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2015 New Years Hookah Resolutions

2015 New Years Hookah Resolutions

By Danny / December 31, 2014

2014 has been a great year for hookah but 2015 can be your best hookah year yet by following these five simple New Years Hookah Resolutions. Take the pledge with us and ensure that this new year brings nothing but tasty bowls, puffy white clouds, and relaxing good times with friends all around!

1) In 2015 I Will Regularly Clean My Hookah

Nothing improves your daily smoke sessions more than starting each one with a freshly cleaned hookah. Check out our How To Clean A Hookah guide for all of the info you need. We recommend a good thorough cleaning of the stem, bowl, and base before every session. If you have a washable hose that you intend to use for multiple flavors, then a quick rinse of the hose is worthwhile as well.

2) In 2015 I Will Throw Away My Disgusting Old Shisha

Don't lie, you know you have some reeeeally old shisha sitting in a pantry or drawer somewhere. That 50g you bought, tried once, didn't really like, but have kept around just in case...well we really don't know why, but we're sure you had your reasons. In any case, cut the cord and toss that nasty old shisha away. Onward my friends, onward.

3) In 2015 I Will Try New Flavors And Brands Of Shisha

If you are the type of smoker who buys the same two flavors every time you get paid and thinks a wild night is when you mix those two flavors together, then it's time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Not sure what to try? We've got some suggestions for you. How about trying some of the Starbuzz Hidden Gem Flavors, or maybe a few of the Most Popular Shisha Flavors of All Time?

4) In 2015 I Will Switch To Natural Hookah Coal

Quick-light coals have their place in the hookah world. No one wants to try to light up some natural coals when smoking at the beach or while camping, and when you are just starting out in the hookah world, they are easy to use. If you are an experienced hookah smoker, or want to make the jump from newb to potential expert then you've just got to make the switch to natural coals. They burn more evenly, are free of chemical accellerants, and will lead to tastier, longer lasting bowls. 2015 is the year. Pledge to make the switch to natural hookah coal and taste the difference.

5) In 2015 I Will Make New Hookah Friends

By far the best part of hookah smoking is the camaraderie, friendship, and lively conversation that happens while passing a hookah hose and blowing some clouds. In 2015, pledge to make an effort to find some new hookah friends. Whether it's inviting some new friends around to smoke on the porch, or just striking up a conversation with the other regulars at your favorite lounge or cafe, expand your smoking circle and make some new friends. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

Cheers to you, our fellow hookah fans. 2014 was great and 2015 is bound to be even better!

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