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5 Hidden Gem Shisha Flavors From Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco

5 Hidden Gem Shisha Flavors From Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco

By Danny / January 31, 2014
When you think of shisha tobacco, one of the first names to pop up is Starbuzz.  When you think of Starbuzz the big, classic flavors like Blue Mist, Pirates Cave, Code 69, and Sex On The Beach come to mind, but did you know that Starbuzz has over 100 different flavors across their Classic and Bold lines?  That's a lot of flavors to choose from and we're betting that you have not tried them all.  In this post we are going to highlight a few of the hidden gems of the Starbuzz shisha line.  We love these lesser known flavors and think you will too!

Underrated Starbuzz Shisha Flavors

The Starbuzz flavor scientists must have been listening to some Harry Nilsson in the lab when they created Coco Jumbo.  A delightful mix of coconut and lime, this flavor has become a big favorite here at Hookah-Shisha HQ.  Whether smoked solo, or mixed with other flavors, Coco Jumbo is a refreshing change of pace from other fruity or minty shisha flavors.  This one comes highly recommended. Starbuzz Coco Jumbo Shisha
Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell Shisha

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Lebanese Bombshell is the most unique flavor in Starbuzz's vast flavor catalog.  It's going to sound kinda weird, but the best way to describe this flavor is that it smells and tastes like you are smoking a cedar tree.  This is definitely one of those situations where words just don't do this flavor justice.  You simply have to give it a try.  Recommended for fans of unique, earthy flavors.

This entry comes from the Starbuzz Bold line of shisha tobacco.  Lady in Red is a spicy cinnamon and gum mixed flavor that will light up your taste buds.  If you like cinnamon flavored candies or gums, this is a great flavor for you.  We also like using it to mix with other flavors, much like you would with mint, to give your bowl a nice spicy finish. Starbuzz Bold Lady In Red Shisha
Starbuzz Hard Rush Shisha

Starbuzz is known mostly for it's fruity mixed flavors and for some reason Hard Rush has sort of been overlooked in this genre of shisha flavors.  Sporting a nice mix of Pineapple, Blueberry, Orange, and a hint of Mint, Hard Rush hits all of the major sweet and fruity notes and the mint finish is quite nice as well.  Recommended for fans of mixed fruit flavors, Blue Mist, and Code 69.

Our final entry in this list of hidden gems from the Starbuzz line of shisha tobacco is a classic, Peaches N Cream.  Anyone who has ever sampled this sweet and creamy dessert knows how good of a flavor combination fresh peaches and rich cream is.  In this shisha version the emphasis is on the cream with a present, but not overpowering, peach flavor.  I would compare the level of peach flavor in this mix to be similar to a good peach iced tea.  The peach is there, but just as a flavoring, not as the main meal.  Truly a delicious and refreshing flavor. Starbuzz Peaches and Cream Shisha

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