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Hookah Freak Shisha: A Closer Look

New Hookah Freak Blends

Who’s ready to get freaky? The crazy flavor blends of Hookah Freak have arrived on our website, and we were excited to get smoking on them. Hookah Freak is a blended line of the Hookah-Hookah tobacco flavors, all of which are made here in the United States. The Hookah Freak line started popping up online about 6 years ago, and since then they have improved on several flavors, making them bolder and extending the overall length of the flavor. But what’s really different about this freaky stuff?

The Cut

Hookah Freak Tobacco Cut

Opening a fresh bag of shisha, we are usually met with either a golden leaf tobacco, red dyed tobacco, or possibly some black leaf tobacco. After you twist open a can of Hookah Freak, you will be greeted with a dark and fine cut shisha that contains long strips of flue cured Virginia tobacco.

Wait, what’s flue cured? It’s the process that takes place before the tobacco can blended with the natural ingredients that Hookah Freak uses for all of their flavors. Hanging the leaves in an area that funnels heat straight to the leaves, allows them to be cured without any smoke and provides more sugar in each leaf. Each jar contains a decent amount of excess shisha juice, but the shisha itself is moist rather than extremely juicy. We still prefer to bust out the ol’ classic oyster fork.

The Flavor

Currently we are offering 10 flavor blends of the Hookah Freak, and they all smell pretty amazing, so hats off to whomever is the blendmaster over there. So far what we have noticed with this line is a desirable amount of  longevity, and that is what everyone wants in their sessions. The flavor blends could tell a story if they had a mouth, but that’s not going to happen so allow us to explain some stories of our experiences with Hookah Freak.

Just like all the other cool people in this world we enjoy the movie “The Big Lebowski”, so it was only right that we loaded The Dude. It only took a couple of pulls to realize that this was the magical mix we commonly know as a “White Russian”, producing clouds thicker and whiter than the drink itself. We enjoy the flavor build up for most of the flavors, achieving something new with each draw over time, but we didn’t stop at just one flavor.

Who Wants Some Pancakes

Keeping up the theme of classic movies we threw in some Pineapple Xpress, which at first we thought was a little light in the pineapple department on the first couple of pulls., but if you give it a good 10 minutes you will have a nice treat waiting for you on the other side. At this point we we’re still freaking out (see what I did there) and someone asked “Would anyone like some pancakes?’, so we whipped a bowl of Blueberry Pancakes. You can catch the full video below for the loading instructions, and some insight on Blueberry Pancakes.


We hope you guys enjoy Hookah Freak as much as we did, let us know what some of your favorite mixes are down below. If you wanna make your own Hookah-Freak mixes, be sure to check out the Hookah Hookah section for some crazy flavors that are all spot on.

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Sub Ohm Vaping With A Box Mod, Electronic Mod, Or A Mechanical Mod

If you’re into vaping, you’ve probably noticed some vapers exhaling some huge clouds. If you’ve asked yourself, “How do they do that?”, this article is for you. Cloud chasing has always been an activity pursued by vape afficianados but until recently you had to have a physics degree and a decent skill set to produce these clouds.

Purists will still swear that the best way to do this is to hand-wrap your own coils, pick the perfect battery and mod… They’re probably right, but there are a lot of new products on the market that make plug n’ play cloud production a piece of cake. The following article is going to highlight the best products for cloud chasers, and some tips on how to turn yourself into a vape dragon.

Picking The Right Mod

Your mod holds your batteries, and is the heart of your vapor production. There are mechanical mods, electronic mods, and box mods. Whichever path you choose to go down, you’ll need a good clearomizer to attach to your mod, and unless you’re using a mod with a built-in battery, you’ll need to pick up some batteries and a charger.

Mechanical Mods are a tube specifically designed to get maximum energy transmission from a battery. Mech mods are designed with a specific battery size in mind, and are fitted with highly conductive materials to maximize energy transfer. There is usually no electronic circuitry in a mech mod. Power flow is determined by the battery and the atomizer. Mech mods are the perfect choice for the vaper who wants to set it and forget it.

Electronic Mods contain a built-in battery and contain varying levels of electronic circuitry. Most e-mods allow adjustment of wattage and voltage, enabling the user to easily dial in the perfect vape, regardless of atomizer resistance or e-liquid configuration. Translated into English: an electronic mod gives you a lot of control over your vape, provided you are willing to scroll through some menus and adjust your settings. Fancier electronic mods also include features like puff count and ohm rating recognition. The best feature of an electronic mod (from a safety standpoint) is circuit protection. This ensures that you won’t blow up your battery if you overload it.

Box Mods combine the best of both worlds, and not surprisingly are the hottest, most popoular products currently available to vapers. A box mod contains circuitry that allows you to adjust voltage, wattage, etc. It is also powered by external batteries (not a built-in battery). This allows you to pick the battery of your choice (like with a mech mod) but also fine tune your settings, dependent on what atomizer tank you have chosen to vape with.

Pioneer4You IPV3

Pioneer4You IPV3

When you’re ready for some true vape power, it’s time to move up to the Pioneer4You IPV3 150W Box Mod. This vape cloud machine has power to spare, and is able to accommodate coil heads with ratings down to 0.1 Ohms, if you’re ready to get crazy.

Powered by two high-drain 18650 batteries (not included), the Pioneer 4 You serves up voltage from 1.0V – 7.0V, and has variable wattage from 7W all the way up to an incredible 150 watts of power. This monster box mod can literally generate clouds big enough to explode your head. We don’t reccomend this, but… Serving up to 40 Amps of power flow!

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery Mod

Aspire is synonymous with clouds, and the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Vape Battery is the perfect hardware choice for cloud chasers looking for the feel and convenience of a mechanical mod, but with added features like a built-in battery, USB charging, LED power display, and circuit protection.

The Aspire CF has 4.2V of steady output power, is compatible with atomizers rated from 0.3 – 1.0 Ohms, has power flow up to 40 amps, and a large charge capacity of 2000mAh. Unlike mechanical mods, it also has an electronic on/off switch, and the LED display that surrounds the firing button lets you know when you’re running at full power, and when it’s time for a charge. It also features a carbon fiber wrap that looks awesome and keeps the weight down. The perfect tank clearomizer to attach to the Aspire CF is the Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub-Ohm RDA.

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery
Turtelship Clone Mech Mod

Turtleship Clone Mech Mod

For those of you who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on “the real thing” this perfectly made “clone” is both attractive and efficient.

Featuring a beautiful brushed steel finish and a laser-etched image, this mechanical mod has three threaded tubes so that it can fit an 18650, 18500, or 18350 sized battery, allowing you to custom size your mod based on how many hours you want it to last.

Fit it with an 18350 and you’ve got a pocket sized cloud machine. Install an 18650 and you’ll be vaping for hours before your next charge is needed. The Turtleship mechanical mod features a traditional bottom firing button with lock ring.


New Social Smoke Flavors!

Social Smoke is starting the summer off right, with a slew of new flavors. Recently we saw the rise of Cali Peach, Artic Lemon, and Delicious Apple, and the fun doesn’t stop there. With this new batch of flavors we get a chance to taste an exotic fruit, a popular ice cream flavor, and many more blends that will keep your taste buds wanting more. If this is your first time seeing Social Smoke, take a minute to check out their full selection of  flavors, you may find a couple of new favorites for you stash.

Social Smoke Cinnamon Roll

Social Smoke Cinnamon Roll

This dessert flavor brings some decadence to your smoke session, with the sweet aroma of a Cinnamon Roll. This flavor out of the can makes you want to take a bite out of it, but it is highly suggested that you leave it in a hookah bowl, and not a cereal bowl. The smell of the cinnamon flavor is very natural and it has a little spice to it, but the sweetness of the icing flavor calms down the spice slightly. The flavor of the smoke bring out a warm blend of a sweetened cinnamon spice, that could be enjoyed at any point of the day. If you enjoy a cooling sensation with your desert, throw in a little cinnamint around your spire for a nice surprise.

Social Smoke Ginger Tea

Social Smoke Ginger Tea

Do you ever crave a nice mellow smoke, without the sweet candy frills? Then it’s time for you too load up some Ginger Tea, and kick back for some relaxing clouds. Once we opened this up the prominent flavor was ginger, no surprise there but it was the choice of ginger flavoring that made us want to throw it in a bowl ASAP. The smell of the ginger offers a mix of sweet and spice, both components don’t go overboard with the flavor strength leaving you with a classic ginger taste. The tea flavor is hard to find in the aroma, but once you throw some coals on and start smoking, the tea begins to grow throughout the session. This is the perfect after work bowl or a bowl to enjoy during a movie.

Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu

Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu

What in the world is a Yuzu? It’s a fruit and not just any fruit, this is a hybrid citrus fruit that originated in East Asia and happens to be very pricey amongst other fruits. We all scratched our heads after opening this can, it smells amazing, offering sweet tones of lemon and grapefruit but we knew there was more to this flavor. When we fired it up in the hookah it became apparent that there was more to this delicious flavor, and we believe that there is a little bit of honey involved with this mix. Honey is commonly used in combination with the Yuzu fruit when it is used in food, and we couldn’t think of a better companion for this fruit in shisha form. We know you guys will enjoy making some custom mixes with these flavors.

Social Smoke Lemon Drop

Social Smoke Lemon Drop

You know that sour lemon candy from your childhood, that you may still be enjoying at this very moment. Have you ever wanted to smoke it? Now you can, with this citrus burst of flavor from Lemon Drop. If you were to slice a lemon in half and let it sit in a tub of sugar water for about a week and then smelled it, you maybe close to the smell of this shisha. If you enjoy citrus flavors or lemon in general, then this flavor may have magically been added to your cart while you were reading. When you begin smoking this flavor you will get a couple of tart inhales, but it evolves into a sugar sweet candy cloud session.

Social Smoke Horchata Cajeta

Social Smoke Horchata Cajeta

We haven’t had a new Horchata flavor on the market in a very long time, and we are excited that Social Smoke took this leap on a very unique flavor. If you’ve never had Horchata in it’s original form (a spanish dessert drink consisting of rice milk/cinnamon), it’s pretty good and if you like the milk after cinnamon toast crunch, than you should give it a try. This flavor smells exactly like a creamy cinnamon mix, while the typical spice is hidden behind a rich cream aroma. Your first couple of pulls reward you with a toasted cinnamon flavor, and slowly evolves to a rich cinnamon cream taste that will leave you wanting more.

Social Smoke Pistachio Breeze

Social Smoke PistachioBreeze

Pistachio Breeze ladies and gentlemen, this can features a scoop of pistachio ice cream and a few pistachios laying around it. What does that mean for you? Pistachio ice cream of course, this isn’t like the normal pistachio flavor that you’ve tasted in the past. With the new mix we get to enjoy pistachio with a light cooling effect, and a mellow cream base. The shisha itself has a bold pistachio aroma, and if you leave the can open too long, this glorious scent will fill the room. This isn’t the typical flavor that you would find a lounge, or in your buddys cabinet, but it’s so different that you have try it at least once.

Thank you Social Smoke for the 6 new amazing flavors, we are going to continue smoking these funky blends and get back to work.


How To Earn A Degree In Shisha Mixology

Shisha Mixology Header

Everyone has their own favorite shisha flavors, these type of flavors could never be turned down if offered to you and always stay stocked in your cabinet. From time to time we want to see if we can take these flavors to the next level by adding a new component, these new additions can make your mix sweet, spicy, or just minty. You can tailor each mix to your taste buds, or follow recipes offered by trained hookah enthusiasts (hey how’s its going).

The great thing about mixing is that you get a chance to create extremely unique flavor, but you can’t just dive into this new world without a broad knowledge of the tobacco of choice, and flavor profiles. As long as you follow the tips below, you’ll have a degree in Shisha Mixology in no time from the fine insitute of Hookah-Shisha University. (Still working on a mascot)


Before we just start throwing shisha into a bowl and calling it a mix, you must understand the tobacco itself as many brands have unique traits. Let’s start off with something basic like Tangiers for example. Most of us know that there is a different packing process for Tangiers than traditional shisha tobacco, so mixing this with something like Social Smoke may be a little complicated.

For your these beginning stages of mixing stick to brands that offer similar leaves and packing methods, like Starbuzz/Social Smoke or Fumari/Haze. Surely you could smoke Tangiers mixed with a little bit of Social Smoke, but over time the leathery tobacco notes in Tangiers would overpower the light notes in Social Smoke.

Know Your Shisha

Looking beyond the visual aspects of the tobacco, you must understand that each brand has different heat requirements. For example, the amount of Nakhla that you would use in your session would be completely different compared to the amount of Haze tobacco required for a full flavor smoke.

When you want to start using shisha that have completely different heat requirements, try placing them in their own quadrant in the bowl instead of mixing them together or simply place them on the bottom layer.  Later on we will talk about advance mixing, but I think I can see the light bulbs starting to turn on for some of you guys, so we’re going to move on to some more important info.

Step 2 – Choose Your Flavors

Besides knowing what type of tobacco to use, understanding flavor profiles is going to be extremely important when it comes to making your own custom shisha mix. It’s nice to know that we can find the good ol’ basic flavors like Grape, Orange, Cherry, and Mint from all of our favorite brands, but why do these flavors exist in so many brands? It brings us back to the previous statement, every brand is different and should be treated that way in the mixing process.

When you find the first flavor that you want to mix with, take a deep look into this flavor and decide what flavors you want to bring out, or add-on, with this new mix. Let’s take Cocojumbo from Starbuzz for example, this flavor offers a nice coconut and lime taste but you may want more citrus in this smoke or maybe more mint. Choosing a citrus flavor like orange or lemon will pair nicely with the lime already in Cocojumbo, you can even throw in a little mint to cool off the citrus tones.

Know Your Flavors

If you are wanting to add any mint to a bowl make sure you know what type of mint you’re working with, some mints offer a fresh mint taste and others could give you a cream taste. Adding mint to Cocojumbo is a nice addition but if we wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone, choose a citrus mint because you will be able to achieve a little more citrus while using a mint that pairs perfectly with the coconut and lime, plus you’ll save on shisha.

Use this knowledge to your advantage to avoid making bad mixes. Just take your time and think about it but still have fun! Pro Tip: If you have the flavors that you want to mix in hand, open both cans and smell them at the same time, it’s like a preview for the smoke.

Step 3 – Mixing Options

You are in the driver seat on how this new flavor plays out when it comes to smoking, for example having your mint loaded on the top will be a different smoking experience compared to mint on the bottom. Take a look at some of the mixes that you have made in the past, you’ve probably used the side by side loading method or a layering pack method. We can go beyond this and make incredible blends by using a little bit of pre-mixing and flavor focus packing.

Wait, what is flavor focus packing? Let’s say you want a little bit of mint in the bowl, and you sprinkle your portions on the top of the bowl before applying your tin foil or heat management device. That only makes up about 10% of your mix and it can get lost or unnoticed with the other 90%, so let’s focus on this one flavor to make sure it pops in our bowl.

Know Your Flavors

If you are using a phunnel bowl or any bowl with a single air channel, choose the focus flavor and load it around the spire only, this will guarantee that the flavor doesn’t get lost and it’s at the forefront of each pull. The same can be done for an egyptian style bowl or any bowl with air channels on the underside, simply place your focus flavor over the air channels.

We aren’t using too much of this focus flavor, so expect the overall flavor of the bowl to change midway and bring out of the main components of your bowl. We call that the flavor changing bowl, like a Gobstopper.

The other side of the spectrum when you’re making a new mix is something called a “premix”, and with the right flavors you could change some of your favorite mixes, for this example we will use Tangiers.

If we wanted to make a unique floral blend with a little lemon, we could use Lemon Blossom, Hibiscus, and Lemon. This could be done in three parts equally placed in the bowl or layered, but the lemon has a little bit of a stronger flavor profile and we don’t want it to overpower the other floral tones.

For this mix take some of your Lemon, probably around 20%, and blend it with the lemon blossom at 30%, all of this is done before actually placing it in the bowl. Once you have this new Lemon-Lemon Blossom mixed then you can place it in your bowl side by side or layered, remember you’re in the driver seat so find your preference and play with it.

Step 4 – Learn!!

We hope that this has been a great learning experience for you, just remember that the hookah game involves some trial and error. As long you can approach your sessions with a wealth of knowledge, every session will be great and you can let your friends know that you have degree in MIXOLOGY!!

If any of these tips have helped you let us know in the comments below, also we are always looking for new mixes to try, so leave us some of your favorite mixes they may become a featured mix on the website.


Amplifying The BUZZ In Your Bowl

There are many reasons why Hookah smokers love a good session; the flavors, the clouds, and the relaxation. Within these great session, you may find yourself achieving a slightly buzzed state and it’s a great feeling if you do it right. Some veteran hookah enthusiast reach a point in their smoking life where they are no longer affected by the buzz, over time they’ve built up a tolerance to the nicotine levels in some shisha. If you are one of these people or you just want to have the buzz back in your session, change your name to Stella because your about to get your groove back.


High Nicotine Tobacco:

In order to achieve a buzz we will require shisha that contains a good amount of nicotine, the herbal alternative won’t help you in this area because they often lack nicotine. There is a large amount of options on the market when it comes to shisha that contains nicotine, but we want the heavy hitters to get us spinning. Your choice in tobacco and how you

Nirvana Super Shisha

treat it can grant you a world changing difference in your hookah session, we gravitate towards Tangiers, Al Fakher, and Nirvana for the full body experience. You will also be able to find a nice buzz with brands like Nahkla, Haze , and Hookafina Blak. We picked the these brands because they take heat very well, and  offer us a buzz every time we smoke. Tangiers shisha is a unwashed tobacco that contains a higher level of nicotine than the average shisha, this type of tobacco is favored by many user for its lengthy flavor and overall buzz. Tangiers offers multiple lines of tobacco with different nicotine levels, included a caffeinated  so remember to do a little research before you’re spinning to hard. Al Fakher is classic, this type of molasses based shisha has been enjoyed for decades and when it is loaded properly a buzz can be achieved in no time. Nirvana super shisha brings some buzz to the hookah industry with a special ingredient, they have formulated a way to blend dokha (Middle-eastern high nicotine pipe tobacco) and shisha perfectly. The dokha hidden inside each mix will come as a surprise as it hits you within the first 10 minutes of the session, and the taste is never altered.

Tangiers & Titanium Super Pack

Packing & Heat:

Once we have the tobacco of choice laid out, we’re going to need to load it right in order to achieve that tingling sensation. Since we are using tobacco that can withstand large amounts of heat, try to add more then what you think is normal. We think phunnel bowls (80 feet or Harmony) are perfect  because we can get a little messy, but all of the juices stay inside the bowl. One rule of thumb before you start loading, is to remember to always think about how the heat can pass through your bowl. If we pack it tight like a block then no heat will ever pass through, which equals no smoke and no buzz. To describe our packing method in one word it would be “Dense”, this is the way to go if you want a buzz and clouds. Using a dense pack allows for more shisha to be utilizing giving your coals something to cook, and  for the ultimate airflow use your foil poker or a tooth pick to create small air pockets inside the bowl.

Since we picked tobacco that can take some heat, go ahead and toss that 4th coal on or use 3 cube coals. Normally we wouldn’t advise this but there is a goal we must achieve and as long as you have the right shisha there should be no problems. If you are using the Kaloud lotus just remember that you don’t always need the lid on in order for it to function properly, we just want the heat. This extra heat allows your shisha to reach the perfect to temperature to cook evenly with a dense pack, releasing a superior buzz-worthy inhale.

Nirvana Shisha Booster:

If you are still not receiving that full buzz that you wanted don’t worry we have you covered. Nirvana Shisha Booster or Celestial Tobacco enhancer (I believe they are in between changing labels) is essentially a boost in jar, and all it takes is small scoop to have you buzzing like a boss. This Formula combines the wet and juicy texture of shisha with the body numbing buzz from Dokha, into a unflavored enhancer for any shisha. Dokha comes from the tip of the tobacco leaves containing the most nicotine, and you get to choose how much you would like in each session. We could only handle a full scoop when we blended it with our shisha session, and even half a scoop will satisfy any hungry appetite.


Spring Shisha Mixes for Extremely Delicious Flavor

Great flavor demands great responsibility!  In that vein we have decided to unlock the secrets to 3 shisha mixes we regularly smoke in order to spread prosperity to all mankind.  Whether you want something sweet and fruity, rich and tropical or just something the living can’t describe, you have found the right place.  Check out our newly revealed mixes and give us some reviews in the comments.  Maybe you found a secret ingredient we could add to our recipes to make them even better, so let us know!


Mangus Breeze

Ready for a smooth smoke bursting with sweet tropical flavor?  Look no further than Mangus Breeze.  Fantasia shisha is known for being extra juicy and just gushing with flavor.  To produce this nectar of the gods simply add a 50/50 blend of Wild Mango and Cactus Breeze.  The deliciously rich flavor of Wild Mango (the best mango shisha on the market, IMHO) is the bold foundation onto which you add the sweet and smooth Cactus Breeze.  The combination of prickly pear fruit and mango creates a tropical explosion that rings every one of your flavor receptors.   This is a Fantasia tobacco blend, so you don’t want to scorch this bowl with 4 coals right out of the gate.  Start with 2 coals and increase the heat overtime while rotating the coals to maintain the best flavor and thick clouds.

Al Fakher Shisha Mix - Skitty Pebbles

Skitty Pebbles

Remember that fruity breakfast cereal made of very small rocks that Fred Flintstone ate?  It turned the milk into a sweet, orange fruity syrup.  Anyway, imagine that awesomeness with the extra bright tartness of Skittles!  Using Al Fakher Shisha, mix 50% Lemon, 25% Vanilla and 25% Rose…voila’ Skitty Pebbles.  Yes, Rose shisha is in this mix and NO IT WILL NOT TASTE LIKE FLOWERS, PERFUME OR POTPOURRI.  Trust us on this one.  Just put this mix together and enjoy a smooth fruity ride down memory lane.  This blend uses the unexplained property of physics where 3 ingredients mixed together taste nothing like any one of the original ingredients.  Dude, its science mixed with Unsolved Mysteries wrapped in String Theory, and the result is a hookah flavor you will never forget.

Al Fakher Shisha Mix - Skitty Pebbles

Dead Zombie

When zombies come “Nakhla-ing” at your door, it’s time to pull out the hard stuff and lob Molotov coctails out the window.  What should you use?  Goldschlager, Rumple Minze, and Jagermeister!  This explosive mix of 3 German liquors is a flavor bomb that combines the power of mint, cinnamon and spiced licorice.  Take Nakla Mizo Mint, Double Apple, and Cinnamon and mix them in equal parts in your bowl.  Stir the ingredients to get a well blended mix.  This flavor starts out ice cold from the Mizo Mint but then puts out a tingly exhale loaded with spices.  After your first bowl of Dead Zombie, we guarantee you will load a few more before you smoke anything else.  Its that good!  WARNING: Due to the higher nicotine content of unwashed Nakhla tobacco, this blend may turn you into a zombie too!

Nakhla Shisha Mix - Dead Zombie



Cinco De Mayo Hookah Flavors

Hola! Que paso, excuse our Spanish but we are getting ready for the celebration of Cinco De Mayo. This southwestern celebration brings festivities from many Spanish backgrounds, so you can expect to see some salsa dancing and lots of margaritas. On our side town we like to celebrate by smoking flavors that reflect the Cinco De Mayo spirit, if you’re hosting a party then the following flavors need to be in your cabinet!

The party doesn’t start until someone pours the first Margarita, but we kick off our party with a fresh bowl of  Starbuzz Margarita Freeze. This phenomenal flavors becomes an easy classic for many hookah enthusiast, as it blends the sweet and sour profile of a real margarita into a great shisha mix. The initial inhale brings out a bright lemon-lime taste, this is followed up by an incredible freezing exhale.

Starbuzz Shisha - 250g

Haze Carnival Nights We love it when a flavor is so good that it makes us scratch our head, as we ponder on what makes this flavor so perfect. We will save you the head scratch, and let you know that cardamom is the reason that you can’t put your hose down. This spice is heavily used below the border for it’s unique taste that can’t be found in any other spices. Cardamom isn’t a spice that will leave your mouth scorching, and each inhale progressively changes over time with brilliant burst of cooling sensation. Haze tobacco is a different kind of beast that requires a good amount heat to really get the flavor going, so be sure to give it a nice over pack before applying your tin foil or Kaloud Lotus.

haze tobacoo carnival nights

Mango Habanero es muy caliente, mi amigo! This game changing flavor from Social Smoke, has rocked the market with it’s incredible blend of magno and habanero. This shisha combines real habanero extract with a sweet magno flavor to create a spicy, yet mellow combination. Once you fire this bowl up get ready to receive some praise and request for a second bowl, this should be in your cabinet regardless of the celebration. This modern cut hookah tobacco can be enjoy in a array of bowl setups, and we recommend a fluff pack below the bowl rim for a full flavor session.

Social Smoke Tobacco - 250g

Showing up to a Cinco party with some Horchata , is the equivalent of walking into a party with 2 girls on your arm.  This tasty flavor will keep the party authentic with a warm blend of cinnamon and a rich creme base, replicating the flavor of the widely popular Spanish drink. In order for you to have some of this horchata left over, we recommend loading this bowl up for a pleasant desert smoke. As always we want to approach Tangiers Tobacco with a different loading method than the standard process, you will need to equip yourself with a phunnel bowl in order to fully appreciate the flavor. We recommed a high level dense pack (no fluff), with the use of a phunnel bowl like the Harmony Bowl, OG Rook, or 80 feet Bowl.

tangiers horchata

Ok guys we’ve seen a map before and we understand that Cuba has no relation to Mexico, but when the drinks start flowing, no one turns down a sweet mojito. Cuban Mojito from Fantasia is definitely a crowd pleaser, with the smooth lime undertone and refreshing mint aftertaste. This happens to be another flavor that falls into the “flavor-changing” category, it starts off with a bold sweet mint and after about 20 minutes you can say hello to some warm lime. Fantasia is juicy modern cut shisha, and we recommend using a phunnel bowl in order to keep the flavor inside your bowl.

fantasia tobacco- 250g

New Haze Flavors – What-A-Mint & Chaitastic

Haze has recently released their two newest shisha flavors – What-A-Mint and Chaitastic – and we’ve got them both for you here at If you have never tried Haze’s line of excellent shisha flavors then you are missing out. These hardy flavors love a lot of heat so don’t be scared to use a slight overpack and to add an extra coal on your bowl. Check out our thoughts on the new flavors below.

Haze What-A-Mint Flavor Review

What-A-Mint is one of those instant classic flavors that you will want to smoke over and over again. This sweet (but not too sweet) peppermint flavor has a lovely cooling finish that you will love. If you are into mixing, consider tossing some What-A-Mint in with any of your favorite fruit flavors to add a bit of sweetness and, of course, that lovely icy finish that so many hookah smokers crave.

Haze What-A-Mint Shisha

Haze Chaitastic Flavor Review

Haze Chaitastic is the Chai tea inspired flavor that you may have been looking for. Haze has focused more on the spices present in a good chai tea rather than the creamy taste found in some chai blends. The creaminess is there in the background but this flavor is heavy on the spice and that is definitely a good thing. If you want to try something that is completely different from your average fruit or mint bowl, we highly recommend checking out Chaitastic from Haze.

Haze Chaitastic Shisha

Hookah-Shisha Birthday Sale 2015 – Our 15th Birthday

15th Birthday Sale

Our 15th birthday sale has ended. Check out our coupon code page to see our awesome everyday deals.

Howdy, hookah friends. It’s that time of year again – that’s right it’s time for our annual birthday sale! This one is special as it’s our 15th birthday so we’ve got some amazing deals for you. The sale will run from April 13th through April 20th, 2015 so be sure to place an order before the 20th to take advantage of these great deals.

While you are shopping our birthday sale, don’t forget about our awesome free shipping code! Just spend $100 or more and then use the code FREESHIP100 at checkout. Please note that this is only valid on UPS ground shipping.

See something you want on our site that’s not on sale? Just use the code BIRTHDAY15 to take 15% off of all non-sale items from now until 4/20. Remember, only one coupon code can be used per order!

We love hookah and we love all of our amazing customers. We are so happy to have made it to this amazing milestone and we hope all of you will be with us for many more milestone birthday celebrations in the future! Happy smoking, and enjoy the deals!

20% Off All Shisha Tobacco

20% Off All Shisha Tobacco

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25% Off Select Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

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Best New Hookah Products of 2015 – Spring Edition

Welcome to the first installment of our annual roundup of the best new hookah products of the year. We normally roll these lists out twice a year (once in Summer, and once at the end of the year) but there has been so much cool new hookah stuff released this year that we are getting an early start. Read on to find some of the best hookah products to grace our shelves in 2015.

Kaloud Samsaris Bowl

The Kaloud Samsaris is undoubtedly the highest profile hookah product to be released this year. Just about every person in the hookah world has an opinion about this special little bowl. Designed to work flawlessly with Kaloud’s other high-profile hookah accessory, the Kaloud Lotus, the Samsaris has been flying off of the shelves and in just a few months has become one of the most popular hookah bowls in the world.

This product is still very new so only time will tell if it’s a fad or a new classic, but as of right now, this is probably the hottest hookah product in the world.

Zahrah Z70 Glass Hookah

Zahrah makes exquisitely designed and manufactured glass hookahs for the true hookah enthusiast. These things are not cheap (the Zahrah Z70 is $424.99) but they are worth every penny. Search the web for reviews of this perfectly designed glass hookah and you will find people telling you that it’s a game changer.

Glass hookahs provide the cleanest, purest shisha flavor and the amazing, built-in honeycomb diffuser will provide even smoother puffs than the competitors. Truly a beauty, if you smoke a lot of hookah, you need to check Zahrah hookahs out.

Q Mod Glass Hookahs

The Q Mod glass hookahs only landed here at Hookah-Shisha HQ within the last month, but they are already creating quite a buzz. These are precision engineered smoking devices that will provide amazing smoke quality and should last you a long time with proper care.

Each Q Mod hookah is made from high quality glass and anodized aluminum. Nothing will rust, all the seals are going to be perfect, and you’ll love watching your smoke swirl and dance in the clear glass smoke chamber.

Titanium Cube Coals

Titanium natural coconut coals were introduced last year and have quickly become the go-to coal choice for a large number of hookah fans. This year saw the introduction of the new Titanium Cube Coals version. If you have never tried cube shaped hookah coals before, you should give them a shot. Cubes have been growing in popularity steadily as new smokers enjoy the longer sessions they can get from coals of this shape and size.

While they do take a bit longer to light, you will definitely get longer sessions with these awesome cubed coconut hookah coals.

Minzari Crown Bowl

The Minzari crown bowl takes the concept of the original Hookah Flip bowl and improves upon it by making the design more compact, easier to use, and less prone to breakage. This is a heavy duty bowl. If you were to hold a Minzari Crown bowl in your hand you would have no doubt that this bowl will last a lifetime.

Here’s how it works. You load your shisha in the top bowl, and then add coals to the suspended tray below your bowl. By spinning the bottom tray, you can alter the distance between the coals and the shisha, thus allowing you to find your perfect heat level. This is a pricey accessory, but it works amazingly well and most people who buy one don’t go back to normal bowls.

Aluminum D Hose

The Aluminum D-Hose (short for Dream Hose) is one of those products that you can’t truly appreciate when viewing a picture online. Don’t get us wrong, this is a cool looking hose, but you really need to smoke with it to understand how awesome it truly is.

The aluminum handle has a perfect weight, and the built in grip feels so great in your hand. It has wide tubing, a wider than average mouthpiece, and it smokes effortlessly. It’s 100% washable and really does not ghost flavors at all when properly cleaned out. We just love this hose. This is a product that serious hookah fans just have to check out.

Nirvana Super Shisha

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that Nirvana Super Shisha has been around for years, right? True, but Nirvana has re-formulated their shisha blends, including switching from Burley tobacco to a Polish Virginia leaf tobacco, and a previously great product is now truly excellent. This new tobacco blend makes for a sweeter, smoother smoke that almost any shisha smoker should enjoy.

Don’t fret though, just because they have a new recipe doesn’t mean that Nirvana has forgotten its roots. Nirvana Super Shisha is still all about that buzz, and these new blends pack quite a punch. If you want a sweet, tasty smoke with some major buzz, give Nirvana another look. It’ll be worth it, we promise.