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Hookah-Shisha's favorite hookahs!

Hookah-Shisha's favorite hookahs!

By Hookah Genie / July 10, 2014

Have you ever called or chatted in and wondered what the hookah experts here are smokin' on? Wonder no more! We all love smoking the occasional (or frequent) bowl right here at work, and most of us are using different hookahs for different reasons. Check out some of the most popular hookahs with our Hookah-Shisha employees!

The Most Popular Hookahs at Hookah-Shisha

Mya QT Hookah

Mya QT Hookah

Mark and Clay both love their Mya QT hookahs, for all the reasons a smaller hookah should be loved. They are small enough to where they can be easily used on an office desk. How perfect! Mark is rocking the Mya QT with a purple base, and Clay has a green base, but all bases are a quality choice. The Mya QT is also terrific for easy cleaning and transportation, and when they aren't in use, they are tucked safely away under the desk in their own hard carrying case.

Sahara Smoke Pandora

sahara smoke pandora hookah

Sahara Smoke makes an entire line of excellent hookahs, that unfortunately go largely unnoticed due to the popularity of our Mya and Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Dakota swears by the Pandora. The Sahara Smoke Pandora is also a fairly compact hookah with a gorgeous amber base, which looks like a wood grain finish. It is also pretty simple to clean and maintain, as well. Dakota has applied so many modifications to his Sahara Smoke that it is almost unrecognizable from the day he bought it. That's the great thing about getting a small, simple hookah - you can make it into whatever you want with all of our hookah accessories!

Khalil Mamoon Double 1001 Nights

km double 1001 nights hookah

With Khalil Mamoon, you honestly cannot go wrong with any model. We definitely think that the KM Double 1001 Nights hookah gives you everything that is right about Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Amazing draw. Big clouds. The intricacy of the hand-crafted design. Also, for the price, this hookah is surprisingly tall (37 inches) and will make a terrific center piece for any living room. Justin uses the KM 1001 Nights at home. At the office, however, he can almost always be seen smoking from his frankenhookah.

- Mya Econo Gelato Hookah Base  - Mya Econo QT Hookah Stem - Custom, one-off tray - Mystery hose that we got sent a sample of! - Phunnel Bowl   frankenhookah

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