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Breaking Down Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Coals

Breaking Down Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Coals

By SmokeOrPass / August 4, 2015

In the hookah world, many of the hookah enthusiasts tend to turn away from quicklight coals for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that they don't allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your hookah sessions, and they tend to put off a smell that may not be pleasant to the nostrils. The quick/instant light coals are ideal when you're away from a coil burner, and you still want to get your smoke session going because all you will need is a single flame lighter.

Many novice/beginner  hookah smokers may start off with instant light coals, because they're easily attainable and you don't need any extra components. Over time these type of coals have not seen many changes in style or materials used, until now thanks to Starbuzz.
Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals
Their new coconut instant light coals are available in the industry standard sizes of 40mm and 35mm, with individual rolls containing 10 pieces. This is more than just a standard quick light coal, so let's break it down for you.
Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals*40MM Size

Premium Materials

The Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Coals breathes new life into the world of quick light coals, with premium materials. Unlike any instant light coals on the market, these Starbuzz coals utilize Coconut Shell husk.
Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals
If you take a look at the current natural coals on the market, the main ingredient for them is raw coconut material. This is best material to work with in the manufacturing of hookah charcoal, and with the proper craftsmanship you can create a coal that is high in durability like these Starbuzz quick lights.
Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals
Some quicklight users may have experienced a coal fracture (breaking in half or becoming brittle) when you've decided to knock some ash off your coals, but the strength of these coals provides a solid single piece heat source throughout your entire session. This happens because of the materials used along with a high quality binding process, resulting in the most durable instant light coal on the market.

Beneficial Features

History will tell you that Starbuzz creates top quality products, and in doing so we have been able to enjoy a premium level of all hookah related products. The coconut quicklight coals received the same type of quality assurance that you can expect with all of their products, and some included beneficial features. When you store hookah charcoal that is not in use, you want to make sure that they are not around moisture or any type of wet environment. This type of environment overtime will destroy the integrity of the coals, causing some to black out or not put off enough heat.
Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals
Since Starbuzz can't control the environment of the coals once they leave the warehouse, each roll of charcoal is individually shrink wrapped for optimal moisture control. So when you bust open a fresh roll of coals, they will be at their best quality for use atop of any hookah setup. The hookah market unfortunately is full of knock-off products, and we know that there are some evil people trying to pull the ole' switch-a -roo with labels. Thinking forward Starbuzz has applied a anti-counterfeit stamp of there logo on each coal, speaking to the phrase "often imitated, never duplicated".
Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals
This may be the perfect companion when you want to enjoy some Starbuzz Vintage or any other shisha, when you're away from home.

How-to Light

These coals are to never be used with a coal burner, or any type of stove top heating element. The coconut instant light coals will require a single flame lighter or torch lighter, the heat only needs to be applied for a short amount of time in order to start the lighting process. Coconut is one of the main ingredients, so it will take a little longer to achieve a fully lit state compared to the standard instant light charcoal. In order to have a full flavor session, please wait until your coal is fully lit before placing it on your bowl.

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