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Hookah Review: Social Smoke Simply Apple Hookah Tobacco

Hookah Review: Social Smoke Simply Apple Hookah Tobacco

By Jono / December 21, 2010

Just when you think that you're up to your eyeballs in apple hookah flavors, there's that moment where you don't even want to try another one.  Suddenly out of nowhere, Social Smoke Simply Apple comes around and slaps you in the face with the proverbial white glove, challenging you to try theirs or be squares. Or something like that. Follow me. And pay close attention. Social Smoke carefully named this flavor Simply Apple, not sour apple, sweet apple, granny smith, green or red, eskandrani, bahraini, etc. And since this is Social Smoke we're talking about, calling it "apple" would have been generic, boring, and uncivilized. To me, Social Smoke Simply Apple hookah tobacco tastes like an organic, red delicious apple with a mildly earthy undertone. Void of all sweet and sour characteristics, one attribute you may notice is its deeply warm, rich "apple skin" aftertaste. You may also feel as though you're sipping on hot apple cider if you close your eyes and let it whisk you away. The title Simply Apple, as they say, is what it is, and I couldn't be happier to smoke an apple hookah flavor that doesn't taste like licorice! Hooray and kudos to Social Smoke! Have fun with this one! Mix it with, well, everything! I've been staring at my computer for five minutes trying to think of a flavor this wouldn't blend well with. I give up. I think this would be a great addition to any hookah bowl. Mint, chocolate, strawberry, orange, pina colada... and on and on and on! Let us know what you would mix it with. As always, your feedback, thoughts, and opinions are appreciated anytime and every time! Happy hookah joy joy!

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