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Glass Hookah Bowls - A Comparative Look

Glass Hookah Bowls - A Comparative Look

By Katie / April 16, 2014

Glass Mod Hookah Bowl

One of the benefits of a glass shisha bowl is the ability to create unique, beautiful, and entrancing designs. The Glass Mod Hookah Bowl is available in three different styles of standard egyptian shisha bowl, as well as four different styles of phunnel shisha bowl. Glass Mod Hookah Bowl Phunnel glass Mod bowls

Pyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl

The Pyrex Vortex Bowl (also known as a low thermal expansion borosilicate glass) comes in the same size and design as the ceramic Vortex Bowl. The benefits of Pyrex over ceramic are heat resistance and a more even heat distribution. These sleek shisha bowls are available in Pyrex Vortex Smoke, Pyrex Vortex Blue, and Pyrex Vortex Black. Pyrex Vortex Hookah Bowl

Round Glass Bubble Hookah Bowl

Round Glass Hookah Bowl For Shisha The Round Glass "Bubble" Phunnel Style Hookah Bowl holds up to 20g of shisha. This is not the standard bowl that will come with your Round Glass Hookah, rather it is an upgraded hookah bowl to be purchased separately. Not only does this all glass shisha bowl allow for fantastic hookah coal heat management, but the clear material allows you to actually see your smoke passing through the hookah bowl. This bowl has a 'female' fitting bowl base, which does not come with a frosted glass exterior, so it requires a glass hookah bowl adapter to work with a glass hookah. However, it is compatible with almost any standard (non-glass) hookah, with the aid of a mod hookah bowl grommet.

Lavoo Glass Hookah Bowl

Lavoo Glass shisha bowl This glass hookah bowl is as sturdy, reliable, and as classy as the line of Lavoo Hookahs that it hails from. With a 'male fitting' bowl stem, complete with frosted glass, this Lavoo shisha bowl fits perfectly in the Lavoo MP2, MP3, MP4, and MP5 hookahs. Want to use your favorite non-glass hookah bowl on your Lavoo hookah? No problem! Just pick up the Lavoo Bowl Converter, and you can have your favorite bowl hooked up to your glass hookah in no time!

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