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Econo Mya QT Hookah - Same QT Taste, More "Economy" Puns

Econo Mya QT Hookah - Same QT Taste, More "Economy" Puns

By grabertrain / February 12, 2009

Looking for an affordable, reliable, high quality hookah that won’t bust your budget? Take a gander at the “Econo” Mya (get it? get it?) QT Hookah. Resembling its cousin the Mya QT Hookah in height and shaft style, the glass on the Econo Mya QT Hookah is made with more cost-efficient manufacturing methods which means we can pass the savings along to you! For about $42 and change you’ll get a compact, travel friendly, not-too-small hookah pipe that meets all the quality standards we’ve come to expect from Mya Saray. Plus all the fixins'!

Not only can you tote this hookah around in the included wire carrying cage, an added feature is that cage has a handy slit on the side where you can feed your hose through and actually smoke while you're carrying it. Were you to do this, we'd recommend using an Ultimate Combo Hookah Bowl, that way you'll avoid singeing your knuckle hairs off! Happy Smoking!

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