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Best Hookahs Of 2016 - Year End Round Up

Best Hookahs Of 2016 - Year End Round Up

By SmokeOrPass / January 3, 2017

Hookah-shisha Year end Hookah Round Up

We had a lot fun in 2016, from exploring several new brands of shisha to testing out drone delivery technology. The months went by extremely quickly but the bowls burned slowly, and now we'd like to take a moment to look back at what all went down in our hookahs category. This year team traditional (classic Egyptian hookahs) held on to the crown for most popular amongst our customers with Khalil Mamoon and  Shika hookahs leading the new setup selections. The hookah aficionados explored the world of some of our newer modern hookahs as well as new glass options, each style providing their own unique features. So let's check out some of our latest additions in the hookah department.

Shika Hookahs

Shika Hookahs

When we introduced the Shika hookahs in 2015 they were a huge hit as they already had a following and produced designs that hadn't been seen anywhere on the market. Shika is known for putting a little extra on each of their stems to make them unique and stand out in any collection, from hand engraved details along the stem/coal tray to bold electroplated finishes. Their latest run of hookahs included a tiny cloud machine called "Pen Pen" that stands at 16" but hits like a full size setup, and it comes equipped with a jumbo style base with a wide gauge hose. The Hodor was another new model that shows off how detailed the Shika team can get with precision engravings, and this model also includes their new wave glass bases that look awesome once they're filled with smoke. Their other popular models like the Hilal and Tyrion received some upgrades with more detailed visuals applied to the exterior of the shaft and a thicker solid brass coal tray. The Shika setups are always built to last and we're excited to see what 2017 has in store for their designs.

Wookah hookahs

Wookah Hookahs

We started 2016 off with a beautiful collection of handmade hookahs from Poland and they turned out to be very popular amongst hookah experts and many of our own staff. The Wookah hookahs are all unique as each stem is crafted with a natural hard wood exterior and have the ability to be customized with up to 8 hand-cut crystal glass bases. The heavy V2A stainless steel might be the reason that our stems in the office looks as clean as day one, and the wood is sealed with a durable coat to prevent any water damage. These stems pack a wide gauge downstem and our Wookah packages include a Aluminum D-hose that create the smoothest and relaxing session possible. After a full year of heavy smoke sessions and product testing, our pipes show no rust or wear and that makes these hookahs ELITE!

B2 Hookahs

B2 Hookahs

If there was one style of hookah that really skyrocketed in popularity over the past year, it's the machine-made hookahs department. In the past we've seen several styles of machine made hookahs arise but just because they're made by a machine doesn't guarantee a lifetime of smoking. It takes the use of high quality materials to really make a hookah last and that's where the B2 hookah comes through with their top of the line shaft and coal tray. The B2 series is produced in small batches that all include a serial number for authenticity, and can easily be traced back to the vendor for any warranty or defects. These shafts are created in California with the use of CNC lathe machines( Computer Numerical Controlled), that produce finely threaded connection joints and symmetrical central hubs. B2 hookahs use a high caliber Aluminum metal for their composition which allows for a rust and corrosion proof experience, and each pipe includes a removable diffuser composed of the same metal. You'll have 3 heights to choose from when it comes time to assemble it for a session, and although it may not have a huge impact on your session we like the medium tier setup.  The first batch sold out quickly so we placed an order for a new run to be produced and we'll have those back this week hopefully!

Lavoo Glass Hookahs

Lavoo Glass Hookahs

We've carried the Lavoo glass hookah series for quite some time and always loved their designs that they've produced over the years. Lavoo recently decided to take an unexpected turn and went after the visual design of their stands in combination with a few new glass hookah models. Taking on the fight between good and evil their new MP1-X hookahs are available in 2 unique styles the devil and angel, both setups include a glass bowl with a washable silicone hose and nifty glass handle. These hookahs were designed to make a statement and turn heads, but you can also use them for any smoke session once you pick up your jaw from the ground. If making the decision between the light and dark side becomes too difficult, you can go with their top tier design that features a full set of gold wings! The Archangel model is like the Lambo of glass hookahs and if you bring this bad boy out with friends over get ready for the selfies and multiple compliments. Outside of glass hookah designs, Lavoo has been steady working on their dark leaf tobacco blends featured in our new shisha round up.

Zahrah Spade hookah shaft

Zahrah Spade Hookah Shaft

Capitalizing on the desire of machine made hookahs, Zahrah produced their Spade stem for hookah experts and beginners alike. Unlike most of the machined stems that we carry this shaft is designed to work as your party setup and also as your solo hookah. We've tested out both scenarios with great results, and so far the feedback from the community has been very positive. We currently carry two color options (Blue or Black), that can be fully customized with a nice base and hookah hose. The plug and play design allows for you to add or remove the extra hose ports by simply pulling/attaching each valve to the central hub. There is no threading for the ports just a combination of aluminum and silicone rings to ensure a snug fit without any air leaks, plus each add-on hose port includes an auto-seal adapter. The raised bumps on the coal tray help against blackouts on the underside of the charcoal, and the 9" diameter gives you enough space for multiple coal runs. The spade shape is incorporated into the exterior design, and we really enjoy the unique combos with this stem displayed on social media.

Art Hookah Aviator Hookah Shaft

Art Hookah Aviator Shaft

The creator of the Art Hookah launched a new model last year that features a composition of aircraft-grade aluminum, instead of the thick glass they're known to use. Going after the play on words with aircraft materials we were presented with the "Aviator Hookah Shaft" - adjustable height with a built-in diffuser and invisible purge valve. This stem was built for continuous clouds and a ease in maintenance, the fully threaded body can be broken down for travelling or storage purposes. The aircraft-grade aluminum provides a lightweight setup with incredible durability and deep colors that won't fade after continuous usage. The full height of the Aviator uses both shaft parts to reach a height of 28" and with a quick removal of one stem section you can enjoy a shorten height of 18". Besides the clean threaded system we really enjoyed the unique purge design that features a dual ball bearing system encased within the central hub, the purge process is quick plus it looks awesome. The 2 color options (black/blue) yield great custom configurations on a complete setup, we have ours with a jumbo glass base and a aviator hose. What would you put with this shaft?


What are you hoping to see in the new year for hookah? More colors, new materials? Be sure to leave us some feedback on what you would like to see on our site.

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