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10 Must Try New Shisha Flavors

10 Must Try New Shisha Flavors

By Danny / July 13, 2015

In the hookah world, the classic flavors like Mint, Double Apple, etc. still dominate but in the past couple years we have been introduced to quite a few excellent new flavors and even some awesome new brands. These new flavors can sometimes fall through the cracks so we wanted to take a moment to highlight 10 of our favorite new flavors that you may not have tried yet. Enjoy!

Haze What A Mint

What a mint, what a mint, what a really good mint. The Haze tobacco line has a quite a few mint flavors and blends that include a cooling sensation, but What-A-Mint is in a league of it's own. The instant burst of ice cool peppermint is quickly followed up by a sweet vanilla cream taste, that instantly turns you into a hose hog. Always keep in mind that you can overpack your haze bowls a bit, unlocking even more of that vanilla undertone, and the mint only gets colder.  Now even though this flavor contains peppermint instead of a natural mint, we've still enjoyed many custom shisha mixes with flavors like: Bananrama, Carnival Nights, Mango, and even Chaitastic.

Haze What A Mint Shisha Flavor

Al Fakher Special Edition Banana Montana

Hot diggity dog, the proof is in the pudding. This unreal Banana flavor blend will make you wish you ordered more, plus these new special edition containers are awesome. Once you crack this tin open, the room will begin to fill with the aroma of a yellow laffy taffy and a undertone of warm coconut. When you have your session started, that's when we unlock a new flavor profile and begin to taste some more delicious components. Banana is the dominate flavor on the inhale and exhale, but the taste of cardamom and honey mixed with coconut become the highlight of this flavor profile.

Al Fakher Special Edition Banana Montana Flavor

Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu

Some people are still trying to figure out what exactly a Yuzu is, and the short answer is Lemon but we're sure you want more information. The Japanese Yuzu has a very powerful and bright citrus aroma out of the can, and you almost taste the sweet honey with a single sniff. Once you start smoking, each pull that you take will offer a whole new experience of the taste of lemons, unlike anything we've had in the past. The best way to describe this flavor would be a sweet lemon encased in caramelized sugar, and then dipped in honey. You can mix this around for some great blends, but also really enjoy this flavor on it's own.

Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu Shisha Flavor

Fumari Tangelo

Fumari has not released many new flavors recently, but when they do its something we want to talk about and smoke. This year we received their new Tangelo flavor, that single handedly made the hookah world realize that Tangelo is an actual fruit and not a made up name. This small fruit combines the citrus bite of a grapefruit with the warm zest of an orange, and we can only wonder why no one thought to smoke this sooner. Upon opening the package you'll quickly realize that Fumari nailed it, with the perfect aroma blend of orange and grapefruit. The inhale is where the sour tones reside, and the exhale is nothing but a warm zesty blend of the two fruits, so perfect you can almost taste the zest of the fruit itself.

Fumari Tangelo Shisha Flavor

Nirvana Spirit + Mind = Soul

Feed your head! If you're ready to get buzzed then grab some Nirvana Super Shisha, it combines the buzz strength of Dohka with a flavor packed shisha. After a couple changes to the overall tobacco leaf base, Nirvana has unlocked a new side to their flavors allowing for a more controlled buzz with a fuller flavor and thicker clouds. Spirit + Mind = Soul is an interesting name for a flavor but it doesn't speak to the flavor profile, yet it was the first flavor we loaded up. Once you crack this jar open the first smell you get is melon, almost like a honey dew but with a little more sugar and a splash of peach. If you can get your mind right after the buzz has set in, you'll realize that the thunder clouds begin to taste like watermelon and peach, in a perfect marriage. This is the type of flavor you shake your head about if you ordered only 100g, you'll need more.

Nirvana Spirit + Mind = Soul Shisha Flavor

Tangiers Pear Watermelon Special Edition

Talk about a crowd pleaser! Pear-Watermelon has literally (figuratively) blown the socks off some smokers and left others speechless. This flavor comes from the Tangiers Special Edition line, and as a reminder this means "Seasonal", so pick up this summer blend while you can. Just saying the words "New Tangiers Flavors" is enough to get any serious smoker excited, and Tangiers did not let anyone down with this perfected mix. After you slice that bag open, watermelon will be the first thing that hits you but you'll have to get closer in order to smell the pear. The important part is in the smoke flavor, thats where we are rewarded with a nice spice from the pear and a balanced toned from the natural watermelon flavor. You may want to leave this tub open after you smoke it, because you'll probably load it one more time.

Tangiers Pear Watermelon Special Edition Shisha Flavor

Al Fakher Mojito

Where the Fakher is Lime? We haven't seen an Al Fakher Lime flavor hit the market, but this Mojito flavor is easily a top contender for now. Regardless of what you drink on the weekday/weekend, if you've been smoking hookah for a while then you may have expeirenced a Mojito flavor. It's pretty classic and we recommend giving it a spin if you haven't, because what's better than sweet lime and mint? The smell of the shisha doesn't have many surprises, a sweet and sugary lime with ice cold mint but when you toss some coals on top that's when the party begins. Think about smoking Al Fakher mint with a bold hit of lime, it's delicious and that's why we order our Mojito on the 3 hot rocks. (Drinking Pun)

Al Fakher Mojito Shisha Flavor

Social Smoke Mango Habanero

Social Smoke said "Let's make it hot in here" and Nelly said " So take off all your clothes". Terrible joke but let's talk about this flavor, and don't let the words Habanero steer you away, or the fact that it's made with real habanero extract because this is a solid smoke. You can feel the sweat start to build up after you open the lid, and you may have to tell yourself a couple times that you're making the right decision, but trust us we're (hookah) doctors. Sure the Habanero will put up a big show but the mango will step in and calm the whole situation down, making the overall aroma more desirable. When you have the coals on this delicious bowl, your first pull may be a little spicy but just wait for the mango to kick in and kick back for a session to remember. One of our favorite mixes is a 50/50 blend of Mango Habanero with Social Smoke Cali Peach.

Social Smoke Mango Habanero Shisha Flavor

Haze Chaitastic

Omg Becky there's no Starbucks around, what should we do? Smoke some Chaitastic, DUH. Whether you like coffee/chai flavors  or not, this mix of base chai and caramel is where all the fun is happening. You could possibly smell this blend before it even arrives on your doorstep, and after you crack it open you can almost taste the rich caramel tones. There is no mint or cooling sensation in this combination, but it's one of those flavors that never gets to a hot point, and since it's Haze we know it can take heat extremely  well.  This could easily be enjoyed at any point of the day, with a nice cup of chai tea or just with a hookah and yourself. If you've never made it over to the world of coffee flavors, then this is the perfect entry level smoke and crowd pleaser, plus you may end up falling in love with a new flavor type.

Haze Chaitastic Shisha Flavor

Al Fakher Special Edition Sparkle

Where's the lawn chair, umbrella, and beach? No matter what time of the year you smoke this flavor, it will always taste like some summer time fun. This is definitely a must try if you're a fan of Lemon flavors, or if you live in a cold area and you want to think about summer, load it up. Sparkle is another flavor from the special edition line, that rewards it's smokers with a warm blend of almost every part of the lemon. The smell out of the can produces a sour bite similar to the rinds of a lemon, and after a couple inhales you can begin to smell the inside of the lemon with a splash of cooling sensation. When those clouds starts pouring, the taste evolves from a somewhat sour lemon all the way to a mellow sweet lemon, this flavor almost tells a story as you smoke it. Our recommended blend is with Al Fakher Blueberry or Watermelon Splash, perfect for anytime of the year.

Al Fakher Special Edition Sparkle Shisha Flavor

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