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Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco 1000g

SKU: BTO-SB-Acid-1000g
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1000g Tub of Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco

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Starbuzz Acid 1000g:

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Curious about some of the flavor names? Check out The Complete Starbuzz Flavor Guide

Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco has teamed up with Acid Brand Cigars to make 5 fantastic flavors to tickle your taste buds. Expect nothing less than super thick smoke clouds and savory long-lasting flavors from these two powerhouses of flavored tobacco! This 1000g tub will last 50-60 hookah bowls and is available in the following flavors:

Blue: Wintergreen, berries, and melon

Red: Cinnamon and bubble gum

Purple: Floral topical fruit

Gold: Citrus fruit and chocolate

Green: Mint

Note: You must 18 years or older to order this product.

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Product: Starbuzz Acid Shisha Tobacco 1000g
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