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New To Our Shelves: Alchemist Tobacco

New To Our Shelves: Alchemist Tobacco

By Joe Perin / January 27, 2016

A New Take on Boutique Shisha Tobacco

Standing out from the crowd is the defining attribute of any successful brand in the hookah and shisha world, finding new and exciting twists to traditional products or thinking up something original, and many of the big brands today have found their own niche. But the folks from Alchemist Tobacco, in San Diego, California, saw the need for something quite different from what anyone else has done before - something so nontraditional and yet in-line with today's trends that hookah smokers would have to try it just to see what it was all about.

They have taken high quality French grown tobacco and aged it for 60 days in bourbon oak barrels to give them a depth of flavor you just won't find anywhere else. This unique production, made in small batch blends, labels this hookah tobacco as a true boutique brand. Alchemist's shisha tobacco is very finely cut, un-dyed, and not overly juicy tobacco that puts out amazing clouds with various packing methods and heat management tools.

They feature two lines: the original Alchemist Formula presents smooth, full-flavored smoke that will put out clouds for hours, and the Stout Line which features premium cigar tobacco known as "Sun Grown Dark Leaf Ligero Tobacco." This tobacco goes through an extra fermentation stage that gives it a high nicotine concentration, the enhanced stout flavor, and an enjoyable kick. Not only does Alchemist Tobacco stand apart from the crowd through their unique shisha production method, their flavors are original and not new takes on other brands' flavors. Their mint's are unlike any other mint you've ever smoked, and their fruit shishas bring new tastes and notes to the table that you haven't seen before. We are carrying a variety of Alchemist shisha flavors from both the Alchemist Formula and the Stout Line in 350g jars. Be sure to pick some up and experience a this revolutionary shisha tobacco brand!

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