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Fantasia Shisha Tobacco - Top 10 Most Popular Flavors

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco - Top 10 Most Popular Flavors

By Clay / October 19, 2010

Though in music, a "fantasia" is a composition that sounds extemporaneous, we've found Fantasia Hookah Tobacco flavors to be polished and refined. While they have a flavor to suit every taste, here's a list of our top 10 selling flavors with a description of what makes each one so phenomenal:

Fantasia Orange Sherbet

10. Orange Sherbet. Sherbets are desserts like a fruit sorbet, but containing a little dairy for a smooth consistency. Smooth is the key to this creamy orange flavor, similar in taste and velvety texture to the "push-up" frozen confections.

Fantasia Cactus Breeze

9. Cactus Breeze. Tasting more like a fruit punch than a prickly wind, Cactus Breeze is another in the Fantasia lineup inspired by a mixed drink. While the drink is customarily made with pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and sour mix, the individual cranberry/pineapple flavor in the shisha are difficult to pick out. Regardless, this flavor is as delicious smoked alone as it is added to another flavor for a fruity kick.

Fantasia Raspberry Kamikaze

8. Raspberry Kamikaze. Another of Fantasia's drink-themed flavors, a Raspberry Kamikaze combines raspberry liqueur with a little hint of orange (triple sec) and the smallest twist of lime.  Rather than tasting a raspberry-lime combination, I personally find the hint of lime adds a little sparkling acidity to the flavor, and the faintest suggestion of orange adheres all the flavors together. If you've been looking for a great raspberry flavor, don't miss this one!

Fantasia Pumpkin Spice

7.  Pumpkin Spice. Haven't we all wished for a little extra room to fit in pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving dinner? How many times have you mused to yourself that you wish you could have all of the flavor of a pumpkin pie, without the inconvenience of a pie? Fantasia to the rescue! This flavor is a must-have for the fall season, and offers a pleasant alternative to those who are looking for a sweet and spicy alternative to fruity flavors.

Fantasia Ace of Spades

6. Ace of Spades. This one's far too good for us to keep up our sleeves! Few flavor combinations are as classic as chocolate and mint, so elegantly named after the singular ace of spades. Deal yourself out some flavor - you'll love it so much you'll wonder if you're playing with a full deck.

Fantasia Cuban Mojito

5. Cuban Mojito. Muddle your senses with this twisted mint flavor named after the popular drink and fuel for more than a little of Hemmingway's writing. This is a sweet lime and mint combination, cool and fresh, that is both light and long lasting. Find out why this flavor combination made Ernest Hemmingway - an expert on bibatory sapidity - such a huge fan of the drink.

Fantasia Incredible Hulk

4. Incredible. Laurel and Hardy. Ralph and Alice Kramden. Perfect pairings stand both the tests of time and taste, in both culture and flavor. In this flavor's namesake drink, Hennessy cognac and Hpnotiq liqueur are as naturally paired as Han Solo and a wookiee. While the Incredible drink glows under black light, Fantasia's flavor really lights up under a gentle heat, delivering a flavor similar to green Jello.

Fantaisa Adios M@#%+&!

3. Adios M@#%+&!. The Adios M@#%+&! is another drink-themed flavor, named after a drink known to end the night, whether you wanted to or not. While the recipes differ, the result of this sweet-and-sour hammer in a glass is always the same: a knockout flavor! How does it taste? Much like the Smarties candy.

Fantasia Purple Haze

2. Purple Haze. This very berry flavor, of grape and raspberry, is a jamboree of flavor. More alike to grape and raspberry candy than fruit in sweetness, Fantasia's Purple Haze is sure to get all in your brain. Now 'scuse me, while I kiss the sky...

Fantasia Pink Lemonade

1. Pink Lemonade. One legend has it that pink lemonade was created when a circus performer made lemonade with water previously used to wash some red tights. However it began, pink lemonade goes one shade further than the classic thirst-quencher and has been immortalized in smoke by Fantasia.


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