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Hookah Tips: A Smarter Way to Clean Your Nammor Hose

Hookah Tips: A Smarter Way to Clean Your Nammor Hose

By Jono / May 5, 2011

Everyone that owns a Nammor Hose knows the best way to wash it is to rinse hot water through the mouthpiece and down through the other end. You can't help but get the yarn that surrounds the mouthpiece wet, can you? I found a fun way around this: You'll need a Phunnel Bowl or a Vortex Bowl. If you don't have either of these, you should. Take your Nammor Hose that is in dire need of a cleaning and place the spire end of the Phunnel Bowl into the mouthpiece hole of the hose. Then simply run the hot water through the opposite end of the Phunnel Bowl (or Vortex Bowl) until the water flows all the way through to the other end. Your Nammor Hose will be clean in no time and the yarn will be dry and pretty. It might just make your Nammor Hose look better longer! Simple tip from me to you. Happy Smoking friends!

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