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Harmony Hookah Bowl + Shisha Bowl Upgrade Guide

Harmony Hookah Bowl + Shisha Bowl Upgrade Guide

By Adam / September 18, 2013

5 Hookah Bowls to Upgrade your Shisha Sessions

We all want more flavor, thicker clouds and a better smoking experience.  However, we find that some hookah fanatics overlook the value of how awesome your hookah looks!  Hookah involves all of the senses, taste, smell, the sound of the bubbles, the tingle in the lungs, but don't overlook the visual aspect.  Here are 5 amazing hookah heads that will take your hookah's visual aesthetic to the next level...and smoke great too!

Harmony Hookah Bowl

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="157"]Harmony Hookah Bowl
^Click for a closer look!^
The new Harmony Hookah Bowl is a phunnel style bowl that is specially designedfor wetter and juicier shisha tobacco brands such as Tangiers, Starbuzz, and Fantasia.  Each Harmony hookah bowl holds around 35 grams of shisha (and works great with the Kaloud Lotus!). The Harmony hookah bowl is designed similarly to the Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl, but with a raised outer edge to make room for more shisha to be loaded at one time.
Take a look at the Kaloud Lotus to see if it's the right accessory for you:

Dragon Flip Hookah Bowl

Dragon Flip Hookah Bowl The Hookah Flip bowl was released in 2012 with great fanfare because of its revolutionary design.  The shisha tobacco is suspended in the top compartment, and the hookah coals rest below them in the tray.  Why?  Well this inverted design has a few advantages.  First the coals can be raised or lowered to adjust the heat levels.  Second, virtually no ashes get into the shisha, which prevents the tobacco from drying out early.  These features extend the life of your tobacco, coals, and provide more flavor with bigger hookah clouds.  Other than that, it just looks awesome! Hookah Flip Bowl on Mya QTHere is the original Hookah Flip when attached to the Mya Econo QT hookah.   This bowl is available as a the original Hookah Flip bowl, Dragon Flip and now the Cobra flip with multiple color options too.

Apple on Top Bowl

Apple on Top Hookah Bowl The Apple on Top Bowl is a new hookah modification for 2013.  This bowl features a rotating coal tray / screen with raised edges that also acts as a partial wind cover.  This eliminates the need to use tongs for heat management, as the coal positions are easily rotated by turning the leaf shaped handle.  The bowl itself is wrapped in a heat shielding silicon covering, so you can change out the bowl during a session without burning your fingers.  For a more extensive overview, check out the Apple on Top Video here.  Choose from 7 colors to make your hookah perfectly customized.

Vortex Hookah Bowl

Vortex Hookah Bowl So much has been written about the Vortex Bowl that I do now want to sound like a broken record...However, this bowl has been the most popular bowl upgrade and hookah modification for the last few years.  Do not underestimate its powers to enhance smoke thickness, extend the life of  your bowl and enhance flavor!  Nuff Said.  This bowl is also available as a Pyrex Vortex Bowl and Goliath Vortex Bowl.  I almost forgot, we just received 4 new color combos and bowl designs, so check out the latest Vortex Bowls here. Ayam Zaman Vortex Hookah BowlGoliath Hookah BowlPyrex Hookah Bowl - Vortex

See our employee review of the GIANT Goliath Bowl!

Alien Mini-Phunnel Bowl

Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl The original Phunnel Bowl has been popular for years because of its flavor enhancing design.  Shisha tobacco juices become thinner when heated and can run out of your bowl, reducing flavor.  The Phunnel bowl, or Funnel Bowl traps the shisha flavor juices in the bowl making your shisha last longer with more flavor and thicker clouds.  The Alien Mini Phunnel bowl is a smaller bowl designed for use with Tangiers tobacco, but will work with most brands of shisha.  These bowls are hand-made in the USA, so each one is a unique piece of art!  Here are few designs, but you can see all 15 Alien Mini-Phunnel Bowls here.
So folks, these are some of the best hookah modifications for your shisha bowl.  You can see dozens more hookah bowls here, but these are the premium upgrades that make the most impact and biggest visual impact.   If you have any questions, comments or recommendations for our Hookah Love community, we would love to hear them.   If you have smoked any of these bowls, give us a quick review or any helpful hints for the newbies!

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