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02 Oct

Fall Shisha Mixes for 2015

Can you believe it’s now the season of pumpkins, spices, and holiday mixes? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about flavors to smoke on a summer day, well now we’re back with some shisha mixes to smoke as the leaves fall. During the Fall season we tend to gravitate towards warm spices, pumpkin flavors, and a little bit of coffee notes. So let’s jump into what our palate is craving, and if you have mixes for this season be sure to leave them in the comments below.

Haze – Caramel Glaze Banana Bread

Caramel Glazed Banana Bread

Chaitastic from HAZE Tobacco has won the heart of many hookah smokers, regardless of if they like coffee or not. This flavor contains a creamy blend of a base chai with sweet caramel, and we felt like it could use a little spice. Bananarama contains the right amount of sweet spice to give this blend a decadent exhale, and a cooling aftertouch. This mix can be loaded many different ways, 50/50 is an easy one but if you want get creative make a shisha sandwich inside your bowl. You can accomplish this by using a small amount of Bananarama to fill the bottom, then add some chaitastic in the middle with little more Bananarama on the top. Always remember that your haze bowls can handle some heat, so don’t be scared to fill it past the rim.

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Fumari Vanilla Chai Spice

Fumari Vanilla Chai Spice

Regardless of what season it is, Fumari Spiced Chai can be smoked day in and day out. Now that we’re in the right season, we felt like adding a little bit of sweetness and texture. French Vanilla is not as sweet as most vanilla flavors on the market, but we’ve come to enjoy this mellow flavor profile because of the creamy exhale and longevity of the flavor. The Vanilla Chai Spice blend is crafted by using 30/70 ratio blended, with vanilla being the 30% and Spice Chai taking up the other 70%. Once you have the appropriate portions laid out, give it a thorough mixing with your hands or fork and toss it in any style of bowl. If you enjoy this mix, try adding some French Vanilla to your Spiced Chai package, and let it marinate for a couple of days. You’re welcome.

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Al Fakher Creamy Cappuccino Spice

Al Fakher Creamy Cappuccino Spice

If you’ve got plans to netflix and chill during this fall season, make sure you have a blend that will make someone forget about making a trip to Starbucks. The Al Fakher Creamy Cappuccino Spice mix will win the heart of many coffee lovers, and the portions can be altered to make it more universal for everyone’s taste buds. If you want a bowl catered towards a coffee lover, mix vanilla and cinnamon separately to make up at least 40% of your bowl, and then add 60% Cappuccino. The alternative route is mixing 30% Cappuccino with Cinnamon 50% outside of the bowl, and then sprinkling the 20% vanilla on top. A new mix can also be created with a substitution of Vanilla for Chocolate.

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Social Smoke Cinnamon Cajeta Breeze

Best Starbuzz Flavors

Whoa Pistachio! Yes that’s Pistachio but don’t turn away just yet, because this Social Smoke flavor is about to get amped up thanks to Horchata Cajeta and Cinnamon Spice. Pistachio Breeze has a nutty taste with a cooling backtone that is very reminiscent of a fresh scoop of pistachio ice cream, but what happens when we add a little more cream and spices? MAGIC. Cajeta is basically caramelized milk, while the horchata brings in some cinnamon, but in order to add the right amount of spice we’ve added their Cinnamon Spice to the mix. We once again utilize the pre-mixing steps with 30% of both Horchata and Cinnamon spice, while the Pistachio Breeze can be place anywhere in the bowl. What can you expect? A Creamy Cinnamon spice mix with a nutty back note, and if you play your cards right expect a small amount of cooling.

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Hookafina -Toasted Coconut Pumpkin Chai Pie

Best Starbuzz Bold Flavors

This Hookahfina mix comes from a home recipe that becomes popular around this time of year, and it uses a Pumpkin flavored Chai Latte with coconut shaving on top. We basically loaded the bowl with the picture of the drink in mind, so you can mix the pumpkin pie and chai together or rest them side by side in the bowl. Once you start filling your bowl make sure to leave enough space for around 10-15% of Toasted Coconut, you can sprinkle it around the outer rim or make it the front note flavor by placing it around the spire. This is definitely a mix to have some fun with when it comes to the portions, and if you have barista skills maybe you can pull of the drink as well.

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Staff Mix – Creamy Hor”CHAI”ta

Staff Mix Creamy Hor

You may need to pick up more than one tin of the Al Fakher Rich Creme, you can add it to just about any blend that you make to give it an authentic cream taste. So why not blend a little Spiced Chai with Horchata Cajeta, and make a cinnamon caramel chai blend? Those two flavors could definitely be enjoyed together, but let’s give it some more cream and really make this flavor special. If you want more spice in your smoke make sure to put the two blend flavors at the top of the bowl, with the Rich Creme mixed underneath. For those of you that want to live on the wildside, mix them all together and get crazy. We recommend a slight squeeze of the excess juices from spiced chai, before mixing with the Horchata Cajeta.

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Staff Mix – Banana-Gram

Staff Mix Banana-gram

Unlike the game Banangram, you can actually smoke this one. Hookah-Hookah hit the nail on the head with their Graham Cracker flavored shisha, it contains a slight buttery taste with a bold cinnamon graham cracker taste. We understand that it’s not christmas just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the festive blend from Starbuzz Holiday Mix. We enjoyed this flavor most of the year because of the unique spices and flavors inside, two of them being apple spice and a small amount of banana. Once we add the sweet and cooling spice of Bananarama, we have one heck of a mix. The loading process requires a mix of mostly Graham Cracker and Bananarama, and we let the Holiday Mix rest at the top like a star on the Christmas tree. You can altered this mix with a swap of Holiday mix and Bananarama, but take a small amount of excess juice off the Bananarama in order to make that Graham Cracker crunch!

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29 Sep

New Social Smoke Flavors: Pear Chill & Cantaloupe Chill

Social Smoke Pear Chill and Cantaloupe Chill

Social Smoke has just released their two newest hookah flavors – Pear Chill and Cantaloupe Chill – and, as usual, we’ve got them both right here at Want a little preview of what they taste like and how they smoke before you make a purchase? Read on to see our initial thoughts on both flavors.

Social Smoke Pear Chill Hookah Flavor Review

This year we only saw one new flavor that contained pear, and that was from the special edition Tangiers Pear-Watermelon.  Pear is a slightly difficult flavor to create , because there are many areas of flavor within a pear ranging from a mellow spice to a sugary sweet taste. The flavor that Social Smoke was able to create is simply addictive, we haven’t come across a pear flavor that has performed with this flavor strength and longevity in quite some time.

On the spectrum of pear flavor, this is categorized as a sweet pear, almost as if you bit into a pear with a sprinkle of sugar on top. The chill factor in the combination is around 30% of the actual mix, so you can expect to have a burst of chill in the beginning and let the sweet pear entertain your taste buds for the rest of the session. SMOKEorPASS has deemed this flavor as a “KILO Flavor”, and suggests that you jump straight to the big boy size because after the first bowl you will want more pear action.

Social Smoke Cantaloupe Chill Hookah Flavor Review

Once again going after the fruits that are little difficult to work with, social smoke Cantaloupe chill was surprisingly Cantaloupe.  We say that because once you open this flavor up, it becomes difficult to pinpoint a strong Cantaloupe flavor because of the cooling mint. If we were to base our opinion on the aroma, the percentage of cooling seems to be around 60% with notes of Cantaloupe infused perfectly. The important part of this flavor is how it smokes, and this is one of those times where you don’t judge a flavor by the smell because this ended being a spectacular session.

We used a lotus and tin foil for our test session, and we were able to taste a delicious blend of a slightly sweetened cantaloupe with a mild chill for our lotus bowl. Once we fired up the tin foil session, the Cantaloupe flavor came through in a stronger way with more of a crispness and extra cooling. However you choose to smoke this Cantaloupe flavor, will provide you with a new sweetness for your taste buds and something new to play around with in mixing.

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25 Sep

Starbuzz Spicy Red Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz Spicy Red Shisha


Starbuzz’s newest flavor sensation – Spicy Red – is here and we are loving it. Harnessing the flavor of your favorite cinnamon chewing gum/candy, Spicy Red is one of those flavors that perfectly recreates a familiar and well-loved flavor profile. If you’ve chewed on a stick of cinnamon gum or enjoyed a cinnamon candy in the past then you know just what you will get from your first puff of Spicy Red.

It’s available in 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, and 1000g sizes. Enjoy!


24 Sep

Best Hookah Flavors of 2015

A few years ago we looked through years and years of sales data and came up with a list of the most popular hookah flavors of all time. Lately, we have been wondering how much our customers tastes have changed over the years and we decided to revisit the data to come up with a list of the most popular shisha flavors in 2015. Below you will find a breakdown of the 3 most popular flavors from each of our best-selling shisha brands. Enjoy!

Most Popular Al Fakher Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Al Fakher Flavors

Al Fakher Mint is one of the most classic hookah flavors of all time and it’s no surprise that it comes in as the most popular Al Fakher flavor of 2015. Two Apples, another classic, is in second place with Al Fakher Blueberry Mint coming in a close 3rd. People just love Al Fakher’s Mint!

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Most Popular Al Fakher Special Edition Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Al Fakher Special Edition Flavors

Al Fakher’s newest line, Special Edition, features a wide variety of exciting flavors. Which ones were most popular this year? According to our data the most popular AF Special Edition flavor is Rich Creme, followed closely by Banana Montana and Hookah Matata.

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Most Popular Fumari Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Fumari Flavors

Fumari is known for their stable of unique and juicy flavors. Topping the list of their most popular hookah flavors of 2015 is the often-imitated, never-duplicated White Gummi Bear. Taking the second spot is another unique Fumari flavor in Ambrosia. Finally we’ve got Spiced Chai, which barely beat out perennial favorite Mint Chocolate Chill for the 3rd spot.

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Most Popular Starbuzz Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Starbuzz Flavors

Starbuzz’s most popular flavor of all time, Blue Mist, unsurprisingly takes the top spot on our list of the most popular Starbuzz flavors for 2015. After that we’ve got the sugary sweet citrus combination known as Pirate’s Cave. Rounding out the top three is another of their all-time best sellers, Sex On The Beach.

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Most Popular Starbuzz Bold Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Starbuzz Bold Flavors

Taking the #1 spot for 2015 for Starbuzz Bold is the excellent Mighty Freeze, followed very closely by Queen of Sex in 2nd place. Rounding out the top 3 is the delicious, and refreshing White Mint.

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Most Popular Tangiers Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Tangiers Flavors

Can anyone guess what the #1 Tangiers flavor of 2015 is? Anyone? Anyone? If you said Cane Mint, and we think that a lot of you probably did, then you are correct. Not only is Cane Mint the most popular Tangiers flavor for 2015, it’s also the best-selling shisha flavor among all of the brands we sell. Taking second place on this list is Orange Soda, followed by the creamy and spicy Horchata in 3rd.

Tangiers Noir Hookah Tobacco | Tangiers Birquq Hookah Tobacco | Tangiers Burley Hookah Tobacco

Most Popular Haze Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Haze Flavors

One of the newer brands in our store, Haze has become a hit for its robust flavors and consistently great smoke. The top Haze hookah flavor for 2015 is the creamy, cooling What-A-Mint, followed by Cucumberita, and Cheech & Chong Double Bubble.

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Most Popular Fantasia Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Fantasia Flavors

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco has more flavors than almost any other hookah brand and we’ve got the scoop on their 3 most popular flavors. Taking the first spot for 2015 is Adios Mofo, followed closely by Rainbow Burst in 2nd, and Cactus Breeze in 3rd.

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Most Popular Social Smoke Hookah Flavors of 2015

Best Social Smoke Flavors

Rounding out our list of the most popular hookah flavors of 2015 are the most popular offerings from Social Smoke. Coming in first place is the icy-cold mint flavor of Absolute Zero. In 2nd place is one of the most unique hookah flavors in the entire world, Mango Habanero. Coming in 3rd place is Social Smoke Voltage.

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18 Sep

What Your Shisha Choice Says About You

Be honest, have you ever had the slightest inclination to judge someone by their hookah preferences.  It’s ok, its a perfectly natural response that we as modern humans can choose to act on it or completely disregard such superficial tendencies.  However, we thought it would be fun to give you a quick glance into the inner dialogue of the hookah pro who just walked in on someone loading a fresh bowl.  What would they think?  We aren’t sure, but here is our best guess.


Any thoughts, questions or retorts?  Let us know in our comments section below!

01 Sep

Breaking Down The Hookafina Lemonade Stand Shisha Collection

Hookafina Lemonade Stand

What’s new with Hookafina

The summer is rapidly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some new summertime blends from Hookafina. Their latest collection of “Lemonade Stand” flavors, shows that there is a lot that can be done with the use of lemonade and solid base flavoring. The previous Cucumber Lemonade was and will always be a killer flavor, and since then we’ve been hoping for some more lemonade blends and our wishes were granted. If you’re not a fan of lemonades don’t worry because we have more flavors to talk about, so let’s break these flavors down for you!

Hookafina Blueberry Lemonade

Take a nice glass of sweet lemonade and add a couple blueberries, what do you get? Blueberry lemonade! This new mix falls into the flavor chaser category, it will definitely provide you with all the great notes of a sugary glass of lemonade but the blueberry will take a couple of inhales to fully grasp the flavor profile. The sweetness of the lemonade brightens up the blueberry taste, leaving you with a delicious warm blend from the first pull.

Hookafina Ginger Lemonade

This flavor comes out of left field and definitely scored a home run with us here in the office. The blend of sweet ginger and lemon has turned out to be one the best mixes we’ve had from Hookafina, we only wish that we had it earlier. There isn’t a defined spice within the ginger, through our test runs with this flavor we found that adding a little more shisha to the bowl allowed for more of a bite from the ginger. So play around with this one and choose how much of bite you want within your smoke, but either way this flavor is a guaranteed winner!

Hookafina Peppermint Lemonade

Looking for a cooling sensation to top off that warm blend of lemonade? Add a little peppermint and presto change-o! Once you open this can the aroma alternates between minty and zesty, the mint alone will almost make your eyes water. (in a good way). Hookafina Peppermint by itself is pretty powerful, but the addition of sweet lemonade makes this peppermint POP with a sweet and tangy exhale. This will be one of those flavors that you can enjoy by itself, or you can have it as a secret ingredient for a custom hookah blend.

Hookafina Guava Lemonade

What else can you mix with Lemonade? Guava! We were really happy to see this blend come to fruition, because guava is a flavor with multiple flavor traits, and  the original Hookafina Guava is delicious. The Guava flavoring found within the guava lemonade mix, gives this mix something that we didn’t find in the other lemonade flavors, and that is an even balance. The previous lemonade mixes give you a great roller coaster ride of flavor, but the guava blend keeps the flavor locked on a single track adventure. You can pinpoint both flavor components easily, and the Guava produces a spice that amplifies the lemonade perfectly.

New Starbuzz Flavors

Hookafina Mint Knockout

Within the world of hookah, there has always been a race to see who can make the best/strongest mint on the market. Hookafina has decided to toss their hat into the ring with this new powerful mint simply titled “Mint Knockout”, and if the smell doesn’t knockout you out, just wait until you smoke it. This bone chilling mint combines peppermint and spearmint with a little bit of menthol, thus creating one of the strongest mint that they’ve ever produced. You can go all in with a single bowl, or add just pinch to cool off your session. The better question is, can you handle it?

New Starbuzz Flavors

Hookafina Coco Loco

You put the lime in the coconut, and then go LOCO! If you’ve had enough lemonade mixes, go ahead and take a break to enjoy this sweet tropical blend of lime and coconut. The original hookafina coconut has a very mellow taste, with sweet notes that require a couple of inhales to pinpoint. They have utilized this coconut in combination with their bright delicious lime, creating a flavor that has an appetizing aroma and exhale. We recommend the use of two bowls with this flavor, because once it’s over you can just pop on the second bowl on and continue this delicious ride.

31 Aug

The Definitive Guide To Hookah Hose Maintenance

In order to reach the level of a Hookah Enthusiasts, one must understand all of the components of a hookah and the shisha that is readily available. There are some of us that get into this smoking hobby/lifestyle, with the mindset of what type of flavors they want to smoke and flavors to avoid. On the other hand we have a large amount of people that are actively trying to taste everything that is new, or something outside of their comfort zone. As long as you have a clean hookah and a clean bowl, these taste testing/explorations are simple. We all know how to clean a hookah properly right? If not check out the how to clean a hookah blog.

When you start a fresh session after cleaning out your hookah, the key to unlocking the full flavor of your bowl is to utilize clean water and most importantly a clean hose. No matter how spotless your hookah may be, as long as the smoke has to travel through a ghosted/dirty hose, do not expect a great taste. As you look over at your cabinet, you may begin to wonder how am I supposed to have a clean hose for every flavors. It’s simple there are two main factors about this thought, are your hoses washable or non-washable, and what flavor are you smoking.

Black and Gold Aluminum D-hose


A washable does not need to be clean after every session, unless you really feel like adding that process to your setup method. When you are smoking shisha blends with similar flavor profiles, i.e. lemon mint to a citrus blend, or cane mint to spearmint, these sessions should not be affected by a previous session.

Now if we look at going from Nahkla double apple to haze double bubble, you may not be able to taste the full amount of the sweet bubble gum flavor but you may pick up on some of the spice. Lucky for you if this happens you won’t need to end your session, just unplug your hose and give it a quick rinse.

Diamond Xl Nammor Hookah Hose

How to wash a washable hose

When it comes to cleaning out a washable hookah hose, some people attack this different ways but let’s talk about the easiest way possible to get this done. There are several models of washable hoses and they are all made from different materials like: silicone,  sealed faux leather, vinyl, and plastic. Even though these hose are washable, that doesn’t mean you won’t be affected by a ghosted hose, it’s just easier to restore the fresh taste.

Cleaning Washable Hookah Hose

These hoses are made by several companies so each one has there own unique styling of the hose handle and tubing, so instead of trying to fit the large portion of the hose under your faucet, start from the bottom. Taking the base of the hose and placing it under a faucet will allow you to fill up the hose quickly, just remember to place a thumb on the handle to prevent water from coming out the other end.

With both hands gripping each end of the hose and a thumb blocking the holes, give it a quick shake by raising one end higher than the other and alternating back and forth. If the water is not moving inside of the hose, empty out some because we want the water to flush out any glycerin and locked flavoring.

Cleaning Hookah Hose

Let’s say you smoked 3 bowls of Starbuzz Black Mint back to back, and you can’t seem to get the cooling double apple smell out from your hose. This is when you want to bring out the extra fighting power of Lemon juice, this can be used diluted with water or full strength for the hard flavors. The process is the same as using water, just fill your hose up with both ends capped and give it a shake. The lemon juices acidic properties will knock out soft and hard flavors, leaving you with a fresh taste for your next inhale.

Cleaning Hookah Hose

Once this process is finished and you have empty the hose of all the water or lemon juice, give the hose a gentle spin to get rid of any excess water trapped inside. If you don’t plan on using the hose immediately, just place it over a door or on a hook and let it hang dry.

Non-washable hoses

Mya Saray Cloissonne

In most cases when you purchase a hookah they will arrive with a hookah hose that really isn’t all that washable. If you are unsure if your hose is washable or not, a simple test would be to apply a magnet to the side of the hose and if it sticks DO NOT WASH IT. We also have a live chat service, so if you still aren’t sure just drop us a line.

There are some hookah smokers that prefer non-washable hoses, because of the fact that they hold on to some flavor profiles. This raises the question, how are we supposed to try all of these flavors on the market, with a hose that doesn’t wash? You choose your flavors wisely and you make sure to keep your hose fresh, but there is a maintenance side of it to ensure longevity with your hose.

How to maintain a non-washable hose

KM Standard Hose

After you have thoroughly enjoyed a great session with the use of a non-washable hose, make sure you blow any excess smoke out of the hose. There is a great amount of moisture within the smoke that travels through our hoses, and when you leave smoke trapped inside the hose after a session, it begins to lock itself onto the lining of the hose.

Mya Long Wood Handle

Common hoses like a KM rainbow or a Mya metal/wood tip, contain metal rings inside that give each hose their shape. What happens when you leave moisture on a metal surface? Rust. If you have a metallic taste to your hose this may be the culprit, and you will feel sense of regret that you didn’t keep that hose in tip top shape.

You may hear from a friend that they have no problems with washing a non-washable hose, but it’s the inside that matters in this situation, something that you and I cannot see. You can still find a use for these hoses to prolong that life, and it may be similar to something you would do with a washable hose. Hose flavor dedication.

Single Flavor Hose Dedication

Cobra Hookah Hose

To extend the life of a non-washable hose, try sticking with similar flavors groups, instead of using the same hose for each bowl. With so many flavors on the market, you are bound to run into a flavor that will never leave your hose like double apple. After 2 or 3 session of double apple, coffee, or chocolate flavors, your hose will have a distinct taste that you can try and mask with other stronger flavors. This may not be the greatest of smoke sessions, but if you only have one hose then this is the path, a very ghosted path.

If you are a fan of the styling of some non-washable hoses, or you have more than one, try and mentally label one for a particular flavor profile. If you have several hoses and it’s too much to keep up with, get a piece of tape and color code or write what types of flavors the hose should be used to smoke.

An example of some dedicated flavor hoses would be: Floral; Mint; Double Apple; Fruits. The same process can be done for washable hoses as well, which will require less rinsing in between sessions.

What’s your preference?

Nammor Standard Hose

Everyone has their own preference on what type of hoses they like to use with their setup, and that’s understandable with so many options on the market. The movement for silicone hoses is increasingly getting stronger, with the needs of a constant clean hose for a fuller taste and ease of cleaning. You can still receive a great amount of longevity with washable leather hoses, it just requires a little more attention, but as long as you use our tips you should be good to go.

Basically what we’re saying is, do not wash non-washable hoses, and blow out your hoses when you are done. 

Let’s us know in the comments below, what’s your favorite type of hose to use.

31 Aug

Hookah Accessory Sale – Back To School 2015

Our giant, month-long back-to-school sale is drawing to a close and this penultimate week features deals on some great hookah accessories including bowls, bases, and hoses. If you find that your current hookah set up lacks the spice it once had, adding a new accessory can make smoking fun again. Grab a new bowl and experiment with different packing techniques and coal placement. Adding a new hose or base to your existing hookah can also add a bit of visual pizzazz to a set up you might have grown tired of. You can find all of the discounted accessories available at the links below. The sales end on Monday, 9/7/15. Enjoy!

Hookah Accessory Sale Details

Hookah Bowls


Hookah Hoses


Hookah Bases


24 Aug

Hookah Charcoal Sale

We’re in week 3 of our Back-To-School sales and this week we are featuring one of the most essential elements of a good hookah bowl, hookah charcoal. Coal is definitely not the sexiest aspect of a hookah session, but without fire, there is no smoke. We’ve got a wide range of both natural and quicklight coals on sale through Monday 8/31/15. In addition to deals on individual boxes of coals and coal multi-packs, we are also extending our 15% off sale on Shisha packs that come bundled with coals through 8/31/15. Stock up and never run out of coals again!

Hookah Coal Sale Details

Shisha & Coal Combo Packs


Natural Hookah Coals


Quick Light Hookah Coals


Starbuzz Hookah Coals
19 Aug

New Starbuzz Flavors – Asian Persuasion & Misty Apple

New Starbuzz Flavors

Starbuzz has just released the two newest flavors in their ever popular Bold line and we’ve got both of them at The new flavors are called Asian Persuasion and Misty Apple. As with a lot of shisha flavors, the name doesn’t tell the whole story. Luckily we have smoked both flavors and can give you all a little insider insight into just what these new flavors are all about. Check out our initial flavor reviews below.

Starbuzz Bold Asian Persuasion Flavor Review

Asian Persuasion is a nice, soothing smoke which has several layers of flavor to it. The main flavor profiles we noticed while smoking were grape, an earthy tea flavor, and a spicy ginger flavor as well. The mix of these creates a unique smoke that we can’t find a parallel to. The grape and the tea flavors work well together and the spice of the ginger gives this flavor a kick that makes things much more interesting. If you like spice or tea flavored shisha then we definitely recommend giving this one a smoke.

You can pick this flavor up in either 50g100g, or 250g sizes today!

Starbuzz Bold Misty Apple Flavor Review

When you see the word Mist (or in this case Misty) used in a Starbuzz flavor name, you can’t help but think of their flagship flavor, Blue Mist. We did the same, but immediately upon opening this tin of shisha we realized that we were wrong. This flavor is all apple, but it’s quite an interesting apple flavor which employs a yin and yang approach by combining both the sweet and sour aspects of a green or Granny Smith type apple flavor. Straight up apple flavors without anise in them are a rarity in the hookah world. so it’s nice to have another apple offering that strives to recreate the actual taste of a fresh apple.

You can pick this flavor up in either 50g100g, or 250g sizes today!