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Best Vape Products of 2014

Best Vape Products of 2014

By Katie / December 12, 2014


We love hookah! But let's be honest, vaping is the way of the future. Ain't nothing wrong with a little e-hookah between real hookah sessions. These are our favorite eCig products of the year, and a great place to get started if you're ready to give vaping a try!

iphone vape case

Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Clearomizer - This baby has been sold out on sites all across the Internet, so get them while they're still here! This comes with 0.5 sub-ohm coal installed, no need to wire up your own to get some giant clouds. Fill it up with 2.0ml of your favorite eJuice, and take a draw from the extra-wide stainless steel drip tip. The airflow is unparalleled and it's one of the only BVCs with this sub-ohm availability straight out of the box. If this doesn't make sense, don't worry about it. For those of you who know what's up with clearos, you know that the Atlantis is really where it's at.

smoke free ivap

Smoke Free IVAP Bluetooth e-Cig Starter Kit - This if the first and only ecig that works with a software app! Control the wattage voltage and track your vape patterns with the coinciding software that you control right from your phone. This product comes with a rechargeable pyramid base, charging cable, AC wall adapter, rechargeable battery, and a 510 thread for your clearo.

kamry mech mod starter kit

Kamry K1000 Pipe ePipe Starter Kit - This might be our most entertaining new vape product of the year. Who doesn't want to look awesome while smoking an old school pipe? You get all of that social clout, without any of the tobacco with the Kamry Pipe! Powered by an 18350 rechargeable battery, the ePipe uses a CE4 styles clearomizer with a 510 connection point. Also comes with an awesome carrying case and charger.

ijoy iart starter kit

iJoy iArt Hookah Pen Starter Kit - This awesomely compact eCig houses the battery within the eLiquid tank (which holds up to 7ml of e-juice by the way) to give you one sleek product. The 280mAh battery has a jewel that lights up on the tip when inhaled. Comes with an extra battery, 2 cartos, drip tip, charger, and instruction manual.

iphone vape case

Lotus iPhone Vape Case- Okay, I know this is a bit kitsche, but this thing is awesome. Just pop it on your iPhone 5/5c/5s in place of your case (it's very sturdy and an excellent case on its own) and screw on the clearomizer of your choice (comes with a 512 eGo thread adapter). With a 2000mAh battery, it has an extremely long battery life - one of the longest on the market. And the best part - you'll always know where your vape is when you need it!

vision battery spinner II 1650mah

Vision Spinner 2 Variable Voltage Battery - The most powerful eGo type battery available, the Vision Spinner II allows you to dial your voltage between 3.3-4.8V. The activation button changes color depending on its current battery level, and holds up to 16 hours of charge with a 1650mAh battery. This this is awesome!

rechargeable ecig battery

AW IMR Rechargeable e-Cig Battery - A battery? Who cares about a battery?! We admit this isn't the sexiest of products, but dagnabit, it's functional and necessary! Available between 700-1200mAh, these little guys put out steady, consistent juice to keep those clouds flowing.

fantasia ecig ehookah starter pack

Fantasia F1 eHookah Starter Kit - This awesome kit comes with everything you need to start vaping the moment you open it. A 15ml bottle of Fantasia eLiquid, a charger, CE5 clearomizer, and 900mAh EVOD battery all provide a really sweet set up to get started on. Of course, the trusted and reliable 'Fantasia' brand is always something you can depend on. Plus, they have tons of additional eLiquid flavors to choose from that emualte their most popular shisha flavors.

ballistic vape liquid

Ballistic Vape e-Juice - This is the eLiquid that all the cool kids are vaping. Available with 0-18mg of nicotine, and coming in 15ml bottles, the real vapers know that Ballistic is the go-to brand if you want some crazy Storm Trooper clouds.


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