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Al Waha Shisha Tobacco - The "Old School" of Hookah Tobacco Comes Out with 6 New Flavors

Al Waha Shisha Tobacco - The "Old School" of Hookah Tobacco Comes Out with 6 New Flavors

By Grabertrain / June 7, 2012

While new, trendy hookah tobacco flavors and brands with pop culture-inspired names continue to emerge in this blossoming industry, we must not forget about the classics. Al Waha Shisha Tobacco has been around since the genesis of Western hookah popularity and they pride themselves on their traditional Middle Eastern cut and straight-to-the-point flavors. While fashionably late to the party, we're happy to announce that we now have 6 new flavors of Al Waha in the 50g size, all which share the same delicious taste and smoke longevity as their nostalgic standards:
Watermelon Mint: While plain watermelon remains one Al Waha's most popular flavors, they've done us a favor and added a minty kick to it, making it oh so much enjoyable for hookah smokers that like to mentholate their melon.
Orange Mint: A slpash of an orange-y aroma with the throat-tingling taste of mint. Fans of Al Waha often tell us they like to manually add mint to the orange flavor, and now it comes prepackaged for your smoking pleasure.
Blueberry Mix: Al Waha has jumped on the blueberry bandwagon with this tangy and tasty mix, a step up from their plain blueberry. What hookah tobacco brand would be complete without their own version of the most popular flavor ever? Al Waha skips nom de guerres and gives you exactly what you want: A beautiful blueberry bang in your bosom.
Istanbul Night: The box shows a picture of a vanilla cupcake, a sprig of mint, and a handful of pistachio nuts. How does it taste? Pretty much like if those three ingredients were somehow tastefully mashed together and rendered smokable. Al Waha Istanbul (not Constantinople) Night is a delicious nutty, creamy mint taste that will have you musing for a lovely evening at an outdoor hookah cafe in the Turkish capital.
Orange Lemon: Two citrus fruitts, one sweet and one sour, combine to form the perfect flavor blend for Al Waha fans eager for a tasty tickling of the tongue.
Grapefruit: You can now enjoy the taste of grapefruit without squirting juice in your eye! While the grapefruit itself can be bitter and acidic, AL Waha Grapefruit maintains the tart taste of the succulent subtropical snack without giving you "bitter grapefruit face."

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