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Featured Hookah: The Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

Featured Hookah: The Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

By Jono / July 19, 2011

Every hookah has its own personality and uniqueness. With so many on the market these days, we tend to overlook the subtle differences that make each one stand out.  In this blog, we'd like to take a special look at some of our favorite hookahs and showcase them in such a way that we can see and appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of each one, ultimately giving you a better feel for our hookahs so you know what you're getting and how well they are made. We are proud to be in this business and proud to offer you the very best in hookahs. Today we are featuring the Nammor Cleopatra Hookah.  When I first saw this mammoth of a hookah (standing at 32 inches) I was blown away at its design and quality. Not only is the base beautiful (and believe me, beautiful is an understatement), it's made with thick, solid glass that is sure to last a lifetime. The shaft is something to marvel at as well - with its multi-toned stainless steel, here is where this particular hookah really shines. The details etched into the shaft and tray are not only artistic, but aesthetically pleasing. You will have a hard time finding a hookah of this caliber.  If any of you know how well our Old School Rotating hookahs smoke with Nammor hoses, you'll know how well this one smokes too. Its wide air passages allow the deepest of hookah clouds to be made.

For customer reviews or to purchase check out the Nammor Cleopatra Hookah today! The best hookah experiences come from taking the time to do it right with the right shisha tobacco, the right coals, the right hookah and so on. is proud to bring you all of these and more to make your hookah experience the best it can be. Happy Smoking friends!

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