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Austin's Hookah Story

Austin's Hookah Story

By Katie / November 29, 2012

What's Your Hookah Story?

Hookah lovers know that it's about more than just the buzz. We are collectors, flavor connoisseurs, and party hosts. Some travel the world collecting hookah experiences, while others prefer to have a small gathering in their own backyard. Regardless of how you do it, we want to know your hookah story. Include as many pictures as you'd like, or even make a video! Send your stories to hookahlove (@)

       After buying my first hookah from the kid who introduced me to the art, two of my best friends went in on one as well.  Me and several of our buds met out at my house and smoked the two hookahs one day after school, and that was the beginning of an "after-school hookah crew" that met almost daily at my house throughout our senior year.  We all loved hookah, but these meetings were about much more than just smoking.  The conversations we had around the hookahs were always entertaining, regardless of the topic.  We talked about everything, from girls to sports to what had occurred that day at school.  On occasion only one member of the group would be able to come over to smoke hookah.  It was on these occasions that I really experienced how powerful hookah smoking can be.  

         It might be a little awkward to sit in a room or on the porch with one other person and completely rely on conversation for entertainment.  When the hookah was added to the picture, any awkwardness faded away.  One member of "the crew" happened to be going through some tough times during our senior year.  Family problems, relationship problems, and school problems were running amuck in his life.  When he came over to smoke he liked to vent and talk about the bad stuff.  I think it was quite therapeutic talking about whatever drama might be going on in our lives, listening, and throwing out some advice here and there.  The hookah just made the whole thing easier, it gave you something to do when you were listening or thinking of what to say next.  Another guy in the crew was a film buff, like me, so when it was just me and him we would pop in a DVD, smoke, and talk about how this scene was badass or that shot was awesome or I like that actor in this movie or that.  We would talk about our favorite movies of all time and which one we should get the guys together to go see that weekend.  It just enhanced the whole experience.  I was a pretty normal kid in high school, but I definitely had a nerdy side. (I still do)  It just so happened that one of my good smoking buddies had one to.  We would light up the hookah and talk about whatever video game we might be playing through at the time, or which ones we were counting down the days for.  I can honestly say that I've never had an awkward conversation with anyone while smoking hookah with him or her.   

        It's hard to put into words what exactly the hookah does to us or how it makes us feel specifically, probably because a hookah's purposes can be extremely versatile. It can open people up socially without impairing them, taking away some of a person's inhibition just because there is something there to focus on other then talking: holding the hose in your hand and smoking from it when nobody else is.  Any awkward silences are filled with the bubbling of the water in the base; just brief rests between topics or opinions.  Smoking hookah doesn't have to be a social thing ALL the time.  Smoking alone while watching a movie or reading a book, or even writing one, can be extremely relaxing as well as enhancing.  Some people may not buy this, but it was definitely true for me.  Smoking hookah can be a great study aid!  It can keep any intrusive thoughts out of your mind, allowing you to focus on whatever subject matter you may be trying to enjoy, or attempting to complete.  I'm particularly grateful that I get to enjoy my hookah whenever I want, and I know I'll continue to do so for quite awhile.  All in all, the hookah is a magical thing, why else would people still be smoking it after hundreds of years?  


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