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Hookah Grommets - The Smallest yet Most Vital Hookah Component

Hookah Grommets - The Smallest yet Most Vital Hookah Component

By Grabertrain / March 12, 2010

Some call them grommets, others call them gaskets. While these little rubbery curios are some of the smallest components of a hookah, it can be argued that they’re the most important - a true hookah aficionado knows that the first key step of a great smoke is a completely air-tight seal.  We've broken down the various hookah grommets individually in the hopes that you'll find the right one for your hookah.  Let's start from the top:

Hookah Bowl Grommets: The bottom opening of your average hookah bowl measures about 1 inch (2.54 cm) in diameter. These vary in thickness, from the thin Mya bowl grommet to the thick Mod bowl grommet. If you start noticing the bowl start to slide up the bowl stem in the middle of your smoking session, or if the bowl leans to one side, try the ol’ paper towel trick.
Hookah Hose Grommets: With 5 different sizes and shapes to choose from, these are slightly smaller versions of bowl grommets but serve the same purpose. Remember, a little Jerry-rigging with tape can fix a clumsy hose as well!

Hookah Base Grommets: The seal between the hookah shaft and hookah base can be the trickiest to manage, simply because of the various sizes of glass bases available. Egyptian Base Grommets come in 3 sizes and are flexible, and Mod Base Grommets have more of a standardized size. A Rubber Band Base Grommet could be the difference between a leaning hookah shaft and one that is standing at full attention.  Again, electrical tape can always be used to get the perfect seal!

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