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10th Birthday Sale! 20% off all Nammor Hookahs, Hookah Charcoals, and Hookah Accessories!

10th Birthday Sale! 20% off all Nammor Hookahs, Hookah Charcoals, and Hookah Accessories!

By Grabertrain / April 16, 2010

Update 4/26/10 – The 10th Anniversary Sale has come to an end, but stay tuned for upcoming promos and discounts!  Happy Smoking!

O frabjous day! is 10 years old!  Callooh! Callay!

To mark this momentous occasion - a whole decade of servicing and educating the ever-growing hookah community - for the next 10 days we're taking 10% off all...what, that's not enough? How about we double that and make that 20% off? Yeah, that's the ticket! 20% off our Nammor Hookahs, Hookah Charcoals, and Hookah Accessories. No coupon code needed!

Nammor Hookahs - our pride and joy.  These outstanding hand-made Egyptian hookahs are manufactured in our own overseas factory (read more about them here) and are packaged together for the best smoking experience possible.  Give them a try, we guarantee you'll like what you see!
Take 20% off all single packs of Hookah Charcoal, both natural and quick-light!

Last but not least, all Hookah Accessories, from glass hookah bases to hookah bowls and everything in between is included in the birthday sale as well.  Pick up that hookah hose that you've been eying for a while, or stock up on hookah mouth tips for that hookah party - on the cheap!

We'd like to of course thank all of our fans and supporters for helping us all these years.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Cheers, and as always, Happy Smoking! *The 2010 Birthday Sale begins on Friday, April 16th and ends on Sunday, April 25th at 12:00 Midnight Central Time. Additional discount codes cannot be applied to sale items, sorry.

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