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By Hookah Saheer / April 16, 2008
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Why are we giving you the largest sale in the history of Simply because nothing makes us happier than putting a hookah smoking smile on every single one of your faces. For Eight years now, has grown into the largest hookah store and the oldest online hookah shop in the world. This was only made possible with your continued support and feedback. So as show of our appreciation, starting April 16th and for eight days, we are going to have this super sale! We would like nothing more than to make sure every single one of you is extremely happy. Your continued support is what has kept us strong. Continue keeping us going and show us your hookah love by:
  • Bookmarking us in your browser
  • Telling your friends about us and this super sale
  • Posting links to us in your blogs, facebook, myspace, or anywhere on the web
  • Continuing to give us your amazingly valuable feedback
  • Coming back to see us to have great hookah smoking experiences
We exist solely to serve your hookah needs. Pretty kewl job huh? :) So onto the good stuff. Our special 18% Hookah-Shisha Discount Code that the majority of you are looking for is. Enter Discount Code: "8 more years of" Just enter the discount code "8 more years of" in the summary page when you are in the checkout process. No tricks, no nothin. Just straight up customer appreciation. And this will last for 8 days, April 16th through April 23rd. has changed dramatically since its humble beginnings of starting in a college dorm room. I remember packing boxes and answering customer phone calls in between classes. From selling two different styles of hookahs and three flavors of hookah tobacco, to where we are distributing hookahs and shisha all over the world with over 3,000 different items. I remember sitting at friends’ places explaining what the heck a hookah was and why I always smelled so sweet (it was the shisha in my closet). And now, we have a full fledged hookah blog dedicated to hookah knowledge and hookah fun with a much larger audience than a living room. However, one thing has not changed since we started: "We care about you!" Now that we have grown, we have proven that our pillar is our customer service. That is why we have a full-time team dedicated to making sure everything is perfect for every customer. Your hookah experience is the primary focus for us here at We work extremely hard to make sure you have amazing hookah smoking experiences. That means not only us selling the best products at the best prices, but more so through providing you with the most amazing customer service you can get anywhere in the world. And we are crazy when it comes to customer service, because that is where we can best show you how much we care. We ensure that any interaction you have with us or when you have anything to do with us, it is always the best experience possible. After all, Hookah smoking should be a very relaxing time and ordering or smoking one never should have any stress related to it! So as a company, we stretch ourselves to make sure your experience is perfect every time. Here is one of our customer's comments, that like many others, helps us know how we are doing:
Thanks. Im still trying to figure out how a Company that sells Hookahs provides me with the best customer service then with any other business ive ever dealt with (no offence). Whos the brains behind it all? I am interseted in purchasing stocks if and when they become available.
No stocks yet, but our methods are basic:
  1. Superior, unrelenting customer service
  2. Quality hookah products at the best prices
  3. Fast, accurate and protected shipping
That’s it... Simple in theory, yet behind the scenes there is a lot of hard work to ensure it comes true because it is all driven by our desire to take care of you in any way we can. We believe our 8 years of business, if anything, is an indicator that we are successful. We do extensive quality checks to ensure all of your hookah products are perfect. Have a masterful room of hookah smokers constantly doing Research and Development to find you the best hookah products. We spend tons of time and care in making sure your orders are wrapped and packed properly to ensure that your package arrives quickly and in perfect hookah smoking conditions (relaxing and stress free). We are always available on LiveChat or phone for any hookah related questions you might have. Our supreme customer service a natural part of how we do business, because that is just the type of people we are. And knowing that you are taken care of is really what keeps us motivated. We truly care about you and your experience. We know that the world isn't perfect, but we try and make it perfect. But don't rely on my pretty words. Here are a few pieces of recent customer feedback in just the past few weeks that help corroborate our work.
once again, i want to thank you very much for your help. you guys have excellent customer service and it is very much appreciated. don't think that this won't go unnoticed, as i have already told everybody on the hookahpro forum how helpful you have been.
I am truely grateful for your wonderful customer service and i will continue to buy from your company. Any company that follows up on their customer complaints/comments with worth their weight in gold in my book. Your company has proved to be very good and i will recommend you to anyone. I am sincerely grateful for your post sale support. Many companys i have dealt with in other areas forget you are a customer once they have received payment. You are truely a remarkable company! Thank you so much again and i appreciate all that you have done for me.
BTW you have have some of the best CS ever!
You guys are incredible! I ordered at 8:00 on a Thursday night and had the product in my hands at 5:00 THE NEXT DAY with plain-jane UPS shipping. WOW. Seriously, you have 100% of my buisness from now on!
You guys keep amazing me with your great customers service, I very much appreciate the effort. I will definitely keep referring you to my friends.
Well thanks again for the awesome customers service, really haven't had anything as good with online stores so far.... you mind if I mention you to Dell?
I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with your site and will be happy to do business with the company again based on the superb customer service!
u guys rock!!! ur the best vendors online.
i just recived my package, everything was there and in good order. you guys are always on point and take care of me so thank you. youve made me a life customer
I cant believe the turn around time on my order!!! Ordered Monday, and here by FRIDAY?!?!?! I was expecting this to get here next week somtime.. especially since part was out of stock. oh its gonna be a great weekend!!! You guys are unbelievable. My loyalty is with Hookah & Shisha Central. Smoke on fellas and Thank You again!!
Thank you for your excellent customer service! You're very friendly and polite. I really appreciate it.
Hey all......My True Love bought a Hookah and tobacco from you guys.......I am headed to England to see her......Your help in processing all of this means the world to me ......We met at the Hookah and are going to spend the rest of our lives together......Thank all of you and your staff.....Thanks guys......for helping me meet the woman of my dreams....... devoted customer
With that kind of motivation and success at doing what we say we will do, you can see why we love our jobs so much and why we have been around for 8 years. And more than anything, why you all have helped support and turn us into what we are. So once again, thank you so much for all your support. Help celebrate our birthday by telling a fellow hookah smoker about our 8 more years of Sale and remember to come back and visit us. We always have new hookah content, hookah promotions, hookah related contests and hookah innovations coming out. Show your support and bookmark and post links to our site to help others find us. Let us show the rest of the world why we are the largest and best hookah company that ever existed. Thank you! - the Hookah and Shisha Central “We put the dash in life”

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