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Exclusive Birthday Shisha from Tangiers: Guajava Kiss

Exclusive Birthday Shisha from Tangiers: Guajava Kiss

By Joe Perin / April 15, 2016

We're celebrating our 16th birthday, and to help make the party even sweeter our good friends at Tangiers Tobacco have made a special flavor of shisha just for the occasion! After tearing off the bow and ripping off the wrapping paper we discovered that this special shisha is called Guajava Kiss, and with one smell after opening the package we were in love. At first our shisha present smelled distinctly of the citrus-esque guava fruit, but there was something else we couldn't quite pinpoint. As we sat around tossing out ideas of what this mystery aspect of the birthday flavor could be, one of our coworkers came in and dropped the knowledge bomb that it was clove. At first we second guessed him but upon smelling and smoking it again the sweet spice notes of clove were revealed.

To make this birthday celebration great, we'll be sharing Tangiers' present to us with all of you! Starting today you can use the code BDAYSHISHA on any order over $125 to have a 250g package of this amazing Guajava Kiss birthday flavor added to your order. Also, starting Monday, keep an eye out on our social media accounts for chances to win a free package of the birthday flavor! For all you Tangiers enthusiasts out there, you'll definitely want to get your hands on this Guajava Kiss as it is a limited edition Tangiers flavor with specialized packaging in honor of our birthday!

Coupon Code : BDAYSHISHA

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