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Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest 2016-2017

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest 2016-2017

By SmokeOrPass / December 9, 2016

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest

Since the last sticker contest in 2013 we've thoroughly enjoyed seeing how our customer use their stickers and the enjoyment that comes from receiving them. All of us here have a favorite sticker from the selection and they're even slapped on our desks, doors, and head scratching locations throughout the warehouse. Over the past almost 4 years technology related to art has improved allowing for an ease in expression of artistic abilities. We've seen several creative art pieces that show off a love for hookah and several aspects of the hookah community. In 2017 we want to select a new batch of sticker designs for everyone to enjoy and this goal will require some participation from the community. We're hoping to achieve a total of 6 final sticker selection that will be decided through a voting selection that will take place on our Facebook page.

How-to Enter:


We've picked 5 different styles of visual categories(above banner) to help steer you in a direction when it comes time to think of a design, but don't let this stop you from letting your creativity shine. We will accept all high resolution images/graphics, pictures of handcrafted/physical art that meet resolution requirements. Physical/handcrafted examples include paintings or sculpted crafts that are captured with a hi-res camera. Your submission can include branding but it's not necessary. Submissions can be posted through social media or on our facebook page during the contest to get feedback from the community. Be sure to tag us so we see it. The final submission will need to be emailed to us at with the subject line "Sticker contest" before the deadline and meet the following requirements.   


Pixels/Inches : 1238x1238 or 4"x4"

Resolution: 300 px/inch

Color Mode: CMYK

Acceptable File Format: .PSD - .JPEG - .PDF

Voting Process

SUBMISSION DEADLINE= January 9, 2017 11:59 pm CST

(January 10, 2017 12:oopm CST) We will post the Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest 2017 photo album to our Facebook page featuring of all submission and allow the community to decide each winner. WINNER WILL BE DECIDED BASED ON LIKES PER PHOTO. The voting period will end  January 16, 2017 11:59pm CST, and winners will be posted on all of our social media channels at 12:oopm CST the following day (Jan. 17th).

These Are Your Prizes

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest

Grand prize winner will have their choice of any Khalil Mamoon Hookah!

Also an upgraded hookah hose to go along with your new your hookah and your choice of charcoal to get your session started.

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest Runner Up Prize

Our runner-up winners will receive the Kaloud-iest package available that works with any hookah! This package includes:

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Bowl (V2)

Kaloud Aura Charcoal 96 piece box

Kaloud Lotus heat management device

Hookah-Shisha Sticker Contest 3rd place

The final prize will give our 3rd place winners $50 in store credit to use on whatever their heart desires


Thank you in advance to all that enter this awesome contest, and a huge thank you to our previous winners from 2013.

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