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Late Night Hookah Fails

We’ve all been there before. It’s late, perhaps you’ve just returned home from a night out with friends, and you decide that you absolutely have to load up the hookah and have a smoke before bed. But beware, for this is a treacherous path you have chosen. If you’re not careful you might end up making one of these late-night hookah mistakes.

1) The Lazy Bowl Load

If you are a seasoned hookah smoker, then you most likely know how to load a bowl the correct way, but when it’s late…oh man…those techniques tend to get thrown out the window. If you want your late-night smoke to be a successful one, focus on the task at hand and don’t take the easy way out by jamming a fistful of shisha haphazardly into your hookah bowl. Punching is not an adequate packing method.

2) The Lazy Foil Poke

This goes hand in hand with #1. It can be hard poking all of those little holes the right way when you are seeing three bowls at once and are somewhat…unsteady…on your feet. It’s worth the extra time! Absolutely no using knives, car keys, or cell phone chargers to make some janky foil holes. Grab the Sahara Smoke Foil Puncher for a one-step poking method!

3) Load Your Ex’s Favorite Flavor, and Cry

crying shishaThey were the one. Or at least the one who would always smoke hookah with you. You never even liked the taste of Romman Chocolate Mint. You swore you’d never smoke that flavor ever again, but one night…in a moment of weakness…you go to text them…but NO! You stopped yourself. You load a hookah instead, and you don’t even notice that you load a bowl of chocolate mint without realizing it. And then the weeping starts. Plan ahead, friends. Just delete that number and throw that flavor away!

4) Put Coals on the Burner and Leave Them Too Long

forgotten hookah coalsI know that you simply cannot step away from that Reddit thread about ‘real life ghost stories’, but you should set a timer so those hookah coals aren’t just a block of ash. But seriously some of those stories are so scary.

5) Using Quick-lite Coals

disgusted photo:  gross1_zps534a7a6c.gif

Of course, these are great in a pinch. But being too tired to actually heat and use Natural Hookah Charcoal is always a mistake. If you’re too tired to use the better option, it’s time to call it a night.

6) Passing out after setting hookah up but before smoking

You get home from the club and you’re amped! You’re still pulsating from the dance music and it’s too early to stop! You do a little dance in the kitchen while you put water in the base, you get that shisha packed just right, and you go to find a foil poker. You get distracted by your cute cat, and you stop to give him a scratch, and you lay next to him real quick, and you wake up to the sun streaming in through the windows. You’re late for work, man. Better take a shower and clean up that half-assembled hookah you left in the kitchen!

7) Drop Your Shisha

It’s 3am and no stores are open. You have just enough shisha left to pack one more magical bowl. Your vision may be a bit blurry from imbibing a few adult spirits. And boom. Your shisha hits the floor. Here’s the question: how clean is your floor?

8) Dropping a hot coal on the floor and trying to pick it up with your bare hands.

The hookah is set up and ready to go. You made some friends this weekend, and you’re ready to impress them with your sweet hookah skills. You’re talking, and laughing and the really cute girl says something that you want her to think is hilarious. Unfortunately at that moment, you drop the hot coal you had in your hookah tongs, but you’re laughing and you don’t want to lose the flow so you just bend down and pick that coal right up. And laughter turns to screaming. Luckily she’s a nurse and she helps you bandage that horrific blister.


How To Build A Custom Hookah

In the past, was your one stop hookah shop. Nothing has changed, but we want to continue to expand and provide you with your ideal hookah, even if we don’t have the exact pipe that you want. Now you can build your very own hookah! We start with the stems, and you choose what base, hose, and bowl you’d like to add. So far, we have only made the Nammor stems available in our custom hookah creation, but that category is sure to expand! Watch our quick tutorial video to see how you can make your very own Nammor hookah. Enjoy!


Step by step instruction to design your own hookah:

1) Pick your favorite hookah stem from our hookah stem accessories category.

2) Select the base, bowl, hose, and bowl grommet of your choice from the drop down menus on the right side of the stem picture.

3) Make sure you have the correctly corresponding bowl grommet option. If you already have a bowl at home that you want to use, double check with grommet is the correct fit. For the Vortex bowls available on the drop down, you will need to select a Mod Grommet.

custom hookah options


Hookah Spookah! Part 6: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from Jack O. Lantern

“Even if you are carving a beaming smile into my face, you are still carving into my face!”

Being a Jack-o-Lantern is tough. We are banished to a pumpkin patches for 11 months a year, and then October comes around and everyone decides they want to carve into our faces. As if that isn’t enough, now I’m finding out that people are smoking tobacco that is flavored like my extended family! I know, it’s hard to believe that there are such cannibals in this world. Pumpkins have rights, you know! Here is a list of a few of the offending products.

Fantasia Pumpkin Spice Shisha– It’s such a shame that adding a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg to a pumpkin flavor is such a delectable treat for humans. I can understand – as my family has great taste – that adding some sweetened flavors to spice up the mixture is ideal for you hookah heathens.

Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie – Mixing pumpkin with spices is certainly understandable, but smashing pumpkins into a pie and creating a spot-on pumpkin pie flavored tobacco?! Ludicrous! So you people feel no shame?

Pumpkin Hookah – Okay, so, I’m admittedly a little flattered by the Pumpkin Hookah. What an adorable little pumpkin shaped base! I am insulted that there is no orange base, but I suppose there are 7 colors from which to choose on the website. Also, $24.99 is quite a low price to sell my likeness. I’m not even receiving royalty checks for this!

Tangiers Jackfruit – I’m pretty sure this fruit was named after me, considering my name is Jack. Let’s forget that a jackfruit is a real fruit. For all my torment, I’m claiming this name as my own. I’m also happy to report that Tangiers Jackfruit does NOT contain any pumpkin flavor; rather this is more of a banana and plum raison mixture.

This is my plea to you: purchase all of the pumpkin themed materials that you can. Get them off the shelves! And if nothing else, make sure to enjoy them. A lot of good pumpkins took a fall for your pleasure, and the greatest tragedy of all would be my family getting picked in vain. So fine, smoke a pumpkin, but honor us. Remember us. And above all, happy smoking.

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New Mya Onyx Hookahs – Onyx 400 & Onyx 248

Mya Saray has just released their newest line of hookahs – The Mya Onyx series. The Mya Onyx hookahs are available in two models – the Onyx 248, and the Onyx 400, and both are available with either Gold or Silver colored stems as well as a variety of different base colors.

Mya Onyx 400 Hookah Details

The Mya Onyx 400 is an exceptional hookah. It is a very heavy duty, solid hookah which would be perfect at home or in a hookah lounge. When you pick up the hookah stem, you will immediately notice the weight of the thing. Even next to a high quality Egyptian hookah, the Mya Onyx feels heavier and much sturdier. The detailing on the stem is incredible as well. Check out the detailed pics below to get a feel for just how beautiful this thing is.

As with most Mya hookahs, the Onyx 400 is expandable to up to 4 hoses and features standard sizing on all parts for easy replacement if something breaks or wears out. The base is also beautifully detailed and is quite heavy. It is a screw-in design so there is less chance of dropping and breaking your base but that also means that this hookah will not work with other, non-threaded, hookah bases.






Mya Onyx 248 Hookah Details

The Mya Onyx 248 hookah is very similar to the Onyx 400, but is designed in order to offer a lower cost alternative. The Onyx 248 is 3 inches shorter than the 400, and features a simplified solid stem, without the detailed engravings found on the 400. Aside from that, these bad boys are essentially the same hookahs. You get the same glass base, the same hoses, the same tray, etc. The only difference is the stem itself. See some detailed pics below.


New Fantasia Ice Shisha Flavors

Fantasia shisha tobacco has released a new line of flavors that are fruit flavors, mixed with the ever popular Fantasia Ice Mint. These are packaged in a fresh new package, and there are 10 new flavors from which to choose available in 50g and 100g. We tried quite a few different flavors – here are our flavor reviews!

Fantasia Grape Ice – This has a very dry, mostly grape smell out of the package. Hints of the Ice Mint are there, but it is mostly overpowered by the grape. It has a grape wine type of taste, which dominates the flavor. Hints of mint come through on the exhale. Available in 50g and 100g.
Hookah setup:  Lavoo MP1-JR, Phunnel Bowl, Kaloud Lotus, 3 Cocobuzz

Fantasia Grape Ice Shisha
Fantasia lemon Ice Shisha

Fantasia Lemon Ice – It smells like a Lemonhead out of the box! This flavor had a nice even balance of sweet lemon and Ice Mint. We used a small Mya EconoGelato and were able to produce huge clouds of smoke with the lemon mint. Available in 50g and 100g.
Hookah setup: Mya Econo Gelato, Tangiers Phunnel bowl, 3 Cocobuzz coals

Fantasia Melon Ice – Out of the package, the mint smell overpowers the melon aroma, although both are definitely present. The melon is watermelon, and has a great natural watermelon flavor to it. The Ice Mint gives it a nice complement and balances out the strong melon flavor nicely. Available in 50g and 100g.
Hookah setup: Lavoo MP1-JR, Phunnel bowl, 3 Cocobuzz coals

Fantasia melon Ice Shisha
Fantasia Strawberry Ice Shisha

Fantasia Strawberry Ice – This shisha has a super powerful strawberry smell, which almost completely overpowers the Ice Mint. The flavor, however, is extremely light on the strawberry. This one has a very minty inhale with almost no strawberry presence. After passing the hose off, there was a pretty strong strawberry aftertaste. Available in 50g and 100g.
Hookah setup: Lavoo MP1-JR, Phunnel bowl, 3 Coco Nara Coals

Fantasia Citrus Ice – Citrus Ice does not smell like citrus. It has a very sweet smell, and is even light on the Ice Mint smell. However, the smoke comes through with a very stout citrus flavor and carries a nice, cool minty exhale. No flavor overpowers the other; it has a nice balance to both. The smoke output on Citrus Ice is lesser than any of the flavors we tried, but the flavor is much stronger than the clouds would lead you to believe. Available in 50g and 100g.
Hookah setup: Mya QT, Vortex bowl, 3 Coco Nara coals

Fantasia Citrus Ice Shisha

Have you had the chance to try any of these new flavors? Feel free to leave your flavor review in the comments below!


7 Hookah Secrets Only Hookah Experts Know

The world of hookah is a mysterious place filled with lots of truths, even more myths, and some important secrets of the experts. We like to consider ourselves hookah experts here at and so we wanted to dispell some of the common myths, expound on the truths, and unleash the secrets. After reading this blog you’ll be well on your way to becoming a hookah jedi master.

1) Tall Hookahs Don’t Smoke Better Than Short Hookahs.

The idea that a taller hookah automatically smokes better than a short one has been thrown around for a long time. It is 100% a myth. With the exception of hookahs with extremely small bases which cannot hold enough water to properly cool your smoke, nearly all hookahs, tall or short, will smoke about the same.

The things that make one hookah better than another are the width of your downstem/hose adapter/hose, a lack of air-leaks, and a base that holds enough water to cool your smoke properly. Set up a good 40″ KM hookah next to a 12″ tall Mya hookah, and assuming they are both properly set up, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

For more info on this topic, check out our blog Hookah Mythbusters – Does A Tall Hookah Really Smoke Better Than A Small Hookah.

2) A Hookah Is Only As Good As It’s Smallest Choke Point

This hookah secret is one that we wish more people knew about. It all boils down to physics. As smoke passes through your hookah, it will go through a series of passageways of various sizes. Obviously the largest sized passageway will be the base where the smoke has lots of space. The main chokepoints to keep an eye on would be the downstem, the hose adapter, the heart chamber, and your hose. Whichever one of these passageways has the smallest opening, will regulate the performance of all of the others.

An analogy would be an 8 lane super highway that all of a sudden merges down to 1 lane. It doesn’t matter how much room you have on the highway, everything is going to slow down when it merges to one lane. So when you are buying your next hookah, don’t just look at the downstem or base, look at the hose adapter and the heart as well so you can determine how large the smallest opening is. The wider the openings are, the easier the pull, and the more smoke you will get.

Glass hookahs, as well as Nammor hookahs and Khalil Mamoon hookahs will generally offer the best performance in this regard.

3) Double Apple Doesn’t Really Taste Like Apple

This is a common misconception amongst new hookah smokers. I like apple flavors, and this flavor is called DOUBLE apple, so it must be twice as good, right? Well that all depends on the smoker. If you love the flavor of anise and black licorice with a hint of apple, it’s right up your alley. But if you were looking for a juicy, ripe, apple flavor, beware, you won’t find it here.

Most smokers learn this difference early on, but you’d be surprised at how many seasoned vets still don’t know this ancient hookah secret.

4) Plastic Washable Hoses Are AWESOME

Some hookah smokers turn their noses up at cheap, washable hoses that you can find for under $10. We love our Nammor hoses, our Dream hoses, and other high end washable hoses, but take a walk around our office on any given day and you will see most people using $8 Nuhoses, $5 Washable Hookah Hoses, etc. Why? It’s pretty simple really. They are cheap, they smoke great, especially when you are smoking in a small group or by yourself, and if a flavor ghosts really bad you can just throw it away and get another one.

Don’t hate on the cheap hoses, they serve a very simple purpose – to move smoke from the hookah to you – and they work great.

5) NEVER Smoke Strong Flavors With A Non-Washable Hose

If you are a fan of very strong flavors like mint, floral/spice flavors, or double apple, you probably already know all about this, but this will be helpful for the newer smokers out there. These flavors, and others like them, tend to ghost really badly in your hose. So unless you want each and every flavor you smoke to taste like rose, or mint, we suggest avoiding those flavors if you are using a non-washable hookah hose.

A workaround for this is to have a dedicated hose for each flavor. One for mint, one for fruit flavors, one for floral flavors, etc. Or, of course, you could just switch to a washable hose.

6) The Best Shisha Mixes Use Three Flavors Or Less

We love a good shisha mix, and are constantly experimenting with the best blends, but one secret we have found is that if you mix too many flavors it just doesn’t work. It might sound like a great plan to mix banana, strawberry, blueberry, mint, coconut, and lime, but you just end up with a messy blend with no distinct flavors.

Stick to 3 or less flavors per mix and you should be able to distinguish each individual flavor and enjoy the nuances caused by the interplay between them.

7) Women Played A Vital Role In The Spread Of Hookah Culture

The hookah pipe, in some form, has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years but it did not spread beyond the middle east until the late 1800s and early 1900s when it became very fashionable for women to be seen, and photographed, smoking hookahs. Men typically would socialize outside of the home and would smoke pipes and cigarettes, while women would enjoy the hookah in the home. The trend of being photographed with hookahs led to a huge surge in the spread of hookah knowledge.

It would be many years before hookahs were readily available throughout the world, but this trend helped spread knowledge, and curiosity, about the hookah far and wide.


Hookah Spookah! Part 5: Hookah and Shisha Recommendations from a Witch

“Double, double, foil trouble; coals will burn and hookahs bubble!”

hookah witch

We witches get a bad rap. It’s not all eye of newt and sage around here, you know! Some of my favorite potions are perfectly bewitching, no spells needed – just a dash of shisha or a puff of vape.

fantasia magic dragon

Fantasia Magic Dragon has been my favorite shisha flavor for eons. A light blueberry mint concoction hits the spot. And it reminds me of the fantastic dragon I knew back in the 1700s. His name was Marty, and he had this great joke about breathing fire over a forest. I can’t do it justice, you had to be there!

fantasia starter kit

Of course my witch doctor told me I’m getting too old to smoke hookah (ha! I don’t look a day over 345), so I’ve since moved on to vaping. I can still get Fantasia Magic Dragon in e-liquid form, and I smoke it out of my Fantasia Rechargeable e-Hookah! My coven sisters thought I had cast a spell on a metal tube, but I was like no way, bae, these clouds are the real deal.

When I want to feel extra sassy, I use a flavor tank that is compatible with my Skull Drip Tip. Just because I’m vaping, doesn’t mean I mess around with being a hardcore witch!

I might not be the prettiest e-hookah lover around these parts, but if I catch you saying anything about the warts on my nose, I’ll cast a love spell on you and suddenly I’ll be your Julia Roberts! Is she still relevant? Who knows. If you want to be hip like this old crone, check out all of the e-hookah devices and liquids at my favorite online shop!

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Throw Your Own Hookah Halloween Party

It’s 8:56pm, the party starts at 9:00pm and your mind is racing. Is my party going to suck? Is anyone going to come? Is anyone going to wear a costume?! Never fear, your successful party planning crew has arrived. Let’s get all Martha Stewart up in this beeyotch. Here’s what you need:

Awesome Decor


The first thing that party guests will notice is how awesome your place looks. Use your hookah expertise to take your decor to the next level.

  • Add some Halloween color to your hookah base by throwing in some Roi Beads. Grab the glow-in-the-dark, black, or orange ones if you want it to look extra Halloween-y. As a bonus, these are fantastic smoke diffusers!
  • Glow-in-The-Dark Mouth Tips are a fun detail, and hygenic!
  • Pick a designated hookah area and set up a makeshift Halloween-inspired hookah lounge.
  • Do you have any old, broken hookah parts that you just couldn’t bare to dispose of? Your hoarder tendencies will be put to good use! Make a hookah grave yard scene; use shisha tins for head stones, and broken stems, bowls, or bases for a rugged effect.
  • Make a hookah out of a carved pumpkin. See the video below for instructions on how:

Good Drinks, Food, and Shisha Flavors

Pick a shisha that will compliment the palate of the evening. Starbuzz has some great Fall inspired shisha flavors like Pumpkin Pie, Carmel Apple, and Christmas Mix; Romman Shisha also wants you to get into the spirit with Turkish Coffee, Apple Cinnamon, and Chocolate Mint. Pick a shisha, then compliment those flavors with some spiced red wine Sangria, and a pumpkin flavored nosh for your guests!

Engage Guests

Finally, everyone loves a contest. Have a costume contest at your party, and give away prizes to the winners. Since you already have the hookah going, you might as well take pictures of your costumed friends smoking hookah, then submit those photos to OUR hookah Halloween costume contest! Read up on the contest rules, and get ready to win a free hookah!

Good luck, party planners! Have a safe, and fun Hookahween – as always, happy smoking!


Hookah Halloween Instagram Scavenger Hunt

It’s about to get scary up in here! We had so much fun with our first scavenger hunt contest, we decided to do a spooktacular Halloween version! We are holding an Instagram photo scavenger hunt contest.

How To Participate:

1) Take a photo of as many of the items below as you can.
2) Post each of them individually on Instagram. In the comment section of your photo, explain which photo requirement it fulfills. You can only submit one entry per ‘subject’ listed below. You will not get extra points for submitting multiple versions of the same item. And you cannot submit one photo that meets multiple requirements. One photo = one item completed.
3) Tag us on Instagram- @hookah_shisha
4) Use the hashtag #HookahHalloween14. This is important because this is how we will track your entries.

Hookah Scavenger Hunt


All rules must be adhered to. We have the right to not count an individual entry, or a person’s participation as a whole, if we believe any of these rules have been breached. ***ALL PICTURES MUST BE TAKEN BY YOU, OR HAVE YOU IN THEM. YOU CANNOT TAKE PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET, NOR CAN YOU USE ANY PHOTO EDITOR***
1) No digital altering of the photograph beyond an Instagram filter. You have to have taken the picture of a thing that you were present for. You cannot just use a picture that you got from Google.
2) Must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
3) You must have an existing account with our website, or you must set one up.
4) You must live in the continental United States.
5) All entries must be posted to Instagram by November 4, 2014, 11:59pm CST.

What Do You Win?


The top 5 highest point scorers will all receive a free Furat Hookah.


First place will receive a Premium Grove 2-hose hookah. This hookah is the LAST model like it in our store! This may be your only chance to own one. Please send any questions or inquiries about this contest to

hookah premium grove


Best e-Liquid Flavors For Fall

Fill Your E-Cig With Fall Flavors!

It’s finally starting to cool off in Texas, and we’re ready to celebrate Fall! While we will always pledge our allegiance to the hookah, there have been some really awesome advances in e-cigs and e-hookahs. Aside from all of the neat new electronic cigarette hardware, the e-liquid flavor selection is vastly expanding. If you’re new to vaping, or looking to try some new flavors, we thought we’d put together a little recipe guide to help you put out some serious seasonally-inspired vape clouds!

Must-Have e-Liquid Flavors

There are a few e-liquid flavors that are essential for your fall flavor line up. This time of year conjures up thoughts of warm apple pies, hot steamy drinks, and sweet treats. The flavors that you will definitely need to achieve these warm feelings include vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon. You can add these flavors to almost any other flavor to give it a rich, autumn tone. Here are the yummiest versions of these flavor staples.

eliquid pros e liquid cinnamontology

eLiquid Pros Cinnamontology- this cinnamon roll inspired flavor is the perfect spicy addition. Throw a little bit of this cinnamon kick into almost any buttery-sweet flavor, and it will give it new life!

 pink spot e liquid french vanilla

Pink Spot French Vanilla- ones of the best parts of Fall is that vanilla ice cream basically goes on everything. Add a few drops of this flavor to any winter fruits flavor (peach, apple, etc.) and it instantly becomes a la mode!

austin's e liquid espresso

Austin’s e-Cig e-Liquid Espresso – nothing accentuates a chilly, crisp day like a hot cup of coffee. Add some espresso e-liquid together with chocolate, vanilla, or any other sweet treat to give it an added dimension.

Looking for something a little more complex? Here are some StElLaR e-liquid flavor mixes that will get you ready for scarf weather.


chocolate cappuccino e liquid


Austin’s Chocolate Malt + Austin’s Vanilla Cappuccino (add Austin’s e-Cig e-Liquid Espresso for extra coffee kick)

cinnamon apple cider e liquid

Spiced Cider

Hookafina Butterscotch + Smooth Apple Dapplez + eLiquid Pros Cinnamontology

lemonberry cobbler e liquid

Lemonberry Cobbler

Austin’s Lemon Meringue + Pink Spot Blackberry Cobbler + Pink Spot French Vanilla

chocolate Belgian waffle e liquid

The Minty Belgian

Hookafina Choco Mint + Austin’s Belgian Waffle