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5 Hidden Gem Hookah Products You Need To Try

5 Hidden Gem Hookah Products You Need To Try

By Danny / February 29, 2016

The hookah world has it's fair share of heavy-hitter brands and products that almost every hookah smoker has either tried, or been around  before. Names like Starbuzz, Tangiers, and Khalil Mamoon are synonymous with most hookah smoking sessions these days, but there are also lesser-known products out there that deliver big time quality. We've decided to highlight a few such products in this blog in hopes that people will expand their hookah horizons a bit. If you look hard enough you can find some true hidden gems out there.

Hidden Gem #1 - Prestige Coco Hookah Coals

If you are OCD, opening up a box of most natural hookah coals must drive you nuts. Everyone wants to open their box and find a plethora of perfectly shaped, and 100% consistently sized coals inside. With Prestige Coco coals, this is exactly what you get. Their heavy duty packaging helps keep their coals intact, reducing the amount of coal dust found, and keeping each cube as close to perfect as possible. On top of that, each box contains 1.5kg of coal, as opposed to the standard 1kg that you get with most brands. They do cost a bit more, but once you give these coals a try we bet you'll come back for more.

Pick Up Some Prestige Coco Hookah Coals Here

Hidden Gem #2 - Mya Silicone Hose

Several years back we developed one of the world's first washable hookah hoses, the Nammor hose. Nowadays, if your hose isn't washable most smokers won't even give it a second look. Modern smokers love switching between flavors often, and to get the most clean and consistent taste, you've got to wash your hose between sessions. Among the myriad of modern washable hoses available today, one of our favorites constantly flies just beneath the radar - the Mya Silicone hose. Priced at just over $20, the Mya Silicone hose comes in at a lower price than a lot of the other popular washable hoses and smokes just as well. We love the heavy duty aluminum handle and flexible silicone tubing. If you need a hose that won't ghost, looks great, and is very affordable we suggest giving it a try.

Grab A New Mya Silicone Hose Here

Hidden Gem #3 - Shika Mandala Tray

Shika hookahs have exploded in popularity over the past year due to their amazing hand etched stems, brass and copper components, and classic style. If you aren't in the market for a whole new hookah setup you can still add some new flair to your existing hookah by adding a Shika Mandala tray. The beautiful design of the tray will impress your friends when they come over for a smoke, and it's heavy duty construction will last you for ages. We've got it in 3 different colors and at just $29.99 it's a steal. If you prefer a more traditional look you can check out the absolutely gorgeous Shika Lannister or Anchor trays. They aren't cheap but you simply won't find a better looking tray anywhere.

Check Out The Shika Mandala Trays Here

Hidden Gem #4 - Lule Ephesus Glass Hookah Bowl

Glass hookah bowls are a mixed bag. They look awesome, and with glass you can get unique sizes and shapes of bowls that would be quite difficult to achieve with other more traditional materials. On the opposite side, some glass bowls are tough to manage heat on, and of course they can be quite fragile. In the sea of mediocre glass bowls, the Lule Ephesus bowl stands out from the pack. This bowl is made from sturdy, heavy-duty glass and conducts heat like a champ. It's also gorgeous looking and has a phunnel-style design with a single central spire which makes packing a breeze. If you want to buy the best glass bowl possible, we highly recommend checking out the Lule Ephesus bowl.

Get Yourself A Shiny New Lule Ephesus Bowl Here

Hidden Gem #5 - Nammor Glass Mouthtip

There are some very pricey options out there when it comes to customizing your hookah hose with a fancy glass mouthtip. And then there is the Nammor Glass Mouthtip which is both AWESOME, and CHEAP. At just $9.99 each, these excellent tips will make your hose the envy of all of your hookah buddies and it won't break the bank at all. We've got several different styles in an array of colors and so long as you have a hose with a removable mouthpiece (think Nammor hoses, KM hoses, or hoses with silicone tubing) then you are all set.

Pick Up An Awesome New Nammor Glass Mouthtip Here

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