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Fantasia Vapor Stones - Nicotine Free Shisha Tobacco Alternative

Fantasia Vapor Stones - Nicotine Free Shisha Tobacco Alternative

By Katie / April 17, 2014


Smoke Hookah, With No Tobacco and No Nicotine!

What is this magical substance? Is it a dream? A fantasy? No! It's Fantasia, silly! Fantasia Shisha Brand has some of the most sought after shisha tobacco flavors in the hookah world, but what about the fine folks who don't want any tobacco or nicotine? Never fear, the Fantasia fairy heard your pleas.
Fantasia Shisha Vapor Stones, tobacco-free nicotine-free alternative to shisha for your hookah Fantasia Vapor Stones are here to reignite your passion for the best hookah flavors, in a tobacco-free and nicotine-free version. These shisha alternatives offer 20 of Fantasia's best world famous shisha flavors that release vapor when smoked on a hookah (just like you would a standard bowl of shisha). To use your new Fantasia Hookah Steam Stones, simply load your hookah bowl (we recommend either a Phunnel hookah bowl or Vortex style bowl) with the stones.
Fantasia Vapor Stones Fill to just below the edge of the bowl, just like with shisha. Once the bowl is filled, cover the top with foil or a bowl screen, add some lit hookah coals (we recommend 3 natural coals or 2 quick lights), and then puff away. These stones are difficult to burn, and they may require more heat to fully release the flavored steam, so don't be afraid to amp up that hookah charcoal!

Available Fantasia Shisha Vapor Stone Flavors:

  • - 4play (candy Watermelon)
  • - Adios Mofo (sweet pineapple and blueberry bubble gum)
  • - Blueberry
  • - Cuban Mojito (sweet mint and lime)
  • - Dirty Blonde (banana and pineapple)
  • - Dragon's Breath (papaya, kiwi and cactus)
  • - Golden Double Apple (sweet apple, light on the anise)
  • - Ice Mint
  • - Incredible (tropical fruit and cognac mixed cocktail)
  • - Magic Dragon (blueberry and mint)
  • - Mary Jane (pink guava)
  • - Menage (melon and citrus)
  • - Peach Fuzzy Navel (sweet peach with a hint of citrus)
  • - Pink Lemonade
  • - Purple Haze (sweet grape candy)
  • - Rainbow Burst (Fruity Pebbles)
  • - Red Melon (sweet melon)
  • - Screwdriver: (citrus orange cocktail)
  • - Surfer: (coconut and pineapple)
  • - Wild Mango

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