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Hookah Facebook Contest: Where Do You Smoke? The Best "Hookah Liars"!

Hookah Facebook Contest: Where Do You Smoke? The Best "Hookah Liars"!

By chuck / September 16, 2011

Howdy Hookah Friends! We asked our Facebook friends for pictures of your hookah "lairs" and you guys definitely delivered! Personally, I spend most of my time either smoking at work (life is rough, I know) or smoking with friends while being a hookah ambassador. As a result, I don't really have a hookah lair of my own. Looking at all the awesome pictures submitted for this contest made me jealous for sure. I think if I was going to have an in-home hookah lounge I would want lots of plush comfortable seating for me and all my friends. I have always thought it would great to have an excuse for lots of enormous bean bag chairs, so maybe this is my chance!

We would like to thank all the awesome Facebook users who submitted photos of their personal smoking areas. Without further delay, here are our favorites:


Gavin B.

Is that a trident AND a sombrero?!  These guys know how to party! (nice Abyss Hookah by the way)


Julian C.

That's a lot of hookahs... I think that plant in the corner even has its own.


Christopher B.

A hookah wedding cake?! I'm totally stealing that idea for my wedding.


Kameron A.

I just hope that no one interprets "break" to mean one of the hookahs ;)


Hannah V.

I smoked hookah with Hello Kitty once. What?


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