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The Best Shisha Mixes for Fall
By smokeorpass / September 2, 2022

It's already fall!? Bust out your sweaters and these fall mixes!

The Best Al Fakher Shisha Mixes in 2022
By smokeorpass / July 15, 2022

Al Fakher has a ton of single-note flavors that can be made into so many different mixes. Here are our favorite Al Fakher mixes.

The Best Creamy Hookah Flavors in 2022
By smokeorpass / May 19, 2022

This is one of our favorite categories of shisha to smoke so we picked out some great, creamy flavors for you to consider.

The Best Fumari Shisha Mixes
By smokeorpass / August 14, 2021

Are you looking for new Fumari shisha tobacco blends to enjoy this summer? We've got the perfect lineup for you!

The Best Grapefruit Hookah Flavors
By smokeorpass / April 9, 2022

The grapefruitiest-grapefruit guide you could ever imagine!

The Best Hookah Bowls in 2022
By smokeorpass / March 2, 2022

Your hookah bowl is a key component of your set up. Check out the top ones. 

The Best Hookahs of the Year
By smokeorpass / December 30, 2021

It's been a while since we took a look at this list and since we're past the half-way point in the year, WHAT BETTER TIME THAN NOW!

The Best Mint Hookah Flavors
By smokeorpass / February 17, 2022

So many mint flavors! Need a new one to switch things up? Perhaps you didn't know of these other options. Here are some of the best mint flavors for this year. 

The Best Social Smoke Shisha Mixes for End of Summer 2022
By smokeorpass / August 29, 2022

As we wrap up another summer, here are some excellent mixes to carry over into fall flavors!

The Best Tangiers Shisha Mixes in 2022
By smokeorpass / May 2, 2022

We've held onto these top shelf mixes for too long, it's time for the world to get familiar with our secret blends with Tangiers hookah tobacco.

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