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Hookah Secrets: Simple Tip For Great Smoking Bowls

Hookah Secrets: Simple Tip For Great Smoking Bowls

By Danny / January 19, 2015
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Stop me if you've heard this one before. You go to your favorite hookah bar or lounge and order up a favorite flavor. A server brings over your hookah, adds the coals, and you and your friends begin to smoke an awesome bowl that tastes great from beginning to end and the clouds are insane.

Fast forward to a few nights later when you are at home and you get a serious shisha craving. You get out your hookah, load a bowl, add some coals and start smoking. For whatever reason though, this bowl just isn't as good. The flavor isn't as clear and the clouds are puny. So just what did those knowledgeable lounge employees do right that you are doing wrong?

Chances are it's not what you are doing wrong, but rather an integral step that you are leaving out. Never fear! Hookah-Shisha is here to lift the lid on a secret technique used by hookah lounge employees the world around. This tip is all about airflow, and it couldn't be simpler.

How This Technique Works

Step 1: Load your bowl as you normally would.

Step 2: Wrap your bowl in foil as usual.

Step 3: Poke your foil holes as usual.

Step 4: Before you place your hookah bowl onto your hookah, lift the bowl above your head, tilt your head back, place your lips to the bottom opening of the bowl and form a seal, then blow into the bottom of the bowl.

Blowing Into Bottom Of Hookah Bowl

Why This Technique Works

The idea here is to check your air-flow and unclog any holes that may have been clogged by shisha during the packing process. If you have loaded your bowl correctly, this should offer insane airflow and an awesome smoking bowl. If it feels like you can't blow into the bowl, or it feels very, very restricted, then we suggest re-visiting your bowl loading technique, and to be sure to be mindful not to clog the holes in your bowl from now on.

That's it! It's just that simple. Some of you may have employed this technique before, but based on our 1000s of conversations with hookah smokers, and the countless hookah sessions we have participated in ourselves, we know that this technique is overlooked in almost all home shisha sessions. Next time you go out to the hookah bar, keep your eyes peeled and we bet you'll see this technique being used. Happy Smoking!

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