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25 Nov

Extra Special Gifts With Your Black Friday Order

Welcome to’s 2015 Black Friday sale. On top of all of the monster deals on hookah, shisha, & accessories (you can find all of those deals right here) we are also hooking you up with free gifts on each and every order placed from the start of the sale through to the end of Cyber Monday (11/30/15).  These free gifts range from great to absolutely-amazing.

Every Order Gets Free Gifts

All orders placed from the start of our Black Friday sale  through the end of the Cyber Monday sale (11/30/15) will receive free gifts. These gifts range from special coupon codes to free Hookah-Shisha swag (koozies, keychains, t-shirts, calendars) to free hookah accessories.

Extra Special Limited Edition Free Gifts

While every single person who orders during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales will get something free in their box, one lucky person each day will get a huge surprise gift with their order. Order on any of the dates below and you just might get a nice surprise gift with your order!

And Finally…We’re Sending Someone To Vegas, On Us

Once the dust has settled, we’re going to randomly pick one lucky customer who placed an order between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and we’re going to fly them out to Las Vegas to attend a hookah tradeshow* with our team! Experience the life of a hookah insider as you rub elbows with the people behind your favorite sites and brands while seeing all of the latest and the greatest hookah products on the market!

*Winner will receive paid airfare to Las Vegas, two nights in a hotel, and two passes to the TPE 2016 tradeshow. You can bring a friend to use the second pass, but they will be responsible for their own airfare and hotel accomodations.

Oh, And We’ve Got A Sale Going On Too

Aside from all of the free goodies we are hooking you all up with, we’ve also got tons of amazing deals on hookahs, shisha tobacco, and accessories too. Check out all of the deals here on our Black Friday Deals section.

16 Nov

Coupon Code Mania Returns

Our Coupon Code Mania Sale has ended. Check out our coupon code page for all of our everyday coupon codes.

Coupon code mania has returned for one week only! All of the codes below can be used on your next order to get a free gift! These codes all expire on Monday, November 23rd at midnight. Take advantage and get yourself a free gift today!

New Coupon Codes

Code #1

Get 5 Black Nuhoses for free

Use Coupon Code: 5NuHose

Valid on orders over $40

Black Nu Hose 5 Pack

Code #2

Get 100 Free Mouthtips

Use Coupon Code: FreeTip100

Valid on orders over $40

Mouthtip Pack

Code #3

Get A Free Large Heba Diffuser

Use code: FreeHebaLarge

Valid on orders over $25

Heba Diffuser

Code #4

Get A Free Black Mya Hose

Use Coupon Code: FreeMyaHose

Valid on orders over $25

Mya Hookah Hose

Code #5

Get A Free Bag Of Al Ajdad Coals

Use Coupon Code: FreeAlAjdad

Valid on orders over $50

Al Ajdad Hookah Coals

Code #6

Get A Free Fantasia E-Bowl

Use code: FreeFanBowl

Valid on orders over $200

Fantasia E-Bowl

Code #7

Get A Free XL Gold Windcover

Use code: FreeXLGold

Valid on orders over $50

XL Gold Windcover

Code #8

Get A Free Box Of Coco Buzz Coals

Use code: FreeBuzz108

Valid on orders over $40

Coco Buzz Coal 108 Piece Box

Code #9

Get A Free Floret Hookah

Use code: FreeFloret

Valid on orders over $100

Hypnosis Floret Hookah

How Our Coupon Codes Work

A quick note about how our coupon codes work: Only one coupon code may be used per order. When you type in your code during checkout, the free product will be added to your cart automatically and a discount for the price of that product will be taken out.

If you accidentally use more than one code – say, you add one code but then decide you want a different freebie instead – you may be charged for the other freebies. We don’t want that to happen; so be sure to remove any items that were added to your cart by the previous code if you decide to add a different one.

These codes are valid while supplies last. When supplies run low for popular codes, we will offer a new code with a similar product in its place.

12 Nov

Hookah-Shisha 2015 Black Friday Preview Sign Up

Black Friday 2015 is just around the corner and, as always, should be your #1 destination for everything hookah related on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. We’ve got so many deals planned that we can’t wait to unleash into the world for you, our awesome fans and customers. We’re busting out some new treats this year that go beyond the standard discounts you are used to seeing. If you’d like to get a preview of a few of the things you can expect when you come to the site on Black Friday, enter your email address below and we will send you a preview email (it should arrive within a few minutes of signing up) to get you salivating and planning out your haul.

10 Nov

Fumari Limoncello Flavor Review

Fumari Limoncello


Say hello to one of the newest additions to our warehouse – Fumari’s Limoncello Shisha! A solid tribute to the classic Italian liquor, Fumari has created a very smooth, laid back shisha that is perfect for a relaxed 1 ½-2 hour smoke session. As soon as you peel open the pack a wave of lemon drop candy scent fills the air, and though the taste isn’t as impactful as the smell it is pleasantly light. Like a cool glass of lemonade. Fumari has switched up the amount of juice with their latest batches of shisha, which may account for the light impact of the Limoncello. But no worries, storm chasers, the Limoncello has produced some very nice clouds and will not disappoint in that category. Given its light and pleasant lemon flavor, the Limoncello is a perfect shisha for mixing. Some solid shishas to pair it with would be mint, blueberry, and strawberry.

It’s available in 100g & 1000g sizes. Enjoy!


28 Oct

New Nirvana Shisha Tobacco Flavors – October 2015

New Nirvana Super Shisha Flavors

Nirvana, the shisha brand that brings the buzz by mixing Dokha pipe tobacco into their blends, has just released a batch of new flavors and we’ve got ALL of them for you here at If you’d like a little preview of these 12 new flavors before you make a purchase check out our quick reviews of each of the new flavors below.

Nirvana LeMatrix Hookah Flavor Review

Red pill or blue pill, we know it’s a tough choice but smoking Lematrix is a very easy decision. This matrix is a little tangy, and it comes from a strong base profile of a sugary lemon. The flavor strength from the shisha aroma alone is enough to make your mouth water, and once we started smoking it became very reminiscent of a sweet almost lemonade flavor. If you’re a fan on lemon flavors, plug-in and get ready for a lemon explosion.

Nirvana Optimus Lime Hookah Flavor Review

Nirvana didn’t play around with too many citrus flavors in their previous collection, but this time around they definitely pleased the sour taste buds. Optimus Lime is a powerful amount of lime, with a forefront of sweetness. After two sessions of this flavor, we prefered a heavier packed bowl for more of  sour bite, and our final session we added some mint for a spectacular finish. We’d like to see what the decepticons come up with, but in the meantime this sour lime will conquer all lime flavors. Autobots roll out.

Nirvana Drunk Cowboys Hookah Flavor Review

This is one of those flavors that gives no indications as to what the flavor might be, but you just want to smoke it out of curiosity. We believe this is going to be a flavor that gets talked about quite a lot, and it caters to fans strong mints. The goal for this flavors was a strong and stout mint, and what did we receive? One phenomenal mint experience, it’s extremely smooth with a mellow touch that we believe comes from honey. The Drunk Cowboys mint strength is strong, but you won’t have to pace yourself with this mint, it’s clean and smooth all the way through.

Nirvana ‘It’s Kind Of Small Gabe’ Hookah Flavor Review

This maybe one of the strangest names we’ve ever seen for a shisha flavor, but then again it comes from the Nirvana team and they’re always up to something. It’s kind of small Gabe, has delighted many smokers in our office with a balanced blend of creamy cinnamon and warm sugar. We enjoyed this flavor with a little more heat, which allowed for a stronger presence of the warm cinnamon taste and the cream aspect is perfect. We have this flavor in the category of a mixer, it’s the right amount of unique flavors to make the mind wander.

Nirvana Frank The Tank Hookah Flavor Review

Starting off as a Youtube reviewer, HookahFrank has helped many people in the hookah industry with helpful reviews and tutorials. Now he has his very own flavor, that smell almost identical to his actual scent, tangy. The Frank the tank flavor combines two bright citrus fruits, grapefruit and tangerine. Once you open this jar make sure not to eat any of the shisha, despite how amazing the aroma smells. When someone spends most of their time testing out flavors, it only makes sense that their first flavor is a knockout.

Nirvana Frog In A Blender Hookah Flavor Review

This new round of flavors from Nirvana shows that they are testing out new possibilities with their tobacco, and this collection brings us the first tea based super shisha flavor. Frog In a Blender utilizes spices, which is something that Nirvana knows how to use very well, but this is just the backnote for this flavor. The forefront inhale and exhale will reward you with a classic Earl Grey flavor, and if you know the taste of this tea, just imagine it with a couple spoons of sugar. We’re glad they stepped out of the box for this flavor.

Nirvana Bugly Fitch Hookah Flavor Review

If Earl Grey isn’t your cup of tea (pun totally intended), then check out this Bugly Fitch for a calming yet buzzy smoke session. Bugly Fitch is another new avenue of flavor for Nirvana, with their very first chai based flavor. The chai flavor isn’t as mellow as most chai’s on the market, but we’re thinking that there may be a little bit of sweeten creamier involved with this cup of fun. The Bugly Fitch is prettier than we thought, but maybe it’s the dohka speaking.

Nirvana It’s About To Get Weird Flavor Review

Open this jar up, pass it around and see if you and your friends can guess what the secret flavor is inside. We’re still scratching our head about what’s inside, but who cares because there’s also some mint involved and a lot of it. We have a pretty solid guess that the secret ingredient is apart of the brighter fruit family with a dash of vanilla, and there is also cool spice to pair with the mint flavor. So tell your friends, It’s about to get weird, and see if they can handle this cold and spicy secret.

Nirvana Raspberried Hookah Alive Flavor Review

One of the few flavors that speaks to it’s flavor profile, Raspberried Alive is exactly what it sounds like, being buried alive in Raspberries. This of course is the actual red berry, as opposed to someone blowing on your stomach, because that’s just weird. The raspberry flavor does not contain any sour notes, but instead they went with a sweet raspberry that begins with smooth inhales and rapidly becomes stronger. If you’re a fan of red berries then you don’t want to pass this up, add a little mint or citrus to really set this flavor off.

Nirvana Spaceman Bill Hookah Flavor Review

If you’ve watched the stars at night or movies about space, then you probably have a good idea of what space looks like, but have you ever tasted space? We haven’t either but Nirvana is taking a stab at it with Spaceman Bill, and their final decision is that space taste just like a sweet fruit cocktail. We picked up life forms similar to melons and peaches, and since then we’ve tried to confirm this knowledge with NASA but we haven’t heard back. So if you’re a lover of Space or just fruit flavors in general, give ole Spaceman Bill a shot, he won’t steer you wrong.

Nirvana Weapon Grade Mint Hookah Flavor Review

Please proceed with caution, Weapon Grade Mint has been formulated for mass destruction of the nasal cavities and taste buds. Containing a top notch level of peppermint, menthol, and ice from Antarctica, this mint is guaranteed to make the eyes water. Pack this bowl a little higher and prepare to cry for mom, or play it easy and fluff pack for a bone chilling experience. The menthol flavor that comes through on the shisha, does not play into the smoke flavor because the natural mint and peppermint take over this session. At one point during the session, our smoke rings turned into ice cubes.

Nirvana Ants In My Head Hookah Flavor Review

Have you ever felt like something wasn’t right in your head? Could it be ants, or just the cravings for a good head buzz? If it’s ants you should probably get that checked out, but when it comes to fulfilling the need of a nice buzz be sure to check out Ants In My Head for a nice blend of fruits. We believe the rich sweetness that filled the room came from a blend of white grape, citrus notes, a few red berries, and a splash of something mellow. Your mind will wander for days trying to pinpoint them all, but you’ll forget about any worries or pesky insects.

Buy New Nirvana Super Shisha Flavors
26 Oct

5 New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs – October 2015

We’re happy to announce the arrival of 5 new Khalil Mamoon hookah models here at Khalil Mamoon hookahs are some of the best built, longest lasting, and best looking handmade Egyptian hookahs in the world today. Almost any hookah smoker should be able to find a new favorite among these 5 varied, and unique designs. Included in this batch is the first ‘mini’ KM hookah to grace our shelves, the KM Mini Kamanja hookah. Learn more about all 5 of these new KMs at the links below.

Khalil Mamoon Mini Kamanja Hookah

KM Mini Kamanja Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Sadaf Hookah

KM Sadaf Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Oxidized Shamadan Hookah

KM Oxidized Shamadan Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Ice Hookah

KM Shareef Ice Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Ice Short Hookah

KM Shareef Ice Short Hookah
23 Oct

Informações para encomendas

Bem-vindo ao! Há tantos clientes nossos com dúvidas sobre nosso site, sobre pagamentos e sobre remessas internacionais que resolvemos criar esta página para responder a estas perguntas com a maior rapidez e clareza possíveis.  Caso você tenha alguma pergunta sobre nosso site que não tenha sido respondida, deixe uma pergunta na seção dos comentários na parte inferior desta página.

NOTA: Por lei, você só poderá encomendar tabaco na se sua idade permitir.

Informações sobre pagamento

*** Os pedidos serão cobrados em dólares americanos ***

Pedidos online: Você poderá fazer seus pedidos online usando todos os principais cartões de crédito (VISA, MasterCard, Discover e American Express). Em nosso site, utilizamos uma criptografia SSL (Secure Socket Layer), que mantém suas informações seguras durante todo o processo de finalização da compra.

Pagamento com cartões-presente: Se estiver usando um cartão-presente pré-pago, você deverá registrar suas informações de cobrança juntamente com o cartão. Geralmente, há um número de telefone ou um site listado na parte de trás do cartão.

Verificação de pedidos: Em um esforço para combater as fraudes de cartão de crédito, a Hookah-Shisha reserva-se o direito de solicitar uma verificação adicional antes que um pedido seja processado e enviado. Nossos processos de verificação servem apenas para confirmar a identidade do detentor do cartão de crédito, sendo que as informações mencionadas não serão compartilhadas com quaisquer outras partes externas.

Informações para envio

Envio internacional: Fazemos envios internacionais para a América Central, América do Sul, Europa, Ásia e Austrália. As despesas de envio baseiam-se em sua localidade, no peso total de seu pedido e em seu método preferencial de envio. Suas opções de envio serão apresentadas durante o processo de finalização de compra. Atualmente, fazemos envios internacionais apenas através do Serviço Postal dos Estados Unidos.

Envio como presente: Se você gostaria de enviar o seu pedido como um presente, deixe uma nota no campo “Comentários do Cliente”, encontrado na primeira página do processo de finalização de compra (por exemplo: “Este é um presente de aniversário. Favor não enviar a Nota Fiscal junto com a encomenda”) Observação: Será necessário confirmar a idade do destinatário também.


Quanto custa para enviar meu pedido?

É fácil saber qual a estimativa de custo de seu envio antes de se fazer uma encomenda.  Quando seus itens estiverem no carrinho de compras, você poderá clicar no link que diz: “Estimativa das despesas de envio”.  Insira suas informações de envio e clique em “Enviar”.  Use o menu suspenso e selecione USPS (Serviço Postal dos Estados Unidos) para saber as taxas de envios internacionais.

Como os produtos são embalados?

Todas as encomendas são embaladas com cuidado utilizando materiais de embalagem adequados para que cheguem ao destino sem nenhum dano. Encomendas internacionais devem ser enviadas em um prazo de 1 ou 2 dias úteis. Os atrasos incluem, entre outros, feriados, condições de tempo adversas e a verificação da autorização do cartão de crédito.

**Quando um item sai de nosso almoxarifado, não mais nos responsabilizaremos por qualquer perda ou dano causado ao material. Tomamos o máximo de cuidado a fim de garantir que seus itens sejam embalados corretamente, entretanto, se ocorrer algum dano devido a falhas por parte da empresa transportadora em questão, os danos serão de responsabilidade de tal empresa. Estamos satisfeitos em poder auxiliá-lo em quaisquer reinvindicações referentes à perda ou danos a materiais. **

Requisitos especiais de manuseio (por exemplo, “deixar o pacote atrás do portão” ou “box art” (caixa artística) podem ser feitos na seção de Comentários do Cliente durante o processo de finalização de compra.

Será necessário pagar algum imposto de importação?

Observe que a Alfândega de seu país poderá impor outros impostos sobre seu pedido. Todos os impostos adicionais calculados sobre um pedido são de responsabilidade do cliente. Recomendamos que você entre em contato com sua agência alfandegária local para obter informações sobre impostos e para realizar o pagamento dos impostos, caso seja necessário.

Nota: É responsabilidade do cliente garantir que a importação de produtos shisha, como tabaco e/ou narguilé, seja legal em seu país. Encomendas internacionais recusadas estão sujeitas a uma taxa de reposição de 15% no momento do retorno.

Observe também que os horários de envios internacionais são apenas estimativas, e seu pacote poderá chegar mais cedo ou, também, com um pouco de demora, dependendo da velocidade do sistema de correios de seu país e do tempo gasto na alfândega. A estimativa de envio de encomendas internacionais não inclui o tempo de desembaraço aduaneiro.

E se meus produtos chegarem quebrados?

Se seus produtos chegarem com alguma avaria, envie-nos um e-mail com fotos do item quebrado e da embalagem danificada.  Entraremos em contato com você dentro de 24 horas a fim de encontrar uma solução.

Política de devolução da

A deseja que você fique 100% satisfeito com seu pedido. Você poderá nos devolver qualquer item não utilizado adquirido na dentro de um prazo de 30 dias a partir da compra original. Devido às responsabilidades e regulamentações legais, qualquer item usado (por exemplo, cachimbo narguilé, mangueiras para narguilé ou outros acessórios usados) incluindo itens já abertos (por exemplo, caixas, embalagens, ou jarras de tabaco shisha abertos, pacotes de carvão abertos, ou qualquer outro item no qual o “selo” tenha sido rompido) não podem ser devolvidos.

Abaixo você encontrará as informações pertinentes necessárias para começar o processo de devolução.

Como faço para devolver um item à Hookah Shisha?

Caso você receba um produto que gostaria de devolver sem que tenha sido usado, embale-o adequadamente de modo a garantir que este não seja danificado no trânsito e envie-o de volta à Após receber o item, este será processado pela equipe de devoluções da Hookah-Shisha. Após a inspeção, poderemos reembolsá-lo ou fornecer um crédito a você pelo custo de tal item, notificando-o por e-mail assim que o processo tiver sido concluído.  Não poderemos reembolsá-lo pelo custo de envio e não poderemos fornecer aos nossos clientes a devolução de etiquetas internacionais de envio de devolução.

Sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato conosco a respeito da situação de sua devolução.

Sobre a compatibilidade eletrônica: Todos os itens eletrônicos são desenvolvidos de acordo com as especificações dos EUA e podem precisar de modificações adicionais ou conversores em países que não sejam os EUA e o Canadá.



Ordering Information

Welcome to! So many of our customers have questions about our website, payments and international shipping that we created this page to answer them as quickly and clearly as possible.  If you have questions about our website that we do not answer, please leave a question in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

NOTICE: You must be of legal age to purchase tobacco products to order from

Payment Information


*** Orders are billed in US dollars.***

Online Orders: You can order online using any major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). We use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on our site, which keeps your information safe and secure throughout the checkout process.

Paying With Gift Cards: If you are using a prepaid gift card, please be sure to register your billing information with the card. Usually there is a phone number or website listed on the back of the card.

Order Verification: In an effort to combat credit card fraud, Hookah-Shisha reserves the right to request additional verification before an order is processed and shipped. Our verification processes serve only to confirm the identity of the credit card holder, and said information is not shared with any outside parties.


Shipping Information

International Shipping: We ship internationally to Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The shipping costs are based on your location, the total weight of your order, and your desired shipping method. Your shipping options will be provided to you during the checkout process. Currently, we only ship internationally via United States Postal Service.

Sending As A Gift: If you would like to send the order as a gift, please leave a note in the ‘Customer Comments’ field found on the first page of the checkout process (e.g. ‘This is a birthday gift, please do not send invoice with the order’) Please note: We will have to confirm the age of the recipient as well.


How much does it cost to ship to my order?

It’s easy to get your estimated shipping before you place an order.  When you have your items in the shopping cart, you can click the link that says “Estimated Shipping Charges.”  Enter your shipping information and click “Submit.”  Use the drop down menu to select USPS for international shipping rates.

How are the products packed?

All orders are packaged discreetly with the proper packaging materials in order for them to arrive in without damage. International orders should ship within 1-2 business days. Delays include but are not limited to holidays, severe weather, and verification of the credit card authorization.

**Once an Item leaves our warehouse we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. We take excellent care to ensure your item is correctly packaged, however if any damage occurs due to the error of the shipping company in question, the damage is their responsibility. We are happy to assist you in starting a claim regarding lost or damaged items. **

Special handling requests (e.g. “leave package behind gate”, or “box art”) can be made in the Customer Comments section during the checkout process.

Will I have to pay import taxes?

Please note that the Customs office of your country may impose additional duties on your order. Any additional duties assessed on an order are the responsibility of the customer. We advise you to contact your local customs agency for duty information, and to be prepared to pay the duties if necessary.

Note: It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the importation of shisha tobacco and/or hookah products is legal in their country. Refused international orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee upon return.

Please also note that international shipping times are merely estimates and your package may arrive sooner or slower depending on the speed of your country’s post office and time spent in customs. International order shipping estimates do not include custom clearance times.

What if my products are broken?

If your items arrive broken, please email us pictures of the broken item and the damaged packaging.  We will contact you within 24 hours to find a resolution for you. Return Policy wants you to be 100% satisfied with your order. You may return any unused items purchased at to us within 30 days of the original purchase. Due to liabilities and legal regulations, any used items (i.e. used Hookah pipes, used Hookah hoses, or any other used accessory) including opened items (i.e. opened boxes, packaging, or jars of shisha tobacco, opened coal packs, or any item where the “seal” has been broken) are not returnable.

Below you will find the applicable information necessary to begin the return process with us.

How Do I Return An Item To Hookah-Shisha?

If you receive a product that you would like to return to us unused then you would package the item properly to ensure that it is not damaged in transit and ship that back to Once the item has been received by Hookah-Shisha it would then be processed by our Returns Team. After inspection, we would be able to refund or credit you for the cost of that item and notify you via e-mail once that process is complete.  We are not able to refund you for the cost of shipping and we do not have the capability to provide our customers international return shipping labels.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the status of your return.

Regarding Electronic Compatibility: All electronic items are built to USA electronics specifications and may need additional modifications or converters in countries other than the USA and Canada.



16 Oct

Free Hookah Week: 10 Ways To Get A Hookah For $0.00

Free hookah week has ended. We hope you were all able to grab a free hookah. For more great deals check out our everyday hookah coupon codes.

What’s the first rule of hookah? The first rule is that you can’t smoke without a hookah. With that in mind, we are giving you 10 different ways to get yourself a free hookah this week! Whether you are looking to upgrade, add another hookah to your arsenal, or pick up a gift for a friend, this is the week to do it. Check out the codes below to see all of the free hookahs that are available for free until Monday, October 26th, 2015.

Free Hookahs With Orders Over $50

Free Furat Hookahs

Get a free Furat hookah with any order over $50. Use the codes below at checkout and we the hookah and a matching discount will be added to your cart automatically.

Free Black Furat Hookah – Use Code: FREEFURATBK

Free Blue Furat Hookah – Use Code: FREEFURATBL

Free Green Furat Hookah – Use Code: FREEFURATG

Free Red Furat Hookah – Use Code: FREEFURATR

Free Hookahs With Orders Over $75

Free Hookahs With $75+ orders

Pick one of these three hookahs for free on any order over $75! Use the code at checkout and the hookah will be added to your cart automatically along with a matching discount.

Free Blue Zelda Hookah – Use Code: FREEZELDA

Free White Mini Swirl Hookah – Use Code: FREEMINISWIRL

Free Green Tempest Hookah – Use Code: FREETEMPEST

Free Hookahs With Orders Over $100

Free Hookahs With $100+ orders

Choose any of the 3 hookahs above for free on any order over $100. Enter the code at checkout and your free hookah will be added to your cart automatically.

Free Blue Mya Mikro Hookah – Use Code: FREEMIKRO

Free Khanjar Night Hookah – Use Code: FREEKHANJAR

Free Blue Starbuzz Phoenix Hookah – Use Code: FREEPHOENIX

Free Hookahs With Orders Over $150

Free Hookahs With $150+ orders

Choose either of the hookahs pictured above for free with your order of $150+. Use the code at checkout and the hookah, along with a matching discount, will be added to your cart automatically.

Free Black Bronson Hookah – Use Code: FREEBRONSON

Free Red Mini Amira Hookah: Use Code: SOLD OUT – NOT AVAILABLE

Free Hookahs With Orders Over $250

Free Hookahs With $250+ orders

With any order over $250 you can choose to get either of the two beautiful hookahs above for free. Just enter your discount code at checkout and the hookah will be automatically added to your cart along with a matching discount.

Free Red Nammor Bijou Ice Hookah – Use Code: FREEBIJOUICE

Free Blue Khalil Mamoon Cheops Hookah – Use Code: FREECHEOPS

15 Oct

Smoking Every Al Fakher Flavor At The Same Time

We had a crazy idea the other day. What if we mixed every single Al Fakher flavor together and smoked it? Luckily for us, we happen to have more Al Fakher shisha in our warehouse than just about anywhere else on earth so we had the supplies to make it happen. We decided to stick with just the classic Al Fakher flavors (no special edition or golden flavors) and unfortunately we were sold out of a handful at the time of shooting this video which left us with 55 different flavors to mix together. So obviously you all want to know what it tasted like, right? Watch the video below to find out!


Al Fakher Shisha Sale
13 Oct

Vortex 1.5 Bowl Vs Original Vortex Bowl

The new Vortex 1.5 hookah bowl from Sahara Smoke has been released and we have been getting a lot of questions from our customers about how it compares to the original Vortex bowl. To help you all out we shot a quick comparison video so you can see the differences between the two bowls side by side. We also loaded the new 1.5 bowl up to show you how it smokes.

Differences between the Vortex 1.5 and Original Vortex Bowl

The major difference between the Vortex 1.5 bowl and the original is that the 1.5 provides much more airflow than the original. The original design has very small holes around the spire and that lead to restricted air-flow. The holes in the new bowl are much larger and thus provide much better airflow. If you are used to the airflow of a phunnel bowl, this will be much closer to that than the original vortex.

With these larger holes, you must be careful to make sure that the shisha is not covering the holes when you finish your pack as these are large enough that tobacco could get sucked down into your stem/diffuser/base if you aren’t careful. While this is something to be on the look out for, it’s actually better than the original design as you would rather have a small amount of tobacco get sucked through than have that same shisha clog the smaller holes of the original and block all airflow.

Aside from the increased airflow, the bottom opening of the bowl is slightly larger as well which might help out people who have had trouble getting a tight fit on hookahs with larger bowl ports such as Regal hookahs. We had hoped that this new version would have a better fit with the Kaloud Lotus but the center spire is still just slightly too tall for a perfect fit. You can make it work but it’s not absolutely perfect.

In conclusion, if you have always wanted more airflow from your original Vortex bowl, this new Vortex 1.5 bowl is a must have and should be at the top of your Christmas wish list. Happy Smoking!

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