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New Haze Tobacco Flavors Reviewed + Brand Updates

New Haze Tobacco Flavors Reviewed + Brand Updates

By SmokeOrPass / April 29, 2019

What brand has 3 new flavors and recently moved from Houston to Spain? That’s right it’s the Haze Tobacco! Today, I’ll be giving you an update about the changes made to their flavor lineup and introduce 3 new blends.

A few (5+) years ago when we first started selling Haze, their headquarters location was close enough for us to call them our neighbors. Starting out in Houston,Tx the Haze tobacco company teamed up with celebrities Cheech & Chong and Jazzie Pha and utilized the feedback from the hookah community to create a large flavorful lineup of blends. 

Fast forward to 2019 and they still have a lot of flavors but there’s been a few visual changes. For starters you won’t see a $1-$2 up charge on any flavors that previously had them. (allow time for clapping)


New can art is out in the wild but your favorite blends will still taste the same. The celebrity names are no longer a part of the artwork and labeling. So, Cheech and Chong Double Bubble, is now known as double bubble but it still has that iconic sweet pink cinnamon burst right out the jar. 

Haze was having fun in H-town but business really took off for them overseas, so they made the decision to move operations to Spain. It may take a little longer for us to get a restock but we will get a restock.

They haven’t been quiet overseas at all, because they immediately the hit ground working on new flavors to introduce to a new market. The 3 new flavors are Ohh Chata, Pearlicious, and *Iced Cucumberita. 

New Haze Flavors Reviewed

Iced Cucumberita

*Iced Cucumberita is a US exclusive, so holler at us if you would like to try it foreigners. This is the cooler older brother of the instant classic simply known as Cucumberita. It has an accurate lemon-lime margarita bite, with a fresh cucumber layered right on top. The mint won’t overpower the og mix, but it’s definitely a night and day comparison.

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Ooh Chata

In a previous flavor group release, we were introduced to a Sinful Mint that produced a super decadent cinnamon with sweet mint. It was honestly hard not to think about the possibilities of what Haze could do with a Horchata blend after smoking it and now we’re here. 

Ooh Chata is a jumbo glass of iced Horchata, and it only has your name on it. They nailed the creaminess texture in the smoke profile and added enough cinnamon to last throughout your entire hookah session. Horchata fans you might've found your new favorite blend.

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Back in the day Haze had a regular Pear in their flavor lineup, but we stopped receiving it because I think they were working hard on this blend. Ladies and ladies, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Pearlicious. 

Speaking as a fan on the original Pear flavor, I really enjoyed it for the real spiced taste. It seemed like that was the focus of that blend because there was little sweetness. Pearlicious on the other hand gives me the spiced taste plus a heaping amount of ice cold mint. 

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What happen to all the sizes?

Didn’t I see a 50g and 100g option for Haze? Yes, but now they're gone. Moving forward Haze Tobacco will provide us with flavors in only two size options, 250 gram jars and 1000 gram kilo tubs. I believe the saying is “go big or go get the mail” but I could be wrong.

Do You Like Haze?

Now that you're completely caught up with our updates about Haze tobacco, we've got some questions for you! What's your favorite blend from Haze or which flavors do you like to mix together for custom mixes. Drop us a line in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!



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