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The Perfect Mya Hookah Collection

Are you a hookah collector? Many of our employees have extensive hookah collections. A few of the staff members at Hookah-Shisha are avid fans of Mya hookahs. This got us to thinking – what would be the perfect collection of Mya hookahs? We polled our employees and this is what we came up with!

Best Small Mya Hookah


Mya QT Hookah– The QT is hands down the most popular small Mya hookah we have on our website. For the size, it produces mammoth clouds! It is also incredibly easy to clean. Considering that it comes with its own carrying cage, the QT is also perfect for travel. A good alternate to the QT is the Mya Bambino, which comes with a full carrying case!

Best Large Mya Hookah


Mya Acrylic Hookah – The Mya Acrylic offers an interlocking threaded base and stem connection so there is no risk of the base detaching while moving the hookah and the base itself is composed of durable acrylic making this hookah nearly fool proof! This is great for those hookah smokers with clumsy friends.

Best Mya Econo Hookah


Mya Econo Gelato Hookah– The EconoGelato hookahs are the best choice for hookah smokers on a tight budget. Standing at 13 inches tall, this little hookah packs quite a punch! It’s available in 8 different colors and is a terrific alternative to the regular Mya Gelato hookah.

Best Crystal Mya Hookah


Mya Quadrus Hookah– This 20 inch beauty will stand proudly as a centerpiece in any living room. The one of a kind crystal clear base beautifully complements the twisted crystal stem – which is conveniently available in gold (brass) or silver (stainless steel). This hookah is perfect for group smoke sessions or flying solo in style.


Starbuzz Bold White Chai Flavor Review

Starbuzz Bold White Chai Shisha

Starbuzz’s newest Bold flavor, White Chai, is here and we wanted to share a quick employee review with everyone. We were a bit surprised by this flavor. Upon opening the tin we got a strong peach smell. When we loaded a bowl and began smoking the peach was also the predominant flavor. It’s very similar to Starbuzz White Peach. There is a bit of a spicy tea undertone as well, but not the big bold chai tea flavor we had expected. It’s a very pleasant smoke and if you like a good peach flavor, you will enjoy Starbuzz Bold White Chai. As always, Hookah-Shisha is the place to get all of the newest flavors in any size you want. We have Starbuzz Bold White Chai available in 50g, 100g, 250g, & 1000g sizes.

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Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze Flavor Review

Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze Shisha

Starbuzz has released two new Bold flavors this week. In this post we are going to give everyone a quick review of Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze. Even before you open the tin, you will be hit with a strong lemon scent. The scent is very accurate as once you begin to smoke you will get a sweet lemon candy flavor. Various people who tried this new flavor have compared it to Lemon Drop or Lemon Head candies. There is a cool and minty menthol finish as well. Overall it’s a very tasty and refreshing flavor for fans of sweet lemon and mint blends. You can purchase Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze in 50g, 100g, 250g, & 1000g sizes.

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Employee Picks – Top 5 Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco Mixes

The following flavor mixes are our employee picks for our favorite or most creative Al Fakher mixtures. The mixes were created using exclusively Al Fakher flavors and quality tested in-house to ensure the most flavorful and pleasant smoke session imaginable. Al Fakher is the major league of traditional as well as fruity smoke, so these mixtures are sure to blow your mind!

Al Fakher Lemon Rose – Lemon Rose is comprised of equal parts Al Fakher Lemon and Rose. The flavor combination is surprisingly unpredictable. Neither lemon nor rose dominates, but the combination creates a sweet flavor that we can only describe as – Skittles!

Al Fakher Watermelon Mint/Vanilla – What a treat! Again, equal parts will do the trick for this delicious flavor explosion. Watermelon Mint is one of Al Fakher’s most popular and tasty flavors, but when combined with Al Fakher Vanilla, it is on another level. The strong watermelon and mint overtones are slowly transformed into a creamy vanilla exhale of awesomeness.

Al Fakher Blueberry/Orange/Vanilla ½ Blueberry, ¼ Orange and ¼ Vanilla. We call this flavor Blueberry Buckle. The powerful blueberry is complemented by the orange and vanilla tones that create sort of a blueberry cobbler flavor. This is the only way to describe it. If you want to go all out on the cobbler idea, add in some cinnamon!

Al Fakher Blueberry/Golden Grape – Make this mixture with equal parts. Upon smoking this mix, we notice that it has a very strong wine flavor. The powerful Golden Grape comes through stronger than the blueberry, which ensures those wine overtones. To make your wine mixture sweeter, add more Blueberry! If you’re a wine fan, add more Golden Grape!

Al Fakher Orange Cardamom – This was the dark horse winner of our employee picks! Simply amazing, this combination comes through subtly as an obvious orange, but the Cardamom flavor takes over the exhale. It takes the kick out of the orange and adds a cardamom spin!

Al Fakher Suicide – Honorable Mention. If you’re feeling froggy, add 1/64th of every Al Fakher flavor and see what happens! We have not tried this mix because we are afraid the universe may implode. Good luck!

If there are any other flavor mixtures from Al Fakher you have tried, let us know in the comments below!


How To Pack A Bowl Of Haze Shisha

It is a common misconception that all shishas are created equal. Some are dry, some are juicy, and some are temperamental. Sometimes, a simple packing technique can completely change the smokeability of a shisha.

For example, just like how Tangiers necessitates a special packing techinique, there is way to pack Haze tobacco that can really makes a huge difference in your session. The owner and operator of Haze shisha has a few great tips to help you get the optimal smoke out of your next bowl of haze:

“Because of the way we process and manufacture our tobacco we urge [smokers] to make sure to mix the tobacco so it’s completely wet by taking it from the bottom where the juices are to the top and mix so it’s completely wet. Then have the tobacco fluffed and over-packed above the rim of the bowl. [Create] toothpick size holes (not pin size holes). The foil will push the tobacco down, [your tobacco SHOULD BE] touching the foil. Then, use more [coals than you usually do with a traditional bowl of shisha]…if you usually use 2 coals, then use 3…if you usually use 3 coals, then use 4.

haze packing technique

In the above picture, this is a bowl that holds about 25-30g of tobacco. Using approximately 4 coals on your average sized Egyptian bowl is ideal for Haze shisha, but since this bowl is a little bigger, that are 5 coals on top.

The clouds that are produced with this method are insane! And it’s hard to burn if you really get those shisha juices mixed around in there. Give it a try, and tell us what you think!


Top 5 Nammor Hookahs – Employee Picks

Nammor hookahs are a traditional Egyptian brand of hookah pipe. The best thing about these hookahs is that they come standard with Nammor Hookah Hoses, these are some of the finest, washable hookah hoses available. As for the hookahs, their wide hose ports, large bases and welded shafts contribute to one of the smokiest hookah experiences possible!

Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

nammor cleopatra

The Cleopatra has a very unique look that an instant attention grabber! It also has a wide gauge hose port and has one of the easiest draws of any of our hookahs. If you pair this hookah with a Heba or a Pharaoh Diffuser – look out – the Cleopatra will be one of the best smoking hookahs you can own!

Nammor Pharaoh Hookah

nammor pharaoh hookah

Simple, easy to use and even easier to clean, the Nammor Pharaoh have the classic Egyptian look and feel that most vintage smokers are looking for. The big, chunky glass base combined with the wide Nammor hose provides ample space for lots of smoke – resulting in massive thunderclouds!

Nammor Pecos Hookah

nammor pecos hookah

Standing at only 26 inches tall, the Pecos is one of the most compact Nammors available. It comes with an Azizi style base which I think is one of the more unique Egyptian style bases. The shaft is a really simple and all silver in color which gives it a super traditional look. You can get this awesome pipe for under $100!

Nammor Bijou Ice Hookah

nammor bijou ice hookah

The Bijou Ice comes with a uniquely designed base that cannot be found on most of our hookahs. The shaft matches the base which is great if you are looking to color coordinate your hookah set up. The ice chamber is what makes it the best. Cool your smoke before it even hits the base! Of course, we also carry the regular Nammor Bijou without the ice chamber.

Nammor Monolith Hookah

nammor monolith hookah

Standing at a daunting 41 inches tall, the Nammor Monolith has one of the most spectacular bases of any of our hookahs. The massive shaft has a matching black pear to go with it, which makes this particular Nammor hookah one of the most aesthetically pleasing setups we have. Not to mention it comes with a trusty Nammor hose for maximum smoke production!


Al Fakher Flavor Mix Contest

**Update #2**

Our winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Danny for his winning mix – Honey Lemon Mint Ricola! Thanks everyone for participating, this was a lot of fun. Check out the comments section of this post for all of the entries and be sure to keep your eye on the Hookah Love Blog, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for future contests!


Here are the top 10 finalists! We will announce the winner tomorrow (September 17).

Marie, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 1/3 cinnamon 1/2 vanilla 1/3 coconut.

Danny, Honey Lemon Mint Ricola, 40% lemon mint 40% honey 20% mint cream.

Doug, Autumn Asylum, 1/4 of each: apple, cinnamon, honey, vanilla.

Alyssa, Strawnilla, 1/4 vanilla and 3/4 strawberry.

Courtney, Lembellery, 15% lemon 35% melon 50% berry.

Aaron, Double Dipped Decadence, 1/2 blueberry 1/2 chocolate.

Ralphy, WTF: What The Fruit, 1/6 grapefruit 2/6 vanilla 1/6 strawberry 1/6 grape 1/6 mint.

Cesar, Vanilla Cola, 25% vanilla 75% cola.

Ryan, The Slatts, 1/4 of each: rose, jasmine, lemon, mint.

Elias, The Silly Nephew, 50% orange cream 30% blueberry 20% grenadine

It’s time for another contest!

What Is The Contest?

We want to find the best Al Fakher mix recipes out there! And we’re not just talking about ‘Double Apple with some Mint’ – no way, we want to find the most original, unique flavor blends that you’ve concocted.



How To Enter

Enter by submitting your recipe in the comments section of this blog. You can submit as may recipes as you’d like, but please just list one recipe per comment. Make sure to include your email address that your Hookah-Shisha account is listed under. No one will see your email other than us, but you do need to include it when posting a comment. This is how we will notify our winners, as well as distribute prizes. Make sure to include the ratios in your recipes, for example: 1/4 coconut, 1/8 cherry, 1/8 chocolate, 1/2 cardamom. Finally, give your mix a name!


1) All recipes must include Al Fakher exclusively.

2) One recipe submission per comment. (There is no limit on how many recipes one person can submit)

3) You must have a Hookah-Shisha account. Don’t have one? Sign up here!

4) Contest submission will be accepted until Monday September 15, Midnight CST.

5) We will choose the 11 best flavor mixes.

6)  The top 10 winners will receive a swag bag full of samples, stickers, and other fun toys!

7) The first place winner will receive a Mya Acrylic Gold 1-Hose Hookah! Additionally, the number one flavor mix will be sold in a pack on our website, just like this last flavor winner is!

8) We will pull 11 of the flavor mixes out of a hat, then taste use the refined palettes of our our HS employees to determine a winner.  Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask! You can reach us at


Tangiers Breakfast Cereal Showdown

Tangiers shisha tobacco has long been one of the most sought-after shisha brands, particularly the Tangiers Cane Mint, Orange Soda, and their Breakfast Cereal flavors. You may have noticed that Tangiers has two different, but similarly named, breakfast cereal flavors. Tangiers started out releasing, “It’s Like that One Breakfast Cereal”, which was so popular that it inspired the release of a second cereal flavor, “It’s Like That Other Breakfast Cereal”. Now, for the million dollar question:

What is the difference between “That One Breakfast Cereal” and “That Other Breakfast Cereal”?



tangiers that other breakfast cereal

That ONE Breakfast Cereal

Available in the Tangiers Birquq line, That One Breakfast Cereal immediately smells like Fruit Loops! If you smell it any longer than that, you may start to think it could be Fruity Pebbles as well – and you might be right. This flavor is very citrus-y. There are strong lemon-lime tones, complemented by a bit of orange with a milky exhale. We believe that “That One Breakfast Cereal” is most definitely derived from Fruit Loops. Case closed.

tangiers that one breakfast cereal

That OTHER Breakfast Cereal

That Other Breakfast Cereal is not as definitive as its counterpart. It has a very strong cherry smell, with some tantalizing tropical fruit overtones. We have come to the conclusion that this flavor is designed to replicate the flavor Trix cereal. The tropical fruits are the most prevalent, with cherry leading the way. That Other Breakfast Cereal is much more like a fruit punch and cherry, with some citrus overtones to complete the flavor medley. Available in Tangiers Birquq.

Have you tried these flavors? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


Tobacco-Free and Nicotine-Free Shisha Alternatives

The Low Down on Tobacco-Free Hookah Alternatives

Nicotine Free options are taking the world of hookah by storm! There are several options in choosing a nicotine-free and tobacco-free shisha to smoke in your hookah. The variations below are our top recommended shisha tobacco alternatives.

hydro herbal shisha Herbal Shisha

Herbal tobacco is very similar to traditional shisha, except the tobacco leaves are switched out for herbal materials, like tea leaves. This herbal ‘tobacco’ is then mixed up with the same glycerin and molasses flavorings that are used to make your favorite traditional shisha tobaccos. The best brands that make an herbal shisha tobacco option are Al-Fakher Herbal, Fantasia Herbal, Hookah-Hookah Evolution Tea Herbal, and Hydro Herbal. These are all tobacco-free and nicotine-free.

shiazo steam stones Steam Stones

What are steam stones? These are another tobacco-free and nicotine-free shisha option, also refered to as vapor stones. Steam stones have no ‘leafy’ material at all, instead they are comprised of small porous minerals that are soaking in the liquid that provides the flavoring (molasses and glycerin, same as in shisha).

When using stones, it is best to use a bowl that has a center spire, rather than holes at the bottom of the bowl. This is to ensure none of the flavor juices escapes down into the stem and into the water of the hookah. Examples of these bowls are the Vortex, Phunnel, and the Harmony Bowls. Once all of the liquid has been smoked, you just discard the rocks and load a new bowl! Our personal favorites are Shiazo Steam Stones (check out Shiazo Organic Stones as well!) and the Mya Rocks.

beamer gel drops Shisha Gel Drops

Another favorite in the shisha alternative game is gel, also referred to as gel drops. Beamer Gel Ice Drops are small pieces of gel that have been injected with glycerin and other flavored molasses. When lit with your hookah charcoal, these gel drops produce steam instead of smoke. These are used in a bowl with foil, just like regular shisha. Looking for tobacco-free, but still has that kick of nicotine? Try Beamer Lifted Nicotine Gel Drops!

Decloud Shisha Fruits

Shisha fruits are made from real fruits, and actually burn longer than most tobacco-free options. These fruits are infused with glycerin to ensure huge flavor and tremendous clouds of smoke. Decloud is simply the employee favorite of all the tobacco-free options we have on our website. Nearly any fruit flavor you can imagine is available, and we even carry a fruit medley!


New Jazze Pha Haze Shisha Flavor Line

Have you ever heard of songwriter, vocalist and musical producer Jazze Pha? We certainly have (but we had to look him up because (real talk) we’re all old)! Not only is he tearing it up in the music industry, but he has recently teamed up with Haze Tobacco to release his own limited edition line of shisha. This new line from Haze Tobacco offers three terrific flavors, and it will have you smoking with #swag in no time!

jazze pha haze shisha

Jazze Pha Candy Apple Love Haze – This is a sweet candy apple flavor that is sure to appease your inner sugar addict. The sweetness of the candy flavor comes in strong when first smoking this mixture and the exhale reveals the classic apple flavor. If you are a fan of super sweet candy apple, you must try this.

Jazze Pha Oh Boy Explosion Haze – This is another sweet blend of deliciousness. Hands down one of the best grape and mint combinations available today! The grape is incredibly sweet and the mint is quite subtle, but it complements and overpowers the strength of the sweet grape upon exhaling. Plus -EXPLOSIONS! AMIRITE? Explosions are tite.

Jazze Pha Panty Droppa Haze – An office favorite, Panty Droppa is a combination of bubble gum and watermelon that is certain to make the ladies swoon. The juiciness of the shisha contributes to the lip-smacking juicy watermelon flavor, complemented by the sweet bubble gum tones, which reminds us of the Bubblicious™ we used to chew back in the day. But back in the day, we did not have Haze Jazze Pha Panty Droppa! Nor did we know what ‘panty droppa’ meant…THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Have you tried this new Jazze Pha Haze tobacco yet? If so, let us know what you think! Oh yeah, and #SmokeSxxy.