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New Starbuzz Hookah Shaft Breakdown – Enterprise, Atlantis, Challenger, and Discovery

Four Superior Hookah Stems From Starbuzz

Starbuzz has released their own line of remarkable hookah stems. Available in four separate models, you have never seen anything like these American-made hookah shafts. The Starbuzz Enterprise, Starbuzz Challenger, Starbuzz Atlantis, and Starbuzz Discovery all stand 28 inches in height, and are made from space-grade aluminum (for the shaft) and surgical-grade stainless steel for the downstem. So what?

Well, these extremely high quality materials allow the Starbuzz Stem to boast that it will never ghost shisha flavors, nor will it allow for deposits of minerals, mold, or other unfavorable residue. These shafts are named after NASA’s Space Shuttle program because there is nothing like them on earth. Each model is available in black, white, blue, and red. Take a look at the expanded pictures below to see the design variations that set them apart, but rest assured that they all share the same structural integrity.

Check out our complete list of compatible hookah bases that can be paired with these space age stems.

Starbuzz Enterprise Shaft

starbuzz enterprise stem

Starbuzz Challenger Shaft

challenger starbuzz stem

Starbuzz Atlantis Shaft

starbuzz atlantis hookah stem

Starbuzz Discovery Shaft

Starbuzz Discovery Hookah Stem

Czech Mate Glass Hookah Bases

Say hello to the exquisite new Czech Mate line of high-end glass bohemian hookah bases. These beauties are handmade in the Czech Republic and are truly a sight to behold. If you have seen a better looking piece of hookah glass, please let us know because we haven’t found them yet. Check out the photos below for close ups of the fine details that make these bohemian (or boho) style bases truly exceptional.

Czech Mate Genie Bohemian Glass Hookah Base

Czech Mate Genie Base

Neck of Czech Mate Genie Base


Crest Detail on Czech Mate Genie Base


Badge Detail on Czech Mate Genie Base

Bottom Detail on Czech Mate Genie Base

Czech Mate Jumbo Bohemian Glass Hookah Base

Czech Mate Jumbo Base


Neck of Czech Mate Jumbo Base


Crest Detail on Czech Mate Jumbo Base


Badge Detail on Czech Mate Jumbo Base

Bottom Detail on Czech Mate Bohemian Base

Czech Mate Trumpet Bohemian Glass Hookah Base

Czech Mate Trumpet Base


Neck on Czech Mate Trumpet Base


Crest Detail of Czech Mate Trumpet Base

Bottom Detail of Czech Mate Trumpet Base

What Are The Best Khalil Mamoon Hookahs?


What is the Best Khalil Mamoon Hookah?

One of the most common questions asked by people who are shopping for a new hookah is, “What Khalil Mamoon hookah is the best?” This is a valid question, as each Khalil Mamoon varies greatly in their individual aesthetics. The cool thing is that these hookahs are all designed to smoke the same, so you should feel confident making your purchasing decision based on the aesthetic preference of your KM!

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef

km black shareef

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are known the world over not only for producing some of the biggest clouds known to man but also for their unique appearance – the Black Shareef is no exception. Both the stem and accompanying tray will have a solid Black, or Dark Silver, finish that truly shines when paired with the included Khalil Mamoon Frosted Gold Base. Also included with this hookah is a matching Khalil Mamoon Standard hose and a black Egyptian style bowl, making this hookah a worthy addition to any hookah collection.

Khalil Mamoon Pharonie

km pharonie hookah

The Khalil Mamoon Pharonie hookah has a “tri-metal” finish which means it’s comprised of 3 different metals, including brass, copper and stainless steel. These are uniquely designed by KM because the 3 different metals are distinctly visible. Like all Khalil Mamoons, these are hand-welded to ensure that this hookah will last for years longer than lesser hookahs!

Khalil Mamoon Ice General

Khalil Mamoon Ice General

The Ice General is the newest addition to the Khalil Mamoon hookah family and, as its name suggests, it will command the attention of hookah fans the world over. Standing at 31 inches in height, the Ice General stem will include an integrated ice reservoir that will cool the smoke to levels suitable for any hookah smoking Frost Giant. The beauty of the ornamental stem is matched by an equally dazzling hand-blown curved glass base which is unique among all other Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Also included with this hookah are a matching Khalil Mamoon hose as well as an Egyptian clay hookah bowl, making the Ice General the perfect way to stay frosty in the summer heat.

Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights

1001 km double hookah

The 1001 Nights Hookah by Khalil Mamoon is a stunning piece of work, which truly captures the brand’s attention to detail. It may be difficult to tell at first glance, but there are actually lions decorating the shaft in complementing gold and copper tones; the chrome finish on the stem itself adds depth and dimension. This is one of the classiest hookahs we have ever seen, and if you are looking for a hookah that distinguishes itself from the rest, then this is the one! It’s got lions on it– LIONS!

Khalil Mamoon Fifa Ice

KM fifa ice hookah

The KM Fifa Ice comes with an ice chamber toward the top of the stem that you can use to cool your smoke. Fifa + Ice– Get it? This beast of a 33 inch hookah has a pear in the center of the shaft that is literally shaped like a soccer ball, which was the inspiration for the name of the hookah itself (yeah know, Fifa? Now available with less corruption!). These come in silver and gold models, and either color will be largely the same in terms of design and shape. The silver is a bit more unique because it has some gold plated adornments that add another level of awesomeness!




Back To School Photo Scavenger Hunt

It’s almost time for back to school! Whether that means you’re off to college, your kids are finally out of the house during the day, or you’re just praising the end of a hot summer, we wanted to celebrate! We are holding an Instagram photo scavenger hunt contest.

How To Participate:

1) Take a photo of as many of the items below as you can.
2) Post each of them individually on Instagram. In the comment section, explain which photo requirement it fulfills. You can only submit one entry per ‘subject’ listed below. You will not get extra points for submitting multiple versions of the same item.
3) Tag us – @hookah_shisha
4) Use the hashtag #hookahhunt14. This is important because this is how we will track your entries.

Hookah Scavenger Hunt


All rules must be adhered to. We have the right to not count an individual entry, or a person’s participation as a whole, if we believe any of these rules have been breached.
1) No digital altering of the photograph beyond an Instagram filter. You have to have taken the picture of a thing that you were present for. You cannot just use a picture that you got from Google.
2) Must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
3) You must have an existing account with our website, or you must set one up.
4) All entries must be posted to Instagram by August 31, 2014, 11:59pm CST.

Hookah Scavenger Hunt


What Do You Win?


The top 5 highest point scorers will all receive a free Furat Hookah.


First place will receive a Khalil Mamoon Flower hookah. This hookah is so unique, we don’t even sell it in our store! This may be your only chance to own one. Please send any questions or inquiries about this contest to

KM flower hookah


Fantasia Massari – New Fantasia Shisha Flavor

Fantasia has released the newest flavor from their prestigious line of succulent shisha tobacco – Massari!

fantasia massari grape mint

Upon opening the box, you will be overtaken by the powerful aroma of grape. Fantasia Massari produces a sweet grape flavor when smoking, complemented by a touch of mint to give it a subtle minty exhale. For all intents and purposes, this is a solid grape mint flavor – but Fantasia has found a way to make this seemingly basic flavor combination their own. For any fans of Fantasia, this is a great choice if you are looking to try something new. Fantasia Massari is available in 50g, 100g, 200g and 1000g sizes!


What Is A Hookah Pen?

The term hookah pen can refer to a number of things in the vape world. For our purposes, we define a hookah pen as any of the e-hookahs or e-cigarettes on our website. You may notice that they have many names, such as ‘e-hookahs’, ‘e-cigs’, ‘vape pens’, e-pens and many more. All things considered, these are all nicknames for a vaporizer. There are more advanced hookah pens or vaporizers, but for discretion and ease of use, look no further than our wide range of hookah pens! Here’s a simple to understand breakdown:

What are the different kinds of hookah pens?


disposable e hookah

Disposable hookah pens are low maintenance, essentially unbreakable and they produce a lot of vapor for being such compact devices. These are a single piece unit that come preloaded with a specified flavor and nicotine amount. They are good for between 300-800 puffs (depending on brand). When they run out, simply throw them away! We carry a huge selection of disposable hookah pens, some of the more notable hookah pens are made by familiar shisha brands (like Fantasia and Starbuzz) and they come in their signature flavors! These are a great way to get an idea of flavors that you like and nicotine levels that work for you, without investing in complete e-liquid bottles or refillable devices.


rechargeable e dig

Refillable hookah pens, like the eGo-T CE5 or the Fantasia Refillable E-Hookah, offer a lot more flexibility with your vaping experience. You have to add the e-liquid to the hookah pen manually, but that affords you the opportunity to select from a plethora of different flavors. All the refillable pens come with a cartomizer (flavor tank) that you can fill with any flavor of e-liquid you want. This helps simulate the hookah experience because you can choose your own adventure and even experiment with flavor mixes. The e-liquids have non-nicotine options as well. The cartomizers for those do need to be replaced as they burn out (approximately every 30 days). Our extensive line of e-hookah and e-cigarette mods and options are ever-growing, so feel free to peruse our wide electronic vaping section and pick out whatever fits your needs!



Starbuzz Discovery Stem Review

Evoking the spirit of NASA’s pioneering Space Shuttle Program, Starbuzz USA Hookah Stems are blazing a path of hookah innovation into the 21st Century. Like it’s moniker, the Starbuzz Discovery hookah shaft is made from space-age materials, featuring exterior construction from high-grade aluminum and a down-stem made from surgical-grade stainless steel which won’t ghost. When you are ready to change flavors, just rinse it out with water, no scrub brushes needed. Even strong flavors (like mint) are washed away, leaving the Starbuzz USA shaft ready for the next round of smoking, with no lingering flavors left from the previous bowl.

Top to bottom, Starbuzz All-American made hookah stems feature the highest quality, sturdiest construction, and best overall performance and looks of any hookah stem out there. Let’s take a look inside.

Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Stem Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Stem Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Stem

Inside The Starbuzz Discovery Hookah Shaft

Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Stem Starting with the exterior, the Starbuzz Discovery hookah shaft is made from lightweight, super-stong anodized aluminum. This hookah shaft is very durable, being scratch resistant, dent resistant, and virtually rust proof.
Like the shaft, the hookah tray of the Atlantis shaft is also anodized and is impervious to scarring from coals; just put your hot coals right on it, no need for a separate accessory to handle them. Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Stem
Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Stem The high-tech hub of the Starbuzz Atlantis stem shares no common ports, making it virtually impossible to blow out your purge BB. And the threading for both the hose port and the purge port is ultra-high quality: no need to worry about cross-threading.
The botttom line? Starbuzz USA hookah shafts are the go to hookah stem for the hookah smoker that needs the best: no ghosting, no rust, and highly durable. Let’s get to smoking!

Starbuzz Atlantis Stem Review

We’ll never know if Atlantis existed or not but without a doubt the Starbuzz Atlantis hookah stem has arrived, and while it may not be mythical it is sure to become legendary. Of course, Starbuzz shafts are actually named after NASA’s Space Shuttle program, and the Starbuzz Atlantis shaft delivers the same quality of American ingenuity and engineering. That’s right, Starbuzz USA Hookah Stems are made in America, and for anyone who is tired of Chinese manufacturers who cut corners you’re going to love the Starbuzz Atlantis hookah shaft.

Starbuzz Atlantis Hookah Shaft Specifications

What Starbuzz has done with their All-American made hookah shafts is address every problem area that hookahs from the 20th century had: ghosting, rust, scratching (and general deterioration of finish). The Starbuzz Atlantis is made from the highest quality metals, featuring an aluminum shaft and a surgical-grade stainless steel down-stem. Aluminum is light weight yet incredibly strong, and the aluminum parts of the Atlantis hookah stem are anodized instead of painted, so they are very scratch resistant, and aluminum doesn’t rust.

Starbuzz USA Atlantis Hookah Stem Starbuzz USA Atlantis Hookah Stem Starbuzz USA Atlantis Hookah Stem Starbuzz USA Atlantis Hookah Stem

No More Ghosting – Quality Construction

If you are like most hookah smokers, you are going to smoke more than one flavor with the Starbuzz stem. The high quality stainless steel down-stem is completely impervious to ghosting, requiring a simple water rinse to clean it out; no scrubbing needed.

Like the shaft, the hookah tray of the Atlantis shaft is also anodized and is impervious to scarring from coals; just put your hot coals right on it, no need for a separate accessory to handle them. Starbuzz USA Atlantis Hookah Stem
Starbuzz USA Atlantis Hookah Stem The high-tech hub of the Starbuzz Atlantis stem shares no common ports, making it virtually impossible to blow out your purge BB. And the threading for both the hose port and the purge port is ultra-high quality: no need to worry about cross-threading.
How good is the Starbuzz Atlantis USA hookah shaft? So good they come with a 5-year warranty against defects. Does your current hookah stem offer that?

Why Is Khalil Mamoon One Of The Best Hookahs Available?

What Makes a Khalil Mamoon Hookah the Best?

So, you have learned how to “Walk Like an Egyptian”, but have you learned how to smoke like one? Khalil Mamoon hookahs have long been a fan favorite here at Hookah-Shisha. With their constant growth in popularity comes an increasing curiosity about what exactly makes the Khalil Mamoon superior to other hookahs.

black shareef khalil mamoon hookah

First off, Khalil Mamoon hookahs are individually handcrafted in Egypt, down to the last detail. The designs on the bases and the shafts are handcrafted as well, so do not be surprised when it appears as though they were painted by hand – they were! This handcrafted effort yields an unmatched authenticity to the traditional Egyptian design scheme. It ensures that no two hookahs will look exactly alike, a feature that no mass-produced hookah can reproduce. Khalil Mamoons are like snowflakes!

Khalil Mamoons (KMs, as we call them) also make awesome centerpieces for your living room or bedroom, if you’re looking to make a decorative statement with your hookah. Most of them are well over 30 inches and some – like the Khalil Mamoon Blue Double Pear Tall - are as tall as 42 inches! You can even buy the Khalil Mamoon hookah bases separately – they make great flower vases.

One thing you might notice when assembling your new Khalil Mamoon is how sturdy it is once it’s all put together. The KM stems are typically made of either stainless steel, copper, brass, or some combination of any of those three metals. These metals give the shafts the rustic, traditional look that Khalil Mamoon conveys so well. Those particular metals are also relatively dense, which makes for a strong and sturdy hookah.

Additionally, the hose ports and downstems on the KMs are actually wider than most hookahs, so by default they smoke a little easier and produce bigger clouds! In fact, Khalil Mamoon stems are very well known for the huge clouds they produce and the stems are also compatible with a large number of different replacement bases, bowls, and hoses, which gives you a huge amount of customization should you need to replace any of those components.

khalil mamoon double green pear short



What Is A Drip Tip? Understanding E-Cig Drip Tips

The Simple Drip Tip Break Down

A drip tip is an apparatus that is on pretty much on all vaping or e-hookah related atomizers. It sits atop the cap that houses your heating element, and is meant to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The function is in reference to it not burning your lip when you vape, as the heating element reaches exceedingly hot temperatures.

customizable drip tip e-cig

Drip tips come in many different sizes and calibrations for many setups and preferences. Drip tips do not have threading, so they cannot be used with devices that require a screw-in mouth tip. They can only be used with press-in mouth tips. We have over a dozen different colors and sizes to choose from, so make sure you try different variants to make sure what your using is ideal for what you want out of your device.

When it comes to using your e-cig drip tip, a few things to keep in mind. First, remember that these tips do not seal at the top, so it will be in your best interest to maintain an upright position as often as possible so the liquid doesn’t spill out the top of your e-cig. They are interchangeable (mostly) and these drip tips will press-fit to the top cap. There is also the added perk of dripping juice directly through the tip if you’re using a rebuildable atomizer, as opposed to a bottom-fill tank.

Here is our list of clearomizers that we currently have in stock that are compatible with push-on drip tips:

Kanger T3S

Kanger Protank 2 Mini

Kanger Protank 2

Kanger Aero Tank

Vivi Nova Clone 3.5ml

iSmoka BCC Megal 3.5ml

iSmoka BCC Mini 1.6ml

Aqua Clone Tank

Advanced Drip Tip Explanation

There are many things to think about when choosing a drip tip that’s right for you. The first aspect to consider when choosing a drip tip is what style of rechargeable e-hookah is best. If you lean more towards an e-pen configuration (like the eGo-T CE5) with its side button battery and clear/cartomizer tanks, then you are pretty limited in terms of availability, as most come with a drip tip already on the tank that is threaded to that specific device. If mechanical mods are more your style with their rebuildable atomizers, then there is a much bigger selection of drip tips to choose from.

It is important to understand that almost every variance in the style of drip tip you choose (height, diameter, material) is going to change your vaping experience. The material is a big part of the equation as it affects all three of the key points of vaping (flavor, heat, vape production). If you’re new to vaping, your best bet is a Delrin Drip Tip; the material doesn’t absorb heat the way metal would, however the downside is that you sacrifice a tiny bit of flavor when using plastic. When it comes to metal drip tips you can pretty much choose any available metal and roughly have the same experience (stainless steel, brass, copper) (copper is hottest of them due to conductivity), the flavor is also going to be much richer  when using a metal drip tip.

The height is also relevant to all the key points listed above. Drip Tips range anywhere from 15mm to 25mm+. With a shorter tip, you will definitely get more heat and it will give the most flavor, as it is closest to the top cap of your atomizer. This becomes more muted as the length increases (25+mm = less heat and less flavor).

Finally, we have diameter. Diameter of the internal opening of the actual tip is pivotal. If it is tight, the flavor will be a little more apparent, but compacting the vapor makes it a bit harder to draw – this can give it more of the feeling of an actual cigarette. Where as a wide-bore drip tip is going to give you a lot more flow, and you don’t sacrifice overall flavor.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!