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Best New Hookah Products of 2014

Best New Hookah Products of 2014

By Danny / December 9, 2014

Best New Hookah Accessories of 2014

Pharaoh's Diffuser – Using a diffuser with your hookah will immediately change your smoking experience for the better in a couple of different ways. The first thing you will notice is that with a diffuser in place, your hookah will become much more quiet. If you like smoking while watching tv or movies, you will love not having to crank the volume to hear over the bubbling of your pipe. Secondly, your hookah smoke will be smoother than ever before. Sounds like a win win, right? It is.

Electronic Hookah Bowls - Although many traditional hookah smokers have given the side eye to the new trend of vape products, it's hard to scoff at these really amazing inventions. The Square E-Head and Fantasia E-Bowl take the place of a traditional hookah bowl as well as the tobacco. These eBowls are filled with e-juice, and produce amazing and tasty vapor clouds that can rival any shisha. With your choice of nicotine levels, you are now in total control of what you smoke and how you smoke it!

electronic hookah bowls

Titanium Coconut Coals- If you think that all coals are the same, then you are mistaken my friend! These new, natural coconut coals were released just this year, and we were skeptical. Many people have tried their hand at creating the new must-have hookah charcoal. But we have to admit...these are legit. Available in boxes that range from 16 - 324 peices, we can't recommend these hookah charcoals highly enough.

titanium coals

Starbuzz Maximus Hose - This is the monster truck of hookah hoses. This hose will allow you to set up your hookah in the kitchen, while you smoke away on the couch in your living room. Measuring in at 90 inches of total length, and a 21 inch long handle, with a 1 inch diameter wide gauge for a huge draw, this hose will take your session to the MAX.

starbuzz maximus hose

Starbuzz USA Hookah Stems - Known for their shisha, Starbuzz has started entering the hookah hardware side of things. True to their reputation, these USA Starbuzz stems are absolutely unparallelled. Their highlight is that they are made from surgical-grade stainless steel, which means if will not hold on to flavors, creating any ghosting.

titanium coals

Best New Hookah Part Upgrades of 2014

Harmony Hookah Bowl – Speaking of Tangiers, here is a new bowl that was specifically designed to work flawlessly with Tangiers shisha. The Harmony bowl has been around the hookah world for a while, but since it's so awesome, and we only started carrying it this year, we figured it was worth including. This phunnel style hookah bowl is similar to the Alien Mini bowl, but features a raised edge for a deeper and longer lasting bowl. Try it out with the Kaloud Lotus, and we doubt you will ever reach for another hookah bowl again.

Silikon Hookah BowlThe biggest downside of a traditional clay hookah bowl is that eventually you are going to drop it, and chances are it's going to break. The new Silikon hookah bowl solves that problem in the simplest way possible, by making their bowl unbreakable. The Silikon bowl is made from a strong, yet flexible, food-grade silicone which is sure to outlast any and every other hookah bowl on the planet. We must admit that we were skeptics at first. Who wants to smoke out of a rubber bowl, right? Well we tested these bowls fairly extensively and were sold almost immediately. No rubber taste, no burns or scorches on the bowl itself, and clean up is a breeze. Definitely one of the best new products of 2014.

Best New Shisha of 2014

Hookafina BlakHookafina has expanded their brand by releasing a new line of black leaf tobacco. Created in small batches with unwashed tobacco that is pressurized with black molasses, this shisha has higher nicotine content and huge flavor. This might be the closest thing to Tangiers Shisha that you can find!

DeCloud Shisha FruitsDeCloud is not only a new brand for 2014, but they have introduced a completely new category of hookah product for 2014, the shisha fruit. DeCloud Shisha Fruits are a 100% tobacco and nicotine free shisha alternative that is made of pieces of real fruit. If you are on a quest for the most realistic fruit flavors in the hookah world, consider your quest complete. Because they are made with actual fruit, the flavors are spot on. We recommend mixing some DeCloud with your usual shisha if you want to add some amazing fruit flavor to your usual bowl.

Tangiers Burley Shisha – Anytime Tangiers releases a new line of shisha, it's a big deal. Hookah afficianados and connosieurs rave about the high quality tobacco and flavorings that go into each and every handmade batch of Tangiers shisha. Their newest line -Tangiers Burley - features all of the excellent quality you've come to expect from Tangiers shisha but with higher nicotine levels for the buzziest Tangiers smoke yet. We've got great flavors available, check them out!

Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha – Al Fakher is one of the most traditional and longest known shisha brands around, but they won't be out done by modern trends! Of course, traditional Al Fakher is still going strong, but they have released a new Special Edition line that boast some really wonderful new flavors that are not usually associated with old school shisha. Complete with the juicy tobacco leaves that you love, and a ton of new shisha flavors to choose from, this is by far one of our favorite new things of 2014.

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