just don’t want to breathe that in. Leave your coals on the burner until they are completely covered in ash and are glowing red.

Aggressive Hose Handling

Nothing makes a hookah owner more nervous than someone aggressively handling their hookah hose. Every jerking movement could send those scorching hot coals flying, or your hookah crashing to the ground. The hookah hose is an extension of the hookah itself, and should be treated as such. Your hose is attached to hot coals and fragile glass, and should be treated as such. When smoking, be wary of any tangling of the hose, the length of the hose, and the general stability of the hookah itself. Keep those things in mind, don’t wave the hose around haphazardly, respect the hookah, and you will be fine.

Too Much Water In Your Base

Proper Hookah Water Level

Anyone who has accidentally puffed on a hookah with no water in the base knows that having enough water in your base is an essential step in an enjoyable smoke. On the other side of this, adding too much water to the base can cause a ton of problems as well. Too much water leads to a tight, restricted draw. It also leads to water bubbling up into the heart of your hookah, as well as your hose, both of which will lead to degradation of your gear over time. Finally, if you’ve ever tried to purge your hookah when there was too much water in the base then you know that it’s actually possible to shoot water up into your stem, soaking your bowl, and completely ruining your session.

We truly believe that any smoker who works hard to break these bad hookah habits will end up with the best hookah sessions of their life!

New Exclusive Tangiers Flavors – Pikina Sun & Dark Cherry

23 Jul

Earlier this year we hit our 15 year anniversary and we’re going to continue celebrating with some new and exclusive additions to our shisha flavor collection. Today we present 2 new Tangiers flavors, made for the most important people in the world, YOU! These flavors are EXCLUSIVE to You can’t get them anywhere else. If you’re a Tangiers fan then sit back and get ready for a world of tropical explosions, and a flavor plucked from the Forest Moon of Endor. These unique and exclusive blends may not last long, so grab them while you can and if you’re curious about the flavor profiles check our descriptions below.

Pikina Sun

Are you ready for a burst of bright and fruity flavors? The taste of Pikina Sun sets the mood for the summer, with an array of tropical fruits ranging from pineapples to melons and a splash of bright fruits. Once you open this container take a step back and  let the fruity aroma fill your nostrils, each inhale rewards you with a unique sweet taste unlike any tangiers flavor. Tropical fruit roll-up, Zebra stripe gum, and pineapple-watermelon, are just some of the names we tossed around while smoking this blend, and we would love to hear what you have to say about it. Pikina Sun is part of the Tangiers Birquq line, so novice smokers can easily enjoy this with smaller amount of buzz, with the same great Tangiers flavor.

Pikina Sun Tangiers Birquq Flavor

Dark Cherry

Welcome to the Darkside. If you’ve been looking for the perfect rich cherry smoke then look no further. Dark Cherry is a flavor that should be in every tangiers lover’s cabinet, this blend smells exactly like a bowl of ripe cherries with a splash of spice. Once we fired this flavor up, the only thing that came to our mind was Cherry Dr. Pepper, a flavor many people have been waiting to see in shisha form. This would be an amazing mixer for chocolate and mint flavors, but we’re sure you guys already have some ideas in your head. This blend is part of the noir line so expect a little bit of a buzz to follow, after you fill the room with Dark Cherry clouds. Once again let us know how you like the flavor, and what mixes you’ve created with it!

Dark Cherry Tangiers Noir Flavor

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23 Jul

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Summer Hookah Accessories Sale

20 Jul

Our Summer sales continue with a bunch of great deals on hookah accessories this week. We are marking down hoses, bowls, bases, and so much more. Check out all of the great deals below and be sure to check back regularly for more great sales all Summer long. Don’t want to miss out on a single deal? Then sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you hear about every sale on

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Carrying Cases

Hookah Carrying Cases

Bling Hookah Cleaner

Bling Hookah Cleaner

Soguk Hookah Ice Tip

Soguk Ice Hose Tip

New Starbuzz Vintage Flavors

13 Jul

The wait is almost over ladies and gentlemen, soon enough we will be smoking on some delicious dark leaf tobacco from Starbuzz. We’ve seen teasers pop up on their social media throughout this year, and it only makes us crave it more, so I’d say they’re doing a great job with marketing. When you hear the word “Vintage”, you might think of classic films like Nosferatu (1929), or just a collectible piece of memorabilia from the past. In this case Starbuzz Vintage means a classic and traditional style of smoking, and that is with the use of black leaf tobacco creating a more mature smoke session.

The vintage dark leaf blends will provide a buzz that can’t be found in the classic line or bold collection of Starbuzz, but that was the goal in order to achieve the true traditional experience. We received some of their flavor listings from the upcoming collection, and we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves. Below you’ll find some of the new Starbuzz Vintage flavors, with some of our first thought impressions on each flavor.

Be sure to sign up to be notified when Starbuzz Vintage is released later this summer.

Wildberry Mint

“I think I’ve tasted something like this from Starbuzz, but I still can’t wait for this version”

Starbuzz Vintage Wildberry Mint Shisha Hookah

White Mist

“White Mint is delicious, oh wait you said  White Mist. I hope it has that crisp Vanilla taste to it, kilo flavor for sure”

Starbuzz Vintage White Mist Shisha Hookah


“Starbuzz is making dessert flavors, this is going to be a great one after a meal”

Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu Shisha Hookah

Sweet Cigar

“I don’t normally smoke cigars, but we have to try them all, at least it’s sweet”

Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar Shisha Hookah

Spice Me Red

“Red hots, Cinnamon gum, please let it be somewhere near that flavor area, this will be a quick favorite with the dark profile”

Starbuzz Vint</p><br /> <p>age Spice Me Red Shisha Hookah

Sour Berry

“YES, Sour flavors are where it’s at. I hope it’s a sour version of wildberry mint, then I could make a Sour-Mint-Wild-Berry mix”

Starbuzz Vintage Sour Berry Shisha Hookah

Peach Spice

“Instant Sell-out, I have high expectations for this one”

Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice Shisha Hookah

Orange Chocolate

“I see what they did here, I love those chocolate orange candies. Who would’ve thought that they would pair up so tastefully”

Starbuzz Vintage Orange Chocolate Shisha Hookah


“I can only hope that the spice is nice with this one, Mango is my Double Apple”

Starbuzz Vintage Mango Shisha Hookah

Indian Spiced Apple

“A collection wouldn’t be complete without some double apple action, and have a feeling the spice will play a big part into this flavor”

Starbuzz Vintage Indian Spiced Apple Shisha Hookah

Fresh Lime

“Where has the Lime been all my life, I’m so excited someone is putting effort into a straight lime flavor”

Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime Shisha Hookah

Dark Vanilla

“I’m thinking of a Vanilla that smells like chocolate, but taste like creamy Vanilla”

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Vanilla Shisha Hookah

Dark Mist

“Oh I see blackberries, hopefully there is a little bit of cooling action thrown in there as well with rich tobacco notes”

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Mist Shisha Hookah

10 Must Try New Shisha Flavors

13 Jul

In the hookah world, the classic flavors like Mint, Double Apple, etc. still dominate but in the past couple years we have been introduced to quite a few excellent new flavors and even some awesome new brands. These new flavors can sometimes fall through the cracks so we wanted to take a moment to highlight 10 of our favorite new flavors that you may not have tried yet. Enjoy!

Haze What A Mint

What a mint, what a mint, what a really good mint. The Haze tobacco line has a quite a few mint flavors and blends that include a cooling sensation, but What-A-Mint is in a league of it’s own. The instant burst of ice cool peppermint is quickly followed up by a sweet vanilla cream taste, that instantly turns you into a hose hog. Always keep in mind that you can overpack your haze bowls a bit, unlocking even more of that vanilla undertone, and the mint only gets colder.  Now even though this flavor contains peppermint instead of a natural mint, we’ve still enjoyed many custom shisha mixes with flavors like: Bananrama, Carnival Nights, Mango, and even Chaitastic.

Haze What A Mint Shisha Flavor

Al Fakher Special Edition Banana Montana

Hot diggity dog, the proof is in the pudding. This unreal Banana flavor blend will make you wish you ordered more, plus these new special edition containers are awesome. Once you crack this tin open, the room will begin to fill with the aroma of a yellow laffy taffy and a undertone of warm coconut. When you have your session started, that’s when we unlock a new flavor profile and begin to taste some more delicious components. Banana is the dominate flavor on the inhale and exhale, but the taste of cardamom and honey mixed with coconut become the highlight of this flavor profile.

Al Fakher Special Edition Banana Montana Flavor

Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu

Some people are still trying to figure out what exactly a Yuzu is, and the short answer is Lemon but we’re sure you want more information. The Japanese Yuzu has a very powerful and bright citrus aroma out of the can, and you almost taste the sweet honey with a single sniff. Once you start smoking, each pull that you take will offer a whole new experience of the taste of lemons, unlike anything we’ve had in the past. The best way to describe this flavor would be a sweet lemon encased in caramelized sugar, and then dipped in honey. You can mix this around for some great blends, but also really enjoy this flavor on it’s own.

Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu Shisha Flavor

Fumari Tangelo

Fumari has not released many new flavors recently, but when they do its something we want to talk about and smoke. This year we received their new Tangelo flavor, that single handedly made the hookah world realize that Tangelo is an actual fruit and not a made up name. This small fruit combines the citrus bite of a grapefruit with the warm zest of an orange, and we can only wonder why no one thought to smoke this sooner. Upon opening the package you’ll quickly realize that Fumari nailed it, with the perfect aroma blend of orange and grapefruit. The inhale is where the sour tones reside, and the exhale is nothing but a warm zesty blend of the two fruits, so perfect you can almost taste the zest of the fruit itself.

Fumari Tangelo Shisha Flavor

Nirvana Spirit + Mind = Soul

Feed your head! If you’re ready to get buzzed then grab some Nirvana Super Shisha, it combines the buzz strength of Dohka with a flavor packed shisha. After a couple changes to the overall tobacco leaf base, Nirvana has unlocked a new side to their flavors allowing for a more controlled buzz with a fuller flavor and thicker clouds. Spirit + Mind = Soul is an interesting name for a flavor but it doesn’t speak to the flavor profile, yet it was the first flavor we loaded up. Once you crack this jar open the first smell you get is melon, almost like a honey dew but with a little more sugar and a splash of peach. If you can get your mind right after the buzz has set in, you’ll realize that the thunder clouds begin to taste like watermelon and peach, in a perfect marriage. This is the type of flavor you shake your head about if you ordered only 100g, you’ll need more.

Nirvana Spirit + Mind = Soul Shisha Flavor

Tangiers Pear Watermelon Special Edition

Talk about a crowd pleaser! Pear-Watermelon has literally (figuratively) blown the socks off some smokers and left others speechless. This flavor comes from the Tangiers Special Edition line, and as a reminder this means “Seasonal”, so pick up this summer blend while you can. Just saying the words “New Tangiers Flavors” is enough to get any serious smoker excited, and Tangiers did not let anyone down with this perfected mix. After you slice that bag open, watermelon will be the first thing that hits you but you’ll have to get closer in order to smell the pear. The important part is in the smoke flavor, thats where we are rewarded with a nice spice from the pear and a balanced toned from the natural watermelon flavor. You may want to leave this tub open after you smoke it, because you’ll probably load it one more time.

Tangiers Pear Watermelon Special Edition Shisha Flavor

Al Fakher Mojito

Where the Fakher is Lime? We haven’t seen an Al Fakher Lime flavor hit the market, but this Mojito flavor is easily a top contender for now. Regardless of what you drink on the weekday/weekend, if you’ve been smoking hookah for a while then you may have expeirenced a Mojito flavor. It’s pretty classic and we recommend giving it a spin if you haven’t, because what’s better than sweet lime and mint? The smell of the shisha doesn’t have many surprises, a sweet and sugary lime with ice cold mint but when you toss some coals on top that’s when the party begins. Think about smoking Al Fakher mint with a bold hit of lime, it’s delicious and that’s why we order our Mojito on the 3 hot rocks. (Drinking Pun)

Al Fakher Mojito Shisha Flavor

Social Smoke Mango Habanero

Social Smoke said “Let’s make it hot in here” and Nelly said ” So take off all your clothes”. Terrible joke but let’s talk about this flavor, and don’t let the words Habanero steer you away, or the fact that it’s made with real habanero extract because this is a solid smoke. You can feel the sweat start to build up after you open the lid, and you may have to tell yourself a couple times that you’re making the right decision, but trust us we’re (hookah) doctors. Sure the Habanero will put up a big show but the mango will step in and calm the whole situation down, making the overall aroma more desirable. When you have the coals on this delicious bowl, your first pull may be a little spicy but just wait for the mango to kick in and kick back for a session to remember. One of our favorite mixes is a 50/50 blend of Mango Habanero with Social Smoke Cali Peach.

Social Smoke Mango Habanero Shisha Flavor

Haze Chaitastic

Omg Becky there’s no Starbucks around, what should we do? Smoke some Chaitastic, DUH. Whether you like coffee/chai flavors  or not, this mix of base chai and caramel is where all the fun is happening. You could possibly smell this blend before it even arrives on your doorstep, and after you crack it open you can almost taste the rich caramel tones. There is no mint or cooling sensation in this combination, but it’s one of those flavors that never gets to a hot point, and since it’s Haze we know it can take heat extremely  well.  This could easily be enjoyed at any point of the day, with a nice cup of chai tea or just with a hookah and yourself. If you’ve never made it over to the world of coffee flavors, then this is the perfect entry level smoke and crowd pleaser, plus you may end up falling in love with a new flavor type.

Haze Chaitastic Shisha Flavor

Al Fakher Special Edition Sparkle

Where’s the lawn chair, umbrella, and beach? No matter what time of the year you smoke this flavor, it will always taste like some summer time fun. This is definitely a must try if you’re a fan of Lemon flavors, or if you live in a cold area and you want to think about summer, load it up. Sparkle is another flavor from the special edition line, that rewards it’s smokers with a warm blend of almost every part of the lemon. The smell out of the can produces a sour bite similar to the rinds of a lemon, and after a couple inhales you can begin to smell the inside of the lemon with a splash of cooling sensation. When those clouds starts pouring, the taste evolves from a somewhat sour lemon all the way to a mellow sweet lemon, this flavor almost tells a story as you smoke it. Our recommended blend is with Al Fakher Blueberry or Watermelon Splash, perfect for anytime of the year.

Al Fakher Special Edition Sparkle Shisha Flavor


The Natural Order by Hookah-Shisha

09 Jul

Back in 2008 we hired a production company to make a pilot for us. The idea was to create a unique weekly web series that people could watch on This is the first, and only, episode of The Natural Order. Enjoy. It gets a little weird.

Summer Mya Hookah Sale

06 Jul

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than by treating yourself to a brand new Mya hookah! Mya hookahs are durable, portable, and smoke as well as just about any other hookah out there. During our Summer sale you’ll be able to pick up a new Mya hookah for as low as $19.99! If a large multi-hose hookah is more up your alley, worry not, we’ve got huge savings on some of our most popular larger Mya hookahs as well. With a brand new Mya hookah in hand, this will be the best summer yet!





10 Signs You Are A True Hookah Enthusiast

06 Jul

Are you the hookah guru among your friends? Do they always ask you how they can get their hookah to smoke as well as yours? Do they hog the hose when YOUR patented mix is being smoked? If so, then it sounds like you are a true hookah enthusiast – a smoker who appreciates the finer points of the art of hookah. If you’re still not sure, read on for 10 signs that you are a true hookah enthusiast.

1) You Have More Shisha In Your House Than Food

If this picture below looks familiar, then you just might be a hookah enthusiast. You can always just order a pizza for delivery, right?

2) You Bring Your Own Hookah With You To The Lounge

Smoke from a possibly questionable lounge hookah/hose? No thank you sir. I am a true hookah enthusiast and, as such, I will bring my own setup for all of your other patrons to marvel at.

3) You Bring Your Own Hookah With You EVERYWHERE

Going to the beach? Let’s bring the hookah. Going to the park? Let’s bring the hookah. Going to the party? Let’s bring the hookah. BFFs.

4) Everything You See Could Become A Hookah

Look, look, just hear me out. We just rip out these wires, lose this lampshade, get some electrical tape and paper towels, then we drill a hole right here and stuff a hose in there and BAM we’ve got a hookah. GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY LAMP!!!!!!

5) Your Friends Only Ever Ask You What Flavors To Buy

Mass Text Response: It’s Cane Mint, people! Just get some Cane Mint and leave me alone!

6) You Feel Like Certain Flavors Were Made JUST For You

Dude, did you hear there’s a new flavor that’s supposed to taste just like Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts?
…Oh my god. They HAVE been getting my letters!

7) If No One Stopped You, You Could Talk About Hookah For Days

My favorite flavor? Hmmmm, well that really depends on what I’ve been smoking a lot of lately. Like last week I was smoking a lot of double apple and it was my favorite but then one night I just had too much and so I had to switch it to Grape Mint but you can’t smoke Mint out of a double apple pipe and so I had to break out my glass hookah and oh man do I love glass hookahs have you tried the new Zahrah hookahs oh my god they are so good and of course I needed to change hoses too so I had to pick which one to use and……………………………………….

8) Your Recycling Bin Looks Like This

True hookah enthusiasts always recycle.

9) You Refer To Your First Bowl Of The Day As A Breakfast Bowl

No better way to start your day than with a cup o’ joe and a bowl of shisha Os!

10) A Sight Like This Brings You To Tears

There. Are. No. Words.