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Fumari Limoncello Flavor Review

Fumari Limoncello Flavor Review

By SmokeOrPass / November 10, 2015
Fumari Limoncello

Say hello to one of the newest additions to our warehouse – Fumari’s Limoncello Shisha! A solid tribute to the classic Italian liquor, Fumari has created a very smooth, laid back shisha that is perfect for a relaxed 1 ½-2 hour smoke session. As soon as you peel open the pack a wave of lemon drop candy scent fills the air, and though the taste isn’t as impactful as the smell it is pleasantly light. Like a cool glass of lemonade. Fumari has switched up the amount of juice with their latest batches of shisha, which may account for the light impact of the Limoncello. But no worries, storm chasers, the Limoncello has produced some very nice clouds and will not disappoint in that category. Given its light and pleasant lemon flavor, the Limoncello is a perfect shisha for mixing. Some solid shishas to pair it with would be mint, blueberry, and strawberry.

It's available in 100g & 1000g sizes. Enjoy!


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