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Do I dare to eat a peach? - My favorite hookah flavor

Do I dare to eat a peach? - My favorite hookah flavor

By Christophanes / March 27, 2008

peach-shisha-tobacco Do I dare disturb the universe? Yes - Romman Peach is that good. Whenever I serve a hookah to someone who's never smoked one before, I like to treat them to Romman Peach. This succulent shisha is one of the most vivid, long lasting, and aromatic shishas I've ever smoked. Frequently, when I smoke this flavor in public, people will walk up and announce peach.gif "Oh! That smells so good - is that peach I smell?" Because of the higher quality tobacco and flavoring used in Romman shishas, this tobacco is more sensitive to heat, so be sure not to burn it! As scrumptious as it is by itself, Romman Peach mixes well with other flavors. Try mixing it with some vanilla to make peaches and cream! Throw peach and orange together for a flavor inspired by the Fuzzy Navel drink. Here's a trick that's guaranteed to please: make a hookah bowl out of a peach! You can slice a peach in half and remove the pit, and use a spoon to enlarge the dip in the peach half (where the pit was). Then, you can poke a small hole through the peach half. Now, simply load the peach with shisha as though it were a clay bowl, and use the hole to place it on top of the shaft! You don't have to stop at peach, either - you can make a hookah bowl from fruit using apples or even lemons!

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