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Hookah Freebies & Discount Codes

Hookah Freebies & Discount Codes

By Danny / January 30, 2015

These coupon codes below are expired. Check out our coupon code page for all of our everyday coupon codes.


Everyone loves a good deal, right? We definitely think so, and here at we are determined to give you the best hookah deals and coupons in the world.  Check back often for new codes. Enjoy!

New Coupon Codes

Code #1

Free Heba Diffuser Combo Pack (Includes both large & small sizes)

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders over $25

Heba Diffuser Combo Pack

Code #2

Take $5 Off Any Order Over $25

Use Coupon Code: 5Off25

Valid on orders over $25

$5 Off Coupon Code

Code #3

Free Large Green Nammor Hose

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders over $75

Green Nammor Hookah Hose

Code #4

Free 20 Piece Box of Coco Nara Coals

Use code: 

Valid on orders over $25

Coco Nara Coal 20 Piece Box

Code #5

Free Black NuHose

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders of any size

Black NuHose Hookah Hose

Code #6

Free Box of Exotica Coco Coals (100 pieces)

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders over $50

Exotica Coco Hookah Coals

Code #7

Free Black KM Washable Hose

Use code: 

Valid on orders over $75

Black KM Washable Hookah Hose

How Our Coupon Codes Work

A quick note about how our coupon codes work: Only one coupon code may be used per order. When you type in your code during checkout, the free product will be added to your cart automatically and a discount for the price of that product will be taken out.

If you accidentally use more than one code - say, you add one code but then decide you want a different freebie instead - you may be charged for the other freebies. We don't want that to happen; so be sure to remove any items that were added to your cart by the previous code if you decide to add a different one.

These codes are valid while supplies last. When supplies run low for popular codes, we will offer a new code with a similar product in its place.

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