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Haze Tobacco - Lavish Lavender SMOKEorPASS Flavor Review

Haze Tobacco - Lavish Lavender SMOKEorPASS Flavor Review

By SmokeOrPass / April 25, 2016

The Lavish Life Of Lavender

Have you ever tasted Lavender by itself? That was the first question raised here at the warehouse before our first session with the newest member of the Haze flavor line up. You may have smelled the floral scents used before in baking, air fresheners, drinks and many other items. The taste of straight lavender can produce subtle sweet notes or slight bitter tones with a floral aroma, and it can be a real hit or miss component if it isn't used correctly. We've blasted through a few bowls of this flavor, and we'll go ahead and say that Haze knows how to use Lavender.

It's doubtful that there's a large market for a straight lavender shisha flavor, but this is Haze Tobacco we're talking about so you know it's going to have some unique characteristic. Upon opening this lavish "stackable" tin, the aroma of vanilla cream and floral notes fill the air followed by some large grins on our faces. As the can gets passed around we dig deeper into what really makes this lavish lavender so.....LAVISH!

This Flavor May Cause Hose Hogging Tendencies

When a new flavor comes into the warehouse I (SMOKEorPASS) usually have the first bowl buring, and I pass it around the warehouse so everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately for me this flavor was calling upon another hookah smoker for its preparation, and I would have to wait for the second or third rotation to even taste the blend.* I didn't cry, but I felt the water works start to begin* Our photographer is over the top in love with lavender and has had his eye on the flavor since we heard about it's upcoming arrival. Once I saw how happy he was to smoke this blend I couldn't take that moment away from him so I waited patiently for my turn.

Upon entering the floral dusted room I could only ask one question, "Soooo how is it?" and I was met with a big smile followed by an exhale of smoke. The flavor was described as a delicious mellow floral smoke with a slightly sweetened mint cream finish, and that's  exactly what I was getting on my first few puffs. The bowl was prepared using a Shika Oblivion Bowl with a slight under pack, and 3 Echocha cube coals on top. We've covered the basics on Haze Tobacco a few times in the past and one thing to remember is that their tobacco can take a lot of heat. If you feel you aren't getting the most flavor from your sessions with Haze tobacco, increase the heat and/or use a little more shisha. Check out the Haze overpack tutorial video at the bottom.

I had a chance to smoke this blend by myself over the weekend and I liked it even more than the first time. The high heat craving tobacco handles multiple coal rotations, but applying too much heat early in the session will cause the floral tones to overpower the mint with creme flavor. I found myself opening and closing my lotus lid throughout my session bouncing between the mint and floral flavor, it almost felt as if I prepared two bowls.

Survey Says....

It's great and if you like floral/mint/creamy flavors or any shisha blends that require investigation, this is the flavor you need on your next pick up. My last few sessions have included this flavor but I enjoy mixing in some other flavor profiles like lemon, rose, and sometimes orange. This could be that hidden component to a stellar mix, and I'll be eager to try any suggestions tossed my way. I've enjoyed light lavender notes in shisha before but this new haze blend really satisfies my taste buds, and I would love to hear what you think about this flavor so drop a comment below.


Happy Smoking.

Mastering The Haze Overpack With Fletcher Knoxville

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