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Hookah Hoses at a Glance: A Comparative Review

Hookah Hoses at a Glance: A Comparative Review

By Christophanes / May 17, 2013

Hookahs would be substantially less relaxing without hookah hoses. Can you imagine taking turns stooping to take a couple hurried puffs straight from the hose connector, or worse - passing the entire hookah from person to person?  Thankfully, the hose allows one to smoke from a distance in comfortable repose, but with so many types and styles of hoses, which one is best for you?  This handy guide will point out features of each of the hoses we stock for your referencing convenience:

Nammor Hookah Hose (Large: around 72 inches, Small: around 62 inches) - The original 'wide bore' hose on the market, the Nammor Hookah Hose features one of the easiest pulls of hookah hoses. Also featuring a somewhat longer handle than most hoses and a removeable acrylic mouthpiece, the Nammor's unique design allows for frequent washing, and has an easy draw superior to most other hookah hoses.

Fancy Hookah Hose (62 inches long) - These simple washable plastic hoses are a fantastic and affordable choice. Made from plastic components, these hookah hoses can be washed over and over to remove dust or lingering smells and they are inexpensive enough that they can be easily replaced. If you smoke lots of different flavors or often smoke with guests, these are a great choice.

Mya Freeze Hookah Hose (72 inches long) - The Mya Freeze Hose is the only hookah hose we carry which features a built in cooling element. For cool smoke, simply unscrew the mouthtip, remove the ice packet and place in the freezer prior to smoking. Once the packet is frozen just place it back in the handle, screw the mouthtip back in place, and enjoy cool, crisp smoke.

Khalil Mamoon Signature Beast Hookah Hose (80 inches long) - If you are looking for the longest, widest hookah hose in our shop, look no further. The KM Beast hose is designed for maximum airflow and maximum reach. You'll be pumping out monstrous hookah clouds in no time with your new Beast hose. Because of it's large size, the Beast hose will not work with most small Mya Saray hookahs.

Banded Nammor Hookah Hose (Large: around 72 inches, Small: around 62 inches) - The Banded Nammor Hookah Hose is constructed in the same manner as the original Nammor hose but features a longer handle which is wrapped with criss-crossing white bands and colored tassles at the ends of the handles. If you are looking to add a bit of traditional flair to your hookah, this is the way to go.

Chrome Nammor Hookah Hose (Large: around 72 inches, Small: around 62 inches) - Made from the same materials as the Nammor Washable Hookah Hose, the Chrome Nammor hose features a cool "metallic" threading on the handle and has a unique mouthpiece with chrome colored accents. All of the performance of the original Nammor hose with some added flair.

Fretted Nammor Hookah Hose (Large: around 72 inches, Small: around 62 inches) - The Fretted Nammor Hose features an ultra comfortable "spongy" handle with fretted patterns on it. Just like the Chrome Nammor hose, this hookah hose is built in the same manner as the original Nammor hose but with some added style.

Cobra Hookah Hose (Large: around 63 inches, Small: around 45 inches) - Sharing the same handmade construction as the Syrian Hookah Hose and Fifi Hookah Hose, the major difference is the presence of the acrylic cobra head shape cresting above this hose's handle. The cobra head changes the angle of the hose's opening, allowing for a slightly more ergonomic hold.  We do not recommend washing this hose due to the metal coil inside the hose. This hose typically provides an average draw in comparison to other hookah hoses.

Mya Cloisonne Hookah Hose (72 inches) - With the same construction as the Mya Wood Handle Hookah hose, this one features the elegant ceramic cloisonné work around the handle of the hose, available in many different colors and styles. The stock hose with Mya hookahs featuing Cloisonne ornamentation on the shaft, these fairly heavy-handled hoses may be washed infrequently with minimal wear and tear on the hose, and have an easier draw in comparison to other hookah hoses.

Tonic Washable Hookah Hose (72 inches) - Tonic's line of washable plastic hookah hoses could not be simpler. This is a no frills hose option for those who value performance and convenience above all else. We have these hoses in a rainbow of different colors and each and every one of them is 100% washable.

Mya Wood Handle Hookah Hose (72 inches) - One of the most trusted names in hookah, Mya Saray is the producer of these fine contemporary hookah hoses available in many colors and styles. Mya Hookah Hoses are produced in two synthetic leather-wrapped styles - those with wooden ends, and those with metal tips. Inside-fitting mouthtips will work for the wooden ended hoses, while outside-fitting will work for the metal tipped hoses.

Tonic Cobra Hookah Hose (74 inches) - These completely washable hookah hoses from Tonic feature a curved cobra head mouthpiece and are available in a variety of colors. Lots of traditional hookah hoses feature a cobra head as it provides an ideal angle for the mouthpiece, allowing for a very relaxed smoke.

Khalil Mamoon Haya Hookah Hose (72 inches) - Haya is Arabic for snake, and this sleek new hookah hose features a woven trim that wraps itselfs around the heel and handle of this hose much like a snake. These dark hookah hoses will add a bit of style to your hookah and will get you great big beautiful hookah clouds.

Sheik Hookah Hose (Large: 60 inches, Small: 40 inches) - For the more exotic hookah setup, the brightly colored fabric-covered hoses and dark stained wood will fit in beautifully. The Sheik hose may suffer increased wear and tear if washed, and has a draw average in comparison to other hookah hoses.

Tonic Long Handle Hookah Hose (72 inches) - The Tonic Long Handle Hookah Hose is a washable, "lounge-style" hose which features a wrapped handle and is available in a variety of colors. Because these hoses are fully washable they should last you a long time with proper care.

Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hookah Hose (around 64 inches) - If you have ever purchased a KM hookah, the chances are good that you received a KM Rainbow hose with it. That's no coincidence as this is one of the most consistently satisfying hookah hose designs around. The only downside to this classic hose is that it is not washable.

Washable Hookah Hose (60 inches) - One of the lightest hoses around, I personally like the Washable Hookah Hose for a hands-free smoke, by simply holding the plastic mouthpiece with my mouth while typing or reading. Inexpensive enough to be disposable, this hose is compact and washable for a long life. The washable hose is designed for repeated washings, and features an easier draw than average hookah hoses.

Fifi Hookah Hose (around 63 inches)  - With the same handmade construction as the Cobra Hose, the Fifi Hookah Hose features hanging soft, fluffy cloth tassels that add elegant pizazz to your hookah setup. Just like the Cobra Hose, washing this hose may result in moderate wear and tear due to the metal coil inside. This hookah hose was named after a famous Egyptian Singer in the 1960's that was known for her "flair."

Ba Barkir Hookah Hose (72 inches) - One of the most regal hoses in appearance we carry, the Ba Barkir hose's prominent feature is the long, heavy gold or silver mouthpiece. The hose's construction is similar to the Mod hose with the synthetic leather wrapping, and it features the standard draw for average hookah hoses. The name of this hookah hose famously came about when an importer noticed the similarities to it and the long skinny microphone used by a famous game show host.

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