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Can I smoke a multi-hose hookah with only one hose?

Can I smoke a multi-hose hookah with only one hose?

By christophanes / May 25, 2008

The smoking experience on our multiple hose hookahs is just as good as our single hose hookahs. Virtually all of our multiple hose hookahs come with Auto-Seal to seal the extra hoses when they are not in use and prevent having to hold your finger over the end of the hose when you're not smoking. Because of the convenience of Auto-Seal, you can use any multiple hosed hookah with fewer hoses with no additional modification to your hookah or extra work. One thing to keep in mind when multiple people are smoking is the fact that there is only so much smoke in the base and you may experience a slight "battle of lungs" if all the hoses are being smoked through at the same time. We advocate sharing and taking turns. It not only works in the sandbox, it's great for hookahs and you know your parents would be proud of you.

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