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Hookah Hoses and Hookah Hose Tips: Hookah Accessories Spotlight!

Hookah Hoses and Hookah Hose Tips: Hookah Accessories Spotlight!

By Katie / September 6, 2012

Khalil Mamoon Starbuzz Hookah Hose

Starbuzz and Khalil Mamoon decided to become the power couple of the hookah world when they stared deeply into each others eyes and made a baby...a hookah hose baby. Even though this hose is their love child, there is nothing miniature about it: Measuring 72 inches in length (including the 12 inch handle) this authentic KM hookah hose has a handle woven with multicolored "rainbow" threading and has the Starbuzz brand name along its length. This hookah hose has a non-removable acrylic mouthpiece and will fit on any medium to large sized hookah!
Khalil Mamooon Rainbow Hookah Hose The "Rainbow" Hookah Hoses from Khalil Mamoon have multicolored threads that run along the length of the handle and hose, alternating between blue, red, yellow, and green colors. Measuring approximately 64 inches in length (including the 12 inch handle), these great KM hoses have an affixed acrylic mouthpiece and are the same hoses that come standard with many Khalil Mamoon Hookahs. Durable and made of high-quality materials, these hoses will fit on any medium to large hookah and live up to Khalil Mamoon quality (and have a little extra pizzazz)!

Snake Charmer Hookah Hose

Introducing the "Snake Charmer" Hookah Hose, a super wide hookah hose made in Egypt that features an elaborately decorated large handle with woven threads and cobra head style affixed acrylic mouthpiece. Snake charming is traced back to ancient Egypt, but they never dealt with a snake like this one! Measuring a total of 80 inches in length, including the 14 inch handle, this elaborate and decorative hookah hose will fit on any medium to large hookah and will be sure to "charm" anyone in its presence!
The Premium Ebony Nammor Hose Mouthpiece makes a sleek addition to your Nammor hose. Made of stainless steel with a hand-painted dark wooden center, this mouthpiece measures approximately 5.5 to 6 inches in length, each is individually made by hand, and will certainly add some uniqueness to your hose! Premium Ebony Nammor Hookah Hose Mouthpiece
The cobra head Nammor Hose Mouthpiece turns your Nammor hose into a Cobra Hose! Measuring 11 inches in length and available in blue and green colors, this mouthpiece is made of dark and light lathed wood with an acrylic cobra style mouthpiece. Nammor Cobra Hookah Hose Mouthpiece
This is a stainless steel mouthpiece for all versions of the Nammor Hookah Hose as well as hookah hoses that have a removable mouthpiece. Measuring around 6 inches in length, these unbreakable mouthpieces are a more durable alternative to the acrylic mouthpiece and gives your hookah hose a unique metal look. Stainless Steel Hose Mouthpiece

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