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Best Hookahs, Best Shisha, Best Hookah Accessories - Best of the Best Roundup

Best Hookahs, Best Shisha, Best Hookah Accessories - Best of the Best Roundup

By Danny / June 27, 2013

The hookah world can be a bit overwhelming at times.  So many different hookah and shisha brands, so many competing products, and so many shisha flavors to try.  There's always a new "Must Have" accessory coming out and it can be daunting trying to find the right hookah product or shisha flavor for you.  We've been blogging about everything hookah related for years and in this post we have compiled our best and most useful blog posts in one central location.  Read through all of these posts and you will officially be the most informed hookah smoker on the block.  Enjoy!

Best New Hookah Products

Each year we compile a list of our favorite new products which came out that calendar year.  Check out our last 3 lists for the best the hookah world has had to offer.

Best Hookah Products of 2013 (so far)

Best Hookah Products of 2012

Best Hookah Products of 2011

Best Shisha Flavors

Picking the right hookah tobacco brand or a specific shisha flavor can be tough.  With so many brands and so many flavors to choose from, where should you start?  We've broken things down by brand and have showcased our favorite flavors that each brand has to offer

Top 10 Fantasia Shisha Tobacco Flavors

The Best Tangiers Hookah Tobacco Flavors

The Best Fumari Shisha Tobacco Flavors

The Complete Starbuzz Flavor Guide

Best Hookah Pipes

The world of hookah would be nowhere without the hookah pipes themselves.  In this section we will focus on our favorite brands and models of hookah pipes themselves.

What Is The Best Hookah?

Best Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Best Cheap Hookahs

Best Hookah Accessories

If you want to improve the performance of your hookah you need to look at your hookah accessories.  Hookah bowls, hookah hoses, ice hose tips, and all of the other great hookah accessories available can really improve your next session.  Check out these blog posts on what we consider to be the most necessary hookah upgrades around.

The Incredi-Bowls: Comprehensive Hookah Bowl Guide

Meet The Kaloud Lotus Hookah Bowl Screen

Best Ice Hose Cooling Tips

Comprehensive Hookah Hose Guide


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