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Hookah Super Bowl: Overclock your hookah with this bowl setup!

Hookah Super Bowl: Overclock your hookah with this bowl setup!

By Christophanes / March 5, 2009

Here at our laboratory, we're constantly playing around with the concept of  "hookah".  We test the limits of every aspect of hookahs in both form and - most importantly - function.  Here's a fun little bowl setup that may not make for a relaxing convivial smoke, but will certainly impress the adventurous and daring smoker who likes to "smoke outside the box". The bowl started normally enough, we used a Mod bowl with foil and (as is our want), about a hundred tiny holes poked with a straight pin.  Instead of simply dropping the coals on the foil, though, we bent the 'arms' of a screen down to form small legs, holding the screen about 1/4 in. above the foil.  With this pocket of air buffering against an immediately braised bowl, we piled not four, not five, but SIX Coco Nara coals on top of the screen.  Finally, we capped the whole spectacle with a windcover to keep all that heat where it was needed.  The flavor inside the bowl?  Romman's Mint straight, with no chaser. Within minutes the smoke began to thicken, the flavor swell, and the suspense to mount.  Would the massive heat generated from the coal soften the metal wind cover?  Would the elevation of the coals prevent significant burning?  Would we recover from the buzz resultant from potentially vaporizing an entire bowl in a few hits?  To be brief: 'no', 'yes', and 'it took a while'.  The heat wasn't sufficient to actually damage any parts of the hookah, though the updraft of superheated air streaming from the windcover disrupted smoke rings. The smoke continued to increase in density until - though it wasn't burning - it was simply too thick and dense to inhale deeply.  The buzz generated knocked our socks off,  so great was the concentration of smoke and effect.  Within minutes, it seemed we'd vaporized the entire bowl's worth of shisha! Do be careful should you try to up the coal quantity on your hookah - with so much coal, the bowl and windcover (possibly even the tray!) will become quite hot, and care should be exercised around the hookah.

Wind Cover Cross Section


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