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The Best Hookah Coals and Natural Coals

The Best Hookah Coals and Natural Coals

By Danny / February 19, 2014

(This post was updated on 12/4/2018)

Hookah Coals are an often overlooked aspect of hookah smoking. All they do is heat up the shisha, right? What difference could your choice of coals possibly make? The truth of the matter is, aside from the type/flavor of shisha you are smoking and ensuring that your hookah is properly sealed and set up, the hookah coals you choose to use are the most important aspect of your hookah set up.

natural coconut hookah charcoal

Most novice users start out using quick light charcoal because of it's ease of use. While it is true that quick lighting coals light faster than natural coals, in all other areas natural charcoals are superior. In this guide we are going to focus on the best brands of natural hookah charcoal which we carry.

The Best Natural Hookah Charcoal in The World

Coconara hookah charcoal

Currently, the king of natural coals is Coco Brico charcoals. Their hookah charcoal is made from 100% recycled coconut husks and burn clean with little to no smell while lighting. The birth of this hookah accessory spawned a plethora of new brands, and now we see our customers broadening their horizon by trying out new coal options like Cocourth and Titanium. Once on top of your bowl, these coals deliver consistent and even heat and do not add any flavor to your shisha. This allows for the purest taste, and the finest smoke. They will require a coal burner for proper use and take roughly 7-10 minutes to become fully lit depending on your burner.

Instead relying on coal manufacturers to create heat for their tobacco, many shisha brands decided to craft their own hookah charcoal. Currently you can find hookah charcoal created by some of your favorite shisha companies like Fumari Fuoco Coals, and Starbuzz Coco Buzz coals. These coals are perceived to be the recommended charcoal for that particular shisha brand, but they can be enjoyed with almost every cut of tobacco available.

Other Excellent Natural Hookah Coal Brands

The above mention coals have great visibility and usage in the hookah market, but there is always more to try in the world of charcoal. Most brands have a devoted fan base who swear by their coals because your journey in hookah is all about tailoring your session to your taste. The hookah community is packed full of people with desires for certain heat levels and shapes, which leads to a variety of options.

Ecocha prestige coco coals chx charcoal

Shape are extremely important when you're using a heat management device like the Kaloud Lotus. You'll always be able to flats or cubes inside these devices but what if we told you there were coals designed specifically for heat management units. Kaloud leads the way with their Aura half moon design and Cocourth follows the wave from Charco Flare with quarter circle pieces. The choice is yours!

Unique Natural Hookah Coal Options

We've covered the Kings, we've covered the contenders, now let's talk about the outliers. These unique brands of natural coals utilize wood as the main ingredient for their coal composition, and this style charcoal is known as the originator for hookah tobacco heat management. The natural wood comes from orange and lemon wood trees, and they don't add any negative taste to your sessions. The wood pieces vary in size for bag to bag, but they can be broken down to smaller sizes depending on the requirements for your hookah session. Lemon/Orange wood charcoal ash more than most coconut coals, but they provide a longer natural burning session. You can ignite these sticks of charcoal over in open flame (not a small lighter), or use a natural coal burner.

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