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H-S Podcast - Episode 10 - Now Available

H-S Podcast - Episode 10 - Now Available

By SmokeOrPass / May 29, 2019

Is Hookah Foil a HMD? What's A HMD? Which Is The best?

These are just a few questions from today's episode and we had a debate on just about every point of our HMD discussion. Our HMD fans will love this upload and you should definitely listen to this episode if you've never tried or heard of a Heat Management Device.

SMOKEorPASS takes us back to the earlier days of the HMD's as he goes over the prototype Kaloud Lotus design and how the market reacted on the initial release.

This is our tenth upload and now we'll be saying goodbye to a one of our favorite segments, so we can make space for a new series that we know you'll enjoy. This is might be our best show ever and we'd be honored to have you as our listening guests.

Ten episodes deep with 100 more on the way!

New episodes will be released every Wednesday!

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode?

Sean's Setup:


SEAN made some videos!

The architect of the Multi-hose hookah category decided to show his bare chest to world and teach you how to make a 2 hose Mya Saray hookah.

If you drop a listen on this episode, you'll find out about that tattoo on Sean's chest and the funny story of how his dad found out about it. SMOKEorPASS also goes down his memory lane of tattoos, and then somehow we get back to talking about hookah with several laughs in between. 

Thanks for listening!

Thank you in advance for streaming or following us, we'll see you at the next show.


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