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5 Valentine’s Day Shishas For Lovers - Part II

5 Valentine’s Day Shishas For Lovers - Part II

By Grabertrain / February 7, 2011

Howdy Hookah friends!  Valentine's day is a week away, so in continuation of last year's post 5 Valentines Day Shishas For Lovers, here we present to you part II!  Enjoy!

5. Romman Rose - “Don’t forget to order some rose shisha for Valentine’s Day too” says a commenter from last year. Since Valentine’s Day and roses go hand-in-hand, we won’t forget it this year, don't worry. While rose flavored tobacco is an acquired taste for many, Romman rose has less of a “perfumy” taste found in other brands and produces thick flowery-tasting clouds of smoke.

Starbuzz Pink

Romman Chocolate Strawberry

4. Starbuzz Chocolate Strawberry - Another necessity for the romantic at heart, the Chocolate Strawberry flavor from Starbuzz is a tasty blend of 2 Valentine’s Day staples and is available in 4 different sizes (50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g)
3. Tonic Romance - This newly-released flavor from Tonic is a savory blend of mixed fruits and sweet mint that will set your taste buds aflutter!

Starbuzz Passion Kiss

Tonic French Kiss

2. Social Smoke Potion 9 - Thankfully this doesn’t “smell like turpentine” according to the lyrics of the song made famous by The Clovers. Social Smoke Potion 9 is a delicious blend of sweet melon, cherry, raspberry, and pineapple that has a wonderfully tart but not too sugary tinge that mixes delightfully with mint!
1. Fantasia 4 Play - This flavor from Fantasia promises to “get the night off right.” I think I know what you mean, Fantasia (wink). 4 Play is a luscious watermelon flavor with a berry undertone that definitely sets the mood for an awesome shisha experience! Fantasia Cupid's Arrow

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