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Hookah Charcoal Heater - My Gateway to Shangri-La

Hookah Charcoal Heater - My Gateway to Shangri-La

By Seamus / July 9, 2009

Update: This product has been discontinued from our store. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Before I worked at my shisha palate was far from refined. I thought smoke pouring out of the bowl and a few heavy coughs after a long drag were normal, even preferred. I was young, naive and not well acquainted in the subtle nuances of different flavors that can be unleashed with a well-tended bowl. After a few months of daily hookah smoking, I learned which shisha I did and did not like, but my first true transcendent experience was when one of my coworkers introduced me to natural coals; right then and there I saw the light. I started using Coco Nara Natural Coals for every bowl I smoked at work and never looked back. The even burn and lack of any chemical starter truly allowed the flavor of the shisha to blossom. That Friday night, I was entertaining some company and a hookah was requested. Immediately, I was self conscious of the lack of natural coals in my house, and dared not make my friends aware of my epiphany and tried to pass the quick lights off. They could not tell any difference and enjoyed the hookah thoroughly. I was not so lucky. To me without my beloved natural coals, the taste was the equivalent of adding ice cubes made of pond water to 50 year old whiskey. A sin of epic proportions. Monday, I came home with enough Coco Naras to survive the apocalypse. That evening, I loaded a bowl and with a big toothy smile, lit the Coco Nara coals on my stove top. Needless to say it made a mess, and my girlfriend was not impressed. The next night, I lit the coals in an older sauce pan, and this threw her into a blind rage. Apparently the pan was an heirloom given to her by a relative that I had never heard of and only to be used to cook a food we never eat. Point well received: stay out the kitchen with your coals!

Bruised and battered, but not beaten, I returned to work the next day and made the best investment a man could make to accompany his hookah: The Hookah Charcoal Heater. Simply put it is a self contained electric coil that you drop the natural coals on top of, wait ten minutes and you are ready to smoke. The coals come out a beautiful ashy gray, hot all over, and the best part, no mess. The Charcoal Heater plugs into any standard wall socket, and is sweetly petite so it is easy to travel with and store. Without the Charcoal Heater, I would no longer be able to enjoy the myriad of pleasures I derive from smoking in the comfort of my home because I refuse to go back to Quick Light coals (its hard to travel Coach after spending some time in First Class). So here's to you, Mr. Inventor of the Charcoal Heater, may the wind always be at your back, may the road always rise to meet you, and may your bowl forever be packed. Cheers!

Hookah Charcoal Heater

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