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Clearance Golden Layalina 250g

SKU: BTO-CL-LAY-Golden-250-Tin
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Clearance 250g tin of Golden Layalina Hookah Tobacco

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This tobacco is being sold at a Clearance price because its packaging is either damaged, leaky, or otherwise not fit to sell at full retail price. The tobacco inside is the same quality you should normally expect from Layalina despite minor leaks in the plastic packaging. Because the packaging for this tobacco may not be 100% air-tight, we encourage you to smoke your Clearance Layalina Tobacco within six months of purchase. 

From the makers of Layalina comes new "Golden" Layalina shisha tobacco, a favorite amongst many seasoned hookah smokers.  Made with higher quality ingredients for a long-lasting, flavorful smoke, this premium shisha is on par with other high quality tobaccos such as Starbuzzand Fumari and comes in a wide variety of unique and mouth-watering flavors.   
Packaging: 250 gram metal re-sealable tin
Flavor Quality: Excellent 
Thickness of Smoke: Excellent
Smoking Session: 1.5 hours 
Total Smoke Time: 25 bowls X 1.5 hr/bowl = 37.5 hrs 

Note: You must be 18 yrs. or older to order this product.

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Product: Clearance Golden Layalina 250g
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