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5 Valentine's Day Shishas For Lovers

5 Valentine's Day Shishas For Lovers

By Grabertrain / February 8, 2010

Flowers and a box of chocolates?  Pfft, Valentine's Day gifts for amateurs. Here we present 5 V-Day Shisha's that make the perfect gift for that special hookah lover in your life!

5. Starbuzz Pink - The official color of Valentine's Day (and Steven Tyler's favorite!).  The Pink flavor from Starbuzz has a strong fruit punch taste with a subtle hint of bubble gum.  Some have compared smoking this flavor to drinking Hawaiian Punch while chewing Bubblicious gum.

Starbuzz Pink

Romman Chocolate Strawberry

4. Romman Chocolate Strawberry - A staple gift for Valentine's Day!  This flavor from Romman perfectly captures the sweet essence of chocolate combined with the juicy tartness of Strawberries.  Available in 3 sizes (250g, 125g, and 50g)!
3. Starbuzz Passion Kiss - Another sweet fruity flavor from Starbuzz, Passion Kiss is a blend of various fruits and tastes like many fruit-flavored breakfast cereals.  Smooch!

Starbuzz Passion Kiss

Tonic French Kiss

2. Tonic French Kiss - Ooh la la! This is like Passion Kiss but with more tongue (just kidding!).  If one could sum up the essential taste and smell of Valentine's day, it would be this sweet and tangy flavor from Tonic.  From personal experience, French Kiss has the taste of heart-shaped candies, strawberry-flavored suckers, and a bouquet of roses all rolled into one!
1. Fantasia Cupid's Arrow - The quintessential V-Day Shisha.  This specialty flavor from Fantasia is a blend of watermelon, cherry, and cotton candy.   Get struck by Cupid's Arrow this year with either a 200g Jar or a sample-sized 50g box! Fantasia Cupid's Arrow

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