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The History of Hookah
By Double Allen / August 2, 2022

If you find yourself asking how hookah began during a smoking session, you’re in luck. This is the history of hookah, from its early origins to today.

How-To Restore Brass & Stainless Steel Metal Hookah Pipes
By Double Allen / June 24, 2020

Looking to restore an old hookah or polish a brass/stainless steel pipe? Check out this blog for all the tips and tricks on bringing your hookah back to life.

How-To Store Hookah Tobacco & Charcoal
By Double Allen / February 12, 2020

It's 3 am, do you know where you shisha tobacco is? How are you storing your hookah equipment?

Shipping Internationally with Hookah-Shisha
By Double Allen / December 17, 2019

Frequently asked questions in regards to our international shipping process!

The Best Hookah Flavors for 2022
By Double Allen / June 19, 2014

 The Best Hookah Flavors in 2022

There are certain hookah flavors that seem to be universal in their popularity.

The Best Hookah Flavors for Parties
By Double Allen / February 4, 2011

With the "BIG GAME" just around the corner, I'm getting ready to throw my annual Halftime Hookah Party with

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