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Electronic Hookah Bowl Comparison Battle Royale

Electronic Hookah Bowl Comparison Battle Royale

By Katie / August 8, 2014

Since the e-hookah boom came along, there have been various requests for an electronic hookah bowl (aka e-Bowl or e-Head) that would go on top of the hookah to replace the shisha bowl and allow the user to vape while using their hookah. Good news! These devices aren't just a science fiction pipe dream - they are real, and are a great alternative to traditional shisha tobacco, the same smoke experience without all of the prep work! The biggest electronic hookah bowls at the moment are the Smoke Free Pyramid e-Hookah, the Square e-Head, as well as the Fantasia e-Bowl - all of which boast their own advantages.

Smoke-Free Pyramid E-Hookah

smoke free pyramid


- The Pyramid E-Hookah is great if you are looking for a simple e-bowl that you can simply set on top of your hookah and smoke, right away.

- The Pyramid pays homage to its Egyptian roots, with a classic pyramid design and hieroglyphics along the side of the device.

- Its simple plug-and-go setup right out of the box is great, and it comes with 2 pre-filled e-liquid cartridges and a wall charger.

- You can purchase a separate e-liquid tank that will allow you to refill it with the e-liquid of your choice.


The provided pre-filled cartridges are not refillable, nor are they reusable. Honestly, the flavors provided are not amazing. BUT you can purchase a refillable, reuseable cartomizer seperately and it will works well with all other e-liquids in our store. We highly recommend purchasing the refillable cartomizer and using your favorite e-juice for the best experience.

Square E-Head

Square E Head


- Comes with 2 empty, refillable liquid tanks, as well as 25ml bottle of Square Drops. You can also purchase extra tanks and coils separately.

- Sleek, modern design, and a touchscreen function that allows you to adjust the voltage that will help to increase or decrease the levels of clouds the device will produce.

- The digital display also has a puff counter that will tell you how puffs you have taken (can be reset by pressing both the + and - voltage buttons simultaneously), and a battery meter to let you know how much longer your charge will last. A wall charger is also provided.


- You can only inhale for 10 seconds before the e-Head will cut you off. This is to prevent the device from overheating.

Fantasia E-Bowl

Fantasia e-bowl


- Comes with a universal bowl adapter, can fit almost any hookah.

- Sleek, modern design, and a digital screen that lets you know your remaining battery life.

- Produces large, flavorful clouds. Just put on top of your hookah, and it's ready to go!

- This unit can only be used with the specially designed Fantasia pre-filled cartomizers. Although they are available in some of Fantasia's most popular flavors, you cannot use other cartos or e-liquid, and at this point the flavors are only available in nicotine-free form.

All things considered, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Square E-Head is a superior product due to its digital interface and adjustable settings. The Pyramid is great if you are looking to show off the Egyptian style and you prefer simplicity, and the Fantasia e-Bowl is perfect if you're a Fantasia shisha fan who doesn't need nicotine. Overall, however, the Square E-Head takes the cake for newbies and veterans alike.

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